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VINE VOICEon January 17, 2009
The Walking Dead is Robert Kirkman's ongoing series that attempts to make the ultimate zombie movie in comic book form. In the process, he shows the effect that living in post-zombie-apocalypse world has on people. This volume reprints issues 49-54 of the ongoing series. Following the devastating events of The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer (v. 8), the story starts off with Rick and his son Carl trying to find a place of relative safety as well as make their peace with what has happened to them.

Most volumes of Walking Dead have a fair amount of action, and this one is no exception. But in terms of story, this is definitely a pause of sorts. It serves partly as an epilog to what has come before, and equally as a prolog to a major new direction in the series as it moves forward. After the nonstop tension of the past few volumes, this is a welcome break that serves the reader well. We meet some interesting new characters and the survivors undertake a major new mission that will open the book up to a number of new possibilities in future volumes.

Overall, this is an easy book to recommend to readers who have followed the series up to this point. The story moves along at a good pace and there are some great moments featuring Carl and Rick. As much as I've enjoyed where Walking Dead has gone in past chapters, I'm equally curious to read more about what's still to come.
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VINE VOICEon January 17, 2009
After the violent explosion that was Volume 8 of this series it was to be expected that this segment of the story about Rick would be told with a little bit of a softer touch.
Rick and Carl are struggling to move on after the massacre at the prison and Michonne is off wandering by herself, killing the remnants of the zombies left at the prison.
Rick and Carl both get to face their fears and try to cope with the loss of everyone they knew, not knowing if anyone at all survived but knowing that Lori is gone from them. Each of them faces this in their own way and Robert Kirkman's compelling storyline reminds me that while the zombie action and full on mayhem of Volume 8 was part of the reason I really enjoy this series the smaller, quieter moments of everyone trying to retain some sense of humanity also make this series great.
The story leads us to some new people who perhaps are going to inject a spark of hope into the small group that Rick, Carl, and Michonne come together with, but that remains to be seen. Given the ups and downs that Rick has faced I can't say that I blame him when he tells Carl that he should trust no one and never, ever let his guard down.
The saga continues with wonderful storytelling and keeps me wondering what is next for Rick and the few survivors of prison as they hit the road once again.
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on March 6, 2016
I've purchased all volumes up to 22 and the TV show has just about caught up to wear I am in the novels. These books are friggen awesome. I don't read much and my buddy lent me VOL 1 after he knew I liked the show. Well, I burned through the first one and then just went on a tear buying 4 volumes at a time...the price is pretty good for what you get out of these. $9-$15 is the range I've paid per novel, I'm not sure why they aren't the same but anyways, I keep buying them none the less. The story was written before the TV Show and the show follows the story but there is some differences. The written story is more violent and graphic then the tv show but the tv show does a decent job of sticking with main ideas. I've noticed that certain plot things that happen in the book also happen in the show but there is a unique twist like a different character it happens to or something like that. Which makes reading these volumes great cuz I have some idea of where the story is going (after having watched all tv episodes) but there are still surprises. If you like the TV show and haven't read these, give it a try and you will get a whole new experience of the Walking Dead story. I'm putting this same review under every volume I've purchased (1-22) so people can see it. go buy these!
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on November 28, 2014
Following the events of THE WALKING DEAD Vol. 8, it’s a wonder our heroes have anything left. But the will to survive sometimes is stronger than the desire to give up.

Vol. 9: Here We Remain, picks up shortly after the end of Made to Suffer and collects issues 49-54 of the regular monthly series.

Rick and Carl have escaped the massacre at the prison. Michonne, who had gone out with Tyrese to keep tabs on The Governor and his men, has come back just long enough to see who, if anyone, has survived. This book is the story of their journey away from the prison and toward, hopefully, safety as Rick and Carl spend a couple of weeks living off of whatever they can scavenge. Along the way, they meet back up with Michonne, then, as they try to search for Hershell’s old farm, which they had left several months earlier, run across a handful of other survivors. They all try to decide whether or not to stay on the farm and try to be safe, or accompany a new set of strangers, one of whom insists he’s got the answer to all their problems, and if he can just get to Washington D.C., he’s pretty sure they can turn all of this around and save the world.

Volume 9 focused almost exclusively on Rick, developing his character even further, but this time we see his downward spiral into madness as he begins to spend a lot of time on the phone with his dead wife, and once other characters are brought in, we’re still following Rick, and seeing how he’s dealing with the aftermath of what happened at the prison and the part he played in it.

Series creator Robert Kirkman is spending an awful lot of time on his main character here, and I’m assuming this is to help us further establish and identify with the “hero” of the story.

Kirkman’s sense of drama is also developing with the series as this volume contains a handful of excellent shock reveals, and while some of them may seem a bit convenient, they never feel cheap.

Charlie Adlard’s art in this volume is the same old stuff, but his panel layout continues to tell the story just as much as Kirkman’s dialogue, sometimes even better as Kirkman seems to have a grudge against using any captions, relying solely on dialogue to show the passing of time. And it doesn’t always work. Whereas Adlard can show us the passing of three days with a series of six silent panels.

Volume 9 is definitely a bridging chapter between 8 and 10, it’s all about getting the characters from point A to point B, but without any real development in any of the characters other than Rick. I’m glad I got to read them in a collection, because I think if I’d been reading these issues on a monthly basis, I’d have probably been getting pretty bored around three months in, wondering when the hell something was going to happen. But as a whole, Here We Remain is a very satisfying chapter in this continuing saga.

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on March 9, 2009
while it's true that this volume is slower than the last three, it is necessarily so. the intimacy present in volume 9 serves as the after-dinner cigarette to help stimulate digestion of the roller coaster ride of recent events. Kirkman is not slipping, and the series isn't going to stagnate; the focus of this story is changing into something more personal and real, if that was possible.

however, this volume is not without its shockers, surprises and scares (though they are scares of a different nature). it is one part epilogue, one part prologue (and two parts awesome).
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on November 29, 2013
This volume mostly follows Rick and Karl and we see a lot of good character development there, more than on the series, even. Not a lot of action, but definitely be interesting developments. Anxious to read the next one.
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on February 11, 2014
Walking Dead comics are just as good as the TV series. Even though many of the same characters are both in the comics and the TV series, they have developed into two totally different stories that occasionally overlap for the major plot points. I recommend both reading the comics, and watching the series. Awesome read!
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on May 18, 2013
I was never into Graphic Novels until I was in Baghdad working in a Emergency room. One night during a 15 hr shift I had some time to fill and a friend loaned me the first set or Vol. 1. Hooked instantly read every one in the set at the time and never was able to find vol 9, even read vol 10 when it was released. So happy I can get them via Kindle. Love this series more than the show. Love the show too but the books always better. =-)
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After the gut-wrenching conclusion of volume eight, Made to Suffer, you might be a bit reluctant to crack open volume nine, Here We Remain. If Robert Kirkman has done anything, he's proven that he is a fearless storyteller. He refuses to coddle the reader. The series up to now has been harsh, gritty, and real.

Here We Remain feels like a chance to catch your breath. Unlike volume seven, The Calm Before, where you are actually warned that there are bad things happening so take a moment to find your `Happy Place", this chapter of the story feels like a bit of a reset button having been pressed.

Some time is spent allowing Rick's son, Carl, to take center stage. Kirkman does a remarkable job of capturing the resilience of children while balancing it with their fragility. It is painfully realistic and, once more, confirms his place as the new master of the genre.

A handful of the cast remain after the raid, led by the Governor, against the prison. With everybody scattered to the winds, this episode details the slow coagulation of the remaining members of the group once led by Rick Grimes. There are a few new dynamics introduced, including an unsettling bit centered around a telephone.

Some new faces arrive to fill the vacancies created by the climactic conclusion of Made to Suffer Sergeant Abraham Ford and two companions, one of which claims to know how to "cure" the problem of the dead returning.

This far into the story, the reader is probably just as skeptical of newcomers as the characters. It doesn't help that Sergeant Ford is a bit scary looking. Judging by appearances, he seems like a problem. Perhaps we've become just a little bit gun-shy. I blame Mister Kirkman.

Here We Remain is a chance to catch your breath in this series. It maintains the tension, adds depth to some characters, and introduces others. A purpose is now introduced beyond mere survival. Can there really be a cure? all any of us can do is pick up volume ten.
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on August 15, 2012
I love the comic series and the new hit TV show. I have been following the comics for years now and they are amazing! If you love zombies and interpersonal relationships this is the graphic comic for you! It has many twists and turns, great character development and a major plot ending that will have you gasping for more!
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