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4.0 out of 5 stars "The Wandering Who" - A study in small group dynamics...
"The Wandering Who" is a difficult piece to review since it immediately stirs up many defensive positions in those that see anything negatively said or written about the Jewish Community or Israel as racist and\or anti-Semitic vitriol. However, if one were to actually understand what Gilad Atzmon has written it would be found to be a rather impartial, well-written but...
Published on December 26, 2011 by Steve Naidamast

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2.0 out of 5 stars Itself Wandering and Vague
This review is for: The Wandering Who (Paperback)

I did not like this book. It seems written just to that kind of reader who is almost exclusively interested in lofty, Frenchified abstractions, contradictions, distortions and exaggerations, with only a smattering of fact, qualities usually no Anglo-Saxon American white man or woman -- or American and...
Published 22 months ago by G. Charles Steiner

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153 of 189 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars "The Wandering Who" - A study in small group dynamics..., December 26, 2011
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This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
"The Wandering Who" is a difficult piece to review since it immediately stirs up many defensive positions in those that see anything negatively said or written about the Jewish Community or Israel as racist and\or anti-Semitic vitriol. However, if one were to actually understand what Gilad Atzmon has written it would be found to be a rather impartial, well-written but commonplace sociological analysis of the group-think-dynamics of insulated groups; in this case using the Israeli Jewish Community as its basis. What is presented in "The Wandering Who" is more or less an erudite discussion of what happens to a small group of people when under the constant influence of community leaders that have agendas of their own that do not necessarily accommodate the best interests of the community at large.

There is nothing mysterious about Atzmon's writings since most of what he discusses is fairly common knowledge within Israel and the Zionist community itself. What's more it is well documented primarily by Israeli historians, sociologists, and even in parts of the mainstream, Israeli press.

And the idea of "Jewish Identity" politics has no differing symptoms than any other nationalistic fervor that grips a small group or even a large one in many respects. For example, the myth of American Exceptionalism is as much a similar dynamic as that of the concept of "choseness" by the Jewish Community which is fiercely supported by Israeli political endeavor. Both came about for the same exact reasons where the American symptom was provided for by early, fervently, religious Protestants who came to the American shores in the 17th century while the Jewish\Israeli symptom was provided for by their own Judaic belief system.

Nazism is another classic example of a group-dynamic that came about due to the growing power of the German national socialists that used the terrible economic situations in 1930s Germany to invigorate nationalism within the German populace to a degree that it eventually turned on itself by attacking a long and prosperous Jewish Community that not only saw themselves as Germans above all else but provided part of the foundation for an economically viable Germany. The Zionists have done the same to themselves and it is getting worse as increasingly discriminatory legislation is passed in Israel along with increasing censure of free-speech. However, where the Nazis saw their situation as a result of defeat in the first world war, Zionists saw it first as a reaction to the consistent anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe and Russia and then later the destruction of European Jewry during World War II.

Both situations had\have definitive underlying causes that gave rise to extremist views, the first leading to a second world conflagration, the second, an increasingly belligerent Israeli nation that began life with a war crime.

Many would argue that Israel is right to take such a position but unfortunately, the facts, which are well documented and available for anyone who wants to research them, will refute such a position.

However, Gilad Atzmon is not writing about specific facts that have already been widely discussed and debated, with the promoters being constantly defamed but instead about a way of thinking that in of itself will eventually destroy the Israeli nation outright since much of what Israel and its Zionist supporters are promoting is based upon sheer fantasy. This fantasy is also nothing exceptional in the realm of national mythology. All such nationalistic development is fed, influenced, and encouraged to believe in realities that simply never occurred. It is unfortunate but it is also a basic flaw in the Human condition. Everyone wants to believe they are something special, which in essence is an extension of every individual seeking their place in an extremely large universe.

All nations have taken such developments to the extreme and have given rise to terrible atrocities against other peoples. It does not matter if the country is the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia or any of the other host of countries that have risen to economic and military prowess down through the centuries. All of them have committed crimes against Humanity.

The fact that Israel is coming under debate and attack in the public domain now is a result of the fact that it has for no good reason denied a people their rights as Human beings let alone the fact that they have been the indigenous people of Palestine for centuries. And the Palestinian people have not been known for any crimes against their Jewish neighbors until the 1920s when Eastern European and Russian Ashkenazi Jews started to descend on Palestine with the idea that that they were going to return to their "ancient roots"; something which was all part of the planned national mythology since Eastern European Jews and Russians never had any roots in the mid-east (Current genetic studies which are touted to dispute this contention are ambiguous at best and negatively conclusive at worst...).

"The Wandering Who" attempts to demonstrate why this situation initially occurred and how it is being encourage and re-enforced today through an understanding of group dynamics which has its foundation in how people think and react to psychological, economic, and political stimuli. In this respect, "The Wandering Who" addresses the issue using the basis of "fear mongering" by the Israel\Zionist leadership to maintain the current Israeli status-quo. There is nothing unique here given that ever since the end of World War II every US administration has provided US citizens with the same sense of fear-mongering. First it was the Communists and today it is the terrorists. The idea that Atzmon uses of Pre-TSD can be applied in similar fashion to the United States. In Europe a similar form of fear-mongering is appearing in the guise of Islamists taking over European culture. In Poland it is the still latent intense dislike for Jews, though probably only a single Jew currently lives in all of that country.

What Atzmon is trying to accomplish and does rather well is demonstrate that when narrowly focused individuals and supporting groups come to power they use similar tactics to maintain their control. Again, it is nothing unique or out of the ordinary.

Those who would use the shriek of anti-Semitism to label Atzmon's work not only unethical but irrelevant are attempting to promote the idea that Israelis and Zionists are somehow different from the rest of Humanity which would mean that they are in effect separate from the Human race in particular. I doubt this is possible.

In closing it should be remembered that one of the visions of the Israeli state was to become a nation like all other nations. Well, Israel has succeeded. When it comes to hate and prejudice, Israelis and Zionists are no different from the rest of the Human species. They shouldn't argue with success...
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5.0 out of 5 stars Add it to your list of "Everybody should reads!"., January 19, 2013
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This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
I had no real interest in reading this until I came across Alan Dershowitz on the John Stossel show, in what seemed a totally inappropriate and uncharacteristic kind of segment. Generally Stossel is all about the Libertarian big ideas, and yet - here was this holder of an endowed chair at Harvard, shrieking like a little girl. He was ranting about how students at some school in Chicago should shun their teacher for him having asked them to read and comment on the book. Seems rational enough a request in an institution of supposedly higher learning, but I got the distinct impression that the Israeli lead apologist thinks that only he and his ilk are qualified to decide what we should and should not be allowed to read. So much for our democratic "friends" in the Middle East eh? More curiously, this Dershowitz character (wasn't he on O.J.'s "Dream Team"?) is actually supposed to be an American citizen, as well as being called one of the great Constitutional scholars of our time. If he's really one of the best, then it's no real surprise why we're where we are. Not being particularly fond of anyone so devotedly myopic to defending Zionism (or any type of close minded zealot for that matter), the more he whined, the more I felt compelled to purchase, read, and share the book. So far, next to Hayek's, Road to Serfdom, it's probably my most frequently lent volume.
The author's credentials were smeared in a very glaring way by the Zionist extremists, but his book is anything but what they claim. Their insults regarding his credentials are meaningless, particularly since people like Dershowitz have never served as the author has, in the Israeli army. This notion of the Holocaust having been turned into a religion all unto itself is also quite an interesting perspective. I strongly urge everyone to read and see for themselves, just what has the believers that Israel can never do any wrong, all in a lather. Of course just by reading this you'll likely be branded with the reflexive "anti-Semite" label, but that is precisely why this type of book is so important. Many who are not intimately familiar with the region may find quite a few surprises as they learn that everything that they thought they knew should be, as always, questioned. Generally it seems of late that the more we are told something is absolutely so, the more likely that we are being lied to. Yes Virginia, even Israel has warts and an agenda, and it's refreshing to hear someone who was a part of it all give us Paul Harvey's "rest of the story".
Since objective journalism in the main stream media has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaurs, authors like this are the only way that the status quo and their propaganda can ever be challenged. I say BRAVO, and I hope the Mossad doesn't decide to whack him for his efforts. Buy two copies and pass them around. More people need to engage and recognize where this incredible fortune of our tax dollars has been going for all of these years... and why. I doubt that most of you will like what you learn, and maybe that is precisely why people like Mr. Dershowitz are so adamant that no one read this.
Great book. Easy read. Very informative and engagingly written. The author's a pretty fine jazz musician too (something else that Dershowitz suggested made this author's opinions and experiences, less worthy than his own... very curious indeed).
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5.0 out of 5 stars I'll buy, March 2, 2012
Tom (New Zealand) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
After having read all the reviews (in my Kindle) I have decided to buy the book, such mainly on the grounds of the negative, bigotted reactions from the Zionist apologists.

I have just finished reading 'The Wandering who". There is only one critcism I have to make and that is that the book is too short. His reasoning is sublime and supported by an impressive bibliography of references from a variety of sources. On the whole I found his reasoning clear and easy to follow. There are parts I had to reread twice before I could grasp the meaning. It is a book that one has to read several times. I have read scores of books on the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict and find this one of the best. It is a must reading it and is in particular recommended to politicians and news paper review editors. But before I am accused of anti-semitism one should know that during WW2 I lived in Nazi occupied Europe and my parents were harbouring Jewish people to save them from the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps and by doing so putting their own lives on the line. They were also active in the resistance. When I went to school we learned during our geography lessons about a country called Palestine; we had to locate Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on the map. Nobody had ever heard of a country called 'Israel'. They are these experiences which have coloured my political views of the present ME conflict and the legal right of people all over the world to resist occupation of their land. I am well aware of the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, they can never be denied and no one is denying that, not even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Yet I am still a 'Holocaust denyer'. The problem is that the meaning of this expression is misunderstood by most people. A holocaust denyer is not denying that six milion Jews were slaugtered and gassed by the Nazis during WW2. However there were many others murdered by the Nazis: Gypsies, Jehova Witnesses, homosexuals and Russian and Balkan partizan resistance fighters. Moreover history has known several holocausts in the past: the Armenian, the North and South American Indians. And what about the milions slaughtered by American emperialism (and Pol Pot) in Indo China, Iraq and Afghanstan. Were they not 'holocausts' to those people ? True the majority of the Nazi holocaust were Jews. However what holocaust denyers reject is the hijacking by Zionism of the Nazi holocaust to justify its creation occupation and expulsion of the indigenous people of Palestine and creating a new holocaust (Nakba/Catastrophe) for those people. There was no need to create an exclusive Jewish settlers state in Palestine and the brutal expulsion of its indigenous populaton, people who had lived and worked their land there for thousands of years. There was no necessity to create such a state, in the middle of the Arab world based on absurd mythical unfounded Biblical grounds. To date there does not exist any archeological or forensic evidence to support contradictory and confused Biblical texts on which to base Zionism's claims. (please read 'The Bible unearthed'). Right from its very inception it was a recipe for disaster, a disaster that is still unfolding for our own eyes. Even in the pre-war years several British and American statemen have warned for the distastrous consequences that such an absurd enterprise could entail.
Jewish people in western Europe were not discriminated, persecuted or despised, as we have seen during some periods in the Soviet Union and Poland and later in Germany. They were completely assimilated and felt like citizens in their respective countries in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Britain. They had their religion and synagogues, the same as Protestants and Catholics have their churches. Most west European Jews who survived the deathcamps returned to their respective countries and were welcomed with open arms and compassion. Most of the DP's (displaced persons) preferred - understandably - to migrate to the US. The US at the time had proposals for the issue of 400,000 visas for the DP,s, but as result of strong Zionist lobbying and the pressure they exerted on the deathcamp survivors the visas were withdrawn as Zionists needed man power for their colonial project in Palestine.
(with excuses for spelling and grammar mistakes)
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Lucid Explanation of Zionism and Jewish Identity, December 16, 2011
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This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
Gilad Atzmon's "The Wandering Who?: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics" is an invaluable resource for anyone who desires a lucid explanation for the irrationality of the phenomena of Zionism, the creation of a Jewish state, and the lock Jewish identity politics has on the public policy of the United States and most of western Europe.

He correctly identifies the Holocaust cult as a new religion where anyone who might dare to want to look behind its curtain of holy of hollies is criminalized and defamed.

He points out that there is no secret Zionist/Jewish conspiracy since its actions are blatant and on display for the whole world to take note of.

He correctly identifies Zionism as " exclusivist and racially oriented home-coming project." As he correctly maintains, the claims of a special race entitlement are based on a mythological history.

He criticizes those who want to retain a patina of "Jewishness" that is culturally little more than mazza balls and chicken soup while denying any religiousness. In this regard he points out that both Christians and Muslims have the ability to resign from their religions but someone born to Jewish parents can never escape from that familial label because of the ideological racism promoted by Zionists (even in documented solidarity with the Nazis of 1930s Germany).

He believes that Zionism and Jewishness is a form of tribal identity that can't continue to sustain itself as the political state known as Israel. He sees the Jewish Promised Land project as doomed and the Apartheid walls it has built around itself are as much there to maintain its anti-assimilation state (a latter day Jewish ghetto) as they are to make a prison for the oppressed and exploited indigenous population of Palestinians.
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4.0 out of 5 stars QUESTION EVERYTHING, December 28, 2011
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This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
The Wandering Who is a thought provoking book about identity politics, in this case specifically Jewish identity politics. I've been as much fascinated by the reviews here as I was by the book itself. As a matter of fact, I read many of the reviews before I bought the book, and it was these reviews that encouraged me to buy it...anything that caused so much controversy had to be interesting, and I was right.

There's no question that humanity is certifiably only have to look at what goes on in the world to realize this is true. We're floating in a violent sea of truths, partial truths, deception, spin, outright lies, and endless brainwashing. Are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery? Probably, but we can't know for sure. Did the Zionists conspire with Hitler? Probably not, but we can't know for sure. The only thing we can know for sure is that there are people in this world, especially those in power, with no conscience, empathy or morals, and that anything, no matter how repellant, is possible...Psychopaths run the planet. Therefore my motto is "Question Everything."

This book (which provides a counterpoint to the generally accepted narrative about Israel) and its reviews (many of which invoke Godwin's Law), amply illustrate that identity politics in general are the root cause of many problems.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting book, with both good observations and objectionable ones, March 6, 2014
This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
After much reading about this polarizing book I finally ordered it and read it. I give it 5 stars not because I think it is perfectly well written or that I agree with everything, but because I think it is controversial, unique, and has enabled a different discourse on the topic of Zionism/ Judaism. And plus we are all here talking about it, so it has caught all of our attention.
First, the good. Gilad has analyzed in this book the rationale, development, psychology, and a little bit of the history behind Zionism and “Jewish Identity Politics”. He asks if Zionism is necessary, and why it is that other countries such as the United States and Britain are involved in this Zionist project. I think he makes some great points here. There is a very strong lobby in western countries, and these countries put so much time and resources into Israel, and I think it’s to their detriment. It is one of the main reasons for resentment in the Muslim world and works against US interests in many ways.
He also analyses Zionism from the point of view of the Jew. Is it really not possible for a Jew to live as a minority in other countries safely after the experience of the Holocaust? I would answer it is possible, but others argue otherwise. There are many who live in fear of persecution to the point where it negatively impacts their life. Look at the Jewish experience in the United States, where Jews live a better life than any Jews ever have. They live in peace, relative wealth, and not surrounded by Arabs launching rockets at them. Many Zionists argue that all Jews should live in Israel, and you are first and foremost a Jew before anything else. However others like myself consider themselves individuals before anything else and live great lives in a secular society.
He also examines at length the phenomena of assimilation as a threat to Judaism and Zionism. This is a huge issue because it is kind of the opposite of Zionism, and is frowned upon by Jewish and Zionist leaders. However, this can be an oppressive force for a Jewish person as maybe they don’t want to live the way Jews dictate they should. Maybe one might want to eat Ham, have an Asian girlfriend, not believe the Torah literally. Many American Jews have assimilated to their own benefit, but I can understand why this is seen as a threatening force by Jews/Zionists.
Another phenomenon he puts a grilling to is what is Judaism and the Jewish people, and why do Jews distinguish themselves and separate themselves? I can say that my experience parallels Gilad’s in that I was brought up Jewish and wondered why I was, and what this meant. To me I never “felt” like I was, but rather a person just like my friends were, an American, a member of the community. And I never took the scriptures literally.
There are many aspects of this book that I find to be objectionable. First off, the book is one long diatribe and therefore not as clear as concise as it could be. There are many chapters that are ranting and raving and sound more like one of those people on the fringe not making sense, and coming to conclusions without any evidence to substantiate their claims. Gilad comes to many conclusions but does not back them up with any hard evidence. And these aren’t trivial conclusions, but hugely important ones. One would be when he says that the Jews/ Zionists have a made up history in Israel. This was a huge conclusion that I would have liked to have seen him delve into instead of just state it. What aspects of the history are a lie? The Zionist state has an incentive to embellish Jewish history certainly.
Another huge conclusion that Gilad comes to is to blame the hatred of Jews on the Jews themselves. I think he implies this in his book, and although he discusses it somewhat, I feel that he could have done so more. But the fact that he discusses such controversial questions is the reason why we have all picked up this book.
He also implicates the Jews in many conspiracies and phenomena and his arguments are specious at best. Such as his implication that Jews/Zionists somehow designed the financial collapse. It almost comes across like the book the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These arguments seem ridiculous and delegitimize his viewpoint.
Gilad’s narrative is very one sided against the Zionists, and it seems rather ridiculous. He basically blames the entire conflict on the Zionist Israelis and has no criticism for the Arabs. He does not have a convincing argument for why Jews did not have a right to live in or move to Palestine. Although many parts of Palestine were Arab villages, many parts were also sparsely populated, and this is where many of the Jews moved to and built a society from scratch. In 1909 Zionists bought a bunch of sand dunes which they later turned into Tel Aviv. Gilad also does not deliver a good argument for why after establishing these communities, Jews did not have the right to have sovereignty for themselves. In this book and interviews, Gilad suggests that Jews and Palestinans should live in one state, but this was tried in Palestine, and the Arabs did not want to live with Jews, and did not even want to share power with them in a joint government. So I find it unrealistic that Gilad does not offer any legitimacy to a Zionist state, not even a small one. It is easy for us in safe accepting times to look back upon Jews in desperate times and say that such a state wasn’t necessary. They should have gone to New York, or London. But for many Jews in such a desperate situation, a Zionist state was the best if not only option for them. And now Gilad is proposing that after building a state from scratch, Jews should dismantle it and let Arabs who oppose their presence there and have tried to destroy their sovereignty move back and have power in their society. It seems to be a rather ridiculous proposal indeed.
Another thing that comes to mind that Gilad simplistically states is that the Zionists ethnically cleansed Palestine. Of course history is much more complicated than that. When the Arabs attacked the infant Jewish state, surprise surprise, the Jews attacked back. With their backs to the ocean the Jews had nowhere to flee, but many Arabs fled the warzone. Many other Arabs/Palestinians were expelled as they posed a threat to the Jewish existence there. What does Gilad suggest they should have done, asked them kindly to please accept their state? He places no blame on their Arabs at all, not even their unwillingness to accept a Jewish state of any size.
Long enough review, I think the book is a good read, if you have a skeptical mind and can think for yourself and don’t accept everything that is told to you. Some of the skepticism of Judaism/Zionism makes sense and should be thought about, but overall I’d say that if anything it makes the case for Israel stronger, as the criticism in this book is considered by some the most intense criticism against Israel out there. I’m not sure what Dershowitz is so worked up about.
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5.0 out of 5 stars For those who don't know their Jewishness,and how it's hurting them., April 24, 2012
This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
Gilad Atzmon manages to expose how the Jewishness identity discourse, have hurt the Jewish people in the past, and could hurt them again, if they don't want to acknowledge it, and modify certain behavior that have contributed to certain ill fate of some of the Jews . "NEVER AGAIN", should entail the behavior(negative elitism, and segregation), and the result(of how Gentiles re-act to their Jewishness identity politics). Not all Jews are like that, but MOST are. This should be the new Talmud, and Jews should join HUMANITY, and not separate themselves from it, and then yell; "Foul"! This is a great work, for people to know who they are,or what made them that way, if they identify with; Judaism, Jews, Jewish,Jewishness, Israelis, or Zionists.
As a none Jew, this was a great enlightening read and answered many questions about the nature of Jews,and Jewishness. Thank you Gilad.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, October 4, 2012
This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
If Alan Dershowitz hates this book. I must love this book. Alot of people hate to hear the truth. This book is the truth.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fredman's fatal flaw, May 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The criticism of Milton Friedman needs some thinking, as it is the only discussion in the book on our ongoing economic collapse.

The great jewish intellects of Mises and Rothbard teach us that our economic situation is not the result of free markets, but the licensed and coerced monetary system of fractional reserve banking, legal tender laws, and the state sponsored banking monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System. What Friedman failed to see, is that the normal function of markets to regulate commerce with the competing greed of billions of individual participants is absent in the centralized monopoly monetary system that has existed in varying and increasing degrees in the US for over a century. Friedman's confusion in this matter led him to a strange conclusion. He thought that an enlightened Fed could run a good economy. His failure , as the author states, was instrumental in unwinding regulations that ameliorated the worst of the fractional reserve tendencies for disaster.

On a related note, the economic situation in the world currently, mirrors the situation in Weimer Germany. The levels of debt in the West now dwarf the debt levels of Germany The choice to meet the debt with the printing press worked in Weimer until it did not. The Socialist politicians who chose the printing press, were seen by the survivors of the 1922 hyperinflation , as perpetrators worthy of punishment. The Jews among the Weimer ruling class were chosen for particular scorn.

A terrific account of the period, written with a tone of historicism was "When Money Dies", by Adam Ferguson

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5.0 out of 5 stars A highly recomended book, June 19, 2014
This review is from: The Wandering Who (Paperback)
Gilad Atzmon is not only an excelent writer and philosopher but he is also a wonderful jazz musician.
His book is a deep analysis of jewish identity politics. It is a must reed for those who want to understand the roots of the Zionism - the most racist ideology of our times.
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