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on December 10, 2007
If you haven't read MacGregor's "Brotherhood of the Sword" and "MacAllister Brothers" series', start from the beginning. It's a terrific ongoing tale. This book, "The Warrior", combines the two series, and even sneaks in a connection to one of her other series.

The Brotherhood of the Sword/ MacAllister series:

Master of Desire

Claiming the Highlander

Born in Sin

Taming the Scotsman

A Dark Champion

Return of the Warrior

The Warrior

Now I know why the DH series has been lagging. Kinley MacGregor (AKA Sherrilyn Kenyon) has been putting her heart into this book instead. The MacAllister brothers, and the members of the "Brotherhood of the Sword", are back. MacGregor has kept her men in their original personalities. This time we are finally reading Lochlan's story. After so long, I was thrilled to be swept back into this world of powerful, honorable, brave men.

Lochlan MacAllister is the laird of his family clan. He has given up his own possibility of happiness to dedicate himself to the good of the clan. One of the most devastating blows to his family occurred several years ago when the youngest brother, Kieran, drowned himself in a river. His suicide has haunted Lochlan. When news comes that Kieran may have faked his death, Lochlan sets out on a journey to find the truth.

While searching for news of Kieran, Lochlan found something he wasn't expecting instead. He sees a woman who is being attacked by soldiers. He has met the woman before. Catarina was like a plague to Lochlan. Her rude insults were more than he cared to tolerate. Unfortunately, he owes her a debt that can never be repaid. She had saved his brother, Ewan's, life. Now he will save hers by helping her flee the soldiers.

Catarina will risk life and limb to escape her father's men. He has planned a marriage for her that she can't bare to accept. While trying to escape the soldiers, they catch her and begin beating her. She is shocked when an unlikely champion steps in to save her. It is Lochlan MacAllister. A man she never liked. Now, she will gladly follow him to safety.

During their journey, Lochlan makes a stop at a tourney. There, he knows he will find Stryder of Blackmoor, a member of the Brotherhood of the Sword. Lochlan has heard rumors that Kieran was last seen with Stryder. This may be Lochlan's last chance to find the truth. With a prayer, Lochlan approaches Stryder in hopes of receiving answers.

As their journey continues, Lochlan and Catarina grow attached to one another. They spend so much time together, they each begin to realize that thier first impressions were wrong. Both are brave and honest people. Each has long believed they are happiest living independently. Now they are learning how lonely they have been without love. If they have to, they will go on the run to prevent Catarina's father from taking her away to marry another man. Meanwhile, Lochlan's heart is half broken, wondering what the trail to his brother will reveal. Will he find Kieran alive, or long dead?

Want to read the whole series? Here are the links to the first 6 books. ("The Warrior" is number 7.) Enjoy!

Master of Desire

Claiming the Highlander (The MacAllisters)

Born in Sin: A MacAllisters Novel

Taming the Scotsman (The MacAllisters)

A Dark Champion (Brotherhood of the Sword, Book 1)

Return of the Warrior (Brotherhood of the Sword, Book 2)
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on November 27, 2007
Laird Lochlan MacAllister is in France on a journey to find out any information about the whereabouts of his brother Kiernan, whom everyone thought dead. Along the way he stumbles upon his old nemesis Catarina. She is escaping her would be kidnappers. Lochlan could never turn his back on someone in distress and besides, she helped save his brothers life. So, Lochlan helps Catarina escape. Only then he finds out that she is not who he believed her to be (a peasant). In fact, she is royalty. Catarina is the illegitimate daughter of King Phillip Capet of France. The man who has ordered her capture in order to force her into a marriage of his choosing.

Realizing his fatal error and all the trouble it could bring to his clan, Lochlan wants to return Catarina to her father. She protests and begs him to aid in her escape. He concedes and both set off on a journey. She needs to get to the safety of her uncle Bavel and he needs to locate the men that know information about his brother.

At long last! The reserved and serious Laird finally gets his own book! And who is the heroine? None other than the shrewish and free spirited *gyspy* that drove Lachlan crazy, Catarina from 'Taming the Scotsman'. Macgregor does a wonderful job creating sexual tension between these supposed opposites. Who would have thunk that the priggish and by-the-rules-book man would fall for chaotic, dance-loving beauty? But it works well here. Lochlan is isolated as the leader of his clan and needs strong woman to help him share the burden. A woman who would give him all the affection and love he's in desperately lacking. Catarina is a woman, who on the other hand, needs stability. She's tired of running her whole life. And Lochlan is the first man, besides her uncle, whose shown her how to trust and love.

Another good book by Macgregor. Its the fourth book of the MacAllister series (Claiming the Highlander, Born in Sin *my fav*, Taming the Scotsman). And in The Brotherhood of the Sword series its the third (well really the fourth) -Midsummer Knight *in the 'Where's My Hero' anthology*, A Dark Champion, Return of the Warrior). As far as reading the prequels, you probably should. I don't think I would have liked the book as much without knowing the backgrounds of all the characters.

Why exactly its part of the Brotherhood series and not just another MacAllister book? That I won't reveal -too much of a spoiler. But many of the Brotherhood make appearances including Stryder, Simon and the mysterious masked and evil? Damien, who would make a great hero btw (Macgregor are you reading this?).

And as far as Kiernan goes...dead? Well all I have to say is that there is an definitely an eyebrow raising moment there in the end. You'll just have to read it to find out.
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On a search to find his missing brother, long thought dead until recently, Lochlan encounters the beautiful and shrewish Catarina, who is fending off a group of ruffians who are determined to take her to Paris against her will.

Without missing a beat, the chivalrous laird steps in to save the lovely lass from her kidnappers. After all, she once saved his brother's life and his family owed her for that, no matter the barrage of insults she consistently pelts Lochlan with.

Sure, the lady tries his patience sorely, but as they travel together, he finds himself liking the spunky lass - against his better judgment. And that `liking' is turning into something a lot more like love...

I became a huge fan of author Sherrilyn Kenyon a couple of years ago, and liked her works under that name so much that I have since purchased every book she has published under either that name or the pen name Kinley MacGregor. Alas, with a to-be-read pile that would stand taller than I do, I am still working to catch up on actually reading her back list. And so it is that the third book in the Brotherhood of the Sword series, The Warrior, is the first Kinley MacGregor title I have read.

Although the third book in the series works very well as a standalone novel for those of us who have not yet read the previous books in the Brotherhood stories, It made me more than eager to read the books that came first. There were just enough references to past events and other characters to make me curious without leaving me feeling lost or as if I were missing critical pieces of information necessary to enjoy The Warrior.

Lochlan and Catarina are a fiery match, with Catarina's penchant for needling her hero keeping him on his toes. She just can't seem to resist, much to the reader's delight and Lochlan's dismay. Of course, that dismay changes to something else as he begins to see the real woman underneath the sharp tongue and barbed wit - a woman he more than admires.

Lochlan himself shows Catarina time and again that he is a thoughtful, caring man who would sacrifice himself to help another - whether a brother, a friend, or a lowly peasant boy. While she is determined to retain her freedom by never submitting to the chains of marriage, she finds herself ill-equipped to resist the man whose very actions unwittingly woo her time and again. For those very actions show him to be a kindred spirit, and a man who she can see herself enjoying a long and happy life with - IF she wanted to marry, that is. LOL

Fans who read this author's Dark Hunter series will be intrigued by the ending of this book... In a scene that hints of crossover characters, Kinley MacGregor feeds rampant speculation across her fan base. When asked at a recent book signing in Smyrna, Tennessee if we may indeed expect some crossover between these two series, Ms. MacGregor would only answer with a grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye... Was it merely a delicious tease or a hint of things to come? Who can say but the author herself. But I can tell you this, the idea will definitely have this reviewer anticipating the new releases in both the Brotherhood of the Sword series and the Dark Hunter series even more eagerly than I already do!

If you enjoy a spunky heroine who continually confounds her ever-so-noble hero, then pick up this wonderful historical romance! The Warrior is sure to thrill readers both new and familiar with Kinley MacGregor's work!

Series Order:
Where's My Hero?
A Dark Champion (Brotherhood of the Sword, Book 1)
Return of the Warrior (Brotherhood of the Sword, Book 2)
The Warrior (Brotherhood of the Sword, Book 3)
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on January 1, 2008
I loved the previous books. They were interesting and you had to keep reading. This one was hard to get through and I found myself wondering when the writing chemistry would in the other never happened. This one gets donated. The others in this series I have kept and enjoy re reading. Maybe these authors are writing too many books. I am done buying this author's books. Any suggestions for new authors that write like the old Kinley MacGregor or Julie Garwood. I have yet to find them.
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on January 4, 2008
This is another disappointing book by Kenyon - and the worst of The Brotherhood series!
Double-spaced, very little description narrative of places and people, and absolutely NO HEAT between Lochlan and Cat!
Kenyon followed the same old plot...a woman who has sworn off men and a man who will not marry. It is hate at first site and so on, and so on. Dialogue reiterates the plot. I used to love Ms.Kenyon's use of back stories, which added so much richness,depth and interest to characters. Her back story was very minimal consisting of one or two sentences to bring in Lochlan's abusive father. Looking back at Born in Sin, Kenyon would use several pages to give us a good look at the past of our hero. Looking back at previous publications the printing was small, the chapters full, the characters well developed. The attraction would come slowly, the heat building.
I could not connect with Lochlan and felt no heat with him and Cat. It seemed in one sentence he was attracted to her, the next sentence had him laying her down and then..slam bam thank you ma'am! Every cliche I have ever read in a novel was used to describe their lovemaking.
I felt rushed in reading this book, and that the story was rushed with no time to taken to give the reader any moments to savour. I felt like I was reading the bare bones of a story without anything being fleshed out.
Ms. Kenyon is a very prolific writer but I have felt profound disappointment in the last 3 novels. I have felt for over a year that she is spreading herself too thin and that her stories are not what they used to be.
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on December 30, 2007
Kinley MacGregor fans have been waiting a long time for The Warrior. This book does double duty as it marks the end of the MacAllister Brother's quartet whose last book appeared in 2003 and is the latest installment in the Brotherhood of the Sword series which saw its last book in 2005. A long wait for fans of the prolific MacGregor, who between her own titles and those of her alter ego Sherrilyn Kenyon usually treats fans to a tidbit or four each year. Why the wait? The number of releases by Kenyon and the Lords of Avalon series MacGregor has begun may be largely to blame. Still MacGregor told fans at 2006's Dragon*Con that she was waiting on Lochlan MacAllister, the final brother and clan laird, to cooperate with her.

It seems he finally did. The Warrior tells the story of the leader of the MacAllisters. Bearing the knowledge that his brother Kieran, long thought to have killed himself over the betrayal of a woman, may not in fact be dead; Lochlan travels to find the man who may know what happened to his brother-Stryder of Blackmoor, a man MacGregor readers know well. On the way he encounters a familiar face in need of help. The gypsy Catarina, a woman responsible for saving the life of his brother and sister-in-law, has been kidnapped and though she drives him mad with her waspishness, Lochlan cannot leave her in peril. But rescuing her causes him more trouble than he imagined. Not only must he battle two common kidnappers, but the man who hired them. Catarina's father. Philip Capet, King of France.

MacGregor delivers the adventure, romance and passion her readers expect. She also delivers the answers to questions her readers have been desperate to have. Did Kieran die that day at the loch? If not what happened to him? Who is The Scot, the mysterious and reclusive member of the Brotherhood of the Sword? Could he be Kieran? The answers may not be what her readers expected or hoped for, but they will get them. And the final revelation of Kieran MacAllister's fate will have many a jaw on the floor.

One word of warning: If you aren't up to speed on MacGregor's Brotherhood of the Sword series or haven't read the other MacAllister books (particularly Braden and Ewan), you will have problems understanding what's happening. And those who don't read Sherrilyn Kenyon books may be left scratching their heads.
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on November 28, 2007
What on earth was up with the epilogue?? This was a great book, possibly even my favourite of the MacAllister series, but the epilogue was ridiculous and spoiled what was a pretty powerful ending. My suggestion would be to stop reading at the end of the last chapter. Seriously!
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on December 31, 2007
Although I am a newbie to Ms MacGregor's world of story telling, I am a die-hard fan of historical genres. Let's face it, put a Scotsman in a kilt and that alone will make me buy a book. Yeah, I'm that easy. But to be honest, I had a hard time placing this book as an historical due to the overuse of modern speech and cliches. When I realized this was going to be a staple throughout the book, I decided to concentrate on the plot and emotion of the story and allow myself to become absorbed in their world. The author did a fine job of telling me what I should see and feel, but I never drew those conclusions on my own. Okay, there is still a kilted Scot to drool over, but I couldn't find him. The reader is constantly told Lochlan is a Scot, but his speech and mannerism never demonstrated it. The ending completely baffled me.

If you are a fan of Ms MacGregor's, this book is most likely a delicious addition to her collection of stories. If you have never read her work before, you might want to start with the first book of the series. This is definitely not a stand alone book.

Carol A. Spradling, author
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on November 29, 2007
First, this was not a bad book but there are a lot of differences between this and the other books in the McAllister series, So I would recommend this book as a standalone, or just Brotherhood of The Sword. Although it is a blending of these two series so I would consider it a must read if you have read both. As a Brotherhood book and ignoring the McAllister series (seriously, you do), it was really good, fast moving, ups and downs in the plot, more intrigue brought into the series along with questions answered.

BUT I would not read the epilogue for the book (I just KNOW since you are being told not to that now you HAVE to read it to the end, just remember you were warned :-P). It kept me in a state of shock and rereading for a good 30 minutes and then I ranted to my husband who just patted me on my back and said there, there. Needless to say was not happy about where the series COULD go.
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on December 1, 2007
I find myself always enjoying the Kinley McGregor books, even when I see one I think I might not. I had high expectations for Lochlan's story and while I did enjoy the read, I wouldn't say this was one of the better stories. I was disappointed regarding Kieran's character because I was simply looking forward to reading "his story" one day, where we could learn about what he had been through, since we had "peeks"of him through all the other stories. However, I liked the characters and this author always writes well and tells a good story. It is worth reading.
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