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on December 10, 2012
I love Ben Stiller, especially his earlier comedies (e.g. Duplex, Envy, Along Came Polly, etc.) but this movie is really bad. Unimaginative, cliche script, unintelligent dialog, weak + contrived plot, lots of foul language and worst of all ... very little that was funny. Back off from this one. Way off!
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on April 27, 2013
The Watch is one of those films where initially you believe it's going to be an extremely awful comedy due to the awkward, rushed, and unfunny jokes constantly blurting all over the place without any rhyme or reason (Vince Vaughn being an extra talkative sex-obsessed moron the biggest culprit of any awkwardness to the storyline flow) but, believe it or not, there actually *are* several moments of science fiction concerning an alien invasion later on during the final 20 minutes.

It's about Ben Stiller's character finally saying enough is enough when an employee of his working night shift at Costco's is brutally murdered by an alien, so he comes up with this idea to recruit a few others and start up a neighborhood watch. It's basically a group of misfits that have no desire to actually be part of a neighborhood watch and refuse to take the job seriously, so they sit (or cruise) around town making jokes about any sexual-related thing you can imagine. If you dislike any of this, it's undoubtedly because of Vince Vaughn's character. He's relentless with the jokes.

Now it's not just the sex jokes themselves that one could easily have a problem with- it's the way they deliberately ruin the flow of the storyline. You see some viewers are probably tuning into the Watch to see science fiction aspects but... they certainly won't like the inappropriate words coming out of Vince's mouth. Hey I can hardly blame them either. Constantly comparing green alien gunk to... you-know-what, is pretty gross. Sometimes however, the obnoxious and immature nature of the neighborhood watch group manages to be funny (such as, to name one example, after a kid is caught throwing eggs at the neighborhood watch, he's quickly caught and brought to the downtown police station where the neighborhood watch feels the need to question the kid themselves in their own oddball way- a few funny moments occur here).

Rather surprisingly, the storyline improves (and turns serious) later on when it's realized that aliens are actually here on earth and planning to destroy all human life. The aliens themselves are pretty dangerous. It's sort of funny watching the aliens throw humans across the room so they slam into walls. Also when the aliens hide behind store aisles when the fight eventually spills out to Costco's, these are more entertaining segments. The scenes with Ben Stiller and his wife and the realization that Ben doesn't have the ability to have children are utterly pointless, as are the ones with Vince Vaughn's daughter being disagreeable for the sake of acting like a typical teenager and going to parties despite her father not approving of her lifestyle. These are awful. However, how about when Ben and the boys find a helmet that can allow them to blow things up? Awesome! I mean *seriously* blow things up in the most explosive way imaginable!

The humor... certainly an acquired taste. I personally wouldn't blame anyone if they hated the awkward way the storyline is deliberately sabotaged in favor of oddly utilized sex jokes. You've been warned.
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on October 31, 2012
How much do you love your community? Would you join every civic organization whose goals you support and start your own, if necessary? Would you risk your life defending it?

Evan Trautwig (played by Ben Stiller) is the most civic-minded member of his hometown of Glenview, OH. As a member of most local community organizations and founder of several, Evan (Stiller) somehow manages to balance all that, a wife, and a job managing the local Costco. When the night watchman, his friend, is murdered, he then starts the one community organization that his town surprisingly does not have: a neighborhood watch. Despite posting signs all over Glenview to alert the citizenry of their first meeting, only three men show up. Bob Finnerty, father and construction worker, Franklin, who had hoped to join the police but was rejected, and Jamarcus who is recently divorced. Finnerty (played by Vince Vaughn) shows no interest in safeguarding the community and uses the watch as an excuse to get out of the house. Franklin (played by Jonah Hill) sees the watch as an opportunity to show up those on the police force who rejected him and engage in acts of vigilantism. Jamarcus (played by Richard Ayoade) is simply looking to meet people while entertaining the possibility that a lonely, attractive, housewife might call the watch for assistance and seduce him. Whatever their differences, they're all shocked when they discover the violent attack that inspired Trautwig to found the watch was perpetrated by aliens.

I've said it before; I'm not a fan of Ben Stiller. Almost all of his movies are exactly the same. That's only become clearer since he decided the Meet the Parents franchise needed a third, even more ridiculous, installment. As for Vince Vaughn, I've liked some of his work. Not all, maybe not even most, but some. While I don't always like the films themselves, Jonah Hill is always entertaining. I'm not familiar with Ayoade, but he was competent, to say the least. Still, they were stupid characters in an all too familiar situation. Cheap laughs with no originality. Enjoyable, perhaps, but completely forgettable.
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on December 28, 2012
I did not even finish the movie. Its a lot of bad language and frankly just a stupid movie. I did not even find it funny and normally I love stiller, vaughn, and Hill. I did not like the other guy i think he is trashy.
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on March 1, 2014
I chose this movie because neighborhood watches are very important. I expected to watch a LOL movie. The opening was a little slow. Then when the first character starting a solo party in the warehouse, I thought OK, now things are warming up quite nicely. Once I saw this setting I suspected this was going to be a hilarious movie. Alas, it was a disaster. Who expects to see blood splattered in the first scene of a comedy? It only got worst as the movie progressed.

Because of the constant profanity, I couldn't continue watching this movie. I held on for about 30 minutes hoping that the profanity would stop. It never ended during the time I watched.

I am so glad I got this copy from the library. I will be returning this tomorrow as soon as the doors open. This was a terrible movie. It could have been better with a different set of writers. I thought it was awful.
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on December 25, 2012
I loved the plot. I loved the actors. I hated the fact that every scene contained huge numbers of profane words. I never realized that anyone actually talks like this. Had to turn the movie off after 10 minutes. I wished the previews disclosed the amount of profanity being used.
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on November 2, 2012
I risked the bad reviews and ended up loving it. If you like 80s horror/sci-fi comedy you will love this. It was like the movie "Slither" "Night of the Creeps" "The Lost Boys" and "21 jump street" all rolled into one.

The purpose of this movie is to entertain. It achieves that in spades. The critics are too jaded and cynical for these types of films.

There are a few plot holes but nothing that ruined the fun for me. Also I felt that a lot of Vince Vaughn's lines were NOT funny at all. It came off as pointless dialogue. Still his subplot was funny and grounded the movie a bit. He gets better as the movie goes on.

Other than that though it was just a straight up fun movie. Guys bonding and doing cool stuff together, suddenly thrust into an extraordinary situation. Lots of interesting subplots with good pay offs. The whole movie just had a good mixture of action, comedy, sci fi, and heart.

As with all horror/sci-fi comedies its not gonna be loved by the mainstream. Why do you think movies like this are rare? They were huge in the 80s and I for one appreciate them.

This is a good movie to watch with your buddies. I bought it on a gamble and it totally payed off this time.

5 stars for sure. At the very least rent it.
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on November 24, 2012
The concept of the movie was cute.... The use of strong graphic language was not necessary! It ruined the movie and I was disappointed that these fabulous characters were developed in that manner! A real dud.
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on November 18, 2012
This movie only needed to be its 2 minute trailer. That's all you need to know about this movie, but for those that want more in depth.... this stars Ben Stiller as Evan, a do gooder in his own town, the manager of a Cost Co (get ready for product placements). After a strange attack late at night in his Cost Co left a night watchman uh.... I won't spoil it. The moronic police blame the citizens for not watching over their own town. So Evan / Ben takes it upon himself to start up a neighborhood watch with Bob / Vince Vaugn, Jonah Hill and the other guy. They all meet for the first time at the first watch meeting. Even if Vince and Jonah had been introduced earlier. Vince played the clueless father, Jonah played the super serious militant man and the fourth guy played the quirky dirty minded one. You've got all of the troupes here, even though I feel like Vince and Jonah should have been playing the different roles, but Jonah's age would get in the way.

Anyway, continuing on, by what feels like sheer luck, the discover clues that aliens are in their town. Sheer luck like hitting an alien with an SUV. The plot gets derailed very easily and it feels like fluff meant to pad out the movie. Everything that makes this movie entertaining was in the trailer in the order it is in the trailer. The movie isn't that funny, it just seems like awkward comedy.

I want to laugh and be entertained by this movie, but I just kept thinking of the trailer and predicting where the puzzle pieces would fall into place. It was a dull comedy, but at least the special effects were great.
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on April 14, 2014
No. Just no. Ben Stiller has done excellent work elsewhere. I am a huge fan of Richard Ayoade and rented The Watch because I felt that anything he was in had to have some redeeming comedic value. I was dead wrong. It's surprising how bad this movie is. How could such a talented cast fail to deliver?
So.... If you're thinking about watching this film, spend your time and money on something else.
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