Customer Reviews: The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed
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Develop front sight focus. "A SEAL knows he must simply engage one target at a time and not shift focus until he has dispatched that target."

In the business world we have to deal with "multi-tasking" which means we try to focus on multiple things at once. But that does not really work because usually I end up constantly shifting my focus between multiple projects and I never seem to give anything 100% focus because I constantly have those other projects in the back of my mind. I received this book a few weeks ago and decided to try this out. As a competitive shooter I instantly grasped the Authors term of "front sight focus." It made total sense to focus on one target completely before moving to the next target or project. By working a single target (project/task) at a time I find I am not only completing them faster but I also think I am doing a better job at each task.

The book is laid out in chapters with sub chapters focused on the topic at hand. I find that helpful because I can pick it up, hit a chapter, and start reading about a specific topic that I may want to improve upon. Nice and focused, not a lot of fluff or filler. I enjoy a book that is very to-the-point.

The book talks in detail about leadership and developing your own leadership abilities. The Author seems to believe that leadership is not a skill or collection of behaviors, but rather a character. He helps you delve into establishing your "set point", and also gets you to ask yourself what you are passionate about and more importantly, why?

I have read many business books, self improvement books, and other books that try to get you to succeed. I really like this book because it hits many of those topics from a SEAL's perspective. Its a more real-life perspective. There are times when life is going to suck, so embrace the suck! People you deal with are going to do crappy things to you at work and home, so control your response by forging mental toughness. Stop going after the low hanging fruit and start targeting high value targets. Sounds simple enough, you know it makes sense, and yet we still don't do it. Why?

The Author gives many exercises in this book. Many of them start with some meditation to narrow your focus on what you are trying to accomplish. Simple meditation is great for insight as I have had more than a few insights during mediation that were obvious and yet I wasn't seeing them before.

As a person that is always trying to improve, I really like this book. There are things in this book that will be helpful to anyone, not just leaders, wanna-be leaders, or Navy SEALs. If you have areas in your life where you feel you need improvement, get this book, do the exercises, and start applying what you learned. If you feel there are no areas of your life that need improvement, well then you really need this book because you are clearly delusional.
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on March 29, 2014
I've read a lot of books on mental toughness lately. First off, most of them are written for athletes, and though I hit the gym twice a day every day, I'm not technically an athlete. Second, most books on leadership don't give you a lot of detail. Divine doesn't write in platitudes and ideals. He delivers actionable information.

The challenge: there are lots of acronyms to memorize in this book. Divine hails from the US Armed Forces (Navy SEAL Commander, Retired), so the love of TLAs is in high effect. But in the end, like all good things, you learn a bit easier because you remember them longer (DIRECT and PROP and SMACC are just things I do now every day).

The trick: there's a trick to this book. I almost don't want to tell you. He wants your mind and spirit to work just as hard as anything else. There's tons in here on meditation and on what can typically be considered spirituality. Only, it's written with far less crystals and fussy foo foo language and it's written like the kind of stuff you need to get your brain and soul as tight as your body for the work ahead.

The best: Divine gives you so many ways to take action, with a really good progression around it, that this book will DEFINITELY improve your mindset, your efforts, your intentions, and your output.

If you do the work. But then, that's the same with anything.

I've read a LOT of books on the subject matter covered by Mark Divine in this book but this one stands out above the others. Just as a point of fact, I've purchased the book three times so far, and will likely give out more to people over time. It's a must read. I've been blathering about it far too much.

Get on this.
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on February 17, 2014
The sections about mental toughness were exceptional. I'm happy to have read the book for those sections alone, but I got tired of reading the story of Mark Divine. There is a burgeoning genre of management/leadership/self-help books where somebody tells their story and encourages you to follow their path for a similar level of success. I'm all for seeing how an idea can be applied in the real world, but the constant refrain that the tools being presented are the answer to all of your problems erodes my alignment with the book's content.

In fairness to Divine, I just have a very different set of challenges that I face in my life and career and have a very different way to going about addressing those challenges. My needs and experience do not align well with Divine's approach. I have not found detailed plans to be very effective tools. This is not to say that they are not effective. They are just not effective for me. Divine's plan just isn't the right one for me. I'm not saying that my approach is right and his is wrong. They're just different.
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on November 25, 2014
It is mostly motivational and promotional for his business.

He gets visualization completely wrong - which isn't his fault because just about everyone does because of self help books and all the quackery out there.

The right way:

In sports, when you visualize, you visualize in the first person doing an action perfectly. For example, if you are a baseball player, you imagine holding the bat, watching the ball come to you and swinging and hitting the ball with perfect form - the more detail the better.

The non-sense:

Sitting back and visualizing being a success, getting rich, or whatever is just daydreaming. And I have seen at least one study that has shown that doing that can actually reduce motivation because it makes you feel good.
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on December 27, 2013
Everyday, we are inundated with more and more information to process, sort, sift and take action on. This information overload is only getting worst and it can make obtaining our goals harder and harder. That’s why Commander Mark Divine’s new book, The Way of the SEAL, is such a needed resource. It provides a wonderful framework to have laser focus during the chaos of life.
Commander Divine is an ex-Navy SEAL who took his SEAL experiences and applied them to everyday life. In The Way of the SEAL, Commander Divine lays out the essential principles that he and his teams followed to accomplish their missions. It may seem a bit extreme to adopt the SEAL’s unconventional warfare techniques to daily life but each one of the eight principles is simple in message yet unconventional in tactics.

I’m especially fond of principle 2, Develop Front Site Focus. At first, it may seem completely foreign to a non-military person (which I am) to focus on the front sight of your rifle but the analogy is a powerful one. By focusing on the high-value targets (or opportunities) in front of you, you can quickly dispatch (complete) them and move on to the next one. This concept is what leads to being cool, calm and collected under battlefield (or boardroom) pressures. With Front Site Focus, you are always focused on what’s important.

Another important concept that is lost in our modern world is that there is “no such thing as perfection, only perfect effort.” This is a simple yet profound statement that has been lost in our instant gratification, look at me world where it’s expected to look perfect, act perfect, have the perfect job, the perfect wife/husband, raise perfect kids, be in the perfect career and have perfect friends. It refreshing to get permission, from arguably the almost perfect warriors, that even they can always be better. This has a direct application to all of us (me included) who are too afraid to start something because of the fear of not being perfect. It’s vital to not let the idea of perfection get in the way of achieving the mission (goals) that are in front of you.

The book’s style reflects the teacher, mentor and coach that Commander Divine has become. The stories are enlightening, relevant and almost autobiographical in the way he pulls on both successes and failures to demonstrate how the concepts work. As an entrepreneur myself, I found his stories about the struggles and challenges he faced starting his own businesses inspiring and insightful.

The Way of The SEAL is a book whose time is way over due. If you are looking to Bulletproof Your next Mission (idea, company or goal), then The Way of The SEAL is your best bet to set effective goals, visualize success, fight the fight and not the plan and be totally committed to achieving your goals.
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on January 26, 2014
This book deserves a five star rating, because it captures the essence of what it means to think like a SEAL. If a person follows Mark's advise they will achieve far more in life. If you are someone that is struggling in any area - physical, financial, emotional or even spiritual this book will give you the tools to weather the storm and bounce back. This is why it should be a five star book.

Consider the background of this man. Former Navy SEAL (Honor Man of his BUDs calss), 25 years in Martial Arts and an MBA in Accounting. Look out world! His online "Unbeatable Mind" has climbed from a few hundred to over a thousand people (by my count - it could be more) from around the world.

What sets this book apart from others is that after reading it you have a tool bag strategies, practices, and mental models that will help you for the rest of your life. Read it!

This book is for old and young alike. It will help the young in molding their vision and help the old reinvent themselves.
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on September 21, 2014
I received a free copy of this book from the 12 Books Group in exchange for this review.

The way of the SEAL. The Navy SEALs have been an elite force for the Navy for some time now. Their most famous mission was SEAL Team 6 killing Osama Bin Laden in 2011. Author Mark Divine is a retired Navy SEAL, who runs SEALFIT,, and started US Crossfit. In this book, he summarizes what he's learned as a SEAL, and how it can be adapted to everyday life.

He establishes 8 principles: Establish Your Set Point, Develop Front-Sight Focus, Bulletproof Your Mission, Do Today What Others Won't, Forge Mental Toughness, Break Things, Build Your Intuition, Think Offense All the Time. He emphasizes 5 areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuition, and Spirit. (Physical is a book by itself.) He includes exercises to help reinforce these principles. I haven't done the exercises yet. I wanted to read the book through once to see what it is.

Many of the principles in this book have been written about elsewhere. Go into B&N and look at the self-help or management sections, and you'll see all kinds of books on these topics. I recognized some of this book from a section of Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography. The question on this is how to make the material effective for your life. It helps that he walked the walk, as they say. This isn't just platitudes from someone who pretends to know what to do. I believe these can be effective, if done properly. The challenge with books like this isn't knowing what to do, it's actually doing it. Some books like this are thinly veiled commercials to sell other programs. To his credit, the author doesn't promote these too hard. Doing the exercises in the book will help. The author recommends getting help from local coaches or programs that could help.

The one issue I do have with the book is the same I have with a lot of other books like this. It doesn't recognize limitations, and there are some. For example, I'm 50 years old, have foot problems, and had heart bypass surgery 3 years ago. I will not play in the NFL, regardless of hotw well I improve myself. I also there are other things I will not be able to do. It would be better if it recognized this. All in all, though, a good book.
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on October 8, 2014
First, thank you Mark Divine for your service to our country.

The book is ok, especially the part on "embracing the suck," and forging mental toughness. Good stuff....but nothing really earth shattering here, like where he talks about deep breathing for relaxation and focus, stopping negative thoughts by thinking positively, using positive words, etc... Nothing new there. Also the self promotion on nearly every page for his SEALFIT and Kokoro training got a little tiresome.

If you've never read a self help book, and your into things like meditation, visualization, and yoga, then give this book a read. You might like it...and if you're not, you might think twice before buying it.
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on May 12, 2014
Ok I am not going to write a review longer then the book.

I think a lot of people are being very generous in their ratings here. I was expecting more specific Seal tactics or mental prep insight. A lot of info is very vague and not specific as to what their exact training is to overcome mental obstacles. I got the breathing deal early on there really was no need to repeat it continuously. I mean breathing slowly is not exactly groundbreaking information.

I would actually rate it lower due to the constant promotion of his web site. When you mention your Co information more then 10x's you have to be thinking let me use this for all I can. This comes at the expense of your readers.

I wanted to get into the deep mind of a Seal and what they do to prepare. This is not that book.
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on February 16, 2014
I have read tons and tons of self-help books and this is by far one of the best. Aside from Richard Mackowicz's "Unleash The Warrior Within" which is also written by fellow seal Mack, this is one of the best personal development books you can spend money on.

I strongly suggest anyone looking to accomplish their goals, beat depression, or any type of life challenge give this book a try! The chapter on creating a Mind Gym for visualization and goal setting alone is worth the price of admission. I can't think of another tool in my arsenal now that has helped me more then that one.

Not to mention all of the other gems sprinkled throughout the book. Mark is no nonsense and no joke, but never talks down to his audience. He relates to you and helps guide you the way he was guided himself.

Get this book if you are trying to accomplish goals and are experiencing setbacks. You will not be disappointed!
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