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236 of 240 people found the following review helpful
on August 25, 2002
This CD set is a compilation of the series of televised specials that have been shown on Public Television during pledge breaks. They are essentially the audio portions of his video program.
I own a number of Wayne Dyer tape sets and this CD compilation is a bargain. It contains his best material at about 90% off what you could pay to purchase his larger tape sets.
One of the attractions of Wayne Dyer to me is not his advice - which borrows heavily from other self-help gurus - but his delivery combined with his own personal stories. He relies heavily on discussion of his personal background from being in an orphanage to being divorced and dealing with the absence of his father since birth.
Wayne Dyers books have weathered the passing of time. His popularity may have been greatest in the late 70's - however his message is still crystal clear for anyone who wishes to listen and learn.
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130 of 136 people found the following review helpful
on March 9, 2003
...But there's a reason these CD's are so inexpensive. In the set that I received two of the CD's were mis-labeled. The labels on the CD's: "How to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want" and "Improve Your Life Using The Wisdom of the Ages" were reversed. It didn't really make any difference, but this is perhaps the reason these CD's are so [inexpensive].
Aside from that minor inconvenience, this CD program is fantastic! You won't find everything that is in his books on the CD's, but they're great for getting an overview of his books and his philosophy for living. I enjoyed listening to them on a recent cruise and found them to be inspiring and life-changing. I continue to listen to them in my car and at home on occasion. I also have loaned them out to friends and business associates who are too busy to read the books but have enjoyed listening to them on flights or between appointments in their car.
While some of the material is redundant between the 4 CD's, I find that I gain a new insight each time I hear his antecdotes. If you have enjoyed his books, this is a no brainer and the price is right!
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39 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2005
The information contained in these CD's is fantastic. I honestly believe it should be a required couse of study in high school or at least a copy should be in every home. Not only is the information Wayne Dyer delivers profound but his way of communication is excellant. Buy this collection and you will not be let down.
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on August 29, 2005
This compilation of Wayne Dyer CD's was reinforcement of the concept that he has professed for many years. The different settings in which these CD's were recorded made very clear the principals he discusses of self reliance and completeness from our Source. I would recommend these CD's to anyone that is wondering about their purpose in life and how to understand why we are here on earth, at this time.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on October 8, 2005
I loved this set of CDs. Although there is some repetition between the CDs each also presents new ideas. The talks are uplifting and centering. I've listened to each one several times.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2010
Spirituality is often discounted in the modern World. It is often used in a vague sense of 'Spiritual but Not Religious' or as something with little intrinsic worth.
It's a pity as spirituality has such a vital role to play in everything & knowing your own purpose & meaning in life is so essential in both succeeding & enjoying your time on the planet.

These 4 CD's seem to be a 'Best of' of Wayne Dyer's latest Public TV appearances, covering 4 topic areas.


1) There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.

This talk (and the second) are from where Ralph Waldo Emerson used to lecture (in Concord, Massachusetts) & he covers a great deal of material on Transcendentalism & integrating spiritual concepts into your life. This particular lecture isn't so much showing a particular problem & illustrating a spiritual solution, but more how to be kinder & more of an 'Instrument of Peace'.
Essentially this talk is based around two things -
a) A Henry David Thoreau quote "Our Truest life is when we are in our dreams awake"
b) The prayer of St Francis (the one that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher used at the start of her Premiership - "where there is fear may we bring hope, where there is discord may we bring harmony" etc).

Towards the end of this particular CD, there is a special segment illustrating the energies of different thoughts & showing how much longer they can resist with positive assertions than negative thoughts.
There is also a performance of 'Amazing Grace' by his daughter Sky.

As this CD is first, it has the most impact & seems to have the pick of the best material. It also has the virtue of being based on one of his books, so the material is honed & plentiful.


2) 10 Secrets of Success and Inner Peace.

The annoying thing with this section is that Dr Dyer has a habit of saying "and the *next* principle is", and so I only counted 9 principles.
However, they are all very pithy & rich in content though & they include: 3. 'There are no Justified resentments', 6. 'Give up your personal history' & 8. ' Treat yourself as if you already were what you'd like to become'
There are also a few excellent stories including one about a teacher who learns how to 'teach children' as opposed to 'teaching Arithmetic & Geography' etc.

As with CD1, there is also a bonus section on the 'four ways of getting Strawberry Ice Cream' & another interesting story.
This content is fairly similar to the content at the start of CD 3 (e.g. about Serendipity) but the story is not.


3) Improve Your Life Using the Wisdom of the Ages.

To me this was the best section as it shows Dyer's vast knowledge of past wisdom teachers. Based on Aldous Huxley's The Perennial Philosophy, Dyer shows what ancient & modern teachers had to say about life, which was basically 'live for the moment'.
So often it is said & so rare it occurs that people actually live their own life, rather than live an accumulation of what other people have told them they should do. To live ones own life is to be bold & true to oneself & not compromise your message.

Dyer sums up by saying 'Conformists are honoured when they are alive, and rebels when they are dead'. A pity, but isn't life about being remembered rather than forgotten..?


4) How to Get What You Really Really Want.

This CD is seems to be based around Dyer's book Manifest Your Destiny.
The simple lesson of this CD seemed to be that 'as you think so you will be' & that you should focus on what you want, rather than what you don't want, in order to achieve success. Sounds simple enough, but this is the way a lot of people live their lives.

Dyer uses the illustration of having £1 million pounds & going shopping. At every shop you see a grotty lampshade or carpet, complain about it & buy it anyway. When you get home, you wonder how you ended up with such an ugly apartment. The reason? You focused on what you didn't want & not what you did!


Some of the ideas in the four CD's overlap & I remember experiencing a lot of Deja Vu with some of the themes. For instance, the Tolstoy novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich is mentioned at least 3 times as an illustration of someone dying 'with their music unsung' & Dyer appears to stick to a lot of similar themes based around certain teachers.
Indeed - I had to listen to all these CD's twice to unweave which particular lesson belonged in which CD & his lessons certainly aren't as clearly applicable & discernible as, say, Dawkins' illustrations or Bill Hicks' thoughts.

That said, the stories & ideas he conveys are simple & compelling & although the over-riding idea may be the same (be selfless, positive & spiritual), it still requires a lot of repetition to get across.

If you're someone who is going through a rough patch in life & wants some food for thought on how to improve things, then this CD comes highly recommended. Even if things are going swimmingly, this CD will prove useful owing to the wisdom contained within & the easily-shared illustrations.

First of all though, I would seriously recommend purchasing Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao, as it has a lot more content & sees Dyer on a higher plain of evolution than this work.
I also pass on one of Dyer's recommendations in the CD's: the Tao Te Ching. Not only is it rich in wisdom but, as Dyer states "it can be read in a lazy afternoon".
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on May 28, 2007
I had only recently been introduced to Dr. Dyer's material. I find what Dr. dyer has to say very uplifting without sounding preachy or what my friend calls, 'airy-fairy'. He uses examples from Walden, Thoreau, and other great thinkers/visionaries. He messages are light and easy to listen to in the car or even while you are trying to meditate.

This particular set is a real bargain. I don't feel like I need to purchase any of Dr. Dyer's other CDs since this set comes with 4 of his "classic" recordings. I highly recommend it.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
I now own 8 CD's by Wayne Dyer and listen to them over and over again. This set is the best one yet! It has in my opinion, the best 4 CD's that Wayne Dyer has ever made. Whenever I listen to Wayne Dyer, it is like having a very wise and good friend talking to you. He is very real and listening to his CD's have truly made a positive change in my life. This set has especially made a wonderful difference in my life!
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on January 22, 2007
Can't say enough about Dr. Dyer. I love all of his works. He is truly gifted as a speaker and author and as always eloquently communicates an important message. Each time I listen to the cd's I hear something I did not hear before. A must-have for spititual seekers.
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28 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on July 17, 2003
Especially for the low cost, this is GREAT! (my cds were not mislabeled)
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