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VINE VOICEon April 5, 2008
Mary Fiore is the wedding planner extraordinaire. Since she has always been unlucky in love, she decides that those that can't wed - they plan! While crossing the street, her heel becomes lodged in the street grate. As she tries to free it, a dumpster comes loose heading her way. In the nick of time, she is pushed out of the way, but hits her head on the pavement and looses consciousness. When Mary comes to, she finds out that handsome Dr. Steve Edison saved her. Her assistant sets up a date for them that works out very well except when he begins to kiss her it starts to rain. The next time that she sees Dr. Steve is when - surprise surprise - she meets the groom of the current wedding she is planning. Mary vows to remain distant and to plan the best wedding for Fran and Steve, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

This is a very entertaining and heartfelt movie. Jennifer Lopez is wonderful and Matthew McConaughey is sexy and charming. What great chemistry they have on screen!
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on April 29, 2006
This is the movie where I began to love Matthew McConaughey, and where I began to see that Jennifer Lopez is not a bad actress (in this type of role).

Basically she meets him and they have a connection, and little does she know that she already knows his fiancee because she is planning their wedding.

It's a cute light-hearted romantic comedy and if you like that genre, you will love this. Yes there are corny lines and outrageous situations, but that is part of the fun. It's a great movie that all romantics will love.
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on June 24, 2002
Is this another predictible love story? We'll find out..but you have to know a bit of the movie first before you can rate it, right? So let's start off with a basic overview of the movie:
Mary Fiore [Lopez] is a perfectionist wedding planner who's got planning weddings down to a tee..from the flowers, the reception, even the FOB who's MIA [Father of the Bride Missing In Action!]. Yep, she's perfect with weddings, except when it comes to her own.
No doubt Mary has a successful career, but the audience can't help but wonder about her own love life. Well, at the moment, it's non-existant..unless you count Massimo [Justin Chambers], the simple and lovable Italian man that Mary's father tries to set Mary up with. Unfortunately for Massimo, Mary isn't attracted to he just follows Mary around like a puppy dog.
Other than that, things are fine in Mary's routine life, she's even about to nail a big account with Fran Donelly [Brigitte Wilson-Sampras], a successful businesswoman. Her life is quickly changed however, when one day she is rescued by a cute stranger, Steve Eddison [Matthew McConaughey]. She goes out with Steve and has a great time with him, and feels that she's finally found the perfect guy. That is, until Mary finds out that Steve is the fiancee of Fran Donelly. Mary has broken the golden rule of wedding planning: Never fall in love with the groom.
Mary can't lose the Fran Donelly wedding account..this is one of the most important accounts she's ever had. Can Mary just do her job and forget about Steve? After all, he's already engaged, right?
Watch the movie and find out:)
It seems like this would be another typical love story with a predictible ending. It actually does a good job of not being too cheesy or too predictible, at least as far as romantic comedies go. It's probably one of the most original story lines I've seen in a while, it seems like every single type of love story's been done already! The movie had a few choice funny moments, like whenever Mary tries to hide from Massimo..and the elderly friends of Mary's father add comedy with their witty comments and make the movie even more enjoyable, especially Bert:) Like I mentioned earlier, it's not too sappy, not too predictible, and does pretty well in the genre of romantic comedies. My only complaint would have to be the seemed a little too abrupt to me. Other than that, it's a great movie!
Oh, and another thing..sorry if my review [is poorly written], this is my first review, haha.
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on July 12, 2011
When we first catch sight of Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) in action, she is depicted as a lying, manipulative business commando more interested in precision than the mental state or happiness of her clients. Mary will say and do anything to make certain HER weddings go off without a hitch. All her clients have to do is show up and let her shove them around. Then she goes home alone, no surprise, and we're expected to feel sorry for her. They spend half the movie building her up as some ironclad bully in high heels only to abruptly reduce her to a wishy-washy whiner caught up in some slapstick antics only the Marx Brothers could pull off.
Mary meets her foil, in guise of a possible suitor (Matthew McConaughey), when a runaway dumpster almost takes her out. Instead, he takes her out. Oh by the way, he's otherwise engaged (but while the intended is away, the rat will play). In true Harlequin fashion they almost kiss (does this make their indiscretion chaste but not pure?). When next the liars meet it's with the intended wife in tow, they revel in the awkwardness of the situation and say nothing until they can snipe at each other during a dance lesson. Both are now seen for what they truly are, petty loathsome liars (he can't say anything because he's about to be married and she can't say anything because money is involved and she doesn't want to lose her partnership in the firm). The plot deepens into a morass of bigger lies, not the least of which is a misunderstood engagement to some guy named Massimo. Horses get involved in this peccadillo, an appendage falls off of a statue, Mary gets drunk, two marriage ceremonies are left in ruins...but this is, after all, a romance, so none of the collateral damage matters.
More telling though is when the doctor tells Mary that he knows absolutely nothing substantive about her but her jaw and eyes stir deeper emotions within him. Not exactly the same thing as love, I believe he was describing lust. In fact, I don't believe he ever said he loved her, to her. He made an offhand remark about it in passing to someone else, but he never said he loved her. How romantic.
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on June 7, 2001
The Wedding Planner, along with Sandra Bullock's Miss Congeniality, is as good as mainstream Hollywood gets these days. The situations are pretty much as we expect, the characters whacky but loveable, the resolutions fairly predictable, but the writing and acting, like a good cappuccino, are frothy enough that our enjoyment is guaranteed.
Jennifer Lopez delivers her commedic role quite well--she's not quite in Sandra Bullock's league here, but then I think it is her first comedy, and she's not far behind. The only real willing-suspension-of-disbelief problem audiences might have is that such a gorgeous woman would have difficulties with relationships, and Lopez plays neurotic well enough that she manages to overcome this issue. The casting and role of Matthew McConaughey's character creates similar issues which are not quite so readily resolved--he's literally too good to be true, but he acts what the writers gave him with gallons of charisma.
The Wedding Planner is a pleasant dip in a shallow pool, and as such is highly recommended.
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on September 10, 2005
I love this movie. It's very sweet and touching. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey have great chemistry. The Wedding Planner is by far my favorite Jennifer Lopez movie. The Wedding Planner is a delightful light hearted romantic comedy. Lots of laugh out-loud, I-can't-believe-she-did-that scenes and oh so plenty of heart warming moments. The relationship between the leads is endearing. The secondary characters are enjoyable as well. It is a fun escape from reality.

If you love While You Were Sleeping, Maid in Manhattan and Fools Rush In. Then you will love The Wedding Planner.
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on August 3, 2002
OK, I have to admit it right at the start: I am a J-Lo fan, much to the amusement of my kids. I don't care, I'm right out with it, Jennifer Lopez, in my opinion, is one of today's great talents.
The Wedding Planner is a sweet and mindless comedy about a woman whose job it is to plan other people's weddings. She's been hurt in the past, and has closed her heart to any thought of her own romance, but she's wonderful at executing the most spectacular of fairytale weddings.
Along comes a mismatched couple if there ever was one. Matthew McConaughey is the hapless groom, whose low-key, even temperament is no match for his social climbing, obnoxious (but beautiful) bride-to-be. Lopez is hired to plan the wedding. Lopez and McConaughey are attracted. Each tries to deny it. And the ending is inevitable.
To me, this easy-to-watch video is as satisfying as a well-written romance in print, the kind you want to curl up and devour. I have done so with this movie about 5 times now, and I still love it. On the intelligence meter, it probably deserves a 1. On the enjoyment meter, a good, solid 10. Indulge yourself. It's just plain wonderful.
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on February 18, 2015
This is so cheesy but I love it. Worth the price of admission just for the humor about the weddings, but I really enjoy the romance. This is not a film, but rather an entertaining movie. I have the habit of watching it when I catch it on tv. I bought the DVD and have maybe played it twice, but that's because it's on so MUCH. I don't need to.
The ethics of a wedding planner falling for a client can bring some to dislike the tone, but I think the way the arc is handled, is well done. Supporting cast is good and the leads in this are great. I can see Jennifer Lopez as the super detailed wedding planner and McConaughey does well in his role. While there is certainly suspension of disbelief for some of the usual romcom tropes, it's a fun folly.
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on December 12, 2014
This movie had a great plot, with the typical kiss at the end love story theme. There were a few too-good-to-be-true elements in it, but that only added to the already unrealistic love-at-first-sight theme. The drunk scene after the main character sees her ex was the worst part of the movie and could have been left out. It just made her strong character now seem whiny and pathetic. And would this master of planning seriously jump into a relationship just because it's there in front of her begging? Unrealistic. Lopez can play any role, brilliantly. McConaughey was a little bit annoying in this character. I've seen him do better. Other than that, I loved it. Happy endings don't happen in real life, no matter how many old people brag about their wonderful 100 years of movies and books should all have happy endings.
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on March 24, 2006
one of my all time favorites. my best friend and I practically have the whole movie memorized we've watched it so much.
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