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on August 16, 2008
Hi! I'm Maxx Gillman. I actually got to work on this movie. I'm friends with the director, Jeremy Kasten, and committed endless hours to help make this movie (and DVD) as good as I could. It became my (and Jeremy's) passion project.

This unrated cut basically is the "director's cut". Sure it has a bunch of blood and effects that were always meant to be in there...but there's other stuff too. A bunch of the music is different (we actually got original music from Black Heart Procession! and Danny Lohner! And Stanton LaVey! and Eric Powell of 16 Volt! You have no idea how giddy I was as these pieces started coming together). And there's little editing things too. Crispin, Brad and Jeffrey all seem a little bit more evil...or a little bit crazier...something. They're just more fun in this cut.

But enough about the movie. I'm gonna let that speak for itself. I love it.

When the DVD was getting made, I was explaining what i think makes a good DVD. And managed to be given creative control on a bunch of the content. (holy crap!)

There are 8 Deleted Scenes. Good ones. and I remembered on the DVD of Pi, Darren Aronofsky introduced the deleted scenes. I thought about how rad that was and how it was really interesting to understand why a scene didn't make the cut. So I got Jeremy to introduce all the deleted scenes and add some insight to them.

There are 3 Featurettes. I'm sick of DVD extras being like "It was so fun making [say movie name] and working with the other famous people." It's so generic and why bother. So I was really careful while making them to make sure they actually had CONTENT.
-We've got a general "making of" covering everything from casting the actors to production design and costumes (codpiece!) to the spooky haunted elevators (no...really).
-The piece about the effects talks in detail about all the practical and digital effects ranging from an animatronic puppet of Flux Suicide to chopping off Amina Munster's leg to setting fire to a mannequin head in the producer's backyard and using that for a shot. It was low budget and fun and the stuff we managed to get away was awesome.
-The SG piece gets into casting the part of Dell with a bunch of audition footage of SGs trying out for the roll. And also carefully painting all of amina's tattoos onto her fake body. and the blood wrestling. oh the blood wrestling.

I researched the commentary by running off and watching what i heard were some of the better commentaries out there (UHF, Fight Club, Goonies, Seven Samurai, Orgazmo. the list goes on and on) I took notes of what I liked and didn't like and i got to invite the people who really made this movie awesome and had war stories to add to the commentary. No, none of the actors are in it. I think their work shows itself excellently in the movie. But we've got the writer, director, DP, producer I gave a everyone a speech about how not to say "oh! I like this scene. let's watch it." because i HATE when commentaries do that. We just opened the whiskey and let the stories fly. I hope you enjoy it.

I've just realized how much I've written so i'm gonna stop now. Let me close by saying that I'm not making a dime if you buy this DVD. But there is a lot of my blood and sweat in it. This DVD is made because it's what I want to see in a DVD. And the movie is made by people who really cared and really enjoyed it. And I hope you enjoy it too.
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on August 15, 2008
Just caught a screener of this one today, and wow - i was really floored - It's a thoughtful (and surprisingly less explicit!) remake of H.G. Lewis's campy existentialist horror trash-flick clas-sick from 1970 which really delivers... Crispin Glover was great as Montag, the infamous Wizard of Gore, and the story really takes some neat twists the likes of which were only hinted at in the original. Not a perfect horror movie, but compared to the rest of the ones i've seen lately, it was pretty neat. The special effects were well done, and the acting was pretty damn good - especially the un-recognizable and over the top turn by Jeffrey Combs. (See if you can spot him - i had to wait for the end credits.) i liked this movie a lot more than i was expecting to, and i'd highly recommend it to any horror afficianado as both an unexpected surprising thought-provoker, and a remake which actually improves upon the original.
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on January 25, 2013
I really don't understand all the hating when it comes to this film. Maybe I don't take my movie watching seriously enough. Maybe others take it too seriously.

I remember watching the original WoG when I was in high school. My friends and I rented it not knowing who H.G. Lewis was and not knowing what we were about to watch. I remember all of us wondering what in the world we were witnessing and really not getting into it. Years later, I came to know exactly who H.G. Lewis is and also found that he does not take his films seriously at all. This alone made me feel better about his movies.

When I heard they were remaking WoG, I was excited. I'm not sure why since I never did get into the original, but I was. When I was finally able to see it, I honestly was not disappointed at all and enjoyed the film, though some of the scenes were still cringe-worthy due to the gore. Then again, the title gives fair warning that there will indeed be gore and it doesn't disappoint.

I think most viewers are way too harsh on Kip Pardue's performance. I may be bias since I find the man attractive (though to find him attractive in this role has me questioning my taste in men), but I believe he portrayed Ed wonderfully. His confusion about everything that was going on had me feeling bad for him at some points, but I also felt wary of the character as well. The end had me disliking him but smiling at his attitude. Basically, I couldn't hate the character even though he was responsible for unspeakable acts and was not the most mentally stable.

Crispin Glover played Montag magnificently (excuse the horrible pun). He overacted but I think the character called for that type of portrayal. I don't think another actor could have played the role as well. The man has always come across as an odd person, but he does put his all into a role and you have to admire that.

Brad Dourif is quickly becoming a favorite horror movie actor of mine. Before this film, I really only knew him as the voice of Chucky. After this, I took note of him in Rob Zombie's versions of Halloween and Halloween 2 and really liked him in those as well. He's funny but can be creepy at the same time.

I've never been a fan of Bijou Phillips, but she plays the role of Maggie well. I believe other actresses could have done just as well, so I've not really anything special to say about her performance.

Horror fans should give this one a chance and NOT compare it to the original. While remakes are aplenty currently in our cinemas, I think that they get a bad rep overall. Don't go in expecting the same thing. If they did the exact same things that were done in the originals, there would be no purpose to make the films. Honestly, they shouldn't even call them remakes, but re-envisions. Because that's what ends up happening most of the time and sometimes it can be a good thing.
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on August 5, 2011
I have seen both the original Wizard of Gore and the remake at a friends house. The first one may have been good in its day, the concept greatly appealed to me as a horror movie enthusiast, however the first movie was left widely open to interpretation, even featuring the main characters sitting around asking about the unanswered questions and still getting no where. I am not saying it wasn't good, just not to me.

The remake here was equally confusing, and as I read over the bad reviews, I can see where they are coming from. With the remake, it needs multiple viewings to be understood, to follow the complex plot. Perhaps many horror movie enthusiast seek instant gratification, no plot gory kills, and my opinion is they are the one who gave this movie such bad reviews here. I am not saying their preferred method of entertainment is wrong. I am simply saying this movie is not for them.

It took me many times watching this movie to understand it fully, and it just got better every time I watched it. The movie does not coddle you, it does not point and say "This is what is going on", it does go for the slandered plot twist at the very end (Or should I say the beginning.) and to the uninformed it would be very confusing. I believe it is a true masterpiece of a movie, surpassing the original in every way. It stimulated me with every viewing, and I still enjoy it, with every viewing I learn a little more about the plot, the trick and the ultimate illusion of the movie. The movie also comes with an all-star cast including Brad Dourif, Jeffery Combs, Crispin Glover (Who has not seen the completed film still at time of writing.) and many others. I think this is a very under appreciated gem of a film that everyone deserves to watch at least twice to see if they grip it.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon January 20, 2009
I had looked forward to Jeremy Kasten's remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' The Wizard of Gore, especially with Crispin Glover playing Montag the Magnificent. And while Glover steals the show and this remake delivers most of the goods that fans of the genre and of Lewis' original will look for, there just seems to be something missing overall in the whole affair. What that something is basically amounts to anything resembling an entirely coherent plot, as the film offers plenty of confusing moments in its attempts to deliver twists and turns as it moves on through its running time. Edmund (Kip Pardue) is a journalist who is investigating Montag, whose on-stage dismemberments appear to be crafty magic tricks, until the bodies of the girls (played by the Suicide Girls) start to pile up. Soon enough, Edmund becomes obsessed with Montag's theatrics, and also finds himself trapped in a web of lies, murder, psychotropic drugs, and above all else, confusion. Pardue is pretty wooden in the lead role, while Bijou Phillips doesn't do much better as his shady girlfriend, but Glover's appearances on-screen more than make up for their shortcomings. The rest of the cast includes horror stalwarts like Brad Dourif, an unrecognizable Jeffrey Combs, and Near Dark's Joshua Miller; all of whom do considerably good in their roles. There's decent gore to be found as well, and all in all this remake of The Wizard of Gore isn't terrible, but it just winds up leaving you wanting more than what you get here.
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on July 28, 2009
The updated Wizard of Gore has the look of an episode of Tales from the Darkside or one of those movies that I used to watch on cinemax at midnight on a Sunday night in the late 80's because I wanted to somehow prolong the weekend. Rather than pay homage to H.G. Lewis, this film sets a dark mood, with low lighting and looming shadows, and attempts to put the plot first, over the gore. The gore is actually very well done, but is not nearly as prevalent or gratuitous as portrayed in Lewis's films. While the acting is much, much better than anything in a Lewis film, lead actor Kip Pardue gets way too much screen time, while Crispin Glover is somewhat wasted. Glover comes off suitably demented as Montag, but the bulk of his performance is on stage performing his act. I would have liked to have more verbal interaction with other characters. Ultimately, I became bored with the various plot twists and especially Pardue's character. This isn't a horrible film, and seems fairly ambitious in gore fx and casting (Brad Dourif & Jeffrey Combs both perform admirably as usual) given the obvious budget limitations. The problem is linking it with H.G. Lewis. This Wizard of Gore looks nothing to me like anything Lewis would ever come up with, which makes it fairly misleading as far as I'm concerned. It's too bad, because there are some things to appreciate here, just not enough for me to recommend.
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on February 14, 2015
A remake of a classic,reinvented. This movie kept me confused man,the story has alot more depth than the original,there is a very deep & underlying story that will confuse you.I don't want to tell what happens cuz it will ruin the film but i will say it is gory but not straight up hack scenes that go on,it shows it but it is CGI as to makeup and dummies with red syrup. The crazy leech shaman played by Brad Dourif(voice of Chucky) and a reporter addicted to thrills get caught up in a violent,crazy sideshow that leaves victims turning up left and right yet they walk away from the sideshow alive.So like i said it is a head film.Watch and pay close attention,i think in it's own way this is just as good as the original.Check it out gore fans.
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on April 9, 2009
Mr. Glover made it so! I really liked this one, especially cause I thought I'd hate it. The original film was cheesy and awesome and fun in its own right. But these old films have something of an advantage over the remakes. Time. In my humble opinion, remakes usually suck. Especially with the crutch of technology. Somehow this one worked for me - not crazy about the all the cgi in the more recent movies, but Mr. Glover brought it home! Good for the collection.
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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on August 21, 2008
The best that can be said about this new version of "The Wizard of Gore" is that it has a bigger budget than the original. This allowed for better looking sets and the ability to hire actual actors. Unfortunately, the overall telling of the story is out of whack. For starters, I am unclear as to why the main character seems to be stuck in the 1930s. Everyone around him is modern, yet he and his immediate surroundings are of the 1930s. The film tries to play off on this, attempting a noirish cinematic style but it is jarring rather than artistic. I kept focusing on all the antique oddities in the main character's home rather than the plot of the film. Keep in mind the guy is not stuck in some weird time warp thing or something, so there is no real explanation for this strange 1930 vibe. Once Crispen Glover gets on the scene, the film picks up a little due primarily to his crazed acting style. The gore set pieces are not very impressive as they are usually CGI obscured, (he puts his intended victims behind a fog covered screen) so as to not really be worth much. As the story progresses it becomes less coherent and eventually just turns into a whole lot of nothing. The film boasts an appearance of the "Suicide Girls" and they spend most of their limited screen time without clothing, so that's another positive I guess. The DVD contains a few making of supplements, a directors commentary track, deleted scenes and outtakes. Most of the supplements are better than the actual film. The director obviously had a good time making the film and hanging out with the suicide girls. One thing I did note is that the DVD master appears to be too dark so you might have to make adjustments to your screen. This film is a rental at best although you could probably find something a lot better.
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on December 11, 2009
This movie was really wacky and horrific and hard to follow and comprehend but I was intrigued by Crispin Glover's performance as a magical gory magician. But the story and plot just really threw me off. I just didn't really understand this movie at all. But I just enjoyed watching the performances of Crispin and Kip Pardue. Guess that's all I can say about this one. LOL!
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