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on October 29, 2011
This is a truly disturbing movie and you would be hard pushed to find a more twisted and nasty character than Chris Creek, played brilliantly by Sean Bridges. This movie is heavy going and there aren't many Taboos that dont surface in it,cannabalism,incest,wife beating,child abduction and rape to name a few. Pollyanna McIntosh plays the feral woman and does an excellent job in this gripping movie that will leave you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth.
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on November 13, 2011
The film opens with Pollyanna McIntosh as a feral woman. She has an injury to her side and hunts and kills a wolf. Her legs look pretty darn good for a person who has lived outdoors their entire life, not one scrape,scar, or even hair on the legs...and her armpits are shaved!

Sean Bridgers plays Chris Cleek, an unlikeable man of wealth. He sees our feral woman in the woods behind his house while out hunting. He has a mousey wife (Angela Bettis), a teen daughter, a son who has trouble with his free throws and a young daughter who likes to kiss boys to the horror of her mother. Sean Bridgers orders his family around who pretty much obey him, like zombies, without question.

He captures the wild woman, and rather than turn her over to the authorities, he chains her up in their basement/shed. He is very open about it and shows her to his family who are completely dumbfounded. Chris Cleek rules the roost and doesn't like to be questioned. He reminds me of a creepy Will Ferrell. Their task is to civilize the woman, a woman who wants no master.

The two older children Peg and Brian are portrayed as abnormally reclusive self imposed social outcasts, signs of an abnormal home life. We know this is true because of the lame indie music soundtrack that plays when they are on screen by themselves. Having a scantily clad female chained up around a teen boy brings about some natural curiosity tendencies.

The wife and older daughter feel like a prisoner, like the feral woman who symbolizes their imprisonment. Sean Bridges symbolizes the "system" which imprisons women. There are scenes showing violence to women that were hard to watch, even though we don't see the actual strikes, we see the arm movement and hear the blows.
The movie starts semi-normal, goes to odd, then downright weird as Sean Bridges fights to be the master of his world filled with rebellious women. Sean's son sides with him to give us the full symbolism of the battle of the sexes with men being aggressive controlling rapists and women the victim.

Many of the actors in this film are new to the industry. In spite of that, they did a solid job.

F-bomb, Full frontal nudity (Pollyanna McIntosh), rape, torture, blood, gore. While I give this movie 4 stars, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 11, 2014
Nine Things About the Movie The Woman (USA, 2011)

1. This upsetting movie is based on Jack Ketchum’s novel of the same name. If you don’t know Jack Ketchum, he writes award-winning, and controversial, horror novels.

2. It’s the sequel to the movie “Offspring”. But you don’t really need to have seen that movie first. In fact, “Offspring” was pretty terrible. This movie pretty much stands alone..

3. There’s a very early scene in the film during a barbecue, when a boy named Brian witnesses a girl be bullied and abused by other kids. Brian just looks the other way and shoots basketball. It’s a very chilling scene, and lets you know right away that something is Not Right.

4. The main plot is about about a feral woman roaming the woods outside of town (if you have seen “Offspring”, you get the backstory of that). She is found by Chris, Brian’s father. He is a nice conservative lawyer, and he takes her back home. Then he chains her up in the cellar.

5. Chris wants to make the woman he found “civilized”, which really just means he wants to do terrible things to her. He makes his family witness and participate. He especially wants to make sure his son follows in his footsteps.

6. One thing that makes the movie so disturbing is the way we learn about the rest of Chris’s family - his wife and two daughters. Nothing outright is told to us, but we slowly figure out that the whole family is disturbed… for different reasons.

7. The performances of the cast are all solid. Given the sensitive and horrific subject matter, the actors stay true to their characters. This is especially true of Zach Rand, who plays Brian, and Pollyanna McIntosh who plays The Woman.

8. The final act of the movie is outrageous and savage. It’s a combination of physical violence, psychological terror, and unexpected plot twists that made my jaw drop. It’s up to the viewer to decide if it has a happy ending or not.

9. The Woman goes into the Hall of Fame of dysfunctional family movies. It is mercilessly misogynistic and yet ferociously feminist. It’s not for all audiences. But it is a very effective portrayal of the various cruelties that humans put each other through.
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THE WOMAN is sort of the rural-American version of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. It's all about human monsters amongst us. Pollyanna McIntosh plays the brutal / brutalized, title character so well that it's (refreshingly) disturbing! Watching her is like watching a wolf or tiger in captivity! She gives off a wildness like I've never seen before! Angela Bettis (MAY, TOOLBOX MURDERS) is excellent as the abused, emotionally-deadened spouse of the psychopathic husband (Sean Bridgers) who instigates most of the film's horror. The Cleeks are a seemingly normal family, until the layers of normalcy begin to chip, peel, and fall away completely! THE WOMAN is intense, unpredictable, and insane. A horrific marvel...
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on January 31, 2013
Chris Cleek discovers a feral woman living in the forests behind his home, and decides to capture her and lock her away in his family's cellar so that they can begin to "domesticate" her... Or so it would seem... Offensive, appalling, and dangerous are just three of the terms that could accurately be used to describe Lucky McKee's exploitative shocker THE WOMAN, a film conceived from the novel that he co-wrote with critically-acclaimed author Jack Ketchum as a follow-up to The Offspring.

Where the violence and torture in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is often condoned for its connections to True Crime, and the movie adaptation of THE OFFSPRING is typically shrugged away as being Survivalist trash, there is something profoundly disturbing in McKee's handling of THE WOMAN that makes it such a harrowing viewing experience. McKee's sharp, cynical humor finds its way back in to every scene, but given the difficulty of the subject matter, the audience simply is not prepared to use laughter as a safety net for the horror. It is clear, from the very brginning, that McKee is toying with his audiences, using bright, cheerful colors and an upbeat Indie score to purely contradict the dark overriding themes. The constant disruption of mood only works to amplify the director's twisted sense of humor. He never asks us to overlook the horrifying impact of the images or events on screen, he is simply highlighting them for their inherent absurdity. The torture, rape, and abuse found within the film are meant to be as disgusting and enraging as perceived in order to drive out an emotional response in the viewer. This is consistent with the gut-wrenching reactions to other ground-breaking Horror entries like THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, or more recently, MARTYRS and DEADGIRL. THE WOMAN also returns us to the all-too-familiar theme of "Civilization Versus Savagery," which has been frequented by directors like Wes Craven and Sam Peckinpah in their films THE HILLS HAVE EYES and STRAW DOGS.

The cast is certainly not to be forgotten beneath McKee's choices as a director. Each of these actors and actresses are equally responsible for carrying out the unbearable acts on screen without so much as a wink to the audience. Sean Bridgers plays Chris Cleek as if he were Ted Bundy. Calm, cool, and collected on the surface, but hiding a soul of absolute evil. His wife and children are undeniably oppressed, with both Angela Bettis and Lauren Ashley Carter reaching deep in to the dark recesses of the mind to find where abused women go to shelter themselves. They are utterly believable on screen. Their son Brian, played by Zach Rand, has inherited his father's sociopathic tendencies through constant psychological abuse as well. We pity him for becoming a victim of both nature and nurture. Interestingly enough, "The Woman" for which the film was named is but a side character, a catalyst used to reveal Chris as the film's true villain. He is infinitely more frightening than his new "houseguest."

THE WOMAN is not for all audiences. It is upsetting and morally questionable, but it is extremely effective in achieving its desired goals. Fans of Lucky McKee's work will find this to be his darkest project to date, but one that strictly keeps in line with the director's peculiar style and sensibilities.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
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on June 5, 2014
I had to watch this movie after I saw it at my local entertainment store. I was so confused by the ending (where did the other feral monkey-woman come from???) I started reading reviews on here to try and figure it out.
Parts of this movie were hard to watch, particularly the torture scenes. The father does look like a skinny, dark-haired Will Ferrell who seems like a typical family guy until he goes hunting and finds an unclean, scantily-clad woman in a creek. Bursts of distracting rock music clue you in on his sexual attraction to her as he watches her through his gun scope. He goes home and commands his family to clean out the cellar to make room for something "better than a mountain lion" then he returns to the woods and catches the woman forcefully. Down in the cellar, he uses chains and a winch to suspend her arms out from her sides. She is covered in dirt and she is apparently non-verbal. Her hissing is creepy and unnerving. I decided to keep watching after she bites one of the man's fingers off.
His wife and daughters are sympathetic to the captured woman, but the son is as much of a misogynist as his dad. The boy and his father torture the woman at different times, and she is raped by the father. (It was actually harder to watch the pressure-washer scene than it was the rape scene.) When the mother finds out her son becomes sexually aroused by torturing the woman, she confronts her husband. When he refuses to discipline his son, she snaps and says she is leaving him. She mentions something confusing about "the dogs" being reason enough to go to jail. He proceeds to beat her up in front of the children and everything goes to hell in a hand-basket after that.
The sad part is that while much of this movie is unrealistic, the parts where the men rape and torture a captive woman are believable. Misogyny and male-dominance are key themes here, with all the women (the feral women, the wife, the pregnant daughter, the concerned teacher) being victims. That is, until the captive woman teams up with the other feral monkey-woman and they start killing people with their teeth!
I bet this movie was fun to make. With that said, I have no plans to purchase it.
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on October 17, 2013
I can't say this was something I can completely recommend. It had some very favorable parts, giving the impression it would be better than expected. It disappointed too often. Good story line, but wasn't followed up with action or drama to support it. You get half answers or none at all. The ending was ridiculous. It could have been a powerful movie, but the acting wasn't up to par and they definitely dropped the ball on keeping you on track with how this whole person came about. I would say rent it, but if you like open ended or non closure films, this one is perfect for you. The ending leaves room for a sequel, but after watching the first I'm not sure a second would get any attention. It's mediocre at best. I've seen worse.
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on August 12, 2014
A stand alone movie with some solid acting and ideas. They called it somewhat of a sequel but it stands alone and if anything far exceeds the first. I hated the first, so much that I can't even remember what it was called, but this one is a keeper. Gruesome and violent. Surprising and original. One to own for horror fans.
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on July 8, 2012
This is one of the movies that you aren't quite sure what you saw when the movie ends. The story is about this creep and woman-hater Chris Cleek who finds a wild woman in the woods, captures her and shackles her up in his cellar. He's out of his mind and doesn't try to hide the woman - so he introduces his family to her and claims that he's taken her so they can "help" the woman and "civilize" her. His brand of helping her includes rape and torture. Equally sadistic is his mean-spirited son who goes along with whatever his dad has in store. The woman impacts different family members in different ways - Chris' submissive and out-of-it wife goes along with Chris but finally reaches the point of being done with his cruel ways; daughter Peg who may be pregnant protects the wild woman and feels horrible for all the tortures she is enduring; the youngest daughter seems as if she doesn't fully understand the situation but comforts the wild woman with music and generally takes a liking to her. When a well-meaning teacher visits the family to discuss the possibility that daughter Peg might be pregnant, the movie crescendos into a strange finale including the discovery of another eyeless wild woman who thinks she's a dog, cannibalism and some gory deaths. To say this movie is weird is an understatement. Not much scares me but admittedly the hissing, black-toothed wild woman with a look of death in her eye was so convincing I got the chills. I'm not sure if they were trying to hint that Chris had also had incestual relations with his daughter and that's why she was pregnant, but it seemed that's what the movie was trying to lean towards. Oddly enough Chris Cleek reminded me of George W Bush or at least that's what I kept thinking. I'm not sure what I got out of this movie and the ending seems to leave some guesswork. The person who played The Woman was excellent in her role and really nailed the primal requirements to be such a person. I can't say this is a great movie - it's just very different and you will stay hooked to it to see exactly what's going to happen - especially when the movie escalates. I guess I might watch it one more time to get over the initial shock of 'what the heck did I just see' but to me the story follows the lines of many of those torture type movies with a small twist. Watch it if you want to see a horror movie about a cave woman who is actually quite scary and you want to see a whole bunch of strange crap going on. Don't watch it if you are sick of capture and torture movies.
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on July 15, 2014
I'm not sure exactly why...but I put off buying this movie...maybe didn't want to get fooled by a cool cover masking a piece know...well, it's far from's really well done...every's's bloody...and Pollyanna Mcintosh does an amazing job as the womnan...and the reveal in the dog pen...that was a good way...
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