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5.0 out of 5 stars I guarantee you've never played a game quite like this
"Viewtiful Pikmin" is what came to mind when I first saw The Wonderful 101, but boy was I wrong. This game defies almost every attempt to shoehorn it neatly into any one genre. The gameplay is unlike anything I've ever seen in a game before, as is its art design, storytelling, and overall approach to using the Wii-U's features well as an exclusive, and it's all fantastic...
Published 11 months ago by T. Hill

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3.0 out of 5 stars I really wanted to like this game but it just has some flaws.
Probably a 3.5 / 5, but I really don't think it deserves the 4. It is cute, has funny text and dialogue, and has nice art style. The gameplay is iffy at best, and the drawing of the weapons for your Mighty Morphin Transformer Voltron team is tedious for such a fast-paced button-mashing action game.

Of the 10 games my daughter got for Christmas, this one has...
Published 7 months ago by Roderic Rinehart

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107 of 114 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I guarantee you've never played a game quite like this, September 16, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
"Viewtiful Pikmin" is what came to mind when I first saw The Wonderful 101, but boy was I wrong. This game defies almost every attempt to shoehorn it neatly into any one genre. The gameplay is unlike anything I've ever seen in a game before, as is its art design, storytelling, and overall approach to using the Wii-U's features well as an exclusive, and it's all fantastic too. Hideki Kamiya made this game. I love Kamiya-san. He has made some of my all-time favorite video games over the years, from the aforementioned Viewtiful Joe to one of the most brilliant gaming masterpieces ever made, Őkami, the guy makes nothing but unique, exhilarating video game gold, and now you can add The Wonderful 101 to that list. Seeing as how this is such a densely designed, wholly unique game, this may end up being a long review, I warn you right now. If you don't like long, detailed reviews, give this one a pass.

The story behind The Wonderful 101 is as crazy and hectic as its gameplay. Basically, you play as, not one protagonist, but many simultaneously, as a worldwide superhero initiative entitled The Wonderful One-Double-Oh. Wonder-Red, the blond masked hero that looks eerily similar to Viewtiful Joe, acts as their stalwart leader, but there are many Wonderful-Ones that get the spotlight in this game, such as Wonder-Blue, a talented LA detective who is a headstrong, brash rebel with an impulsive need to always look cool, Wonder-Green, a very chubby Frenchman with a love of all things culinary, or my personal favorite, Wonder-Yellow, an incredibly tough-yet-timid Russian strongman. These heroes find themselves combating an invasion from the evil alien GEATHJERK menace that threatens the peace of the world, and that's as far as I'll go in describing the plot. Suffice it to say, the story's premise is clearly based on classic Japanese shows such as Power Rangers and other anime of yore, and I absolutely adore it. It's quirky, no doubt about it, but the writing is stellar and the voice acting is suitably overly dramatic and downright charming. I love the story and the way its told in this game. It reminds me of my childhood.

The art and sound design in this game really works well with the whole Japanese Superhero themes. All graphics have a distinct Viewtiful Joe quality to them for sure, but they were also designed to looks somewhat like children's toys come to life, and it looks awesome. Characters and scenery all have a plastic-like sheen to them that looks gorgeous and unique. This game is incredibly imaginative, full of vibrant colors and impressive effects that are a joy to take in. The special attack animations and models are particularly impressive. I love everything about the visuals in this game. The sound and music design also delivers well on the Saturday morning cartoon theme. Music is full of bravado and heroism, and the sound effects sound ripped from classic cartoons. It's all very cool. This game is full of sensory overload, in a good way, and that is really complemented by the visual and audio design. Great job here.

Really, it's the gameplay that sets W101 apart from any other game I've played. While "Viewtiful Pikmin" may sound like a nice little label when you first see the game, it's inaccurate. This is not a strategy game with a Viewtiful makeover. This is an action game through and through, much in the same vein of Kamiya's past works, with Devil May Cry or Bayonetta being the most obvious comparisons, with tons of challenge and elements of strategy thrown in. Don't think this is just a Bayonetta clone with a Power Rangers makeover however. The real twist in the game is the fact that you control many heroes simultaneously, as one huddled mass, all working together as an almost amoebae-like clump to fight the baddies. Using the gamepad's touchscreen (or the right analog stick), you can form "Unite Morphs" to create massive weapons to use in combat. Draw a line, and Wonder-Blue will hold onto a massive sword filled with the other characters in your group. The longer you draw the line, the more Wonder-Heroes will fill the sword and the bigger it will become. Draw an L-shape like, and now your weapon is Wonder-Green's pistol (or a freaking bazooka if you draw the shape big enough!), shooting other heroes in your group as bullets! If that sounds weird, it is, trust me, but it is an awesome combat system I have never seen or even hinted at in any other game. It's fantastically unique, and because this is a Kamiya game, there's an arcade scoring and ranking system that adds even more addictive qualities to the experience. The core of this game is all about utilizing your wits and reflexes in battle using these mechanics and while it may be tough, it is really worth getting the hang of.

I also must give the Boss Fights special attention. They're absolutely insane, and practically levels unto themselves. Some last up to twenty minutes, and I'm not talking twenty-minutes of just slogging through it in hideously boring fashion. No, I'm talking full-on twenty minutes of exciting, new, always changing elements and visual spectacle to boot. Awesome. I love old-school boss fights in video games, and W101 definitely delivers that.

The game utilizes the gamepad in incredibly unique and exciting ways too. At some points, you may find yourself going into buildings, where you can't see your characters on the TV. The view of them will now be on the gamepad, and puzzles utilizing this function are really clever and well-thought out. My only complaint about them is that its harder to see everything on the gamepad screen. Some complain about how hard it is to draw particular shapes on the gamepad to get the Unite Morph you want, but for me, it has worked stupendously so far. This game, along with Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends, really shows the awesome potential of the Wii-U and its special controller. I hope other developers start realizing its potential too.

The game has an incredible density of content too. Well-hidden secrets and collectibles keep things interesting. While the core cast of color-themed heroes rounds out to about a half a dozen, there are roughly 100 (duh) heroes to find in the game that will become a permanent part of your Wonderful army. These guys are hilarious, such as Wonder-Beer, a fat german man with a costume that looks like an oversized beer mug, Wonder-Toilet, who has a toilet for a helmet (lol!), or Wonder-KungFu, an elderly, dumpy looking janitor who is a master of Druken Kung Fu (very stereotypical of Japanese anime, lol). Each one has his/her own profile with background info that is sure to make you giggle. The game also features a very deep upgrade system that allows for purchasing new moves as well as improving old ones, not to mention a cooking section in which you can create one-use healing and offensive/defensive items utilizing all the space themed food items you collect in the game. When you add everything together, you've got a super unique action game with tons of replayabiity and layered depth to discover. Did I mention this game has an insane density of content? Does that sound like a good value to you? It should. :D

One last thing, this game is HARD! The first thing you'll notice when starting up the Wonderful 101 is that your brain will almost fry from sensory overload. Keeping track of the myriad of things happening on screen while trying to concentrate on the immediate gameplay at hand is difficult at first. Explosions litter the scene, droves of enemies attack you all at once, collectibles rain down, and you have so many heroes to keep track of, it can be overwhelming. I'll tell you right now, this game is super challenging, nuanced, and the fighting system is incredibly deep. The mechanic of drawing shapes quickly on the gamepad in an action game is new, and it'll take a little time to get used to it. If you find yourself frustrated early on, don't give up on this game. Pause the screen and learn the game's mechanics from the in-game encyclopedia, watch some videos of good players on the internet to get an idea of how to play, and press on. Once you get over the game's initial system shock and its difficult learning curve, you will love this game. I highly recommend learning to use the Wonder-Pudding (shield) and Wonder-Slinky (dodge) moves well. You'll need them in this game. We live in an age where games coddle gamers and inundate them with constant eye-rollingly obvious tutorials. W101 doesn't do this, at all. Some may complain, but I think it's awesome to play a game with classic sensibilities this way. So don't give up, you'll be glad you stuck with it. I'm an experienced gamer, and I found "easy" to be the perfect setting for me for my first playthrough.

I know this review is long, but seriously guys, I've barely scratched the surface of this game. Kamiya really jam packed it with content plus the kitchen sink. Its initial difficulty and absolute refusal to coddle gamers the way many games do these days may be an unpleasant shock to some peoples' systems, but trust me, once you can the hang of this game, it will deliver thrills and spectacle by the shovelful. I've been playing video games for twenty-years, and I have never played a game quite like The Wonderful 101, and I guarantee you haven't either. So give it a chance, and enjoy what it has to offer. It's even more special because its a Wii-U exclusive that takes full advantage of the hardware, and we all know that is all-too-rare these days (although that's about to change). So buy this game, persevere through its challenging learning curve, and be treated to a wholly unique video game you are sure not to forget.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, September 15, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
Remember how you felt as a kid when games could absolutely delight you? The Wonderful 101 makes you feel the same way.

There's a bit of a learning curve but this game really rewards perseverance. The action is fast from the get go, the important thing to remember is to stay calm, pay attention, buy Unite Guts as soon as possible, and if you find that things aren't quite clicking watch some of the vids on youtube.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Creative, Action-Packed, and Funny - One of the Most Original Games Ever, September 27, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
To be short, this game is beautiful, action-packed, hilarious and most importantly: FUN!


You control a group of heros who are tasked with saving the world from an alien invasion. The Heros are eccentric and rediculous, and the aliens are sometimes immense, sometimes comical, and sometimes both. As you progress through the game and explore new areas and encounter new enemies, you can recruit average citizens to help you and may even come across "hidden" heros who permanently join you in the fight to save Earth.


Your group of heros have the unique ability to band together to morph into several different forms. For example, your group can morph into a giant hand (for punching, grabbing and turning dials), a sword (for slashing and picking locks), and a hang-glider for flying, as well as MANY others (don't want to give too much away). These different forms can be constructued using the touchpad or the right analog stick to draw different shapes corresponding to the form you wish to take. For example, drawing a circle on the touchscreen morphs the team into the Hand, whereas drawing a straight line morphs the team into the sword.

As you progress through the levels, you will use many of these different forms to solve environment puzzles, such as how to clear a large gap, or how to open a door locked by a combination dial, etc. At various points in the level, alien enemies will be warped in to your area to fight against you. Using your skills and morph abilities, you dodge enemy attacks and deal damage to the enemies until you emerge victorious. Occassionally at certain key points, the game will challenge the player to perform a quick-time event in which the player has to draw a particular shape or press a particular button within a small amount of time. These mostly occur during "movie" sequences at the end of the battles.

Also, it should be noted that W101 provides probably the best use of the Wii U Gamepad to date. The drawing aspects are flawless, there are several circumstances where the gamepad provides the primary visuals of your party (e.g., when they are in a small warehouse, your TV focuses on the outside - which usually has something important for you to see, while the gamepad shows your party on the inside), the gyroscope is used in certain circumstances, etc. And, the game allows you to customize whether to switch between the TV and the gamepad, which provides full off-tv play.


The game is beautfiul. The game adopts a fantasy, almost comicbook-like feel to it. And so the game uses bright colors and elaborate scenary as its niche. And it does so very well. The environments are diverse and beautiful and the enemies are extremely detailed. However, where the game shines is in its movie sequences. The HD graphics really bring a shimmer and sheen to the team and enemies, and the animations make you feel like you are the greatest super-hero of all time in the midst of one of the most epic intergalactic wars of all time.

The developoers put a surprising amount of detail into all aspects of the game. And you notice this detail when you take a close look. For example, when examining the morphs closely, you can see the individual faces of several heroes within each one. Unfortunately, because you spend most of the game zoomed out (so you can see all that is going on), this level of detail has to be appreciated without being directly noticable.


While the game, on one hand, is a strict action-adventure game due to its crazy fight and battle sequences, it maintains high levels of humor to provide an overall extremely enjoyable experience. You may spend several minutes in an extremely intense boss fight, and then find yourself laughing out loud at the dialog between the Heroes. There are several references to Nintendo and its history (e.g., the morph cannon takes the shape of the Super Nintendo's Super Scope), which often gives a Paper Mario-type humor vibe. The game provides the perfect mix of humor and action.


The game is very easy to play, and very hard to master. It is the perfect game for players of all skill levels.

The game includes several difficulty levels available at startup, including very easy, easy and normal. As a long-time gamer, I chose normal. It has been very challenging, yet very enjoyable. Good battles feel rewording, and all battles force you to think about strategy and timing to make best use of your attacks. I am looking forward to unlocking Hard Mode.

Don't let this scare you away. I have briefly played the easy difficulty, and it is much easier than normal. I can only imagine how easy the very easy difficulty must be. IN ADDITION....regardless of the difficulty, the game always picks up EXACTLY where you left off. So if you die when the enemy is at 56% health. You are revived back into the battle with the enemy at 56% health. Die again at 54%? No problem, enter at 54%.

The game doesn't punish death (I hope hard mode does :) ), but rather rewards perfection. At the end of each battle, you are given a score based on how you performed (time, damage taken, and combos). This allows all players to progress through the game, slowly improving their skills. And if a player seeks to perfect their scores, they can return to any mission any time to try for a better score. This is beneficial for many reasons including gaining more currency, achieving new unlockables, and allowing you to perfect what you learned from your first fight.

The game doesn't hand-hold. The game has minimal instruction, and doesn't provide any hints about enemy weaknesses. This can make learning all the battle tricks for the different enemies very difficult, but again provides another reason to experiment, try new things, and replay the same enemies at a later time.


So what is wrong with the game? Answer: not much.

I spend most of my time zoomed out so I can see everything. This makes my characters and the environment pretty small and it can be hard to see what your heroes status are when you are that far away. However, you can zoom in and even without it, this is rarely a problem.

There is NO hand-holding. Instructions, even on how to perform basic tasks, are VERY limited. It doesn't even come with an instruction manual. This is quickly solved through experimentation in battle. I will say this though...the "stinger" move is: LEFT, then RIGHT + A. Took me forever to figure that out (you'll see what I mean when you play the game).

The game is hard to perfect. First-time encounters can involve several deaths (on normal mode, probably far fewer on easier difficulties) before achieving victory. Fortunately, those deaths don't count against you.

As you acquire new shapes to draw, it can be difficult to draw the correct one as some are very similar to others. If you are using the right analog stick to draw, then this takes practice and can require a few tries. However, if you have problems, then use the touchscreen and it becomes very easy to draw the shape you want.


This is one of the most creative and entertaining games I have ever played. It has the creative and humorous tone of Zelda (such as Wind Waker), and the battle tactics and honing of Dark Souls (without the punishment that Dark Souls provides). If you own a Wii U, you should strongly consider picking this game up. If you don't own a Wii U, you might want to consider buying one so you can play this title.

Bravo to Platinum Games. This is truly a masterpiece. Of note, Famitsu rated this game a 39/40. Look up what that means, and you should be impressed.


(This is the part where you say "ROGER!" and then go buy the game :) )
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best 3rd-Party Wii U Title Yet, September 20, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
This game already has a great review written by Relytia. Read it! All I really have to add to that is addressing one thing that game blogs and websites have complained about in their reviews of this game. The complaint is that Wonderful 101 does a poor job of explaining its controls and is difficult to learn to play. They are wrong!

Gamers have long been complaining that Japanese games have burgeoning introductions and hand-holding tutorials that all take far too long and cheapen the experience. They look back to games like MegaMan, which designed its first levels to teach you how to play. Here, a ledge that requires a jump. There, an area where wall jumps are required to proceed. Wonderful 101 takes this same approach to teaching the game, and most reviewers seem to have failed to recognize that. The monsters and challenges it throws at you can be defeated either by brute force or by learning how to use your tools properly. Brute force will take longer, lowering your score and making the fight drag. The fights encourage the learning of how and when to use each of your Unite Morph abilities, which add a lot to the pace and flow (and fun) of the game.

If you own a Wii U or have been considering buying one, pick this game up. It's an excellent 3rd party title and I want Platinum and other 3rd party developers to see that the Wii U market is one that can be profitable! Besides getting a great game, you'll be showing ALL 3rd party publishers that they should release more great games on Wii U.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and fresh in an otherwise dull industry, September 20, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
This game is truly something else. It has been a VERY long time since I have seen a game with so many new ideas, Kudos to Platinum Games!

GAMEPLAY - I have to say this part of the game is a very close contender for the "best part of the game" award. It's very smooth and transitions nicely. It never feels like you have to go out of your way to figure out how to do certain things or even progress. Drawing on the game pad to select weapons, can be a bit tricky. Looking off the TV for a few seconds then looking back will cause some disorientation. However, Platinum Games added an option for player the draw/select weapons via the right analog stick. Great thinking! There are a few minor glitches here and there. Nothing that can't be fixed in a patch/update. This is the only reason why gameplay isn't the best part of the game!

SCENARIO - The games storyline is phenomenal. Everything I mentioned above is wrapped really tight and neat with an amazing, tear JERKing (Sorry. I had to.), gut wrenching, anger inducing, and uplifting story. I'm not going to give anything away, but you will walk away feeling like a hero! The game features some amazing music, as well. If The Wonderful 101 was an animated movie, it would seriously be considered for a musical Oscar. You take control of a kindergarten teacher, William Wedgewood, who also has a secret identity; the titicular Wonder Red, leader of an elite grouping superheroes called the Wonderful One Double Oh. Their sole purpose is to protect the Earth! Each of the main characters boast their own unique personalities as well as design. I'm not going to ruin anything else, but this game has some of the best character development and story structure I have seen... ever.

DEPTH - This game has a very deep leveling and grading system. You can purchase upgrades and items from a place called "The Wonder Mart." This place allows you to stock up on health recovery items and offensive items. Best of all, you can purchase new attacks (or buy an upgraded version) and skills. The grading in the game will make you come back to each level and see if you can perfect each one. Everything is very well organized and easy to figure out, which just makes everything that much better. The game also features an interesting Co-Op multiplayer mode. It is essentially the same as the single player, with up to 5 players. Playing this game with 5 players is intense and an absolute blast.

OVERALL - Give this game a chance. It isn't something you're familiar with. It is a unique experience that is wrapped together with a very shiny Platinum ribbon on top. The Wonderful 101 is a must have title.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably one of the top 10 console games of 2013., November 3, 2013
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
To get to the point:

The Wonderful 101 is a superb game. There are many misconceptions about it, most of which don't hold water. It is not nearly as difficult of a game as its reputation suggests (unless purposefully played on very hard, unlockable difficulties). Its play mechanics are clear and easy to understand, though they have nuanced depth and finely grained details to discover. It is not actually aimed at a young audience, and its colorful super hero theme is intended to be nostalgic rather than juvenile.

What TW101 is, is a long, varied, content-packed stylish action game. It is most similar to the iconic Japanese-developed console action-adventure games of the Playstation 2 generation, and its execution and attention to detail is on a level perhaps not seen since then. With the exception of Platinum Games' own Bayonetta.

There's very little to actually criticize in the game, with the caveat that it is a title that provides more payoff if the player is willing to invest in it. Its mechanics, rather than being deceptively simple, are deceptively complex - by virtue of being unique, they appear less accessible than they are at first glance. But once the idea behind the game clicks with the player, it's very straight forward. There is also a valid reason for using totally original mechanics as the game takes full advantage of them to create an experience not like literally any other game out there.

Most of all, TW101 succeeds in recreating the feeling of excitement and discovery from early eras of video games, without actually being regressive. This is not a retro-game trying to imitate something old (or classic) in order to recapture past qualities. Instead it is actually a very modern game designed with the values of a classic console game generation in mind.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, September 20, 2013
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
The art direction, music and graphics are unbelievable. This game has to be seen to be believed. It is not a cake walk, but I prefer a little challenge rather than have a game hold my hand. The only issue (small) is the controls take a little getting used to. Buy this now!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Too unique for mainstream gamers, October 18, 2013
Richard (Michigan, USA) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
There's no other game quite like this one. It combines the very best action game mechanics that Platinum Games can offer with a unique control scheme that utilizes the Wii U gamepad extremely well. What turns most game "journalists" off about it is that it doesn't skimp on the challenge, and it's lacking in obvious tutorials, preferring instead for the player to experiment and discover the game on their own. It isn't the kind of game you play for 5 minutes and form an opinion about. The more you play, the more you find yourself becoming more and more accustomed to it until eventually you just can't put the game down. And it has a lot more playtime and content than most of Platinum's recent games. It also helps that the writing is extremely well-done, and it'll put a smile on your face or even make you outright laugh more than once.

It's my opinion that the gaming industry needs more games like this, games that value gameplay and challenge and don't just play themselves. I really admire Platinum and Nintendo for sticking to their guns and making what THEY wanted to make, instead of what would get 10/10s from gaming "journalists". I can't recommend enough that every person who has been playing video games since before the sixth or seventh generation give this game a shot. It's games like this that need to find success on the market, instead of the bland, rehashed cinematic shooters and movie "games" that so infest the market these days.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent addition to WiiU's Library, December 13, 2013
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
The amount of love, care, and attention to detail poured into this game is evident right from the moment you start it up.
Not only daring in it's creativity it is a very solid competently made Action/Beat 'Em Up.

There will be a few hiccups and frustration at times as you adjust to the games demanding play-style
but you'll find the more you play it the more you discover the nuances of this game's very unique mechanics.

The best I've played since Bayonetta. An absolute must-own for Wii U owners, no getting around it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fresh, October 30, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Wonderful 101 (Video Game)
I usually don't write reviews of games (or anything in general, I suppose) unless they are, in my opinion, either extremely overrated or criminally underrated.

Guess where this one falls?

This game is so undeservedly underrated and so illogically ignored especially by the influential and major publications...that my cynical mind is starting to think of some kind of an agenda against it. It just makes NO SENSE!

It is on my list of the best games I ever played.
Only rivaled by very few including Dark Souls & a couple of Zeldas.

Firstly, in my opinion, it's one of the most creative and clever games in (at least) the last decade. I've owned every major console released since the SNES (except 360) and I believe this is one of the most courageous and innovative games I've played, ever!

Yet it is also somehow also a throw back to the old days of gaming, when creativity was abundant and stimulating games were the norm.

Secondly, only the minds of true Masters of the Craft can create something so totally new and unprecedented and still not fall into the many pitfalls that come with presenting new ideas. Only Masters of the Craft can, instead substituting fun for innovation, blend their creativity into one of the most memorable (and fun) experiences possible in the medium. All the while keeping is accessible.

(Just read in a comment that it's from the same guy who created "Okami". Why am I not surprised!)

The only time I've seen something similar (kinda) was the 1st "Toy Story" movie. The way they got CGI right the first time. It was new technology, unprecedented, yet it didn't fall into mediocrity as a result (like the "firsts" in most things do, in hindsight) rather it was a memorable movie in all its aspects. CGI movies for years later weren't able to capture the mastery it delivered from graphics to story to lovable characters to emotional impact, etc. It all blended.

To get back on The Wonderful 101...

This one of the few games that I couldn't find faults with. I personally wouldn't change a thing. of course there is better to be done but I can't think of it right now because it's already better in most aspects than any of the comparisons (games I've played).

Therefore, this review might seem biased, but I honestly kept trying to think of negatives but couldn't.

This game from the ground up, is absolutely fresh. New ideas, new mechanics, new controls, new physics, new artwork, new ways of playing...all new, more or less. You would think that would make it hard to get into. But nothing could be farther from the truth!

I don't know much about the creators of this game (other than the Okami thing)...but I can assure you they are geniuses in their field. They were able to meld all of this crazy and clever ideas into a very accessible, cohesive and amazingly enjoyable experience.

The controls, opposed to common belief (or reviewers' bias, supporting my previously stated Conspiracy Theory :)) are extremely tight and polished...while still being some of the most innovative controls I've experienced. The "Wii Game-pad" of course allowed an outlet to expand their creativity into the controls area. The control mechanisms are new, but still refined and perfectly responsive. Not only that, they also allowed different ways of controlling your superheroes' moves to accommodate all gamers based on hand-eye coordination abilities or just personal preference.

Controlling the game is quite easy even for the most inexperienced children. Mastering it, however, is a rewarding pleasure. It takes time (a few minutes) to be able execute a move on the fly. Not because the controls are bad, far from it. But because you need to master your abilities...once you do they're quite easy, fluent and fast.

Fortunately, the learning curve is not steep, you learn moves slowly and train on them in-game before moving on to the next. Making it relatively easy for anyone to improve their speed and lower their error margin. In most cases, there's also the freedom of choosing which move to execute and when and where. Making it more strategic in its simplicity.

The way the controls are layed out are ingenious and gave me so much pleasure to execute them. The pleasure increasing directly as my dexterity increased.

Some of the later moves are more difficult to execute, logically. As you progress the game gets harder. Yet, again, once you master those moves...errors decrease drastically. Showing how good the controls truly are.

You can, definitely, finish the game without refining your abilities (when you die the enemies' health doesn't recover) making it a game for experienced and non-experienced gamers alike. Also accommodating all ages.

The gameplay is fast & frantic yet strategic & mentally-stimulating. I don't know how those adjectives can be together describing one game, but that's honestly how it is.

The enemies are very cleverly designed, the bosses are HUGE and very well thought-out, yet also stimulating & rewarding to fight. Everything is just so well done without missing a beat. The gameplay needs to be experienced to be appreciated. I honestly can't describe how fun it is in words so I won't say any more on it.

Sadly, games like this come very rarely (maybe that's a cause of why it's misunderstood?) where every component on its own is extremely well done yet, more importantly, they all fit wonderfully into a cohesive whole.

All this gives the game a everlasting appeal. Where you can always get better & better, with your moves and also your strategies. Making the game not so easy that you get bored, yet it also never gets too hard that you give up or get frustrated. Perfectly balanced. The game also gives the player rewards (emotional & in-game) as they refine their abilities. Again, the developers here show their mastery and control of their Gameplay Mechanics.

Even the story (which I personally don't think is needed in games like this) is surprisingly funny & engaging, yet also emotional. Very likable characters with a few that are genuinely funny and layered.

The graphics are sharp, vibrant, fast and beautiful. In spite of the constant hectic environment, it never lagged for a second. The graphics are better than what I've seen on any of my consoles (maybe "Beyond: Two souls" and "The Last of Us" were better, but that's a totally different artwork so I can't say for sure). I'm sure the computer games have better graphics though, but I wouldn't know.

Every component just works great, polished and refined to perfection. There are no missteps. But that doesn't matter to me much to be honest. What's most important is the game as a whole, the experience as a whole, not the pieces. And this game, as a whole, is truly Wonderful.

I hope everyone can experience this game and see how fun games can really be. The studio that created this game should be commended and encouraged to keep on expressing their unequaled creativity and mastership.

I'm planning on buying another copy of this game if just to show my appreciation and support.
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The Wonderful 101
The Wonderful 101 by Nintendo (Nintendo Wii U)
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