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on November 18, 2004
Raoul Walsh was a great director. Only he could have done a film like this. In other's director hands this would have been only another adventure film, but Walsh had that touch. The touch of make films that had everything. He knew how to make a sailing race, and a romantic scene. He was impecable.

Our hero, always dashing Gregory Peck, has a dream, he also has a bizarre crew, but it is his dream who leads him to a great adventure. He wants to find money to buy Alaska from his Imperial Majesty the Czar. So he goes to san Francisco to sell the seal pelts he has and to find the money.

Here comes the girl , Countess Marina Selonova, Ann Blyth, who is trying to scape from an arranged marriage. Being at the same hotel our captain thinks that the lovely girl he has just met is a "lady of the night". But because he is an open minded captain, he falls in love with her.

Of course villains are everywhere. The Portuguese wants Peck's vessel, Prince Semyon wants his girl, his crew wants seals pelts. And so all together sail to Pribiloff Islands where true love, and good business will win.

Wonderful cast with a great John McIntire and Anthony Quinn . A nice seal and her Inuit friend and spectacular images. Who could ask for anything more?
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on April 2, 2000
Wonderfully light romantic film full of gorgeous costumes, action and adventure similar to old Errol Flynn swashbuckling movies.
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on April 19, 2004
This would be a typical Hollywood costume epic of the 1950's, carried mostly by star power and production values. But!! If you like sailing ship sequences, this has one of the best ever filmed. It is worth getting just for the race to Alaska.
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on October 22, 2000
It is a wonderful blend of action, adventure, romance and just the right touch of comedy, even if occasionally absurd. Anthony Quinn's characterization of the Portuguee would have stolen this film from a lesser actor than Gregory Peck, but he manages to hold up his end quite well. Ann Blyth is regal enough to play any royal. She hardly sings in this film at all. I always enjoy The World in His Arms.
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on February 11, 2009
In old San Francisco, Marina Selanova (Ann Blyth) - a dark-haired Russian countess on the run from imminent union to the ambitious prince Semyon (Carl Esmond) - implores Captain Jonathan Clark (Gregory Peck) to take her to Alaska after been rejected by his eternal rival Portugee (Anthony Quinn).

Jonathan, an American seal pirate, falls for the diminutive, fresh-faced brunette, while giving her a midnight tour of San Francisco--an impressive similar situation to Peck-Audrey Hepburn in William Wyler's "Roman Holiday."

On the eve of their wedding day, her odious Russian fiancé kidnaps her, and sails for Alaska taking her on his gunboat... He promises to kill her uncle unless she married him as it was originally planned...

The film's highlight is the outstanding windswept race between two boats led by Peck and Quinn from San Francisco harbor to the Fur Seal Islands off the coast of Alaska, with the winner acquiring the other's ship and crew to rescue the lovely heroine...

With her slightly oriental eyes and pleasant lyric soprano voice, Ann Blyth provides feminine decoration for this epic adventure...

Anthony Quinn gives a high-spirited performance as the cunning, sympathetic thief... Quinn is challenged in the film in a 'trial of strength,' an amusing drinking and wrestling bout..

Raoul Walsh's direction is simple, direct and muscular... As a popular entertainer he is confident with a sense of humor... His actions, fury, spirit, skill, ambition and unrestrained dreams remain his forte...
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon September 29, 2011
Universal Pictures presents "THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS" (1952 105 min/Color) -- Starring: Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth, Anthony Quinn, John McIntire, Carl Esmond & Hans Conried

Directed by Raoul Walsh

Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn play two seal-hunting rivals in this adventure film set in the days when Alaska was a Russian territory. Peck is adventuring seafarer Jonathan Clark, who falls in love with Russian Countess Marina Selanova (Ann Blyth) while the countess is in San Francisco fleeing an arranged marriage to the vile Prince Semyon (Carl Esmond). The Countess wants to hire a ship to take her to Sitka, AK, where her uncle, General Ivan Vorashilov (Sig Rumann), is governor.

Portugee (Quinn) can't raise money for the voyage, so the countess agrees to sail with Clark (Peck), and the two quickly fall in love. But Prince Semyon sails into San Francisco just as Clark and the Countess are about to be wed, and the prince abducts her and takes her to Alaska, threatening to kill her uncle if she doesn't marry him. Clark and Portugee then agree to race to Alaska, with the winner getting the other's ship and the seal catch. Clark's boat wins the race, but the Russians arrest both the men as seal poachers. Countess Marina agrees to marry Semyon if he will order the seal hunters released.

What is the outcome, well purchase or rent the film and your questions will be answered.

Excellent big-scale adventure story!

1. Raoul Walsh (Director)
Date of Birth: 11 March 1887 - New York, New York
Date of Death: 31 December 1980 - Simi Valley, California

2. Gregory Peck [aka: Eldred Gregory Peck]
Date of Birth: 5 April 1916 - La Jolla, California
Date of Death: 12 June 2003 - Los Angeles, California

3. Ann Blyth
Date of Birth: 16 August 1928 - Mount Kisco, New York
Date of Death: Unknown

4. Anthony Quinn [aka: Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca]
Date of Birth: 21 April 1915, Chihuahua, Mexico
Date of Death: 3 June 2001, Boston, Massachusetts

5. John McIntire
Date of Birth: 27 June 1907 - Spokane, Washington
Date of Death: 30 January 1991 - Pasadena, California

6. Hans Conried
Date of Birth: 15 April 1917 - Baltimore, Maryland
Date of Death: 5 January 1982 - Burbank, California

7. Carl Esmond [aka: Willy Eichberger]
Date of Birth: 14 June 1902 - Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria)
Date of Death: 4 December 2004 - Brentwood, California

Mr. Jim's Ratings:
Quality of Picture & Sound: 4 Stars
Performance: 4 Stars
Story & Screenplay: 4 Stars
Overall: 4 Stars [Original Music, Cinematography & Film Editing]

Total Time: 105 min on DVD ~ Universal Pictures ~ (April 5, 2011)
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on June 15, 2016
I have been waiting a long time for this movie to be made into DVD. Delightful and beautiful story. Great chemistry among all the actors, especially Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth and Anthony Quinn. Very funny, too.
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on March 29, 2015
A great adventure from the days when movies had colors and not just shades of brown, gray and black. Remembered seeing this when I was too young to understand that the hero and his men where murdering wildlife for their pelts. Still loved seeing the movie again. Great cast, and fun to watch. From the great days of movie making.
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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2012
Previously available only as part of a box set of Peck films, this is a lesser-known example of the actor's work that doesn't deserve its fate. Filled with action, color, and romance, it's set during the 1850's, when Alaska belonged to Russia and foreigners took their lives in their hands if they ventured to the foggy Pribilof Islands in search of fur-seal pelts. Among the most notorious (in the Russians' opinion) and successful of these is Jonathan Clark (Peck), "the Boston man," captain of the two-masted schooner "Pilgrim of Salem," which can outsail any craft in Sitka. Though he appreciates the money to be had by sealing, Clark is a forward-looking man and realizes that the unrestrained methods practiced by the Russians will exterminate the seals before too long, so he conceives of a bold plan: assemble a syndicate of wealthy San Franciscans to buy Alaska--Pribilofs and all--and then limit the kill to the "bachelor" seals, the excess young males who don't have harems and usually die without reproducing anyway. So off to Gold-Rush-era Frisco he goes to hobnob with the wealthy, and there he meets a "little Russian girl" and falls head over heels in love. What he doesn't know is that she's the Countess Marina Selanova (Ann Blyth) and is fleeing from an arranged marriage with Prince Semyon (Carl Esmond), a nephew of the Czar, whom she hates. Her only hope is to get to Sitka, where her Uncle Ivan (Sig Ruman) is the Governor and may be able to provide her with protection. Knowing that Clark has a ship, her first thought has been to maneuver him into allowing her to charter it--but she falls just as hard for him. Then Semyon follows her to San Francisco aboard the Czar's brand-new steam-driven gunboat and literally kidnaps her out of the hotel, leaving a bewildered Clark waiting at the altar. Not until, having nothing left to lose, he heads back to Alaska and is captured and thrown into prison, do they meet again and he learns the truth. And when Marina agrees to marry Semyon if he will free Clark and his crew, Clark realizes how much she truly loves him. Now Semyon has made an enemy he'll live to regret.

Besides the love story and the environmental message (which suggests that it really is possible for even high demand to walk hand in hand with a sensible stewardship of the world around us), this movie has several other things going for it: the San Francisco scenes, ranging from the shanghai dens of the Barbary Coast to a luxury hotel filled with both the young city's Best People and some of its raunchiest (like Clark's friend, saloonowner Mamie (Andrea King)); a sea race between two sealing craft; several good brawls; and an array of lesser characters including Clark's educated first officer, "Deacon" Greathouse of Nova Scotia (John McIntire); his master harpooner the Aleut Ogeechuk (Bill Radovich), whose sole command of English seems to amount to "We go!"; Eustace (Hans Conreid), the snooty hotel owner who finds himself coping with Clark, his boisterous crew, and the less-than-staid followers they bring with them; Marina's companion and kinswoman Anna (Eugenie Leontovich), prone to vapors and hysterics, and her bodyguard, Col. Paul Shushaldin (Gregory Gay); and above all Anthony Quinn as "the Portygee," captain of the "Isabella," a laughing, brawling, larcenous pirate of a sealer who's nevertheless, as even Clark admits, "a good sailor," and who when the chips are down proves a loyal and valuable ally--a role that should have won him at least a nomination for Best Supporting Oscar. This has been a favorite film of mine since I stumbled across it on TV many years ago, and I was delighted to find it available on a free-standing DVD.
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on January 28, 2014
This was a fun movie. The colors were brilliant--I guess that was the era of technicolor. I did not think Ann Blyth was that great; but Greg Peck made up for it. Altogether, a fun move. I liked the scenes where the ships were obviously really at sea; it makes up for the scenes when the actors are in front of projection. The seals shot toward the end were fantastic. I also loved the Russian dances.
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