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on May 26, 2006
My 7 year old really liked this, and more generally this whole Landmark series is very good for young readers. Vocabulary and sentence structure are age appropriate. Content is good solid history. As opposed to much of the stuff for this age which is "silly" reading, this series lets them learn something while improving their reading skills.
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This work, for the young reader, is an excellent additon to one of the best series for young people over the past fifty years. This is the story of the Wright Brothers, from their early childhood through the time of their invention of the "flying machine." It does stress the influence their parents, particularly their mother, had upon them. It is simply written and very direct. The story is quite easy to follow and gives the young reader a very good insight to the minds and work ethic these brothers had. It is an excellent introduction to the subject of flight. Overall the book is quite inspirational. I can remember reading it as a child (mid-fifties) and am quite gratified to see my grandsons read it today. Recommend quite highly.
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on May 18, 2000
A book that truly describes what happened to the Wright Brothers. It tells of how they went from almost nothing to building arplanes. It tells how they worked to build the airplane, and always wanted to build one. Recomended for anyone who wants to know more about Orville Wright and Wilbur, and wants to read a good book
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on January 8, 2013
Found this book, which must have been mine when I was a kid (now 37). Started reading it to my 5 year old boy at bed time. I've been hoping he'd be interested in some of my favorites from my youth, but had not been able to hook him on those, most of which are E.B White books. I was surprised at how he took to this book. He loved the stories of the Wright brothers growing up and inventing things. He even started to read parts of it on his own. He was really hooked, always asking for more and not wanting us to put it down. I was impressed by the quality of the writing as well as the story. Reads well out loud, also, which is not always the case with books for older children. I think the author did a very nice job of presenting accurate information in an exciting manner.

I'm updating this review after reading 2 other kids books about the Wright Brothers. I suspect now that the facts in this are not accurate. I do think they took some liberties with the facts to make a compelling story. For example, this book says that the Wrights refused to sell a plane to France when, in fact, they went to France themselves to try to sell it. That having been said, what I really like about this book is that it personallizes the brothers very well with details from their childhood. I just wish I could trust that the details were true. No citations, of course.
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on October 23, 2005
This book was easy to read and helped me gain an understanding of the Wright brothers and the influence their mother had on their lives as well as their accomplishments and what drove them to invent, and invent, and invent! Not only did it provide a good review of their acccomplishments, but it also provided inspiration to my 11 year old daughter. These men had a can do attitude and never gave up. I recommend this book for anyone who wants knowlege of the Wright brothers, and inspiration to always keep trying.
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on June 18, 2014
I just finished The Wright Brothers and let me tell you ... we LOVED this book. I gave it five stars and my son gave it 10 meaning he read it twice. And, not only did he read it twice, but he asked if he could read it again.

This book is excellent for a plethora of reasons. I'll list some here:
Their mother was brilliant and operated and thought outside of the box and she allowed and encouraged her children to do the same. READ MORE at [...]
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on September 19, 2011
This book was great for my daughter to do a book report on. You really learned a lot about their childhood and what made them the great inventors they were. We went to kill devil hills this summer and saw the monument and the gliders and planes they built. We watched a movie at the museum which was made for adults. This book helped clear things up, even for me, as a parent. Would recommend!!
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on June 9, 2015
My daughter and I loved this book. What an inspiration to us all. The book teaches you to believe in yourself and you can conquer the world. This book is perfect for all ages and is a great way to get your child interested in reading.
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on March 15, 2016
I'm the kind of person who can barley stay awake when I'm reading history. This is book is different, because it turns a biography, into a detailed story. When I read a biography, I just get bored. But this turned the story of the Wright Brothers into a fun story. No. I wouldn't read this book for fun, but it's definitely better than the other books i've had to read for school. I say this book is good for ages 6-12. Even though some people [spoiler alert] get sick, die, have arguments, or get made fun of, it's not a violent book. They don't swear as much as you would think, [like how they swear in Old Yeller, the book that scarred me for life] and they actually don't swear at all. This is a children's book, don't get worried about any inappropriate content. All that to say, I would recommend this book for kids who get bored of history, or don't like reading.
-History hater
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on February 11, 2016
Read this book 30 years ago and loved it, especially the portrayal of mother Wright's influence on her sons' success. Was delighted to find it still in print to order for an engineering-minded grandson.
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