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VINE VOICEon May 23, 2004
I am a health professional and in 1995 at the age of 39 I found myself on 9 prescription medications and my health was quickly failing. I had a severe sleep disorder, tender spots, terrible arthralgia, reflux disease, colitis, neuropathy, dizziness, and fibromyalgia syndrome. My sister-in-law suggested that I had yeast syndrome. Of course being a by the book RN I blew her off. One day in a book store I happened to spot this book and leafed through it. I started crying right there because my doctors couldn't help me anymore but here was my help. This book saved my life. When I went to the health food store for help with the herbals the owner found it hard to believe that I could still work and raise a family in my condition. My husband, co-workers and doctor couldn't believe the difference in just a few weeks of starting the program. My doctor asked me what happened and recommended the book to other patients. It was not a fast process but I am fully recovered and sleep like a baby when the kids let me. I no longer feel like my body is 50 years older than I am. I have told countless people about this book and am very grateful it is being reprinted as I loaned mine out and it was never returned. This book is much more detailed than The Yeast Connection and was much more helpful to me. Thank you Dr. Trowbridge for saving my life.

Dec. 6,2009

A short update. I was adopted at birth. At 53 I recently found my birth family. I did not get to meet my mother as she passed away at the age of 66 from esophageal cancer. All of her 17 siblings lived into their late 80's. She was a smoker and drank a lot of soda, but seemed to have symptoms of yeast syndrome. My half sisters said she took and alka seltzer every night at bed time. I am adding this update because until I started this regime I was a sufferer of chronic reflux disease. It took a few weeks for it to disappear on this diet, but it did. I will not suffer the same fate because I got the yeast under control. Do yourself a real favor and take charge of your health.
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on April 14, 2004
As a caregiver who had to educate herself about candida overgrowth in order to help her father with systemic candida, I can vouch for this particular reference above all the others out there. The diet works, the supplement info is accurate, specific products named (toothpaste, gargle, natural antifungals)-all truly are correct and do work. I have most of the other candida books and cookbooks, but many of them contain inaccurate material. This one volume is a treasure.
Yes, you have to study for yourself, and yes, you have to change shopping and food prep habits, but it is all worth it!
(I followed the diet myself while dealing with my father's, and I felt well-fed and full of energy ). Every internist out there needs to read and study this book.
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on February 28, 2009
This book is actually a therapeutic manual and reference book for people who suffer from yeast overgrowth, ranging from mild to extremely severe, as was my case. However, a very large segment of the population suffers from relatively mild (but very annoying)recurrent yeast growth flair ups, mostly women, but men do also, so this book has value to the general population as well.

Yeast overgrowth problems tend to grow and progress, so a mild intermittent cases can easily become severe and chronic over time. It can be a devastating thing to endure, if the immune system starts to breaks down with respect to yeast and fungal organism. The toxins from the Candida microorganisms can foster that specific immunity breakdown. Varieties of Candida albicans seem to be the culprit, the species of yeast causing these problems. It is ubiquitous. Why it can proliferate and harm some people and not others depends on a combination of factors.

I suffered greatly for over twenty years with this problem. It got so bad, I was getting real urinary bladder infections with blood in my urine (small amounts found on testing stick.) My prostate pain and swelling was often excruciating. Anal itching was really annoying. Acute indigestion was so painful at certain stages of the condition that I would fast for days just for relief. This went on for over 20 years, starting with acute prostatitis after a glass of wine in my early twenties, and continuing with a variety of other symptom on into about 40 when I started reading books on yeast and started taking matters into my own hands. This book was the most important one. Doctors' testing proved inconclusive. Instinctively, for years I knew yeasted bread made me feel worse, but did not know much more.

Doctors either couldn't figure out my symptoms. A few conjectured that I had a nervous and/or psychological condition, or they wanted to hospitalize me for a battery of expensive tests. I kept chickening out on the hospital tests, probes, etc. Didn't have the money or insurance anyway. I finally did find a doctor, an MD who put his card in the health food store bulletin board. He understood the problem and took me seriously, but did not know much about treatment.

I read over half a dozen books on this Yeast phenomenon, but none of them was so detailed for therapuetic step-by-step self-treatment of curing as good as this book was. It took me four years to gradually get completely well again, mostly following the most restrictive of the four diets in the book, MEVY diet (Meat, Eggs, Vegetable, Yogurt) during my these four years. The last year I loosened up on the diet. I had previously been a vegetarian, so I had to adjust my attitude. I ate lots of yogurt (I liked goat milk yogurt) took massive amounts of garlic gelcaps, and occassionally used organic coffee enemas for more immediate relief, followed by nystatin enemas, as was also suggested.

Now that I am "cured," I am cured like a former alcoholic. I am vulnerable and it can alway reoccur. I still have a "problem" but don't suffer, and don't need to be as strict with my diet. I have a life. Minor symptoms can still appear. I still have to stay away from sweets, overindulgence in carbohydrates, must avoid antibiotics, must avoid narcotics and drugs in general (which can perforate my weakened intestinal lining) This book helped immensely. It was a life-saver. Besides its practical value, it helped understand what was happening to me and gave me the courage and confidence to stay the treatment course.

After getting well, I got married in my old age and finally had two daughters, something I could not have imagined with the pain and yeast-toxin-induced mental depression I used to have with the years of yeast toxins in my blood, and repulsive prostate symptoms.

Unfortunately, except for a few maverick physicians, mainstream medicine has not accepted yeast overgrowth as a valid diagnosis. They'd rather just keep giving women drugs for vaginal yeast problems instead of looking at the source of the problem. Candida albicans yeast overgrowth and the subsequent symptoms originate and persists in the intestines, particularly the colon, and permeates through tissue to other organs. The yeast then excretes toxins into the bloodstream to paralyze the immune response to yeasts and fungi.

The medical establishment does wonders but does have its ideological limits, particularly with elusive chronic conditions that cannot be easily diagnosed with testing devices, blood analysis, or other positive scientific/laboratory means. Multiple Schlerosis and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) were too easily written off as "psychogenic" when they first appeared, because the patient's lips provided most of the evidence. Multiple Schlerosis was finally understood, but MCS etiology is not yet been completely understood.

With Candida overgrowth there are a great variety of symptom from person to person, and severity can also vary greatly with specific symptoms from person to person. This is why, to some people, the book might seem like a cure-all manual for any kind of problem. It is not, nor is it intended to be, but that is just the nature of this malady. Symptoms take a multitude of forms from one person to another. Having said that, though there are many possible symptoms, there is a limit to the symptom that can occur from yeast overgrowth. It cannot cause "anything."

Nonetheless, Candida albicans can be chronically gradually life-threatening. Like a tapeworm, yeast can both injure and weaken organs, while it steals nutrition from the body. I was eating plenty at the height of my problem, and yet hadn't been as low in weight since high school. Once I got better, I had to restrict my eating from time to time to keep from getting fat.

One thing the book does not mention is probiotics and probiotic food fermenting. These are so much better than yogurt. The book was written before probiotics were on the market.

Also suggest reading THE MISSING DIAGNOSIS, ISBN-10: 0961575808
ISBN-13: 978-0961575809 by Orian Truss, MD, one of the very first doctors to discover the yeast overgrowth phenomenon in the early 1970s.
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on March 17, 2002
I first read this book about 13 years ago, and I was much more impressed with this book than with the more popular "The Yeast Connection", which I already had. The questionnaire in "The Yeast Syndrome" is excellent, as is the diet. After completing the questionnaire, I knew I had a Candida problem, while the questionnaire in "The Yeast Connection" had led me to believe I most likely did not have Candida. My symptoms improved considerably within a few days of starting the diet. I also consulted a physician and confirmed my self-diagnosis after a couple of months of following the diet.
I wish there was a more recent edition of this book that does not suggest using nystatin (which I did not use myself), but it is still a book I highly recommend having on your bookshelf! I have not seen a better questionnaire, and the diet is an excellent place to start. You may find you can mix "Phases" of the diet, for example you might be able to add oatmeal or rice to the "Phase-1" diet, depending on your personal food tolerances. I would suggest consulting a physician who practices holistic medicine (and can test for food sensitivities), and picking up another book or two on Candida for additional information. Changing your diet is the most powerful tool you can use to eradicate Candida, and is essential. And when you fall off your good diet, this is a good book to go back to, to help get on a good diet again!
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on January 22, 1997
For years I dealt with severe depression, painful digestive disorders, bronchitis, and recurrent yeast and bladder infections. Less than two years ago I bought this book as a last resort. I didn't know what to expect if I followed its recommendations - I was desperate. To my great surprise, it worked! I am presently free of all the above symptoms plus a host of others too numerous to mention here. Yeast may not be your problem, but it sure doesn't hurt to find out. It's definitely worth the few dollars for this book. Because of the dedication and open-mindedness of its author, I am healthy and truly happy for the first time in my life. I wrote him a thank-you letter to that effect, and he replied with a handwritten note of congratulation and urged me to spread the word about this illness. Buy this book - you'll be glad you did. I am
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on July 10, 2000
This is the most comprehensive book available on candida remedies. The diet is very well planned, with food lists for each of the four phases, recipes, and guidelines for dealing with a new way of eating. The book includes a variety of testimonials from patients with candidiasis, which are very helpful because they give the reader an idea of the wide range of symptoms candida can cause, as well as the different treatment plans that can be given. The author includes technical descriptions as well as easy to understand explanations of all aspects of candidiasis. Many helpful remedies are given apart from the diet, such as teas, vitamin supplements, etc. I found this book to be extremely helpful in the fight against candida. After a month of strictly following the diet and continuing a regimen of teas, vitamins, and nystatin cream and powder, I was able to get rid of an infection that had lasted for two years.
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on June 16, 2003
This book was wonderful! For someone who has suffered for so many years with severe health problems I found this book like a wonderful breath of fresh, sweet desert air! What a clear understandable book! I am in the pages, especially the chapter that speaks about mental health problems caused by Candida. The authors have done their homework. I espcially enjoyed the chapter about Clarissa Candida and what she does to Jane's body. Everybody should read this book, if they are having major health problems that do not seem to be getting better! The book is a bit jargony but I enjoyed it, it well worth the price!
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on February 12, 1999
This is the most comprehensive book on candida I have ever read. The index is thorough. There are phone numbers of doctors that are familiar with the syndrome listed by state. I am learning much more from this book than Dr. Crook's more popular book "The Yeast Connection". This book includes more info in one source than you will find anywhere on the internet, including the candida forum ( then under health professionals) I did not buy this book from Amazon. I bought it from the bookstore and paid $3.00 extra!!! This book is technical, but easy to understand.
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on April 24, 2007
I walked around with a bloated painful stomach for a year. The fatigue was debilitating, and and I was always in a fog. I did the phase one diet for five days and it was as if the fatigue and fog just washed out of my body. The greatest feeling was the clarity of thinking returning. Even if you don't read anything in the book, the diet is more than helpful; I think that understanding of this diet is essential if you have this problem. It will make a difference; for me the difference felt life-saving.
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on July 31, 2009
This wonderful book is for the layman as well as medical professional!

In 1990 I came across this book and it changed the way I viewed all disease. I am a typical post war baby boomer who had all the allergies you could imagine. I never went anywhere without a box of tissues. Antibiotics, at that time, was the cure-all for everything that was wrong with me. I realized that a typical American diet of refined carbs and antibiotics[as well as corticosteroids prescribed for inflammation] contibuted to my toxic yeast load that had changed to a fungal form and had invaded all the tissues in my body. The allergies were my body's reaction to the toxins released by the fungi and yeast during those cells' normal life span. When I started the diet I went on caprilic acid, an antifungal found in health food stores. I also began to take about 6 tablets of garlic 3 times a day, plus a gram or two of Vit. C. With in a day or two massive amounts of yeast began to die and I suffered the Herxheimer reaction, or yeast die-off syndrome. I had brain fog, a total clogged nose and every night I thought, I can't do this another day! But I stayed on the main part of the cleanse [which included a coffee enema to help my liver clear out the toxins....By the way, don't knock it until you've tried one!] After 2 weeks I maintained on 6 tablets of garlic a day, plus Vit. C. and followed a minimum sugar diet, and avoided antibiotics. For at least 3 years I had no upper respiratory ailments and my allergies disappeared.

The book is wonderfully written and guides you well through the process of yeast cleansing. There is plenty of scientific insight and the books reads very well. I highly recommend it to the lay person as well as medical professional [I am an RN]Kwai Garlic Supplement 180 tabs;Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotics Formula, Capsules, 90-Count Bottle.
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