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on September 22, 2011
I am not a big fan of science fiction, whether the movies or in print. That declaration out of the way, I want it known that I loved There Goes the Galaxy! Five stars isn't enough in a universe full of 'em!

Poignant, fresh, funny, witty dialogue and characters that keep you wishing you were in the driver seat of a ICV while zipping across the GCU.'ll have to read to understand, and when you do, you won't be disappointed.

Most of all, There Goes the Galaxy was beautifully written. I read a lot, and most of that is new, or self-published authors, doing my part to lend support for those who dream of writing that 'next big thing'. Some are good, some are not so, and others, like Jenn Thorson, come along and pleasantly surprise me by how well an unknown author can write. I was truly impressed, and hopefully, we haven't seen the last of Jenn.

From the beginning I was hooked on There Goes the Galaxy, and was mildly disappointed when it ended. But hopefully we haven't seen the last of Bertrum Ludlow.
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on October 31, 2012
I decided to read Jenn's book based solely on her description of it as a humorous science fiction tale. Since I knew she wasn't a prolific, established sci-fi writer I was prepared to be entertained but not overwhelmed by her effort. I was wrong. I was overwhelmed...and very entertained. I'm grateful to social networks since that's where I encountered Jenn and heard about this book.

While it could be said that there are vague similarities between Jenn Thorson's "There Goes the Galaxy" and Douglas Adams's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", each has its own unique voice and style. "There Goes the Galaxy" chronicles the adventures of Bertram Ludlow as he unwillingly becomes the sole human being tasked with saving the planet Earth.

American readers will likely find more to identify with in Ludlow than they did with Arthur Dent. For much of the first half of the story he doubts his sanity and seriously considers the possibility that all he's experiencing is little more than the result of a stress-induced mental breakdown, a feeling I suspect most of us would share in similar circumstances. The character of Ludlow is detailed well enough for the reader to feel familiar with him without wasting words on excessive minutiae. In this Jenn is consistant throughout the novel. We get a good feel for people and places without the plot being slowed down with the effort. The only facit of this tale that was mildly disappointing was the ending. But I have to admit it is a clever and satisfying way to leave the reader eager to read the next Ludlow story. And Jenn, you definitely owe us another in this series. I sense Bertram has many more adventures ahead of him. I'm dying to know what happens between him and Rozz, and will Rolliam ever find happiness as a rare book dealer.

The author exhibits the good sense to remember minor plot complications and eventually resolve them. Toward the end of the novel I wondered if she was hoping the reader would forget that Rozz was still wearing her control helmet. But Jenn remembered and dealt with it effectively and humorously. And Jenn has a deft touch with ironic references. I won't admit how long it took for me to get the gag in the name of the Seers of...well, read the book, you'll see.

Yes, read the book. If you enjoy humor and sci-fi and want to be thoroughly entertained for less than you'd spend on a cup of joe at the coffee shop, read the book.
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on January 9, 2012
"There Goes the Galaxy" is a fast-paced, hilarious romp through a galactic civilization by a hapless "tryfling" (earthling) suddenly kidnapped by aliens and charged with saving the Earth from an unknown peril. This story has the some of the same zany humor and feel as "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", but the main character has a serious reason to fight his way through many difficulties. The action and backgrounds also have some of the ambience of Keith Laumer's Retief novels, not so much the main character as the aliens, humor and action sequences. The bad guys in the story are sales/marketing divisions of major galactic corporations (who covet Earth for development purposes.)

This is an intelligent and engaging novel that is a lot of fun to read. The ending seems to be set up for a sequel. At least I hope so...
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on November 2, 2011
I ended up staying up until 3:30 in the morning reading this book! It was great fun and an enjoyable sci-fi romp. Original work in the vein of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with a reflection on our current conventions on coffee bars, book clubs, and media empires.

Looking forward to the sequel!
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on December 19, 2011
I have read thousands of sf novels. This is a great example of absurdist sf, much like Hitchhikers in tone and language, but I can assure you there is only one towel on one page. There is, however, a significant soap on a rope. And our hero, Bertram,and his ex, Rozz, are not merely pinging around the universe, victims of the paddles of fate, but are actively working to save themselves and the Earth.
My favorite scene is when the non-organic rights march is joined by life for tryfe march, engineered by Bertram by offering food for marchers, and then the march turns into a 5,000 member OWS riot. The interview of the compost pile was priceless.
I highly recommend this novel, and I will buy the sequel when it comes out.
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on December 31, 2011
There Goes the Galaxy was a lot of fun. At first, I tried highlighting the funny parts but quickly realized the whole book was going to be yellow so I gave up and just enjoyed the ride. The author does an excellent job of keeping the humor and word play going non-stop. I'll be looking for more from Jenn Thorson.
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on November 28, 2014
Sci-fi is not my favorite genre. But I like good writing, good humor and an engaging plot and this book delivers on all counts.
Bertram Ludlow has been kidnapped by alien Rolliam Tsmorlood, because he is the only one who can save Earth and “life as we know it”. There’s only one problem; he has no idea what he’s doing and neither does Rollie.

The resulting story is a hilarious romp through the GCU (Greater Communicating Universe) as we discover its complexities and incongruities along with Bertram.

The story is well paced and speckled with humor. For the first half of the story, Bertram thinks that he has finally lost it and he keeps analyzing what he thinks is his delusion which leads to very funny inner dialogue.

The characters could have used a little bit more development but it does not really take anything away from the story. It could be a personal preference on my part. It certainly didn’t stop me from falling in deep like with Rollie, the badass alien outlaw who becomes Bertram’s sidekick (or vice versa, depending on the situation they find themselves in) against his will.
A solid 4 stars. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series.
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on December 16, 2012
This is one of the most imaginative and fun science fiction books I have ever read. I don't know how she did it, but Jenn Thorson manages to integrate science fiction, fantasy, humor, with the page-turning plot of a thriller into one exciting read. I really didn't know what to expect--but I was treated to a wild ride. If you love humor, science fiction, and great writing, you will love this book. I can't recommend it enough.
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on October 14, 2012
A friend recommended There Goes the Galaxy to me and I started it in between other books and it promptly took place as my primary read.

It's science fiction that reminded me of Douglas Adams in that it was fun and funny as well as hitting all the right sci-fi tropes without being cliche or over done. I stayed up later than I meant to reading it more than once.
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on July 15, 2012
I picked it up when it was free just to see and for the price I paid, I enjoyed it. It was fairly cheesy and for the most part I did not find it humorous. I felt it was kind of slow explaing about the "bad guys" but I guess it was necessary to get a better understanding of where everyone is coming from. The last half of the book is way better than the first half and because of that, i really do want to know what happnes next. I guess all in all, if additional books come out (as long as it is not too far downt he road) I'd read them.
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