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on May 23, 2013
The fifth season of the Mentalist will take you even deeper into Patrick Jane's world. With the capture of Lorelei Martins, Jane is determined to use her in order to find Red John's real identity. Jane uses his wits, honesty, and even deceptions in attempts to "convert" Lorelei. We also get to see more glimpses of Jane's pasts, and (perhaps) learn more about Red John's background. In this season, Jane is more reckless, cunning, and charming than ever.

This season also explored deeper into the personal lives of the CBI team. Lisbon has her own nemesis, a criminal who she is more determined to catch than any other criminal. During this chase, she becomes quite obsessed with catching him. No doubt, she understood Jane's obsession with Red John more now that she, too, has someone who she wanted to catch so badly. As for other members, we get to see more of their personal lives as well: Cho and Summer; Rigsby and Van Pelt; and Rigsby and his father. These episodes allow us to learn more about the team.

And of course, there is a special episode in which we get to see the moment Patrick Jane first walked into the CBI, and how he eventually joined the team. All in all, this season is not the one you'd want to miss!

The 5th season of the Mentalist include:
1. "The Crimson Ticket"
2. "Devil's Cherry"
3. "Not One Red Cent"
4. "Blood Feud"
5. "Red Dawn"
6. "Cherry Picked"
7. "If It Bleeds, It Leads"
8. "Red Sails in the Sunset"
9. "Black Cherry"
10. "Panama Red"
11. "Days of Wine and Roses"
12. "Little Red Corvette"
13. "The Red Barn"
14. "Red in Tooth and Claw"
15. "Red Lacquer Nail Polish"
16. "There Will Be Blood"
17. "Red, White and Blue"
18. "Behind the Red Curtain"
19. "Red Letter Day"
20. "Red Velvet Cupcakes"
21. "Red and itchy"
22. "Red John's Rules"
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on March 9, 2013
This show is not your average cop show. The show is based in Sacramento, Ca., and I'm happy that some of it is actually filmed there. No doubt CBI's headquarters is filmed in L.A.'s film studios.

Yes this show did start off with Jane tracking down Red John - his wife and daughter's killer. Jane is still trying to catch this illusive serial killer. And having copy cats and "helpers" doesn't really help Jane get any closer to Red John. But for the past 5 seasons, this show has done a good job in showing that Patrick Jane has matured. He can be both obsessed in finding Red John AND being able to function in other activities: I.e. helping Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) investigate crimes. His job is after all a paid consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Simon Baker plays a really good "mentalist" in this show. "Mentalist" in Patrick Jane's perspective as an admitted fraud to psychic powers. I liked how he commented in one show how there was no such thing as a psychic. Simon Baker has received nominations from Emmy, Guild and Golden Globe for his performances. I think he should have one at least one of those awards due to the fact that he really gets into character quite well.

Robin Tunney is Jane's rock. She does a good job in keeping her character as a tough special agent. Her character still has a rough edge attitude in season 5. Robin has surprised me considering I still think of her as one of the witches from The Craft in 1996.

I've watched this show from the beginning. The suspense and twists on Red John are great. Cannot wait for more.
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VINE VOICEon October 12, 2012
In the fifth season opener, the CBI and FBI join forces to cover up the mess created when the FBI botched a CBI mission to capture Red John and a CBI agent is brutally murdered. Bertram is back playing politics with his FBI counterpart, and Patrick Jane is determined to crack captured Red John disciple Lorelei (EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI). The case of the week is a doozy - a double homicide with no apparent connection between the two victims. When the CBI and FBI are forced to play nice and investigate the double homicide together, Jane uses his skills to solve the case and to force the FBI to relinquish custody of Lorelei. Great start to the season.
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on November 25, 2012
This is one series that has captivated me.. just lately! For some reason I never got to watch it in the first 4 seasons, now i can't get enough. It airs every day at some point and I DVR them all... I am currently watching season 5. To watch our everything is figured out by a very handsome man who has great chemistry with his "boss" is great!
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on May 10, 2013
When I first read about this show, I was intrigued by the premise, and I haven't been disappointed yet--not in one single episode. The whole cast is terrific, the writing is amazing, and it manages the balance between funny and sad and frightening really, really well, so that I always feel satisfied with the quality of the story telling.
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on November 27, 2012
Easy to watch and no need to pay more for the HD if you get a strong connection. And no commercials is plus.
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on June 1, 2014
I loved seasons 1-4... outstanding in every way. But I just bought season 5 and I am just not sure what all is wrong here. The chemistry of the team is just gone. Patrick Jane who was so charming and endearing, is well, just more obnoxious than anything else. The writing seems to have changed or is it the editing? Something is "off"... there is no spark, no mystery, just seems to drag in places, then jump to somewhere else w/ no proper leading into the next scene. I have watched 9 episodes already and I keep waiting for it to take off and be like the previous seasons... hoping someone on the production team woke up and got this show back on track... but, so far, has not happened. I see the ratings for season 5 were not great either. What the hell happened? Heartbroken, because this show for the first 4 seasons, had to be one of the best ever. What happened?
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on July 21, 2013
While "The Mentalist" may not demonstrate the tightly-spun story arcs that audiences have come to expect from shows like "Dexter" and "Homeland," it provides good, solid entertainment for what it is: a quirky twist on the traditional police procedural format that we have all come to know and love. But instead of the well-worn "buddy cop" dynamic, here we have something entirely different: a con man with a conscience.

That contradiction alone has been enough to keep me hooked through five full seasons, as Patrick Jane manipulates criminals and cops alike in his quest for personal vengeance and alternates between amused cleverness and cold-blooded cruelty as his complex machinations unfold. Mitigating his unrelenting pursuit of the killer who ruined his life is the semi-joking, semi-serious rapport he has with Agent Teresa Lisbon, and as long as the writers maintain that delicate balance and resist embroiling the two characters in an ill-advised romance, the show will continue to satisfy.

In real life, Patrick Jane would be a formidable individual and a predator to be wary of, but on the screen, Simon Baker's masterful performance results in a brilliantly eccentric, lovable trickster who (almost) always has his friends' best interests at heart despite his compulsion to deceive.

Three cheers for "The Mentalist," and here's to many more entertaining episodes ahead!
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on December 19, 2013
The Mentalist consistently has better writing that most TV dramas, but the tears are beginning to show. It is difficult to maintain excellence over one season, much less five or more. For one thing, the practice of having different writers for the scripts leads to serious inconsistencies. The first episode, the red bead, is a case in point. The climax of the show comes when Jane plants a red bead in an FBI agent's pocket and then reveals in a hearing that all Red John associates carry such a bead as identification. He then. causes the bead to be found, infuriating the agent and bringing him to violence, thus winning the judge's sympathy. Two problems with this: First, when Jane brings up the idea that Red John has an adherent in the FBI, everybody, judge included, scoffs. Oh, wait: There's the little matter of Craig O'Laughlin, only a few episodes back, who was an FBI agent and who WAS working for Red John. And then there's the matter of all the Red John infiltrators, O'Laughlin, Bosco's secretary and several more, all kown associates, all known to everyone in that room, and none of whom had been found with a red bead. Ooops.

But that's what happens. I like this series, and I like the main characters, and for once we're spared some of the cliches of TV (although some are still evident) but the series has gone on too long. It's getting tedious. Time to bring it to a close.
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on March 2, 2013
Seasons I - V should come complete with a notice from the Surgeon General's Office: Warning - THE MENTALIST may be addictive to anyone unfamiliar with great television.

Well (I hear you thinking), maybe just ONE season. Fool not yourself, Gentle Viewer. Simply bite the bullet and buy all five. Today. Right now. For one thing, they are a joy to watch sans commercials.

I'm sure those who've managed to find their way here unaided know enough about the cast and particulars to go on with, and they have probably already figured out that the show is stunningly brilliant. Yes, it is Sherlock Holmes in modern garb with a twist, but it is so much more.

THE MENTALIST, in fact, lays almost every icon and cliche of the whole mystery/crime genre on its ear, and, in some cases, goes them all one better. Just one,for instance, will suffice (half the fun is searching out the others): there are two variations (so far) on MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. In addition, there are elements from many and diverse television dramas of the past, from THE FUGITIVE and PERRY MASON and THE AVENGERS to ("Patience, Grasshopper") STAR TREK. Yes, STAR TREK (Kimball Cho as Spock?). Bruno Heller knows - as did Gene Roddenberry - that an audience needs a cast they can care about, which means a group of well developed characters who care about each other.

I'm not sure Mr. Heller did all this on purpose, mind you (Well.......), but the fact is that some of THE MENTALIST episodes - to say nothing of the seasons themselves - have as many layers and contain as many traditions as the HARRY POTTER novels ("never better" is the gentle nod to THAT epic series), including Jane Austen's penchant for misdirection, but it is certainly great fun thinking along those lines whether or not.

And really, what more can we ask. The series IS great fun. Treat yourself and buy it. Watch it with friends who are unfamiliar and not yet addicted. You will NOT be sorry.
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