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on September 29, 2005
I house my PC inside a 15" wide base cabinet below the workspace in my basement-level office. I have to keep the cabinet door closed (locked actually) to keep the children from turning the unit off and on. Unfortunately, the inside of the cabinet gets pretty hot from the PC due to the lack of circulation. I needed an inexpensive, convenient, and safe way to keep the cabinet cool. I purchased the Thermaltake Desktop USB Cooling Fan, cut a 3.5" square opening on the side of the cabinet, and installed the fan facing out of the openning to draw the warm air out. This solution worked perfectly! I can adjust the Thermaltake fan speed up if I'm running CPU intensive applications - like games or watching a DVD - to draw more air. The fan is very quite - unnoticable really, and the fan grill keeps little fingers from touching the fan blade. I would highly recommend this product.
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on February 8, 2010
This fan is perfect for venting an entertainment center or a computer desk because it is powered by a USB connector and it has a speed control allowing you to adjust the speed of the fan for the best combination of airflow and (lack of) noise. The wires leading to it stay out of the way because they are on a spring-loaded reel which takes up the slack. I purchased a new entertainment center which, hard to believe, has no power outlets or vent fans! The area where the equipment resides quickly became an oven. For the first few weeks I had to leave the doors open all of the time, a completely unsatisfactory situation. I wanted to install fans to vent the cabinet, but powering them was an issue. This fan solves the problem as it is powered by the USB port on the back of one of my TiVos. I also installed one in my wife's computer desk, which made it run 20+ degrees cooler and much quieter. In both cases, I removed the "legs" and purchased longer bolts and nuts, drilled a hole in the back and mounted the fan. It took about 5 minutes for the installation. Highly recommended!
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I have an external hard drive that is "air-cooled" but it is in a location where air circulation is somewhat blocked. This little fan takes care of that problem and keeps it running cool. I had tried battery-powered fans, but the batteries would die too quickly. If I'm not using the external HD, I just reposition the fan to provide extra circulation for the tower.

This fan is extremely quiet and works unobtrusively. I don't even hear it running. Since I normally shut off my computer when I'm done, I'm not really bothered by the lack of an on-off switch.

This fan is a great solution to one of life's annoying little problems. :-)
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on February 20, 2008
Both my PS3 and XBOX 360 have a pair of these each: One assisting with the 'heat exhaust' in the back of the units (helping to blow air OUT and away from the consoles) and one blowing towards the 'air intake' vents' and back. The hot air comes out noticeably faster out the exhausts of both consoles.

I've only tried the Pelican Air Flo for the PS3 (and heard the horror stories of Nyko intercoolers for XBOX 360),but that alone was horrible. Tried two units bc the fan didn't turn on (supposed to start automatically when it senses heat) and both failed! Stay away from these after market fans and get the Thermaltake Mobile Fan II!

TWO CONS: not as aesthetically pleasing (This might turn some people off, but I don't care about the aesthetics bc it does the job awesome) and with the XBox 360, it doesn't power down with the console. I have an older 10/06 Xbox and and Elite, and its the same with both. (The USB outputs still feed power after powerdown...ie to charge controllers via cable) With PS3, it starts up and powers down with the console perfectly!

Now if only someone could recommend a good powered USB hub that can work without being hooked up to a PC or console. We could alleviate hooking these up to consoles/laptops altogether and put that USB Hub AC Adapter on a X10 adapter for wireless action! Any suggestions?
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on September 21, 2006
I use this to cool my PowerBook G4. The laptop is up on a simple stand, but it runs pretty hot; the CPU often runs up to 142+ degrees F, at which point the noisy internal fans turn on. With the little TT fan blowing across the keyboard area, the PowerBook seldom reaches 140 degrees, and the internal fans almost never kick in. The TT fan is nearly silent at its lowest levels, very quiet at the level I use (~halfway up), and not terribly loud even at its highest setting. It's definitely got a DIY-geeky look, but at least it's not geek-bling with pulsing LEDs or anything. My one big knock against it is its lack of an off switch. Seems like it would have been simple enough to have it click off when you turn it all the way down; as it is, I have to unplug it at the end of the day.
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on May 9, 2012
This lil fan works wonderful. Just what I wanted for the job and more.

Why is it every fan I looked up, some idiot said they are horribly noisy? Do competitors do this as they know noise is a big issue?

A couple times I have checked to make sure this is still running it is so quiet. And just look at the construction!

I bought my ps3 a couple months ago and cleared an area to dedicate to it, my controllers, chargers and games in my maple wood entertainment center. Closed the door and started playing. Looks beautiful, move and duel shock controllers signal work through the door. Opened it up after a few hours to change games or something and oh my goodness, what heat. This can't be good.

I came on line to see what there were for fans. I saw a couple that look like the quality high velocity fans I use in house windows.
They look ok. Always a comment about noise from at least one or two. Some everyone agreed was loud and or cheap.

Looking at this one, I hoped it would be quiet and work well. Here is why.

Looking at the pics, I could see it was well put together. The retractable cord, steel grill and stand. Adjustable speed, and usb powered.

PLUS, looking at it, I could see that the grill and stand could be removed with the 4 small nuts and bolts.

I immediately thought, "I wonder if I removed the grill and stand, would those bolts reach through the wood in the back of my entertainment center.

Yes they do!! I just installed and it pulls the hot air out like no other could.

I drilled a 3" perfect size round hole for this fan with a hole drill bit I happened to have to drill ventilation and cord holes in this cabinet years ago. I think I got it at sears.

I made the hole about 1/2 inch from the top of the back wall where hot air collects. Holding the fan in place, I drilled one tiny hole through the bolt hole into the wood. Attached that bolt loosely and drilled the second and so on.

Since the speed control was originally facing where the air was going I thought I might have to mount this on the outside back of the cabinet. Luckily, after removing the bolts, I was able to reattach the speed control bracket on the back and mount this on the inside.

The air that blows out is incredible.

I am going to get a second fan as I originally planned. This one I will place in front of the 3" hole I drilled at the bottom of this back wall so the cooler air being pulled in will blow on the ps3 instead of just rising.

The reason I didn't buy 2 at once is I wanted to make sure this was quiet and also if it would work plugged into a multiple usb hub.
The second one I will probably not mount as I can just set it on the floor and angle it as I see fit. I will drill a small hole to the side, out of the way just wide enough for all the wires that go in and out.

My usb hub has an electrical cord. If I plug the cord in, the fan will run whether the ps3 is on or not. If I use it without the power cord, the fan shuts off when the ps3 is off. PERFECT!!! The area will be ventilated and remain cool while the clutter of the equipment is hidden from my eye as well as the eye of a possible thief.
NOW, since removing the protective grill could invite minor injury from the plastic blades and damage to the fan, I am not recommending you try this. I am just telling you what I did.!

I will try to remember to upload a pic or two to show you how nice it looks and how you can HYPOTHETICALLY do it too if I didn't explain it well enough. :)

This is how to use fans to cool your crib as well. Put a fan or two in windows facing out, This pulls the fresh air from windows on the other side of the house. If you have 2 floors, put them in the second floor with only windows on the other side downstairs open. The cross breeze ifs incredible. If you smoke, it really clears that out nicely as well.
review image review image review image review image
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on January 8, 2012
If you are looking around for usb cooling fans on Amazon you might have noticed that is there another Thermaltake fan called the Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan. Let me note that this one (Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12 External USB Cooling Fan) is larger than the other one (Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan). Looking for a space saving cooling solution I decided to buy the smaller one instead. Upon arrival I tried using it only to find what a few other reviews pointed out in that the wiring for the speed control is faulty. The fan controller doesn't allow the fan to reach 1/4 of the highest speed of the fan without stuttering. The stuttering is so bad that the fan blade almost comes to a halt. Disappointed by the faulty fan I returned it for this larger model. Upon receiving it I immediately plugged it in and messed with the speed control knob to see what it would do. Needless to say it worked like it should. The fan can achieve the fastest or slowest speed it's capable of without any stuttering like the smaller one. I am much happier with this fan as it moves more air (or the same amount of air without the noise of the smaller one) and the wiring for the speed control isn't faulty either. Great fan that I'd highly recommend!
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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2011

It's been nearly 3 years, & both of the ThermalTake fans I'd originally bought are still going strong, & still whisper quiet! Great performance, great price-for-value!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I recently lucked out and got my hands on an Atlantic Technology FS-7.0-GLB 7-channel surround bar (Gloss Black), and purchased an Onkyo TX-SR508 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black) to go with it. Having read the reviews on my receiver, I was forewarned that it runs very hot, so I began my search for something that would keep it cool, but not break my bank. I couldn't have asked for better than this USB-powered cooling fan.

After initially setting everything up, I thought that the best place for this fan might be at the rear of the receiver, over the hole through which all of my wires and cables passed to and from my receiver. Uhm, yeah - NOTHING was going to be powerful enough to suck the heat from the receiver with it set THERE! So, once I'd figured out that I needed to lay my ThermalTake fan over the TOP of the upper grate on my receiver, with the fan speed knob (obviously!) facing up, I unscrewed the little wire "stand" that it's on, put it in place, and it's done the job SPECTACULARLY! Before, my Onkyo receiver would literally get hot to the touch after a few hours of operation. Now that I have my ThermalTake fan laid over top of it, it actually stays almost cold to the touch, even when it's on all day long.

There are plenty of other cooling options that one can find online and in-store that are billed specifically as cooling options for A/V equipment, but you really can't possibly go wrong with this awesome little USB-powered fan. The RPMs of this fan exceed what I came across on a website for another fan billed for use with audio receivers, and that fan was being sold for nearly double the price of this one, before shipping. All it took was for me to move this to the right place on my receiver for this fan to get it super cool.

Amazon continues to amaze me with the bargains that I find here. Of course, without the helpful reviews that other users put up here, I wouldn't have had a clue what to buy or how well it'd work. Thankfully, the other folks that've bought this fan led me down the right path, and I have every confidence that I'll be able to enjoy many, many years of great sound from my audio receiver, so thanks!
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on July 19, 2011
First off I needed a fan to cool some components in a auido/video cabinet.

So I bought 2 of these and also 2 of the Coolerguys 120x120x25mm USB Fan. The thermaltake fans are cheaper and work much better. Noise Level is great for the amount of air these push. These fans are adjustable so if they are to loud you can turn them down abit and you can still feel the air coming out.

i hooked these up to a powered usb supply which then was on a remote, so both fans are on a remote. otherwise if you plug them into your xbox they will always be on.

With the cooler guys fan I could not feel any air coming out, noise level was alittle less then the thermaltake, but with thermaltake lower the adjustment and it made it the same noise level with alot more air coming out. The cable is very short when compared to the thermaltake and not adjustable.

So overall these fans are awesome for the price, they get the job done and the fans are well made, they have a stand that is removable if needed and cable is long if needed.
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on February 5, 2008
I bought this product last week and it came pretty quickly. First thing i have to say is I like the fact that the fan speed can be controlled by a knob. Rather than only choosing between Hi, Lo, and Off, it stays on as long as the computer is on, but the knob allows you to set the speed you want it at (at least until it's at the max speed).

It's very quiet at the lowest setting to the point that unless there's absolutely no sound, I can't even hear it. So if you live in a city, the suburbs, or just have your window open, the fan's noise will already be drowned out.

At the highest setting, it runs just a little louder than my laptop when my laptop fans run (I own a vaio vgnfj170).

The retractable wire is nice. No wire-tangles. I bent the stands a little bit to direct the airflow downward.

My suggestion: If your laptop sucks air in from the bottom and exhausts it out the side or back, make a stand for your laptop and set your laptop on top of it(I used 4 erasers, one at each corner) and angled the fan downward a bit. The airflow will definitely cool the bottom as well as provide easier airflow to the fan's computer should it be needed.

My laptop fan hasn't started up since I've used this item and I like it.

I'll have to admit though that the next day, the fan started making a vibrating sound. I fixed it a bit by just taking a chopstick and pressing lightly on the back of the fan and it's quite now.
[Edit: 12/30/2011]

It's been a couple of years since I've bought this and it's still going strong. Not much change in noise. I've changed the orientation of the airflow by placing it directly underneath the air intake of the laptop, which helped with cooling tremendously. However, over time there was buildup of dust on the fan, and finer dust on the bottom of the laptop. If you're planning to use this orientation, be aware that it could potentially blow dust up into your laptop internal fan and create more problems as it did with mine.

Either use some kind of dust filter or just clean the area of dust every couple of days.

Sometimes the fan will get very dusty, even on the fan blades themselves. You can easily unscrew the fan cages using a small Philips screwdriver and clean accordingly. Very simple to do. All in all, for the durability and purpose, I still give it 5 stars.
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