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on June 29, 2011
This isn't for backpacking. This is for convenience camping. I backpack, and wouldn't take this unless doing an easy one nighter. It's pretty big for a mat, but it's worth it. It's extremely comfortable. I slept great on it. I even had a friend sleep on it at my house once, he thought it was great. This is a big hit for me, as my family doesn't want to do a hardcore trips. So when I'm with the family I can sleep in ultimate comfort on this pad. It self inflates and only needed a few quick puffs to fill it up to 4".

If you're a car camper, get this you won't need another pad ever. If you're a backpacker look for other models this one is too big and bulky.
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on November 16, 2010
Cascades Designs gave me this pad in exchange for another one I had which had developed leaks due to a defect. **Kudos to Cascades Designs for their warranty!**
My previous pad, a Therm-a-Rest Luxury Camp, had a fleece top. It was OK, but I think this new pad has it beat. It has a very soft, almost t-shirt like material on top. It seems less prone to collecting bits of dirt, hair and other stuff that gets tracked into tents.
This pad is also thicker than the other. Not only is it more comfortable, but it soaks up uneven ground a little better. Missed a pine cone when clearing the spot for your tent? Shouldn't be an issue with this mat.
It took a while to inflate the first time, but now it easily inflates on it's own. I store it inflated as per Cascade Design's suggestion, so that helps.
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on July 6, 2012
I purchased the Thermarest Luxury Map XL size in a last-ditch effort to see if I would have to hate camping for the rest of my adult life. As a child, I loved to camp. But I have hated camping for quite a while because I never slept well-- I was always too cold, the ground was too hard, and I always slid off my mattress. Not a problem anymore!

I put this pad to the test the last week of June on a cool night in the mountains of Utah-- about 45 degrees. First of all, on the extra-large mattress I did not slide off once! Hooray! Also, in spite of being a side sleeper, I did not wake up with sore hips or shoulders, and I could not feel the lumpy ground under me! Incredible! Finally, I was warm and cozy all night long (though my new sleeping bag may have had more to do with that). I actually woke up rested and wishing we could camp another night. That has never happened to me since about age 12. When I bought this pad, I really wondered if the money would be worth it. But now I am glad I spent the money because I can camp with confidence now-- a good night's sleep makes for a great campout! Hooray, Thermarest!

When I first got the pad, I unrolled it in my air-conditioned living room and it didn't 'self inflate' at all. So I put it outside in the hot sun for about twenty minutes and that did the trick. A few puffs of air and it was totally inflated. I left it fully inflated for about two days before deflating it and packing it for my camping trip (apparently this is standard procedure for new mattresses- leave them inflated for a couple of days and they'll self-inflate better). On the trip, the pad self-inflated within about thirty minutes, with only a couple extra breaths of air-- then at night I had to let some air out to make it the right firmness for my taste. No trouble at all. I appreciated that it comes with a storage sack. I didn't have any trouble fitting the pad into the sack, rolling the pad and kneeling on it as I rolled it up to help push the air out.

That said, the XL size is definitely big, and not what you want if you are backpacking (you could knock down trees with it hanging off your pack, it is so wide). But since I am not a backpacker this works great for me. I'm glad I spent the money. Now I can enjoy camping like I did when I was a kid!
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on June 17, 2012
Either some of the 5-star reviewers here have low expectations from a bulky, expensive portable mattress used "in the wild" or Thermarest has done an excellent job of promoting that "halo" on their brand. I can't give this 5 stars but admittedly, I can't quite figure out how to rationalize the 3 solid stars I think it's worth.

The build quality of this mattress is excellent. It does self inflate and only requires 2-3 good puffs to get it really full if you like things firm. (I have the large which is 30" wide). But even with no puffs I find it just too firm and can't quite find that sweet spot where it's soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to handle the pressure points of a side sleeper.

Before using mine I inflated it for a few days. It's a pain in the arse to deflate for packing. (Yeah, I do the "fold" thing as prescribed). Eventually, I get mine into the 30" x 7" stuff sack. This is no surprise and I'm not downgrading it for that. It just makes you wonder what niche market Thermarest is catering to. All of these Luxury Map mattresses regardless of size are way too big for backpacking and If you car camp where size/weight isn't a big issue... why not take something with you that gives you even more comfort? (And I wouldn't want to roll this mattress out at home for a guest. I think I could do better than that).

So, after sleeping on this thing a half dozen times now, I question why the heck I just didn't buy a half a dozen cheap air mattresses that would give me 8" of loft and a felt flocked topper. Much more comfort flexibility, they're wider and mimic your home mattress more so than a 3" pad. (until they leak!). Plus, a twin sized air mattress will pack up much smaller than this even with a pump. (but weigh more of course). Again, the Thermarest mattress is not really that "portable".

I dunno. I look at all the glowing praises here, scratch my head and ask myself if I'm sleeping on it wrong. I don't think so. I know everyone's sleeping habits are different and we all get different results depending on what we sleep on at home. (I come from a normal no frills bed). But everyone else here seems to be subjectively rating it on personal comfort so I'll do the same; it's just too firm for *me*. And before anyone says, "What did you expect, it's only a 3" mattress?" well... I read the reviews. :)

Don't get me wrong... again, the build quality is great, the valves are solid and it *will* keep your arse from scraping the tent floor... you just won't know if this works for your body until you get one.
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on June 3, 2011
We didn't really have that high expectations for these pads, since prior to buying them we slept on a pretty comfortable queen sized air mattress when we were camping (we needed something different because we couldn't fit our baby's mattress in the tent with the air mattress). Boy, were we surprised! We found these even more comfortable than an air mattress, even though they are not as wide as we would like. They inflated fairly quickly (a couple hours the first time, then quicker when we took them camping), stayed clean, and let us sleep well in the tent.

We didn't sleep directly on top of them, though- we had a tarp under the tent, then some foam pads (the interlocking ones they sell to cover your garage floor), then the Thermarest pads with a sleeping bag spread on top. We did not really feel the need for the kit to hook them together, we only ended up with a couple inches space between us which the sleeping bag covered fine.

The only things we didn't like was how expensive they are, and that they are supposed to be stored unfolded. When we save up some more money, we hope to buy another- it would be great for our child to sleep on also, and would exactly fit the width of our Coleman 3-person tent.
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on April 10, 2010
Fantastic mattress - extremely comfortable. I find that it is sufficient to merely let the mattress inflate by itself and doesn't need any additional air input.
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on September 13, 2012
This wasn't as comfortable as the ALPS pad I got for my husband, but it felt pretty good after 2 nights of camping. I could feel the ground when I sat up, but not when I was laying down. The surface is a little slippery so I'd recommend getting the sheet that goes with it. I just ordered it.
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on August 31, 2012
I bought this item last year because since I have been an adult, I never slept well on camping trips. I am the type of person who needs 8 hours pretty consistently, and I am a zombie if I get less than 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

On a Boundary Waters/Quetico trip some years ago, we had some smaller self inflating pads that fit into our Duluth packs. Those things were terrible because we were always sliding off them. This is never a problem with the Luxury Map.

This IS a big self inflating pad, no question about that. I think most people would not want to backpack with this and opt for a smaller one instead. However, I am fine lugging lots of weight during the day if I can sleep well at night. If you are worried about it getting caught on trees, branches, etc, just figure out how to lash it to your pack vertically. It's worth it. I also have a big sleeping bag (I'm currently a big dude), and I bought one that can actually fit this pad inside it between the bottom of the bag and the inner fleece lining. Thus, it is even more secure.

I also use this with my Maine Military Cot and my Kamp Rite Insect Protection System tent, and this fits perfectly in the tent, helping it keep its proper shape.

Some reviewers have mentioned how difficult it is to deflate this enough to get it into the sack that comes with it. They are not whistling Dixie. It can be very tough, and you have to be very deliberate and patient to get enough air out of it while rolling it up. A nice trick I found is to use a pair of web straps with buckles (REI and Amazon have 1/2 and 3/4 inch straps for cheap) to cinch the pad down near each end. Those buckles can be tightened nicely, and then the whole thing slides in and out of the bag VERY easily. I use the same technique for my sleeping bag to make it easier to get into its compression sack.
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on August 21, 2013
It's a 3" thermarest pad, what more do you need to know? These things are great. Have used it for over a year and it works well. As a side sleeper I have had problems with thinner pads, the 3" thickness of this is pretty good and the 'cut outs' seem to help give me a better sleep than the normal pads. If I could go thicker without spending a ton more or getting crazy in size when rolled up I would, but this seems to be a great compromise in size and price.

This year (2014) I found a better option for me as a side sleeper. If you like a firmer bed then this 3" will probably work fine for you. Earlier this year Thermarest came out with the Mondo King, it's 4" thick and if you time it rignt it's not too much more than this one. I prefer a less firm bed and this Mondo King is just the ticket, I get the soft platform I want and the support I need as a side sleeper. I knocked my review down a star to 3 only because there is a better option for my particular needs. My wife is a back sleeper and she loves the 3"....Hope this helps!
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on November 21, 2014
I had never heard of these mattresses until friends mentioned them to me. I was planning a road trip in my pickup and mentioned I was going to get an air-mattress. I'd been thinking of a cheapie, blow-up type from a big box store. Fortunately, they set me off in another direction.

This mattress is thin, about 3-inches thick, but does NOT need to be blown up. You simply open the valves and it inflates itself! If you want it a bit firmer, simply close one valve, open the other and deliver one or two good breaths ... to get the firmness you need. That's it. Unbelievably, it is that simple.

Since this uses some type of foam that the air infiltrates, there are no "cells" as in cheapie blow-ups that create pressure points that make sleeping very uncomfortable.

This truly is like sleeping on a real mattress.

I put a sheet of masonite over my truck bed, then a small camping pad for extra insulation, and then this mattress ... with a couple of old sheets and a blanket. I then did a 6,000 mile, 60-day trip and this was my bed for 90% of the trip (I have a camper shell over the truck bed). I got a great night's sleep. This x-large size has plenty of room even for a husky guy like me, so I don't roll off of it during the night. The mattress never bunches up or becomes uncomfortable. If it gets a bit softer than you'd like over time, open the valves to let more air in.

And although I was camping in the northeast in the fall, and had a few quite chilly mornings, as long as I didn't kick off the blankets, I was nice and warm.

I've now had this for almost 4-years and have used it tons of times and it has never disappointed me. I look forward to using this until I'm no longer able to travel ... my friend's have had theirs for over 25-years!!

Oh, and when you're done, simply open the valves, roll it up, put it in its own carry bag, and put it away. Nothing could be easier.
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