These reviews are pretty fishy... It seems to me that something is fishy in Boston. ALL of the reviews for this product come from the immediate Boston area (if a location is given), ALL of them are on or very near October 31, 2006, ALL of them are found helpful by 100% of the people who voted on them, they ALL read like testimonials (rather than user reviews) and the one previous discussion thread (Oct 2006) is an obvious marketing plug rather than any sort of discussion. And guess where Carbonite is located... why, Boston, MA, of course.

This may be a great product, or not, but in my opinion, the odds of these reviews not being "orchestrated plants" in order to generate sales are very, very slim. That is bad form and, if true, would be very unethical, no matter how you slice it.

And I am supposed to trust this company?
asked by tw on February 1, 2007
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Well, I've no idea if you will believe me or not, but I'm a Carbonite user in Melbourne Australia :)

I agree, those Carbonite reviews are almost certainly written by the company. Amazon only recently added the location of reviewers. Busted, Carbonite!

That said - Carbonite is a pretty decent product, although you should go ahead and compare it with other online backup products. Carbonite is best if you have a massive amount of data to backup (say, over 40gb). If you have 10gb or less, you will almost certainly find a better deal out there.

Still, I suddenly hold a bit less faith in Carbonite for this dubious marketing method.
jeb answered on March 2, 2007
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exactly. in fact, this review is a prime example of the duplicity that's going on with this service. Mr. Kumaresan is not an objective observer. Actually, he is the VP of Marketing for Carbonite lol.

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5.0 out of 5 stars I've been waiting for this product for years, October 31, 2006
By Swami Kumaresan

Here is a blog post of his, with a link:

Matthew - I run marketing at Carbonite. I'm very sorry your questions were not answered - can you please tell me how you tried to contact us (if there is a glitch somewhere that's stopping us from getting other users' questions I'd really like to know about it. In any case, my name is Swami and my email address is my first name

I'm sorry that you had a system failure and that we didn't have your data anymore. Let me explain why we purge unpaid user accounts. As you know we offer a 15-day trial and do not require a credit card for the trial. So we get a lot of tire-kickers who chose not to purchase the product: fine, no problem, that's why we offer the trial. But there's an opportunity cost for us associated with storage. We want to give users a chance to come back to us and purchase after an expired trial and we don't want to delete their data if they were away from their PCs for a couple of days, etc. But at some point we need to clear that space for other users. We could have chose 30, 60, 90 days. But the greater the number, the higher the cost to us. And we are committed to being the lowest-cost provider of backup.

I see there are a lot of questions about Carbonite on Brian's blog (someone else pointed this out to me this morning). I'm traveling most of today but will be back to address others' concerns as best I can tonight or later this week. -Swami Kumaresan (VP, Product Marketing - Carbonite)
# Posted By Swami Kumaresan | 9/13/06 6:37 AM

He is also quoted as working for carbonite in the article that can be found at this link:

Here is his quote from that article:

"Having a secure computer is one of the most important things for a student," said Swami Kumaresan, vice president of marketing at
abc answered on June 11, 2008
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Well spotted. As trust is the most important aspect of an online backup service, I'm not sure I want to use Carbonite now.
Babylon answered on March 25, 2007
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