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on March 3, 2012
First, let me say this is not for those people who dislike watching a woman being raped. This movie has one of the most brutal rape seens ever put on film. It is also quite long. Next; young, thin white woman rents an apt. in the N.Y. getto to get material for her journalist paper.The only white girl for blocks around! Soon three guys rape her in her apt. Afterwards, she does not call police or move out. Instead she figures that revenge and payback will make her feel better! Dead male bodies start to accumulate. Now, I've watched the movie "Thriller", which is of a similar plot. This movie blows that one away. Now, for the down side; the pictue is somewhat fuzzy, and I have an 1080p tv. Once the "action" starts, you tend not to notice the fuzzy. The movie abruptly ends. It was like the last few minutes got lost over the past 13 years, no explanation. There are no actors names given, or anybody elses name either. There is no Root Menue, no special features, nothing, just the movie. Some of the conversations are pretty interesting, while others are boring or stupid. The acting wasn't very good, although the girl was very belevable while being raped. The dvd disc and case art lead one to believe this was filmed in 1998, then wasn't released until 2011. The movie feels to me like an early '80s or '70s made film. This movie script has alot of stuff that would not get past the cutting room floor today. Both racist and politically incorrect. There is full female nudity, with no real male nudity, maybe a butt shot or two. Plenty of violence but nothing over the top. No gore that I can recall. So, if you are a bit fragile, don't watch this movie. The rape scene alone would rate 5 stars, but the fuzzy picture,abrupt ending made me subtract! Also, I think the girls great acting during the rape, is what caused the NYPD to investigate this film. You gotta see it for yourself!
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on October 23, 2013
How often do you see a home movie or any B-Movie in (((WIDESCREEN))) format? Never! So with this being done in widescreen and having good audio, and good camera shots, and good editing, and given the fact it was done like an amateurely produced film (avoiding genitalia camera shots of both sexes completely as if trying to earn an R film rating) because it has a 1998 copyright (showing it was made before internet high speed connections existed and therefore the maker of the film probably knew nothing about how to be more extreme with nudity, sex, violence, and subject content with a true unrated film), I would say it's good enough to watch for the nudity of the white chick, but you never see her crotch, so this film is not really unrated, it actually passes for an R rating instead.

The picture quality is very blurry and grainy, especially for the first part of the film, so when they first show the white girl, all you see is a blur or a smudge on the screen rather than the details of her body. Video quality appears to get better when they film indoors, probably because they are closer to the camera.

There is no violence in this film! It's a low budget film, so the most violence you see is a few people punching the palm of their own hand, pretending they hit someone, or holding things in view of the camera (like the iron) and not actually doing anything with them. It would have been nice to see them at least try some kind of special effects.

The only problem I really had with this film is how sloppy the scripts were once the attack started. It pretty much started with someone saying something stupid and then repeating it non-stop for about forty-five minutes, which could only be from not having any script prepared. So it might be best to just turn off the audio at that point and then have your friends talk over the movie to speak for the actors.

Also, the film is only 75 minutes long, not 85 minutes!
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on February 4, 2014
Low budget, sleazy, grimy looking film. The look, feel, cast, camera work, video quality and length of the rape scene all add up for very uncomfortable viewing. If you're looking for a disturbing film this is it.
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on April 22, 2015
Horrid acting.. action doesn't begin til the last 15 minutes of movie ( had to fast forward 3 times due to boredom)... Rape seems realistic but makes no sense... end is poorly written and done.. waste of money and time.. Is absolutely nothing like 'I spit on your grave or last house on the left' This is an awful movie.. I don't recommend at all..
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on October 6, 2015
This has got to be the lowest budget movie I have ever seen. The actors most have been randomly picked off the street as they walked by. I wouldn't recommend this movie to my worst enemy. I regret buying it, I should have gotten paid to watch it.
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on December 2, 2014
My favorite Sean Weathers film is a take off of I Spit on your Grave with an urban twist. Banned, hmm i am not sure about that but is it a fun film hell yes. The story goes as followed, a very very very annoying crack head writher moves to the big city to wright a book about urban life, we really don't get too much of an idea of what she is writhing about but she just seems way over her head. Not capable of being nicest to anyone she is quickly teased tormented and later raped. You kinda don't feel bad for her because she is so unlikable and her constant screaming in this cracked out voice makes you want the guys to just shut her up but she gets the last say, by hunting her attackers down and doing what she needs to do. All in all i recommend this film, its allot of fun for a no budget little Last house node and hell, wear else do you get to see a film wear you side so heavily with the villains .
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on July 9, 2013
Even though it wasn't as brutal as I except it was still shocking enough to appease me. Even though it has racial undertones this film is primarily about the dark side of people! Totally worth checking out with an interesting twist at the end!
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on February 4, 2014
I see a lot of polarizing comments about this film, yes the video quality isn't great, but it's a low budget film made in the 90s what are you expecting? I don't disagree with any of the positive or negative comments I've read about this film, I just like it for the same reason the people that like it do and I like it for the same reason that people hate it do. I love the ending, I love the lynching stills. I think the low budget feel also adds to the realism of the movie as a whole and I thought the rape scene was very well done. I don't see how you could ask for more out it, unless you want to see an actual rape? The rape is the reason I bought the film and the scene delivered. Again I don't want to come off saying this is a great film, but when you promise and you deliver, I got no complaints.
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on August 22, 2015
This is about as gritty, nasty, and real as it gets. Horror aficionados, your collection is not complete without this low budget gem. Truly blunt, riveting, and terrifying. Sean Weathers has masterfully crafted a violent little urban film that could possibly jar you for life. I can't praise it enough, nor feel as leery to recommend it to viewers that are easily offended.
If you can handle extreme cinema, pick this up immediately!
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on December 17, 2013
Don't know what to say about this movie. Obviously it's just a movie so I'm thinking that whole "banned" notice on the cover is just for effect. If not then someone's really dumb and obviously hasn't watched this movie. Again, I don't really know what to say about this one other than the picture quality sucked. Maybe you should just watch it for yourself.
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