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on March 22, 2004
Compared to other surf films being flooded into the market these days, this is not bad. Music is good, footage is good (note: SHOT ON FILM, not video). It was somewhat hard to figure out where they were. We have clear scenery change, but no indicator to tell us where they really were except for the traditional Irish folk music that obviously indicated they were surfing Ireland. Director's commentary is witty and insightful and gives us perspective that few surf films give us and basically provides a good reason to watch it again -- and again. The version of this DVD I purchased in a local surf shop included a second disc; a CD with the soundtrack from the film. Very nice and a unique marketing and packaging idea. It actually convinced me to purchase the package. More importantly, the music is actually good (I was disappointed, though that the Irish folk music used in the film was not included on the soundtrack CD). But as a film, come on, it's only about 45 minutes long (with special feature bonus material, about an hour). It can't possibly be that difficult to compile film to make it last longer than an hour. Anything less than an hour these days, let's face it, is somewhat of a disappointment. Jack Johnson's involvement added to the film, though. Nicely done, let's just have more of it. I'm glad to have it in my DVD collection, though.
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on September 24, 2005
"Thicker Than Water," the soundtrack to a documentary surfing film by Jack Johnson, manages to capture the heart of the laid-back beach style, and also the exoticism of the world's beaches that Johnson explores in the documentary (in the same vein as "The Endless Summer.") A slew of artists have been collected to contribute their two cents, and for the most part, it comes across as a nice blend of styles, voices, tones, and rhythms. The music provided seems to float gently over your ears like a breeze off the ocean and keep you captivated like a Hawai'ian sunset.

Johnson's influence is very present throughout the album despite the fact that he only sings on two tracks. Indeed, the album sounds something like a Jack Johnson tribute record, with many artists guesting to capture the same spirit of sunsents and surfboards that Johnson seems to always find so effortlessly. The music is upbeat enough to keep one's interest peaked, although relaxed acoustic guitars definitely dominate the landscape.

Johnson nay-sayers will enjoy the fact that the album shows a little more diversity than his albums are usually known for, and even Johnson's hardcore fans will find the new music different but non-threatening.

The Johnson-G.Love duet "Rainbow" is especially poignant, picking right up where Johnson's "Brushfire Fairytales" album left off.
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on December 22, 2003
I picked up this CD on a whim from a local store on a "new releases" rack just because the sepia toned packaging caught my eye. I looked it over and thought "Hmmm, this looks interesting." I put it back down and two days later I went back and got it and I wasn't really sure why other than I was very curious. Especially about the two songs "Underwater Love" and "Thicker Than Water." I have heard of G Love and Jack Johnson, but hadn't heard any of their music before. On first listen I was incredibly pleased at the music on the CD. The song "My Guru" is by now memorized in my head as is "Underwater Love." The song "Thicker Than Water" is really, really beautiful and fills my head with visions of waves and sand and warm air during a dreary and cold Indiana winter. This is the coolest CD I have bought in a long time and came across it by accident. The only problem is now I have to go track down the Smoke City CD's because I am in love with the sound of the lead singer's voice and her vocal stylings. I recommend this CD very highly. It's a great CD to just chill to. You could call it music to nap by, but I prefer to call it music to imagine by. This has become the soundtrack to my daydreams. Try it!!!!
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on January 2, 2006
Nice video from the malloys and jack. Filmed in quite a few different locations..australia(no exact spot was specified), the big island of hawaii, the north show of oahu, indonesia, ireland and tahiti. The directors commentary is worth watching multiple times and the segments with shane dorian and kelly slater are both very good. It was also nice to see ireland in a surf film...somewhere kinda different from the norm.

The photography is really great...shot on a 25 year old 16mm camera, gives it a nice feel..not blurry and not digital looking. Also kinda neat is the bonus footage for holes to heaven, a song jack wrote while filming this project. The great thing is that I bet that quite a few fans of jack's music have no idea he's a great filmmaker and surfer too.

The green board (hobknobber) segment makes more sense also when you watch the commentary also the names of almost all the surfers are told while they are surfing in the commentary...seems as though most of the reviewers here missed that point. The waves are generally pretty average with the only great waves being a couple in ireland and a spot in tahiti that isn't teahupoo but it looks real nearly identical exept it spits way harder(according to the directors). Definitely would reccomend this video to just about anyone that's even considering buying it and for the price it's really a great deal.
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on January 13, 2004
Thicker Than Water is one of those films that come along that just does not fail to entertain you throughout the whole thing. ive never seen such great surfing in a movie before! TTW takes a break from looking at surfing as an "X-Treme sport" and more of a great thing to do with freinds. the music is great, the imagery is great, and there is some great humor to be had (that part at the begining when they use a jacket as a parachute is hilarious!!) my only complaint is that its too short! around 45 mins long! there is extra footage though, which why they didnt just include it in the actual movie in the first place is beyond me. however, the 45 minutes that are there are perfect, and i cant take off a star for the length. if youre in to just kicking back and having a good tim, this movie is perfect.
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on December 2, 2003
This is a film, not a movie. Very little talking, just action. Jack has a way with the camera...his shots are well done. Some lean towards being artsy but they're easy on the eyes and not too overdone. The music is perfect, a nice change from normal surf movie tunes. :) You can turn off your brain and watch this one, it's like you're there with them at times.
Well done, Jack and co!
(Oh, get the soundtrack, it's great)
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on January 19, 2005
Very few cds that I know of are listening to. Even fewer CDs are worth listening to the whole way through, not this cd. This cd is a diamond in the rough. It blends with my soul, soothing out any wrinkles of anger and frustration that lay buried within me. Many people go for drives in their car to sort things out when they're stressed, I am not one of them. That is, I wasn't until I listened to this album. Every one of the songs, from the acoustic medley to the indian beat could be set on repeat for hours without bothering me. Under stress? Buy this cd, don't even look at the song names, just stick it in the player and go cruisin down a winding road, it will help, I guarantee it.
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on March 26, 2005
As a surf film junkie, I have to say this is one of the few surf films one can truly call epic. Amazing soundtrack, incredible photography, interesting waves. The ireland sequence is incredible, as well as every other part of the movie. A must have for your collection- incredible. The kind of surf film you can watch over and over again, or pop in and simply listen to. Makes you want to get in the water.
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on September 22, 2004
jack johnson and the malloy bros. put together one of the most soulful surf films ever made in modern times with "thicker than water." it's not mtv and it's not punk - it's as smooth and mellow as the surfers who star in it - also check out "singlefin: yellow" for a similar feel, great music but more in depth story structure - both are classic must have surf dvd's.
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on August 9, 2005
This movie is pretty good, but none of the locations are given and there is no commentary, just music.
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