Customer Reviews: Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1 (Thief of Thieves Tp)
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Most of the negativity surrounding Image's THIEF OF THIEVES is that it, in many ways, is a rip-off of Soderbergh films like OUT OF SIGHT and the OCEAN's films. There is something to that, to be certain, but if you cast a less cynical eye on it, you can see what co-plotter Robert Kirkman and co-plotter/writer Nick Spencer are really doing here. THIEF OF THIEVES is hardly a rip-off as it is a loving homage to the archetypes of the master thief, his master crew, and the sexy federal agent pursuing him. Instead of following the same old themes of the thief pulling the "one big score", Kirkman and Spencer are smart enough to show a grittier side of this kind of life which essentially deglamourizes the tropes they are using.

Conrad Paulson, our main character, is also known to the underworld as Redmond, who is generally considered THE thief (hence the title of the book). He knows that he's made for this game, but he wanted something more than this life, and he had it briefly, but for reasons as yet unknown, his wife took their son and they left him. In the very first issue, we meet his sexy goth/punk apprentice Celia, who is kind of sweet on the older, wiser Redmond, but we also meet the sexy federal agent who has been chasing down Redmond and his civilian identity as Paulson. And at the end of the very first issue, Redmond, while being courted to do a huge, high-profile job, makes a startling announcement that he's quitting.

Now, we might normally expect for someone to be angry with Redmond for doing that and maybe we'd get treated to a standard "If you don't work for me, I'm going to kill you" scenario, but that's not the case here. We see Redmond trying to reconnect with his ex-wife, dealing with some fallout over what he's just turned down, and we also get flashbacks of Redmond's earlier career working with his wife-to-be and her brother as well as the federal agent's mistakes in her pursuit of Redmond. The presentation of the character of Redmond here is not that of a brilliant master thief of the Danny Ocean variety who enjoys the game and being one step ahead; he is more of a lonely and damaged man who stays one step ahead because that's where is mind is always at. He's a man with a lot of problems and doesn't feel that remaining a thief will necessarily solve all of his problems, until inevitably, he sees a way where being a thief just might be the solution.

I wasn't amazed by the first issue of this title. Although Shawn Martinbrough's terrific and moody art is a thrill to look at, the first issue seemed abbreviated and a little staccato in its flow. By the second issue though, Spencer develops more of a flow for the dialogue and the action and the character while keeping the reader slightly off-balance with the disjointed time narrative. It's a slow-burn title that is really in Spencer's wheelhouse, coming with his brilliant work on Image's MORNING GLORIES, which is probably their best ongoing title. This book never quite reaches that level, but it's certainly a force to be reckoned with.

THIEF OF THIEVES is not what you'd likely expect from Robert "THE WALKING DEAD" Kirkman, but with the talents of Nick Spencer and artist Shawn Martinbrough, it's a very pleasurable read, filled with strong character beats and enough twists and turns to keep many of the more jaded comic readers very happy.
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on December 7, 2012
Robert Kirkman has an incredible reputation, being the creator of The Walking Dead, so when I saw this come up at I found myself jumping on it. I had recently purchased Walking Dead Trades, skipping through volumes one and two in quick sucession as I realised how much I had to catch up with. Here though I had the opportunity to start a Kirkman series from the start.

And what a trip it is. This has everything. A heist that goes wrong, women, language, a lost son, and even a cruise ship. Kirkman does very well here by not introducing any of the angles from the Dead series, and creates new characters that are full of life. The further I went into this collection, the more I felt I learnt about the characters.

The story is captivating, the style is great and this book skipped along at a fantastic pace. Another one that is well worth the read., especially if you already like Kirkman's stories. Do not be disappointed there are no zombies, and enjoy it for what it is. A newset of characters and a new series that stands out in its own right.
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on February 7, 2016
I know Kirkman, like many readers, from the Walking Dead stories - and he does a DANG GOOD job of that. So figured I would give him a shot at a "non-zombie" story. I was not disappointed. This story of Conrad Paulson, a guy who pulls "jobs" and how he wants to leave the business is pretty good. I must admit, I didn't see the end coming until.....the end. Redmond (his work name) is a likable guy as are the secondary characters (his "crew"). The artwork IS good, but I think this title could really hit its outer bounds with a more compatible & unique style - but that would be my only change.

After reading this first volume, I did in fact want to move onto volume II.
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on October 31, 2013
Another great comic book from Robert Kirkman ( Walking Dead). The first issue is a great start to a suspenseful series, and soon it will be a TV show on AMC, so catch up now before the series starts. Thief of Thieves should be on everyone's pull list, and is a must read every month.
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on October 12, 2012
Celia and Redmond lead a team of thieves. Redmond (a/k/a Conrad Paulson) has baggage: an ex-wife he'd like to win back; a son he never sees; a commitment to a big score in Venice that he wants to abandon; a flirtatious FBI agent who wants to arrest him (or maybe sleep with him). Much of the baggage is revealed in a series of flashbacks. His son eventually becomes the largest carry-on in his assorted baggage, forcing Redmond back into the life he's set on leaving. (As Michael Corleone said, "Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in.")

Speaking of crime movies, at some point Thief of Thieves rocks an ensemble crime story with the kind of crooked cast you'd find in Ocean's Eleven (or Twelve or Thirteen). But even though there's a heist and crooks rappelling down ropes and talking to each other on Bluetooth devices, this is no Ocean's movie. The scene is a small part of the overall story and the drama does not depend upon the ability of the thieves to pull off the heist. Ultimately, Thief of Thieves is about Redmond's struggle with himself, the difficult choices he must make, and the lengths to which he will go to make everything right. It's also wickedly smart, featuring a pleasantly twisting plot and snappy dialog.

The art is striking and it's clear that a lot of thought went into the coloring. It's all very moody.

Thief of Thieves collects issues 1 through 7 of the comic of the same title. It is one of the better efforts I've seen to bring crime stories (without superheroes) to a graphic novel format. If I could, I would give it 4 1/2 stars.
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on December 5, 2014
I like this graphic novel. The story was interesting. The characters classic good vs. bad guys. There is definite character development. This is a start of the series. I will continue reading these book - plus the actual quality of the book is good.
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on January 10, 2014
If you are a Walking Dead or an Invincible fan you know how great Robert Kirkman's stories can be. This is no exception. If you love Kirkman, Try this out. Won't add any spoilers, but from the cover you can tell it is about a master theif who wants to get out of the business. No supernatural zombies or superheroes ....yet.
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on June 14, 2014
Forget the Italian Job. This is the Italian Job. You can quote me on that.
The opening page has our boys tied up and facing a pissed-off looking mafioso with a bloody machette. Gulp, right? That’s how you start a crime story. All-out from the get-go, hold nothing back. That’s your “hook”, right on the first page.
Concise, clear and hard-as-nails story telling written with care for the characters. You can’t help but feel for our main boy. He wants out. He’s tired of being the crime guy. Of course, there is always the last job. There are last jobs and then there are last jobs, right?
Nothing in this book is breaking new ground exactly but it’s done proper. Sometimes that’s all you need, a familiar old friend to make you feel really good and comfortable. Even if the friend is full of corrupt cops, on-the-edge detectives, family in distress and psycho criminals.
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on February 27, 2014
Was really happy with how good this book was. I didn't expect it to be this good. The book almost seems to be made for a movie or a great TV show. IT does have a feeling of Oceans Eleven. But it's a fun read.
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on April 16, 2016
In this volume we learn about Redmond, a master thief, who decides to retire but many factors are working him to prevent him doing so: his son, his ex-wife, the FBI in its own way, other thieves. The story works well as double-crosses and clever ploys work themselves out with twists and turns.

Lots of flashbacks mess up the continuity of the story and the illustrations are a bit rough and ready. Well worth a look - and Volume 2 beckons.
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