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VINE VOICEon November 12, 2008
I first found this book in the local library 12 years ago. I was desperate because, at that time, you couldn't buy Medifast online. And, money was a problem. Plus, my doctor was a "weight watchers or nothing" kind of guy.

Enter Thin So Fast. It worked great.

When the book disappeared from our local library, I cried. Then, I found a used copy on Amazon. Right about the time that I bought the book, my husband wanted to pull off 50 pounds. Only, he couldn't have some of the additives in the Medifast. Thin So Fast to the rescue again.

Dr. Eades tells you how to make your own shake supplements form powdered milk. (In today's economic climate, who couldn't use that information?). Along with the shakes, you have a protein and veggie meal. (My husband can't eat raw vegetable so we subtitute cooked low-car vegetables.)

Once you reach your goal weight, Dr. Eades transitions you to a low carb diet-complete with menus- for a 6 week period. Many of the menus use the previous night's dinner as your lunch--allowing you to save even more money.

If you have his 30-Day Low Carb diet, many of the recipes are similar if not the same. I'd love to see an updated version of this book with some of the new product that have been developed in the 19 years since this book has been written.

We've actually made "Cream of chicken" soup by leaving out the fructose and adding hot chicken broth. We've made hot chocolate by adding unsweetened cocoa powder and hot water.

With the downturn of the economy, I think this book is poised for a comeback!!!
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on August 29, 2001
This book has a program that is comparable to Optifast, which is a diet that was popularized by Oprah Winfrey in the eighties. The difference is that you get one regular meal a day. This book also offers a transition phase and a maintence pahse, which are comparable to The Atkins Diet. There are many delicious recipes and helpful tools to help you lose weight and keep it off. I found this book interesting and helpful. And... did you know that there is a flour like product that is made from wood. Strange but true. And last but not least.... if you are looking for a lifestyle change and a low carbohydrate diet this book will help you to take off the unwanted fat and help you to keep it off.
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on May 15, 2006
I first used the diet in this book to lose my after-childbirth fat. From time to time, I return to it when I have become inattentive to my diet and weight.

What I like about it is that it is so easy to do. And the weight loss happens almost as if by magic.

In addition, one finds that one comes to truly enjoy and savor food as a sensory experience.

What first appealed to me about this diet is that I can set a weight loss goal -- and get right with the weight loss. No discouraging 1 pound a week -- but a very encouraging 5 pounds per week. Really! I think, if I have the fat to lose, then don't mess around, just lose it!
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on September 1, 2008
I picked up a copy of this book at a used book sale and I'm amazed that this book is out of print. It is very much like the current Medifast program where you drink a liquid supplement throughout the day and have a lean and green meal at night. It's great for people who are busy throughout the day and it gives you a real meal to look forward to at night. I lost 11 lbs in the first week! Instead of the supplement formula they give you in the book, I use soy milk or any low carb meal replacement drink. Then I use my George Foreman grill at night to grill some lean meat or fish, some low carb vegetables, and I have a spinach or romaine salad to top it all off. If I need to go out for lunch with friends or for business, I just switch the evening meal to lunchtime. It couldn't be easier. I don't think you would want to stay on this plan indefinitely, but it sure is helpful to jump start weightloss and it is something you can do a couple days a week maintain a weightloss. If you want to make it even easier, make your evening meal a low carb frozen dinner and add prepared salad from a bag. I'm going back on the plan to lose a few pounds before my 50 birthday next month.
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on September 1, 2013
I followed the plan in this book from July 2012 through Sept 2012 and lost nearly 30 pounds. This book was a God send as I have always had a weight problem and nothing really worked for me in the past. Three shakes a day plus a nice dinner was easy for me to follow and I didn't feel hungry, which was a plus to be sure.

I actually had more weight to lose but an accident I had, plus my husband's heath issues earlier this year, derailed me and I am just now getting back on track with the principles I learned here. I know the author has newer books out there but I'm quite happy with this first book on the plan.

There are some changes to make though. Published in 1990, his book contains recipes to make your own protein shakes using powdered milk, etc. as tasty complete protein powders simply were not all that available to the public back then. As protein powders have come a long way in flavor and convenience in the past 23 years, it is no longer necessary to make your own protein powders at all.

I personally use Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey Gold Natural which is free of any artificial ingredients and uses a small amount of natural sugar to sweeten the powder. The natural comes in just three flavors: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I find I'm just fine with those three throughout the day. If your taste buds need more variety than this, they make 14 flavors of protein powder containing artificial sweeteners if you don't mind them.

His book makes so much sense on how and why we are overweight. He really makes the case for low carbohydrate meals to lose excess weight and to then maintain a healthy weight. I especially liked his careful attention to maintaining your weight loss, which is not always addressed in other diet books.

I'm finally in a good place physically and mentally since the accident and so have just recently started on my weight loss journey again. The 30 pounds I lost last year was a start but I still have a long way to go. With this book and the knowledge it contains, I know I'll get there.
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on July 16, 2014
This book was written before the days of easy-to-find whey (and other) protein powders--now even Walmart carries such things. It includes a recipe for making your own "protein powder" in order to do a shake-based diet. There are piles of research indicating that quick & safe weight loss IS possible using protein-based diets. I have been fascinated with weight loss methods for decades & wanted to add this book to my collection. Dr. Michael Eades has been in the trenches probably as long as I have tried various diets, & he's written a book that's easy, fun reading & his personality shines thru in this one, I really enjoyed his conversational style & tone.
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on June 20, 2013
I bought a good low carb protein shake to use...They were not available when this book first came out. But the principles of this book still hold true. Nice to add to my low carb/paleo library
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on October 24, 2013
I have used this book and recommend it to anyone. It's old, yes and you can buy protein powders now, but the information and steps are still viable because they work!
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on July 27, 2014
Mainly ordered it for the recipe to make your own protein shake powder but good information even though it's a bit dated
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on July 27, 2015
didn't learn much
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