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This book was one of the five that I most enjoyed reading to our four children when they were young. Upon rereading the book, I bgan to realize why I enjoyed it so much . . . as well as why they did.
Children begin with quite vivid imaginations, and education (and the socializing process) quickly discourage their imaginations in favor of coloring between the lines (following the conformist rules). This wonderful book by Dr. Seuss extolls the creative process and liberates the child (and the parent) to use their imaginations. "THINK! You can think any THINK that you wish . . . Think of a race on a horse on a ball with a fish!" It's like getting a license to use your natural creativity.
The book encourages creativity in a variety of effective ways. As the above quote shows, juxtaposition (combined with wonderfully funny illustrations) can allow the child to see that words can be jumbled together in ways to create fantastic images. The book begins and ends with this method.
Through the book, the illustrations are drawn to highlight the unusual. Many different colors are combined, in odd ways, and in odd shapes.
Then, after the imagination is revved up a bit, Dr. Seuss begins to do mental pirouettes by introducing such creatures as GUFFS (fuzzy orange creatures with tails that have large furry balls along them them), SNUVS (yellow creatures wearing color mismatched gloves -- you can see how the name sometimes helps with the rhyming), BLOOGS (green, yellow, and blue creatures blowing by in the white sky above the black water), and ZONGS (with a tail that is 15 times as long as the body which winds among blue and pink mushrooms).
Of course, the visions are sometimes more literal: Kitty O'Sullivan Krauss diving into a balloon pool over her house.
I thought that the RINK-RINKER-FINK and the VIPPER of VIPP were especially wonderful inventions. They juxtapose many different concepts in a particularly mind-liberating way.
If any book can overcome you tradition, misconception, and disbelief stalls, this one is it. By sharing it with your children while they are young, you can keep them from ever developing the stalls in the first place.
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on December 25, 2002
This delightfully illustrated, simply readable, and wonderfully silly volume is one of my favorite of Seuss. It uses simple rhymes and easy words perfect either for parents to read aloud, or for beginning readers to read by themselves.
Unlike Green Eggs and Ham and many of his other stories, this book follows no storyline, but simply takes children (and their parents) on a delightful journey of the imagination.
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Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! Is a charming book by the immortal Dr. Seuss who wrote many fine children's books in his time. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! is no exception. This book encourages children to imagine and eventually explore the world without fear.

The book has excellent illustrations that amuse children--and adults; and the rhyming text always impresses me.

The book starts by encouraging children to use their imaginations to think up what other animals and/or places in the world may be like. This alone can stimulate a lot of conversation between you and your child about other places in the real world and what life is like there. This will go a long way toward teaching younger children about the world out there that one day they will be exploring for real. In addition, the book also has Dr. Seuss using his own imagination to give examples to children as to how to use their imaginations; we get words about foreign things and sounds like "guff" and "schlopp." This does a marvelous job of teaching children to always be optimistic.

The book has even more value. Younger children will profit from learning words critical to their growing vocabularies including yellow, blue, red, pink, black, white, night, day, left and right--and more! Excellent.

The book cover withstands some throwing around just in case your child accidentally mistreats it; and, as always, the paper quality of these books by Dr. Seuss is very good.

I highly recommend this fine children's book. It teaches much to both very young children and older children as well. Get this and enjoy it with your growing child!
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on December 15, 1999
I bought this book for myself as an adult, I just loved the crazy rhymes and drawings. Some of the pages in particular really grab the imagination, like the wacky Seuss house with the bathroom up there and the bedroom up here. I'd love to have my own Dr Seuss-inspired home! The rhymes in Dr Seuss' books are always spot-on, it really is poetry. Now that my son is three, he can appreciate "Oh, The Thinks You Can Think" with me. Overall, one of my favourite picture books.
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on September 27, 1999
The wildest Dr. Seuss book! Probably overlooked because we Americans are wary of messages about using one's imagination, but it is the most vivid, outlandish romp the Doctor ever wrote.
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on January 8, 2014
It was a kind of kismet one day when my grandson and I were talking about thinking about things when I said "let's download a book" and this came up first. Don't think about it too much, just buy it.
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VINE VOICEon July 11, 2011
Dr. Seuss never ceases to please the reader, especially at any age. Though it may have been unfortunate that I had not encountered the complete bibliography of all of Seuss's works, but now have the opportunity to delve back and explore the exciting and humor of his literature with greater insight and enjoyment. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! possesses those traits throughout the book and more.

With most Seuss books, it is best to read each and every one aloud in order to experience the wide-eyed and unpredictable characteristics of Seuss's stories or simple narratives that any reader will be able to grasp. In addition to the impeccable prose of rhythm and rhyme, the illustrations and the unique images that each page contain may appear far-fetched and something from another world that only Seuss could create. But for Seuss readers and aficionados, indeed, it is a Seussical world where the creatures and oddities exist of Guffs, snuvs, Bloogs, and the Vipper of Vip as well as a pool of purple elephants.

But upon completing Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! The fun and excitement has just begun. Or follow the words of Seuss, "And you don't have to stop. You can think about SCHLOPP. Schlopp. Schlopp. Beautiful schlopp. Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top."
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on July 13, 2014
First of all I love Dr. Seuss!!!! He is an amazing author and illustrator. This book in particular is a wonderful with a great lesson. Oh, the Thinks you Can Think is inspiring to me even as a college student. This book is wonderful to teach anyone that they can think any thing they want. They can have the biggest imagination if they allow themselves today. There is so much out there that kind of kicks out the idea of imagination but honestly it is great thing and I think Dr. Seuss proves that in this book as well as his others.
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on March 8, 2012
We are fourth graders who just read Oh The Things You Can Think. We think Dr.Seuss did good on rhyming, like when it says, "Think of light, think of bright, think of stairs in the night." There are amazing illustrations and good colors. The lesson is there are a lot of things you can think about if only you try. I recommend this book to kids in school that think they are not smart as they think they really are. You should buy Dr.Seuss books because you could learn more than you think.
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on July 7, 2006
I love it because you get to finish fast and their like riming words.I love riming words they always make me interested in the book.they say right and then they change the wordto light.Those are changing words.I love when they put the words they are supossed to put and then they change them.It was a different Dr.Suess book it was "The Thinks You Can Think" it was really incredible.
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