Customer Reviews: Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 Pack, Large 18-40 lbs
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on January 20, 2010
I have been cloth diapering my 2-year-old since she was about two months old, and these inserts are among the best products that helped us continue using cloth after she was no longer an infant. As she got bigger, I tried adding a microfiber doubler or a second insert, which worked okay, but these inserts are really much better--they're pretty thin (thinner than a regular microfiber insert), but they absorb and hold onto liquid--that is, they resist compression leaks (from the diaper getting squeezed out and leaking when she is sitting for a while, like if her diaper is wet while she is in her high chair or car seat). They are also a really good value for hemp--less than $4 each for six layers of hemp jersey, which is the best value I found (other hemp inserts are cheaper, but often only 2 layers). I've been really happy with them--they make cloth diapering much more feasible as an option for an older child or for overnight.
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on May 17, 2013
I've been cloth diapering for nearly 5 years at this point, primarily with pocket diapers, so I've tried a *lot* of different inserts. These have become my hands-down favorite for maximum absorbency with minimum bulk.

When I started cloth diapering, one of my first questions was which inserts to choose. Here's a quick summary of the primary choices in materials: microfiber inserts -- the ones which most pocket diapers come with -- tend to hold onto smells. They're also subject to 'compression leaks' -- they absorb the liquid fine, but can let it leak if there's pressure on the wet insert, which of course is almost always the case for a baby lying down while sleeping or sitting in a car seat. Microfiber works fine for lighter wetters or younger babies, but can be inadequate for heavier duty use. Bamboo is much better, and is my preferred material for the bulk of my daytime inserts; it's about half the price of hemp inserts but much more reliably leak-proof than the microfiber. Hemp, however, wins hands-down for naptime and bedtime. I pair a bamboo insert with a hemp insert for overnight, and it works reliably even for my current super-heavy-wetter.

I've compared many brands of hemp inserts over the past 5 years, and the Thirsties Hemp Inserts are absolutely my #1 favorite. In fact, if I had it to do over, I'd probably only get these inserts and skip all of the others! The 6 layers of hemp is remarkably thin for a 6-layer insert, so you could even double up with 2 of these for a total of 6 layers of hemp if you wanted. The Thirsties inserts appear to be considerably more durable than the otherwise very similar Babykicks Joeybunz (the hourglass-shaped ones with serged trim, ) -- the Joeybunz worked just as well as the Thirsties Hemp Inserts, but after only a year of use, the edges are fraying and the fabric itself is disintegrating, while the Thirsties are still in nearly-new condition. I've tried the Babykicks Joeybunz Premium, as well -- the kind with 2 3-layer inserts sewn together at the top, -- and while they seem to absorb roughly the same amount as the 6-layers-in-one inserts, they're stiffer and seem like they'd be less comfortable for the baby. They are more durable than the regular Joeybunz, however, and aren't showing the same tendency toward fraying and disintegration. I'd rate the Thirsties Hemp inserts a first by a large margin for the combination of utility and durability, the Babykicks Joeybunz Premiums 2nd for similar absorbency and durability but less softness/comfort, and the regular Babykicks Joeybunz last, simply because they wear out far too quickly.
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on August 13, 2012
My Experience: Babykicks Inserts failure vs RAVING Success of Thirsties inserts

Purchased the Thirsties Hemp inserts 2-Pack, Lg 18-40lbs and the BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts, as both products seemed equally matched based on reviews. Put each brand to the "overnight" diapering test over a week, alternating nights. (CD'ing fleece liner over 4x8x4 unbleached indian cotton premium prefolds with hemp inserts wrapped outside, then a Thirsties Duo Wrap cover size 2 over.) Both brands of inserts were prepped in same wash loads with same detergent, same dryers all at same time prior to the test.

THE RESULTS? Thirsties won and Babykicks was NOT remotely CLOSE!

The Babykicks Hemp Inserts, when compared to the Thirsties inserts, performed little better than paper towel! The little one was completely SOAKED after a mere 3-4 hours on nights the Babykicks. And not just the baby, but the mattress, diaper cover exterior, EVERYTHING. (**On a side note, I must commend the Thristies Duo Diaper Wrap used to test both insert brands - I used the snaps version in size 2 - The cover itself performed as well as it could in attempting to contain copious amounts of liquid by it's lonesome since the babykicks stopped absorbing at 3-4 fluid ounces!!! Removing the diaper cover on nights babykicks inserts were used meant running to the tbowl or sink and DRAINING urine out the COVER!!! And YES, the baby is a SUPER DUPER WETTER.

How did the Thirsties Hemp Inserts perform?
Thirsties Hemp Inserts NEVER allowed LEAKAGE! They soaked up everything the little one threw at it throughout the ENTIRE night. Thirsties hemp insert nights meant no 3am emergency diaper changes and no early-morning sprints to a sink/toilet bowl to drain urine out the diaper cover (as I did with the babykicks,...after 3-4 hours on the little one!_

Bottom line. If you're looking for something that can contain just about anything a baby can throw at it, Thristies Hemp Insert is your buy. However, if you're looking for a great "liner-doubler" that can soak up no more than 3-4 fluid ounces at a time, babykicks might be for you. Then again, you can just use a cotton velour liner as I do during baby naps. And yes, even they outperform babykicks hemps! (I AM NOT KIDDING! They soak up about 3/4 to 1 full cup (8 fl oz) before getting saturated which is twice as much as the 3-4 oz capacity of babykicks hemp inserts based on my experience.)

I now use ALL 3 babykicks hemp inserts AT ONCE for times when baby takes extended naps (not anything over 2 hours or overflow!). Or else I use a single babykicks hemp insert sandwiched between the fleece liner and the cloth diaper during times when the little one is active, as a means of assisting the absorption factor of the fleece liner (it does help minimally). Otherwise, the babykicks hemp inserts are UTTERLY USELESS!

But on the upside, the babykicks hemp inserts do seem to do a marvelous job WICKING liquids to whatever is behind it. So as a fleece liner doubler, it does a great job wicking through the wetness through to the diaper cloth behind it. Perhaps babykicks should think of re-marketing their hemp insert with a focus on just that function - a wicking insert to place under a fleece or disposable liner. They would have to have a clear disclaimer emphasizing the insert itself does NOT contain wetness, merely facilitates 70-80% of liquids to pass through it like it wasn't even there! Of course, price point would have to be adjusted accordingly.

Clear winner - THIRSTIES HEMP INSERTS! I recommend these, and so much so that I've ordered 3 more 2-packs!

UPDATE: The Thirsties hemp inserts have continued to get more absorbent with subsequent washings and dryings (NOW absorbing average of 1 to 1 1/4 cups of water when tested)! The babykicks remain the same! (Always done in same HOT wash/dry loads - with same no-additive detergents, no fabric softners or dryer sheets - etc as the Thirsties).
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on March 30, 2011
We actually tested these vs the Joey's hemp inserts. These ones absorbed 3 oz of water, the regular Joey's (single insert) absorbed ~5 oz of water (almost 6 oz), and the Joey's premium (a thin double insert) absorbed nearly 9(!!)oz of water. They're all nearly the same price and about the same size, so I wouldn't recommend these. I've been told before that organic cotton (they're all a cotton+hemp mix) is more absorbent than regular cotton, and now I believe it! :)
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on December 30, 2009
I love the Thirsties covers and AIO diapers. But, as my baby grew older and was becoming a heavy wetter, I needed something more to absorb the wetness and found that Thirsties also made hemp inserts. These inserts are great, nice narrow size that isn't too bulky. Works well in my prefolds and pockets, or just laid inside an AIO. Thumbs up on these!
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on March 29, 2013
I've tried quite a few inserts and different methods and combinations of stuffing pocket diapers for day and nighttime. I'm sure this would be fantastic for daytime use as well, but I save these for nights. My little ones have all been heavy wetters. I used to use disposables at night, and those usually kept them dry. But I wanted to switch to cloth at night too, and nothing seemed to keep them dry reliably until I used one of these. I considered making more hemp cotton inserts, but after considering all the costs and that these are 6 layers thick, these were the most cost effective. They are thinner than your regular cotton insert, but these absorb way more and are very high quality. They do take a long time to dry, but I typically run everything through the dryer together and then hang these to let the finish air drying. I supposed two 4-layer hemp inserts may dry faster, but I love these and won't even try it. Small price to pay for dry nights and better sleep for everyone. I had to add more to my stash since I have three barely three years old and under. Oldest used to stay dry all night but has gotten less consistent, so we use a very cute diaper cover with one regular insert and this folded in half right where the majority of the wetness will be. Works well for us. I'd suggest trying maybe even two of these if this method doesn't work for your heavy wetter. Good luck!
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on June 30, 2013
I found it odd they had to be washed so many times between uses as per manufactures instructions on their website these must be washed 3 times. My daughter uses prefolds and I used these a few times as inserts and once at night and they were very absorbent. However, after only several uses literally I can recall using these about 7 times there is a hole in one of the inserts. They also take forever to dry. I can line dry them and it can take about 2 days before they are fully dry. The thing about cloth diapers and inserts is you should not over heat them as in leaving them in the dryer for too long the fact it takes forever for these to dry and so many runs through the wash its a waste. Any money I was saving is being wasted on water, gas, and electricity to wash these three times and then to get them dry. If want you can use Econobum prefolds they need one wash and rinse and they fold up like an insert. They also dry fast on the line or in the dryer.

UPDATE-Now that I have been cloth diapering for a year now I know more than I did at first. The drawback of natural fibers like hemp is the oils that is why they need to be washed many times. I know better now. I could have washed them once alone and dried them and then washed them with towels a few more times to prep them. I was also unaware you have to dry them between washes when prepping. I actually have 8-10 of these inserts. I prefer them. They are pretty trim compared to other inserts and I don't have to worry about ammonia issues as much as I would have to with microfiber. I actually prefer these with a flat pad folded on top in a pocket. Hemp is very absorbent and can hold a lot of urine it does absorb as fast as microfiber hence the flat on top. Just works great when paired with a flat or even a microfiber insert on top. This is my go to insert. When I got the hole i called Thirsties and they replaced it no problem. Great customer service. Here is the simplicity of it all many manufacturers tell you too was the item their way which may not be best for other items. The gist is you need t oget the pee out hence you rinse the diapers. Then you wash them. Then a final rinse and your done. I have an HE machine and hard water and a simple rinse, wash, rinse routine works fine with no Calgon. What a difference a year makes. These are good inserts. Just a pain to prep if your new to cloth diapering.
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on July 22, 2015
After more than 1.5 years of use, my microfiber inserts were so stinky that I decided to dump them and look for inserts made of natural fiber. I found these and have been super happy. If I could restart I would just use them from day one.

These are soft and gentle to the skin. And they don't stink! No need of stripping regularly. The large ones are compatible with Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers, Flip, and GroVia hybrid shells (as shown in the photos included in this review).

These do take longer to dry. Even after dryer, they still take about half a day. So I would recommend buying extra (maybe one day's worth, 5-6) for rotation.
review image review image review image
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on January 11, 2011
I agree with other reviews about the cost value. I like how thin the inserts are too, this allows me to double it with a microfiber or terry cloth insert for overnight. I stuff the inserts in pocket diapers (BumGenius or Fuzzibunz). BumGenius comes with a thin terry cloth insert for newborns, and this matched with a hemp thirsties insert allows the diaper not to be too bulky, good for daytime use. I tend to limit use of hemp inserts to nap times and overnight since in general, they are more stiff & bulky. Gdiapers has a hemp cloth insert (with fleece-like cover) that is soft enough to go right against a baby's skin, and can be used for pocket diapers, they are also not too stiff (sometimes they go on sale). To sum it up, the thirsties hemp insert is thin, the cotton material on the outside seems OK (not the softest), great to stuff in a pocket diaper where soft microfiber fleece will be against your baby's bottom. I haven't been enticed to put the thirsties insert against baby's skin, it seems a material that absorbs quickly should be between your baby's bottom and the hemp insert (which only has a thin cotton material on the outside).
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on May 20, 2010
I pair these with the insert that comes with Fuzzibunz, bumgenius and Applecheeks inserts. The combo is awesome and get us through hours with no leaking at nights.
really love inserts with hemp. If you don't have inserts that have hemp, you will never get through a night with no leaking. A must have in the cloth diaper arsenal. Comparable to the babykicks hemp inserts, but a tad smaller, so I might like the babykicks ones a little more. Still great and economical.

** update 4/30/2011

After using CDs for three babies now I will adjust my findings and say this are BY far the most absorbent of all inserts. If I could do over and only have these, I would throw away the rest. Mirco terry might as well be a paper towel. Bamboo is so so. I would cry without them.
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