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on September 18, 2011
This is the wii version gone portable and really it makes more sense as a hand held game. It's straightforward room to room game play ,beating on hoards of foes and frequent save points really makes it a pick up and play game. Combat relies on buttons for attacks/blocking while touch screen dose your special powers. The analog stick moves Thor as well as helps to chain together combos. Combat is fast paced simple and really fun to do. The higher your combo count the more powerful Thor gets. You get experience points for every enemy that you can use to unlock health upgrades, upgrade your power meter, and slots for the perks you find. Levels are nice and long and offer bonuses for destroying everything like art and perks that power up thor during certain conditions. To be honest the combat can get a little repetitive as the hoards just keep coming and even unlocking moves it can get a bit stale so it's best played in the right doses. Luckily big bosses battles really mix up the combat and theres even flying levels that play out like a rail shooter. The game has a good amount of content levels are nice and long and theres about 15 of them and offers replayabilty as you can play on higher difficulty with your unlocked upgrades as well as challenge arenas. Finally the 3D is a bit all over the place. it's not on during the comic book like cut scenes and is hardly noticeable in some points. Other times it look good, real time cut scenes has things popping out, and adds depth to the areas as well has things flying out at you at points. over aal Thor is a solid action game and i recommend it to any 3Ds fan who wants a naction game with good content.
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on January 9, 2012
My favorite part of this game is how easy it is to get into it. I've never been a big fan of the games where you have to memorize tons of combos, mostly because if you drop the game for something else, when you go back, you feel like you have to re-start because you forgot half of the combos.

Thor has a great way around that with the minimal use of complicated combos, a lot of the "special attacks" are on the 2nd screen, and light up when they can be used. For the scenes where you need to do something else, like the LRLRLRLRLR to escape some trap, are clearly shown on the screen, and you don't need lightning reflexes where a lost second means you fail and have to start over.

The basic fighting parts are well done, only a couple of moves to know for a lot of it, and there seems to be just the right mix of difficulty that you don't get frustrated or bored. I suppose a lot of it will seem like "button mashing" to the more experienced gamer, but I think they did a great job with it.

The use of 3D and the camera changes are well done, you don't feel dizzy from spinning scenes, or like you don't have control of where you're going.

Overall, I really like this game. Still haven't finished it, not sure if there will be much re-playability once you beat it. But it's been pretty damn fun so far.
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on October 5, 2011
As other reviewers have pointed out, this is a direct port of the Wii version of the game, the one that got higher scores than the Xbox and PS3 versions. Therefore having a Wii game on a handheld has a high coolness factor. The game experience is simple/dumb smashing and bashing with little strategy required. There is a nice set of different moves that can be unlocked, but the basic moves work in most cases as well or even better than the fancy moves you can unlock by spending the in game earned tokens. The special moves are cool, but pulling them off requires a high amount of dexterity in the limited space available on the 3DS. The results of having to press certain shoulder + face bottom combos is cramp.

Visually the game doesn't improve on the Wii version, in fact it looks slightly better because the screen is smaller, but the resolution obviously takes a hit. The 3D helps a bit, but there isn't a lot of it. In some areas it is hardly noticeable and in some of the pre-scripted game sequences it looks really well. The cut scenes, artwork, menus and the cartoon dissapointingly don't have any 3D at all, which is a bit of a let down and cheap. The advantage of the 3 D not being pronounced, is that you can crank it all the way up without issues, except during some boss battle sequences and in small (cramped) spaces where there is a fair amount of clipping and headache inducing focussing issues.

The sounds are fine, especially with headphones. The two main characters are voiced by the actors that also were in the movie, so that is good.

There is a fair bit of content, moves and abilities to unlock, but even then it isn't a long game and also not a very hard game. Other reviewers have said that it can be finished in 4 hours. That is probably true if you don't care for the unlockables (moves, upgrades and artwork). Trying to collect everything will take considerably longer, even though even at hard mode the game doesn't get difficult until the final stages. It is probably possible to get everything unlocked within 8-10 hours, which is really short as there is no multi-player and also no brawl type of game play. wireless play is mentioned in the manual, but that doesn't give any details on how to actually select it. The manual clearly was a rush job, with only one page of control information and that's it! After beating the game the ragnarok difficulty is unlocked, but finishing the game at that difficulty is just for bragging rights (if you are into that sort of thing). There is a bunch of cartoon episodes that are gradually unlocked while playing the game. The same as for the Wii version. It would have been extremely nice if these were given the 3D treatment, but they are just normal 2D instead. Still that's a nice addition.

The touch screen is hardly used except for displaying what is enabled and for unleashing certain special powers. That sounds okay, except that some of the buttons are tiny and that all other menus are strictly no touching.

This is a lazy port, if you own the Wii version, don't bother it is the same, but less easy to play. The controls are a bit of a let down, not much thought was spared on how to make use of some of the strength of the 3DS. Essentially it is a cheap cash-in. Still it is very satisfying and fun to play even though it is very easy and tempting to resort to button mashing. Sega obviously are aware that this game is months too late and have decided to sell it for 30 USD, look a bit harder and wait perhaps a bit longer and you can probably pick it up for 20. That is about as much as it is worth, for a couple of hours mindless brawling.
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on October 15, 2013
I bought this seeing as my 3DS collection only consisted of Shin Megami Tensei IV, Fire Emblem, and Shinobi. While I love Strategy/JRPGs and harder ninja based hack and slash games I grew up brawlers too from Double Dragon to Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle. Thor plays like Streets of Rage with hints of Revenge of Shinobi and the modern Ninja Gaidens. Of course it is the Marvel version not factual Norse, but that doesn't stop it from being a good game. You run around in an open world collecting Rune powers like Berserker which when low on health ups your might. There are also health and power bar upgrades to power upgrades for the hammer Mjolnir and Thor himself. After you clear a level you basically get 1 coin...the coins can be used to purchase said upgrades minus the Rune powers which are found sitting in random locations, or hiding in ice spikes which you can destroy. Defeating an enemy or destroying certain objects give off colored spheres(Red for health, blue for the power bar, and yellow for the combo/second power bar...kinda like in the modern Ninja Gaidens). The main screen is used for the main gameplay, and the touch screen is used for activating Rune and Mjolnir powers. So, pretty much the child of Streets of Rage and Modern Ninja Gaiden games on a handheld.
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on February 4, 2013
The gameplay is a little repetitive for this game, but it doesn't take away from the fun to me. You get a few upgrades and power ups as well as special moves along the storyline as you complete levels and make kills. The storyline isn't all that great, so if you're looking for an in depth rpg you might want to consider another game. As far as I'm concerned, the graphics and gameplay are more than what I expected and I would recommend Thor to anyone looking for a fun fighting/action/pick it up anytime and play style handheld game.
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on September 30, 2011
The Best THOR version on any console!

This is a GREAT comic book character, turned into a movie, and then a tie-in-game to boot. It is the best one out of any of the console releases. This particular version of THOR was made by a different developer and it is such a shame PS3 and XBOX 360 didn't use this developers. I am not going to go too much into the game details because it has already been said in previous reviews, but essentially this game is a hack and slash action/adventure game. It is very similar to God of War, Ghostrider, and Resident Evil. The player controls THOR, battles an onslaught of enemies, progresses, and then has a boss battle. It is nothing groundbreaking, but it works well here. It didn't work as well on the PS3/XBOX 360 versions. The player also gets to do some cool moves with the Wii controller that didn't bother me and controls are smooth and precise. It can get a bit repetitive at times because there is no variety with the minions that Thor fights. They are all the same character design, but that is to be expected. This game throws in a mixture of everything and makes it work. I wish the 3DS visuals were a bit more stunning because I've seen gorgeous games like in Mario 3DS and Zelda Orcarina of Time, so the 3DS is capable of it. The visuals are fine for me because game play matters more, but it is very PS2-esque and the cinematic scenes are just comic book images with spoken dialogue. Overall, this is a must have title and the price makes it all the more reason to get it. The Wii and Nintendo 3DS versions are the only ones worth getting. This is a direct port of the Nintendo Wii version.
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on March 14, 2014
My grandson said it was ok, which translates into I played it until I was bored and then traded it to a friend for a game that he did not have.
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on August 1, 2013
I would recommend this game to my friends.
I gave this game its rating because i like it.
buy this game.
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on January 29, 2016
The game was fun when playing through it, I felt invested in the characters and when I was playing I felt like I was Thor! Which was awesome! But after you beat the final boss.... well there really is no reason to replay it. I ended up trading it into game stop a couple years ago, which was a dumb decision because I had so much fun with it (first 3ds game I got) but the only reason for me to keep it is sentimental, the game is really boring after you beat it and the boss battles are really repetitive.
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on February 25, 2013
I bought this for my 7 year old nephew this past Christmas (2 months ago now) and he has played it and has enjoyed it but I must admit, I also bought him a sports game for the 3DS that has like general sports such as golf, tennis, etc. and he said that he likes that one more and plays that one more. Perhaps this game was just a bit too old for him.
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