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on March 2, 2012
Ignore what some of the professional reviewers say about this game. It is NOT the worst game of the year. If anything, it was the most over hyped game of 2011, but the hype came from the same critics that hated it later on. Mostly because it didn't live up to their own hype.

Yes, there is button mashing to the game. And yes, the cut scenes are generally left in the 3D mode, so they seem a little blurry. But they are surprisingly short for cut scenes these days, and are easily ignored if you don't want to look at them. Granted, the story wasn't as good as the movie. But you aren't watching the movie, you're playing a story made for a game. BIG difference.

Let's break all of this down. First off, the button mashing. The designers seemed (at least to me), to acknowledge that there is a fan base for Thor beyond the movie. For those that don't know, the character is over 40 years old. He has his traditional comic book version (the 616 world Thor), the Ultimate version (the universe the Marvel movies are based on), the Dimension X series, as well as the movie variant.

If the designers went with any one of those versions, there would have been fans complaining. So they obviously (at least to me), tried to meld them together to some degree. This still didn't satisfy the fanboys out there, since they can only tolerate one version of a character. The one that THEY want.

This amalgam also led to some button mashing. The programmers wanted to give Thor as many of his powers as they could. I remember when the trailers for the game came out. Certain TV critics on a cable show raved about how Thor should be a powerful character, and the trailer made it seem like he would be. Then the game came out, and they complained that Thor not only had all of these powers (the button mashing), but that he started off too weak for them. Yet if the programmers started him off at full power, the same critics would have said he was too powerful, making the game too easy.

Finally, the story. If you made the game an exact transcript of the game, then the critics would have complained that the game was only two hours. Not worth $60. So the design team stretched it out, and gave you more to do. They turned the character(s) into a game version, and gave you more to do with Thor. What was their reward? Being compared to virtually EVERY RPG out there. Yet, when their favorite series come out with a "new" game, they can over look the fact that every war game is basically you, as the good guy, killing off all of the enemies and winning the war. Every dungeon crawler tends to be you trying to avenge a fallen king (friend or mentors may also be used). In the end, you kill off all the evil in the world, and either become the new ruler, or marry the former kings daughter to become the heir.

Buy Thor. Play it, enjoy it. And if you have a 3D TV, all the better. Just don't let all of the jaded fanboy critics out there deprive you of a game that really isn't as bad as they say it is. Just as the movie was a "popcorn" movie, that you go to see, have fun, and move on with your life, the game is a fun, play it once, and move on with your life game. You won't be playing it for years to come, but if you get it on sale, you will get your money's worth from it.
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on May 8, 2011
Thor: God of Thunder is a movie tie-in game that could of been very unique and fun but instead turns out to be a very bad clone of God of War mixed with some The Force Unleashed (in my opinion). While I do not own a physical copy of Thor I was given the opportunity to play through the game by a friend and in doing so I was glad I did not purchase the title, despite being a big fan of Thor.

This is one of the major problem this game has in my opinion. What we have here is a bad clone of God of War mixed with a little The Force Unleashed style gameplay. I enjoyed both titles and the hack and slash style of gameplay. However, Thor's execution of this gameplay style was poorly implemented. After the first hour of smashing and electrocuting mobs I began to notice there is very little in the way of enemy variety or reason to even use your combos. Just mashing attack is often good enough (on normal difficulty setting) to get past most mobs with the occasional need to perform a simple combo attack to break a mob's armor and such. Like in God of War, when you kill mobs you will get experience points pretty much and can use them on a grid to level Thor's abilities up. The grid I felt was easy to use despite having a complex look to it. Included in the gameplay are numerous bugs that plague the title. Animation glitches, sound glitches, bad dialogue, poor physics engine the list goes on. While the problems are not game breaking, they are annoying and some of the bugs I ran into were down right inexcusable to have in a game. ( Next objective did not load for me twice during my playthrough. Restarting at the last checkpoint/save resolved it ). My biggest gripe about the gameplay is the poor execution of the grapple. Sometimes you will get the grapple notification and I would grapple the mob only to have the mob "automatically" counter my grapple and throw me away. It seemed completely random and I never could figure out why the enemy was able to just randomly counter me(could of been a PS3 bug as it didn't happen nearly as much on the 360).

I would say the graphics in this game are lacking. In fact early 360/PS3 or perhaps almost PS2/Xbox level at times. At times it felt like the Remastered God of War II where they took a 480p game and remastered it in 720p. It looked nice but you can tell something wasn't right. There are plenty of graphical hiccups throughout the game including a funny moment where Thor's cap actually rendered backwards and he was walking around with his cape over his chest for about 5 minutes. Don't expect mind blowing graphics from this title pretty much.. however the game is 3D capable. I was not able to test this feature out however due to a lack of a 3DTV.

When it comes to music and sound effects I would say they are fair. The game uses the actors from the movie so there is some care and thought put into the dialogue, even if it was sometimes very cheesy. Game sound effects were not bad either but seemed to lack some power/muscle to them at times. STORY wise, this is a movie tie-in game which technically does not follow the movie. In a way this is good since it tries to be its own entity while using the movie actors and voices. However the storyline is very shallow and is essentially there to give you a reason to move to the next room of bad guys to smash.

It took me about 7-8 hours to beat the game on the standard difficulty setting (Midguardian). Throughout the game you will find various bosses to slay and of course hidden collectibles. The placement and nature of the collectibles reminds me a bit of The Force Unleashed here as these collectibles will unlock additional costumes, colors for Thor's lightning, etc. The added replay value here really isn't in the gameplay or storyline... but that these collectible items have DIFFICULTY REQUIREMENTS. Some of the collectibles you will be unable to pick up unless you are playing on the proper difficulty.

Sadly I have to give THOR 1 star (an F rating in my book). The game is plagued with problems, and feels a bit like a fancy PS2 / Xbox title trying to mimic God of War II but left off much of what made that game fun. Is Thor: God of War a horrible game that should be avoided like the Lunchroom Meatloaf? No. It is a game that just has many problems and feels rushed and badly executed. Playing through the game, you can feel and even see the potential for a great game here that could of even brought some unique aspects into the genre but instead just got thrown out there to capitalize on the movie. With that said I feel Thor: God of Thunder is the kind of game that is perfect as a weekend RENTAL
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You know that rule about comic book movie adaptations that have really bad tie-in video games? Yeah, that's in full effect with Thor: God of Thunder. From the same crew that was behind Sega's two Iron Man games (and the upcoming Captain America game), Thor puts you in the boots of the titular God of Thunder as he takes on Frost Giants and other assorted baddies, in a style that is pretty much a quasi-God of War ripoff. That in itself would only make the game monotonous, but combine that with the dated graphics engine (it looks like an early PS2 game), buggy gameplay, and horrible controls, and you have a game that is flat out atrocious. Actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, who portray Thor and Loki respectively in the film, sound like they're both half asleep, and the game as a whole feels like it was so rushed out of the gate that it comes off as being unfinished. Avoid.
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on December 12, 2011
This game it's not as bad as everyone says in other reviews, it's a pretty straight forward game, beat the crap out of everyone in the screen, sure it tends to be repetitive, but the game play it's pretty easy, the graphics are ok, and the story its good. If you are not a big comic book fan or a casual fan, I'm sure this it's not for you, but if you a re a big fan, I'm sure you'll like it. At first I thought it was going to be like IRON-MAN 2 wich I finished in about 6 hours, but I've played so far for about 5 and I'm just at half the game story.

Give it a try, specailly wihthe price it has now.

Hope this helps.

PLAY ON!!!!!!!
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on May 6, 2011
Let's be honest. I've played the game... but not played it all the way through to the end. So, as a result, my review may somewhat seem a little bit premature, but I sincerely doubt it. The reasons are numerous: The graphics belong to a game of 7-8 years old. The dialogue, cheesy... The fight/action sequences, reminiscent of Mortal Kombat games, combos and such... Player interface, poor and old-fashioned... Screen mechanics/layouts, those that have been used many times past, no innovation there. All in all, nothing new, nothing exciting. Just go, go, go, fight, fight, fight...

To be fair, I will come back and edit this entry in a positive light if I do find anything new or exciting along the way, if this game gives me something to be thrilled about. Otherwise, this entry will stay as it is.
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on January 13, 2014
This game is soooooo bootleg. XD

let me explain. It's not really a bad game. it's just funny. I mean if i actually bought it for the targeted age group, it'd be more difficult and more fun.

But my love and i were laughing SO hard while we were playing this game.

I bought it just because Tom Hiddleston did some voice acting in it.

This game is adorable, would be good for younger audiences who enjoy marvel games.
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on September 9, 2011
This is a badly designed game. Thor uses the Unreal graphics engine, which is showing its age, but the graphics are not too bad. Some parts even look good. No, the main problem with this game is game design issues that mar the whole game playing experience.

First off, Thor's Health never regenerates. Although certain combat attacks can give health back, during non-combat situations his health stays as is. This means that the best way to get health back is to = die. Bad design. Secondly, the terrain mini-games are designed with such tight timing that Thor will die again and again getting through the mini-games. Then there is an issue with some boss fights. In one situation, Thor defeats a boss. Then the boss comes right back, and this time the boss has MUCH tougher attacks and - get this - can't be defeated for more than a few seconds (in which time Thor must activate a door). UGH! These main points make the game unfun. Should also state some of the collectables are near-unreachable.

For good points, Thor has a few. Some of the battles are nice and long and fun to play. Thor's powers and their upgrades are handled well. The story is not bad, either. However, these good points are outweighed bad the bad game design issues that are like 30 years out of date. I've only listed a few problems, there are more, like running out of magic when magic is required to finish a level. This game needed Much Better quality analysis. Almost every step of the way, bad game design is glaring. Another example is when the terrain damages Thor as he is following a path. There is no way to avoid this damage. This is not fun. In Niflheim, at least the ice walls could have been destroyed by Thor as he walked around. Instead, the ice walls form as he walks and damages Thor - no way to avoid. Other areas are just as bad. Anyway, whoever designed this game should quit computer gaming. Oh, the game Runs alright, but poor game design for play is inexcusable in 2011 ... maybe it was ok 25 years ago, not now.

All in all, Thor can appeal to younger audiences. It does have a 'comic cartoon' feel to it, after all. I really wanted to like this game, but after 1/2 way through my mind was made up - bad game design. Still, a gold trophy for beating it is rather nice. This game was very frustrating to me, although some of the battles were darn right cool. Thor's powers were neat.
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on March 23, 2015
Late to the party on this one but a number of years but i'll leave a review anyway :)

I've read the reviews about this game over the last year or so, and I figured I'd opt out; but I saw it the other day so I decided eh, ok, i'll pick it up for funsies. This game is def not going to win any awards (but hey you have Hemsworth and Hiddleston doing the roles so that saves it at least a little, ok?!) but if you're a nerd like me and just love the characters and the world, then you'll just enjoy it for what it is.

The combat is button mashy (at least, this is how I'm playing it. there are entirely too many moves/combos in my opinion) and sometimes its all way too simple in some spots that it becomes more complicated than it really needs to be (lol) but yeah if you find this for cheap and again, just love the characters and world, then you'll be ok with it if you have a weekend to kill. :) They even include some comic book facts during some of the loading screens, which Is pretty nifty.

Also, if you use the HDMI hook up for the PS3 then the graphics are tons better than the yellow/red/white hook up. :P
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on May 15, 2013
This is another great playstation 3 game to get at first I wasn't interested in the game but the more I played it the more I like it it's just like the movie great graphics and great game to play buy it
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on March 19, 2014
When I play games that are movie tie-in's, I don't tend to expect much considering that the majority of the time they are rushed out to coincide with the films release date. But as a casual gamer who only plays games ever once in a while, I've found more than a few of them to be enjoyable, if forgettable.

After enjoying the Thor film and some of the past Marvel video games, I thought I'd give this game a try as it looked like a fun hack and slash game that wouldn't require a lot of time to put in. Now I really hate using this phrase as I think many people overuse it whenever they play a really bad game since they aren't as critical as me, but I am not joking when I say this is one of the worst games I've ever played!

First off, the presentation of the game is just plain ugly. The graphics look like a late generation PS2 or Xbox game than something on PlayStation 3. The gameplay itself is even worse as the game plays out like a half-assed God of War rip off. Unlike God of War, the game has almost no combos and I found myself using the same of the attack over and over again throughout levels to defeat enemies. The camera is also a disaster failing to focus on your character half of the time and was the cause for a lot of my deaths in the platforming sections of the game.

I normally finish even the most lackluster games before selling them, but after only 3 levels I went ahead a let this one go. It was just so frustrating that I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Even if you are a diehard Thor fan, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! It is absolutely terrible!
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