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on September 16, 2011
Not As Bad As The Reviews Make It Seem.

I've been eyeing this game ever since the movie came out over the summer. I've notice the price drop gradually week after week and sometimes even day after day. Well, the movie is finally out on DVD and I ended up getting the game to coincide with the DVD release. I thought long and hard before buying this title. The price is RIGHT! It finally dropped to fifteen bucks, so i caved in, and brought it. With all these one star reviews, i refused to purchase it at anything higher than twenty bucks. The one star reviews are being way to critical. Yes, this game has some flaws, but all those flaws have nothing to do with technical glitches and are more about the game play itself. This is an action adventure game. Thor walks around and beats up bad guys (The same ones over and over, no variety whatsoever), goes from level to level, encounters a villain for the final boss battle and moves on. Nothing groundbreaking, same formula found in games from the 80's. Except that formula worked well in the 80's during the NES and Sega Genesis era when there wasn't much variety or options and home gaming and arcades games were relatively new to t he masses. Remember 'Streets of Rage 2'? It was repetitive, but worked. Anyways, it could have worked well here also, but it doesn't. Does that mean it makes this game awful? Absolutely not, but it does make the game very repetitious. THOR lacks the excitement for the gamer to continue on. Games these days need to offer more variety especially with the capabilities that game developers have at their fingertips. With cutting edge Mario games, other game developers really need to step up to the plate to deliver addictive titles.

I know the game has been trashed for its graphics as being too PS2-esque, but that didn't bother me so much. I am a comic book fan and for fifteen dollars, this is a decent game. Hell, i even enjoyed the 'Catwoman' video game for goodness sakes. Trust me, there are far worst games out there than this. This just happened to get a truly bad wrap because THOR has never had a video game of his own and i believe gamers had high expectations for his first outing. Unfortunately, the movie was FANTASTIC and the game is mediocre at best, but still has its high and low points. This game manages to throw in `God of War' and `Ghostrider' elements into its game play which keeps things interesting and I appreciated that. I'm also being very generous with my four-star review. It is more like three and a half.
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on August 2, 2011
Well I've never seen the movie but I really enjoyed this game.I usually enjoy any game with action/fighting and adventure. No problems with it at all!I love the boss battles in this and the combat!I couldn't be more satisfied with it =)
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on August 6, 2011
This is by far the worst game i have ever played. I urge everyone NOT to buy this game. I'm going to break it down piece by piece to show you.

SEGA made a good decision using Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor, and Loki, respectively. However, Loki may as well not even been in the game. his role is so minor, I forgot he was in the game until the next to last level. Thor sounds like an idiot. I loved Hemsworth in the movie, but his dialogue is the worst in any superhero game I've ever played. He quickly becomes very annoying. The other characters are just about what you would expect for a cheap movie tie-in.

Horrible. This game is a poor man's God Of War. The visuals suck too. The first character you see is Odin, and he shakes so much, it's like he's having a seizure. This game becomes so tedious it is just not fun to play. Thor looks horrible. The best looking character is Mangog, and you dont really get to see him till the end. SEGA flat out rushed this game. Bad controls, bad visuals, and poorly rendered characters.

The 3D is terrible. Now, on the back of my copy, it said glasses were inside, but there were none. Now I don't know if that's a typo or a packing error, but the 3D is so bad, I don't really care.

So, I say just stick with the film version. This game a'int worth the 30 bucks I spent on it. Don't make the same mistake I did
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on May 8, 2011
Thor: God of Thunder is a movie tie-in game that could of been very unique and fun but instead turns out to be a very bad clone of God of War mixed with some The Force Unleashed (in my opinion). While I do not own a physical copy of Thor I was given the opportunity to play through the game by a friend and in doing so I was glad I did not purchase the title, despite being a big fan of Thor.

This is one of the major problem this game has in my opinion. What we have here is a bad clone of God of War mixed with a little The Force Unleashed style gameplay. I enjoyed both titles and the hack and slash style of gameplay. However, Thor's execution of this gameplay style was poorly implemented. After the first hour of smashing and electrocuting mobs I began to notice there is very little in the way of enemy variety or reason to even use your combos. Just mashing attack is often good enough (on normal difficulty setting) to get past most mobs with the occasional need to perform a simple combo attack to break a mob's armor and such. Like in God of War, when you kill mobs you will get experience points pretty much and can use them on a grid to level Thor's abilities up. The grid I felt was easy to use despite having a complex look to it. Included in the gameplay are numerous bugs that plague the title. Animation glitches, sound glitches, bad dialogue, poor physics engine the list goes on. While the problems are not game breaking, they are annoying and some of the bugs I ran into were down right inexcusable to have in a game. ( Next objective did not load for me twice during my playthrough. Restarting at the last checkpoint/save resolved it ). My biggest gripe about the gameplay is the poor execution of the grapple. Sometimes you will get the grapple notification and I would grapple the mob only to have the mob "automatically" counter my grapple and throw me away. It seemed completely random and I never could figure out why the enemy was able to just randomly counter me(could of been a PS3 bug as it didn't happen nearly as much on the 360).

I would say the graphics in this game are lacking. In fact early 360/PS3 or perhaps almost PS2/Xbox level at times. At times it felt like the Remastered God of War II where they took a 480p game and remastered it in 720p. It looked nice but you can tell something wasn't right. There are plenty of graphical hiccups throughout the game including a funny moment where Thor's cap actually rendered backwards and he was walking around with his cape over his chest for about 5 minutes. Don't expect mind blowing graphics from this title pretty much.. however the game is 3D capable. I was not able to test this feature out however due to a lack of a 3DTV.

When it comes to music and sound effects I would say they are fair. The game uses the actors from the movie so there is some care and thought put into the dialogue, even if it was sometimes very cheesy. Game sound effects were not bad either but seemed to lack some power/muscle to them at times. STORY wise, this is a movie tie-in game which technically does not follow the movie. In a way this is good since it tries to be its own entity while using the movie actors and voices. However the storyline is very shallow and is essentially there to give you a reason to move to the next room of bad guys to smash.

It took me about 7-8 hours to beat the game on the standard difficulty setting (Midguardian). Throughout the game you will find various bosses to slay and of course hidden collectibles. The placement and nature of the collectibles reminds me a bit of The Force Unleashed here as these collectibles will unlock additional costumes, colors for Thor's lightning, etc. The added replay value here really isn't in the gameplay or storyline... but that these collectible items have DIFFICULTY REQUIREMENTS. Some of the collectibles you will be unable to pick up unless you are playing on the proper difficulty.

Sadly I have to give THOR 1 star (an F rating in my book). The game is plagued with problems, and feels a bit like a fancy PS2 / Xbox title trying to mimic God of War II but left off much of what made that game fun. Is Thor: God of War a horrible game that should be avoided like the Lunchroom Meatloaf? No. It is a game that just has many problems and feels rushed and badly executed. Playing through the game, you can feel and even see the potential for a great game here that could of even brought some unique aspects into the genre but instead just got thrown out there to capitalize on the movie. With that said I feel Thor: God of Thunder is the kind of game that is perfect as a weekend RENTAL
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on January 1, 2015
I bought this game because it was cheap and thought it would be good for some easy achievement points. This game is borderline broken and not fun to play. There is another Thor game on the Nintendo DS that is universally liked, if you want a Thor game try that one instead.
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on January 10, 2013
I enjoy this game because I am a die-hard Thor fan, I like difficult, repetitive games. If you aren't any of this things, I would recommend avoiding this game. It is a game adaptation from the movie, so really what can you expect. However, it takes you to more places that you didn't get to go to in the movie.
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on June 22, 2011
This game may not have met some of the loftier expectations of some superhero and video game enthusiasts, but I didn't think that it was just awful, either. It certainly has it's faults, and is not worth purchase as a brand new $ 60 game. At the $ 20 (or less) price point, however, it is a game that offers plenty of fun to be had.

Superhero video games are either a massive hit, or massive miss. Rocksteady really set the bar with the two Batman (Arkham) games that they made, and this game is absolutely nowhere near that level of production and polish.

In Marvel's stable of characters, and in my own opinion, I feel like the game X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the game to beat. It is well made with a grood amount of polish.

This lands right in between. It won't "Wow" you with it's production, but is is some solid "beat 'em up" fun.


It is definitely fun to play as Thor.

It has a fairly deep combat system, which is better than you would have expected from it.

Decent enough story line.

Not terribly difficult.


The graphics could have been much better. They are, in my opinion, about the equivalent of good XBOX graphics, but not so much "Next Gen".

Some of the character models (their bodies) are drastically misproportioned, but it creates a few good "What the Hell is this?" laughs.

The basic controls can feel a bit wonky at times.

The game feels a bit undercooked and unfinished.

I am someone who doesn't buy the "Short Production Cycle" excuse for lousy movie tie-in games. Especially for such prized characters as the Marvel and DC stable of properties.

They definitely rushed through the creation of this game, and took some glaring shortcuts.

If I was rating it on production value alone, 1 or 2 stars would be what I would give it. But, I like Thor, and had a lot of fun with this game. And I'll play it through again.

There is fun to be had, but moreso for fans of the character to overlook the game's sometimes glaring shortcomings.
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on November 22, 2012
I'm kind of confused as to why so many people have hated this game. Its really not as bad as people make it seem. I don't like how much it differs from the movie, though. That really bugs me. But I like killing Frost Giants so that's a plus.
Also Tom Hiddleston's voice is in there so...that's always fantastic.
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on January 2, 2016
I liked the first 10 minutes but the more I played the worse it got. The combat is bad you sometimes miss an enemy despite being a foot away. There's parts were you have to build up a meter by fighting and it takes forever. You fight the same enemies over and over. It looks awful. The boss fights are awful and tedious. It's one of the most frustrating Games I've played in a while. Constant deaths due to bad collision detection and bad controls are common. I wanted to like this game, coming off the fun iron man 2 game and the hulk game I was ready to like this but this game is baaaaaad in almost every way.
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on June 6, 2013
I played this on HARD MODE. (the hardest difficulty has to be unlocked by beating the game)

the GOOD
plot is pretty good.
voice actors were great.
soundtrack had that epic sound through the entire game.
the sound effects of the thunder were a favorite of mine too!
You will be yelling as you fry your foes!!
and the game has Game+!! so your items carry over! so that adds replay value.

the BAD
the graphics are average.
the combat system is simple. nothing super deep at all.
Thor is overpowered versus the smaller goons/enemies.
Thor upgrade system is too simple.
sometimes its buggy

I think the game deserves 3 stars but
if this game had more tough bosses i would've given it 5 stars I swear!
Games now don't have hard fights like this anymore.
When you know their pattern & beat them you REALLY feel like Thor!!

If you liked the movie, get this.
Amazon has it for less than $20!
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