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on July 24, 2012
There is a lot of information here and it moves at a rapid pace but I found it very enjoyable and the subject is fascinating. Watching this caused me to seek out more videos and Tech Talks because I couldn't get enough of the subject matter. The first 5 minutes are a nice summary to show people who might not enjoy the more technical parts.

Nuclear energy is a proven technology but has a few downsides with how we currently do it that make some people dismiss it as a solution to our carbon emission problem. This documentary describes an old but innovative reactor design that has almost none of the problems a light water nuclear reactor has but was unfortunately not pursed due to politics. The creator was forced to retire when he expressed concerns about the safety of the light water nuclear reactors we use today (he was also the creator of the light water nuclear reactor).

The editing can be a little abrasive at times but I'm willing to overlook that since the information density required to say everything kind of demands it. At the very least it's an interesting historical look at an overlooked part of the history of nuclear reactor research.
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on February 21, 2015
THORIUM ! .... Because your future depends on it. What a great documentary! I can't imagine how an other single concept could spark so much hope for humanity and the planet. I must add that the father of today's light water nuclear reactors used through out the world endorses THORIUM! Vastly superior, infinitely safer, thousands of times more efficient. I'm betting my life. I vest it in THORIUM. Not "just" an idle concept but an actual WORKING nuclear reactor mothballed by the Nixon administration. Let us resurrect Thor to save the world. If not for us but for our children and our grand children's future. I'm happy for them.
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on May 25, 2012
I have supported the film maker of this video by purchasing this DVD and contributed money through [...] for his new venture to improve on this version. In 30 years, people will watch Thorium Remix 2011 and marvel at how smart you were to have bought this soon to be collector's item. Don't know about Thorium and how it will shape the future: Buy this and then buy this:

Then when you are at cocktail parties and other gatherings quietly bring up thorium and impress your friends with your foresight and breadth of knowledge. Years from now your acquaintances and friends will remark on when they first heard about the promise of thorium (from you!!!!) and how it will change history.
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on April 8, 2014
I heard about the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor from a friend at work and decided to do some research. I'll have to say I wasn't surprised to learn that we (the US) had developed alternatives to the Nuclear Reactor that were shelved. The cold war was a tough time and fear got the best of our nation so we used reactors that would enrich uranium to weapons grade to feed the fear-based need for more bombs.

At this point, any research in sustainable energy technology is a good thing and should be heavily supported. Frankly I'm sure the LFTR would be up an running if they got a tenth of what the US Goverment has already spent on the F-35 ($390 Billion I believe at this point). Lets rethink our priorities here America.
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on July 27, 2012
I found this when researching into the topic of energy from Thorium and this video is pretty much the 'go to' source for information on LFTR. As the other reviewers have said it does move at a very fast pace and is quite detailed in places so can result in a bit of information overload, but I remember watching this for the first time and walking away with just the words 'WHY ARE WE NOT DOING THIS?!' stuck in my head. Even a year later I am still holding to these words. If you want a hard copy of the information to give to friends, send to a representative or just for posterity I'd recommend this. If you just want to absorb the information then there are copies of this on YouTube which you are welcome to watch, edit and remix!
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on February 11, 2014
The producers of this film are science and technology historians, yet also futurists, when it comes to the topic of nuclear energy and more efficient fuel cycles. The heavy duty work on thorium, an element close to uranium on the periodic table but far more abundant, was done in the 1960s and 1970s. It was believed at the time that coal and uranium would become exhausted over several decades. Those scientists are still right, but now we have the climate and sea level to worry about as well.

This film, albeit an independent film, covers a range of academia, Google talks, and the views of regular everyday people on the topic. It is an invitation to learn more about nuclear energy, and in particular the breeding approach, which takes a "fertile" element like thorium-232 or uranium-238 and, through the thermal and fast neutrons that are emitted from radioactive elements, converts them into "fissile" elements, namely U-233 or U-239 respectively, which can be "burned" in a reactor to produce steam and electricity.

To go further on this topic, one can turn to a book by Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner, "Symmetries and Reflections," in which the second part covers nuclear energy and its prospects. Or one can look to Prof. Freeman Dyson, a long-time member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. One of his colleagues, Theodore ("Ted") B. Taylor is described by Prof. Dyson: "Very few people have Ted's imagination. ... I think he is perhaps the greatest man that I ever knew well. And he is completely unknown." (reference: author John McPhee and Wikipedia). Significantly, Dr. Taylor was a supporter of the inherently safe reactor design of the LFTR, and of new research into "thermal breeder reactors" (which are distinct from fast breeder reactors, as were built in France, etc.). For more details on Dr. Taylor's research, he provides a summary in his book, "The Restoration of the Earth." Amazon comments there provide quotations about his strong support for R&D into a LFTR-type thermal breeder reactor.

For more contemporary opinion about the need for breeder reactor R&D, and its potential for both uranium and thorium resources, one may look at "Powering the Future" by Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Laughlin. There is a consensus among past and current top scientists the vast potential of nuclear energy; but have even one percent (1%) of US senators or representatives read summaries of these Nobel Laureates' books or articles? If not, the US may be at a great disadvantage to China, whose politburo or equivalent leadership is composed largely of credentialed engineers, according an article in The Economist.
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on June 29, 2014
Just happened to be reading "The making of the Atomic Bomb" when I saw this and indeed thorium was early in the mix for nuclear power. It just lacks the ability to produce fissionable material like the process we went with does. Thorium indeed is the way we should go. Clean, cheap.
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on May 30, 2014
India and China have invested heavily into this form of nuclear energy. Great movie to provide an overview of how it works. Seems to be unbiased as the pro- Thorium Nuclear Reactor proponents are not part of big oil OR the current nuclear lobby. Worth a watch.
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on December 6, 2012
Thorium Remix 2011. This DVD spells out the many reasons that Thorium should be considered
as a replacement for Uranium in nuclear reacters in power plants
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on January 14, 2015
Great information just sadly produced at a very low quality. This could do with a better telling and more professional film making group.
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