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on January 10, 2011
This product is worth its weight in gold. The diet outlined by Thorne is just about as 'clean eating' as you can get. I dropped from 182 lbs to 170 lbs in 10 days, I believe there was alot of bloat in my gut and just following the diet drastically improved this.
It is not easy to follow as they want you to cut out coffee, sugar, etc. I am a coffee junkee and need my cup of joe everyday. So I eliminated everything but my ONE cup of coffee and I still did great.
My skin was clearer: it eliminated some dryness and acne that had cropped up
My stomach went flat
I felt great and my energy went through the roof
It got rid of inflammation
As with any good meal plan, you have GOT to follow it and PLAN your meals. For many people this is tough. However, the rewards of this eating plan and using Mediclear will put your life on track.
*It also tastes like crap if you drink it plain. My recommendation is this:
Use two scoops as told - put in blender, then add the following:
use Almond Milk
Add a handful of blueberries (excellent antioxidant)
Add a handful of frozen strawberries (excellent vitamin C)
1/2-1 banana
Add 1/2 cup of nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt (Trader Joes, or Nancy's organic) - although this is on the naughty list
Add ice
Blend - Viola! Yummy! (and the only way to get it down)
I love this product!
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on October 2, 2010
My other half and I did this program together as laid out by Thorne Research. It was not easy. Preparing all of your food is time consuming, especially when you have to stop and think what you can use for subsitutes for the things you are supposed to eliminate from your diet. It did make a person stop to think whether you're really hungry. The recipes in the booklet for this cleanse were very helpful and some we still use today

The mix was best disguised in juice made in a VitaMix. We thought it was pretty disagreable until we ran out and tried filling in with another brand until more came in the mail...It made the MediClear seem quite palletable!

In the end, it was very worth it. Hubby's cholesterol was the lowest it has ever been, allowing him to go from 40mg Lipitor to 10! Also, digestive problems that were previously label IBS were discovered to be dairy allergies.

Recommendations: Prepare ahead of time. You will need a lot of specialty ingredients to make the foods that are allowed on the diet, and this is pricey. If you have a food co-op in your area, get a membership! Plan your menu ahead of time, knowing it is still going to take longer. Be prepared for the energy drop if you choose to do week 2 without meat as recommended. For one person to be on this program for three weeks will require 2 containers of MediClear. Two people may be able to stretch 3 containers. Last, a VitaMix is very helpful in this process. Being able to make soups and smoothies alone was a lifesaver.
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on June 2, 2012
I love Mediclear. I tried to use it a few years back but I was put off by the taste and not motivated enough. I've recently decided to use it to try and get my body back in order as I have many food allergies and they are starting to weigh me down throughout the day. I was feeling lethargic and groggy all day, craving sugars and fatty foods and could barely get a glass of water down. Within the first few days of drinking mediclear my body put a halt to all those bad habits! My appetite decreased to such a small amount I was shocked at how much I was eating before. Not only that, but I only want to eat fresh, clean, unprocessed foods and I crave drinking water all day! This is amazing to me. I didn't know about the diet that goes along with mediclear as my doctor hadn't mentioned it, but in just listening to my body's response to mediclear, my change in diet has been effortless and I feel FANTASTIC. I must agree that it tastes horrid, bowever, I make it with chilled water and that mellows out the flavor a lot. As my body is getting cleaner, I'm finding that the flavor bothers me less and less and interestingly enough, I think I might be starting to associate the flavor with comfort because it is so nourishing to my body. I've been with it for a month now and I am going to keep drinking it for as long as I can. I love Mediclear.
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on February 20, 2013
This product tastes like chalk, costs me $75/month, and made me nauseous when I first started drinking it. It also completely repaired my immune system and put an end to 6 months of chronic, constant colds and flus. I have energy again! I can work, I can play, I can sleep, I feel rested when I wake up. When I don't drink MediClear Plus I notice a huge difference. This product basically saved my life. It no longer makes me feel sick and with a banana, spinach and cacao, the smoothies are palatable. Totally worth it!
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on May 25, 2014
I do 30 day cleanses 4 times a year and this has been by far the best supplement to accompany it. Being a woman I take 1 scoop every morning (rather than the recommended 2) for breakfast by blending with spinach, kale, blueberries, raw maca, raw cacao, hemp seeds, fresh coconut meat and water, and spiralina. Than eat a raw lunch and have this drink again or bone broth for dinner.
It has NO sugar which is WHY it is so good. Many others have sweeteners like stevia which get so gagging gross after a few days of drinking. This stuff has an earthy mild taste that is so nice.
I work for a holistic MD and a Naturopath and this is the stuff they recommend to all patients for a daily supplement regardless of your lifestyle. Your energy goes through the roof, the brain fog is lifted and every patient who tries it is hooked.
Just try replacing a meal with this stuff. Either breakfast or dinner (always save your biggest meal of the day for lunch). Blend it with a SMALL amount of fruit (sugar is sugar and its gonna wreak havoc in your body no matter the source) and lots of greens for an amazing treat.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.
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on July 19, 2012
I did two actions for two months prior to my successful recovery and leaving hospital in 1/2 planned stay from 15 hour brain surgery to remove a tumor from my brain stem. I have continued these actions for three years and remain committed to continuing them. One action is using Nutrilite food supplements to strengthen my health and mind. Second action is following my naturalpath doctor recommendation of Mediclear Plus as part of daily morning drink mix. Also, I'm following my doctor's recommedation of discovering what foods cause inflammation in my body and eliminating those foods from my diet.
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on August 30, 2013
My naturopath recommended for me to try this. I stuck to the diet pretty much. The elimination portion of the diet is in part to eliminate potential allergens. I just had a huge blood panel done for food allergies so I know for sure what I am allergic to. So, that being said, I still had my morning coffee with a little bit of cream since I'm not allergic to dairy. I just finished the cleanse. I feel much better. I had been so fatigued before I started it and was napping 2 hours almost every day, got nothing done, felt sluggish, starting to get depressed, etc. ; it was not fun. I have so much more energy I can hardly believe it. I didn't care for the powder plain as others had said. I have food and some nut allergies (eliminates Almond milk for me) and am lactose intolerant so here's my smoothie recipe that was easy for me and tasted pretty good:

2 scoops of the powder
1 cup of fruit (I typically used mango or peaches)
1 cup of orange juice
1 cup of unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (I like So Delicious)
Stevia to taste if you want it a little sweeter.

I lost some weight maybe 6 pounds. I had hoped to lose a little more, but I know I've increased muscle mass since I now have the energy to do more things and exercise more. My clothes fit a lot better and I feel 10 times better and healthier than when I started. So, the number on the scale isn't really that important in the big picture. I think I'm going to keep going with it for breakfast using my smoothie. Its a good, nutritious breakfast that's quick to make and since I'm not a huge breakfast person, easy works for me!
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on August 28, 2013
I bought this for my mom after her diagnosis of breast cancer on the advice of a ND. Her blood-work was great during the whole course of chemo.
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on July 9, 2013
I love the new formula of MediClear Plus. With the original formula, I was having trouble with diverticulitis, but this is a smoother powder that works for me.
I make a morning smoothie every day with this and add frozen and/or fresh fruit, almond or rice milk, some probiotic powder and maybe some green tea macha. I guess I'd be lying if I said it's delicious, but I've gotten used to the taste and now it's the perfect breakfast for me. It takes only a minute and I can drink it in the car or on the train if I'm running late. I will never have to skip breakfast again!
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on May 30, 2015
After years of infertility and miscarriages, I went to a Naturopath. She said inflammation and sugar have a big impact. I used Mediclear Plus and did the Cleanse for a month and got pregnant without any other treatment. I couldn't believe it. I still drink 1 glass a morning. I use Almond Milk and add 1/2 banana, peanut butter and either agave or maple syrup with lots of ice. I like the way it tastes. To improve the texture, blend it longer. I'm a believer.
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