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on February 8, 2012
I actually love the stand as it is the most versatile stand on the market. It's best used if simply viewing a movie and not touching your iPad. But it's a flexible coil stand that is not a solid piece of metal like some of the other Thought Out stands, so when you type on the iPad, the iPad will make many small oscillations before it becomes completely still again (which can make you a little dizzy after a short while of typing). This is probably the major "con" for me.

When you coil the stand, try to make the coils as "tight" as possible (the smallest diameter). The stand is flexible and if positioned just right (or should I say "just wrong") then the weight of the iPad on the twisted coil can make the coil droop and sag. It doesn't happen often, but it can happen because physics and gravity are sometimes more powerful than the stand's design. This is the only other con, besides the price.

Other than those items listed above, this stand is awesome! I can put it on the desk next to my desktop computer and watch movies while doing work. I can do dishes and place the stand in a convenient place to Facetime with family. I can lie flat on my back in bed and have the stand to have the iPad "hover" over my chest without having to use my hands to hold it up (like I used to have to do).

I want to try it out in the car and attach it to the back and headrest of the passenger seat so my daughter can watch movies and shows on trips. We'll see if that works... Until then, I'm gonna enjoy the stand indoors.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2011
I purchased this for my iPad, but it also doubles as a stand for my Kindle and hardcover books. I've been playing around with other items as a test of this item's sturdiness. Due to my combat injuries, my neck just isn't that flexible any more. I thought this might help me with avoiding muscle fatigue and hyper-extension in my neck (a too-common complaint with tablet computing).

I don't know If there's a weight limit before the stand starts to sag, but I used a 3-pound speaker on the stand and then put it beside my living room chair.

I really can't believe how flexible it is either. I'm using it right now to hold my iPad2 while I type. I don't have to fumble with holding it while typing.

But with the increased craftsmanship and solid construction, it also means this product will be rigid. If you have joint pain, it might be difficult to set up the stand, but then again, once it's in place, it might just be the thing you need to take off the stress on sore/arthritic fingers.

I am pleased with the purchase. I like how easily I can manipulate it. I haven't tried the optional grapple yet.


+Sturdy, attractive
+Doesn't feel cheaply made
+Does not sag or bounce while typing
+Can be manipulated depending on surroundings
+Doesn't snag fabric
+More portable than similarly strong supports


-Heavy for its size
-Difficult to tighten mount or cable (with joint problems)
-Takes a fair amount of force to arrange
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on February 2, 2013
Although I don't believe this product should be $99, nor is its simplicity worth that much, I imagine being made in the USA comes with certain markups since we don't pay our employees less than $5 a day like China does, so I bought it anyway. It's nice to finally be buying something not made in China, actually. I also paid to have it ship forwarded to me here in Saudi Arabia, since there's nothing comparable here, so with it's weight it cost me considerably more.

It is as heavy as expected, and pleasantly firm to move. I was worried it would be like electrical coil, but looser and that it wouldn't stay UP, but it does. It comes with directions on how to work the coil, a tiny bit confusing but understandable once you play with it a while. It also has more options for standing besides the coil in the picture, which is shown in the instructions, and was a pleasant surprise.

I want to give 4.5 stars, partially because of the price, but also because the cradle isn't very "stabile" and is merely a stand to set the ipad on, instead of a cradle that will hug the pad firmly. There's no way to use it anything but vertical or slightly tilted back, because it will just fall right off, so I guess buying the accessory clamp is necessary. I might try using my silicone grip to hold it by putting the cradle in between the silicone and the ipad. We'll see. Technically I bought it for use on my desk at work, so I won't be lying in bed trying to read with it yet.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the strong, permanent *feel* and that it's exactly as pictured. I'm glad I purchased it. Don't buy it without the clamp accessory (which really should be included, Stabile folks...) unless it will just be on a desk with you sitting exactly in front of it.

***2 years later- forgot to mention the pivot rack for the pad broke off the cable less than a year after purchase (odd for such a heavy, heavy duty item) and I glued it back on with metal glue. Just hope it holds.
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on October 13, 2013
I was very disappointed in this. I was hoping to have a nice mount for beside my bed. No such luck. Some of the other reviews warned of a plastic part that broke really easily when tightened. Mine broke right off. Definitely a design flaw. The cable stand part is pretty sturdy but doesn't bend enough to wrap around anything less than 10 inches wide. Sent it back the the next day.
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on November 18, 2013
Bought this for a friend who really wanted a dynamic stand that could work with his nexus 7. We knew it was going to be a little big for that device going into the purchase (considering this is made for an ipad), but it still works out well. Its just big enough to work in portrait mode, and definitely makes it across the gap in landscape. The coil is way more rigid than I was expecting, which is good, because it means its not going to lose form under weight. Its length is more than adequate and allows you to position it in a number of useful ways. There apparently is a clip you can buy that will clamp down on the top side so it will hold the tablet in place if you want to lean it forward (screen facing down), but from the pictures it didn't look like it'd accomodate different sizes so we didn't buy it. But just fyi, it does exist for the ipad.
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on January 26, 2012
In a word: fantastic!

I have a half dozen other iPad stands and this is without a doubt the best.

I recently broke my ankle, leaving me incapacitated, having to keep my foot elevated and sit in the same chair all day long for 7 weeks. I also have a herniated disc in my neck which has caused problems for years when sitting in one position and staring at a computer screen. The adjustability of this stand is a godsend. I can coil it up and put it on a table that goes over my chair; I can coil it and place it under my seat cushion so that it becomes "part" of my chair; I can even place it on the floor or wrap it around a floor lamp. In any of these positions, I can adjust it so that it is close to my face, over a bluetooth keyboard, or setback so that I can watch a movie with my wife. If my neck gets sore, I can quickly and easily change the height or the angle so that I can shift to a more comfortable position. Also, it has an infinite number of angles that I can adjust in order to eliminate reflections.

It is stable, does not sag or change position, heavy enough to stay put, and really cool looking.

Everyone who sees it says, "cool!", and then starts to play with it, changing the angle and interrupting my work.
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on January 10, 2015
if it was meant to sit on a table this would of been fine, I needed this to wrap around a pole and hold tight and it could not do that, I returned this. The coil is not as sturdy as We would of liked even before it didn't preform.
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on May 4, 2014
Fourth-generation iPad with a case and it stands up perfectly. To really test it I left it sitting up on the sofa for two days and it hasn't fallen. I wasn't able to slide it under the cushions of my sofa because they are sewn down. I slid it under the sofa at the floor and between the cushion and the armrest. I was also able to set it up in the bed.
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on September 20, 2012
I've been using this for my iPad (3) for the last few months. I have neck problems and I cannot use it with my head bent forward for more than just a minute. This stand works great for me; I carry it from room to room and adjust it as needed depending on what I am doing. I will add that it wouldn't hold my iPad when I was laying nearly flat, as I had to tilt the screen so far forward that the iPad would fall off the stand. I fixed this problem by attaching a self-adhesive Velcro strip onto the middle of the stand and another strip right over the apple logo on the back of my iPad. This works like a charm and now I can put the screen at any angle. By the way, you can remove the Velcro from either stand or iPad and once you wipe the underlying leftover goop, they look good as new.

Finally, the stand is aesthetically pleasing. Everyone who sees it comments on how cool it is and it looks great on my kitchen counter.
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on October 17, 2013
I found that the ball rotated my ipad around too loosely so did not hold it still in one position. The coil is an excellent idea, the grapple does hold the ipad good but the rotating ball does not suit my needs therefore reluctantly, I returned this item.
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