Customer Reviews: Thoughtless
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on February 7, 2012
Having fallen in love with Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster" and "Providence" and becoming obsessed with E.L James' Shades of Grey Trilogy, I went into S.C Stephens with incredible excitement. There is nothing better then wonderfully written characters who are finding themselves and eachother through a series of passionate encounters (whether it be sex or argument). Thoughtless certainly did NOT dissapoint!

Stephens wrote characters both main and supporting that were fun and lovable..passionate and likable. I found myself volleying back and forth between who I wanted our heroine (Kiera) to choose in the all inmportant love triangle between her, Denny, and Kellen. I truelly wanted too befriend each and every band member and bar employee. I loved the way both Denny and Kellen not only showed their love for Kiera but they grew from the experience and became stronger men from the experience....

Here in lies the problem (my inablity to give the fifth star). Kiera! In the other books I mentioned previously the heroines, while self-conscious, were strong capible women. They were able to make hard choices and stand behind them.
I read this entire book in love with each of the main characters..just waiting patiently for Kiera to make her all important show that she was strong and worth what these two incrediable men saw in her...and she didn't..

Kiera's weakiness as a heroine actually ruined what should have been a beautiful ending. Without giving away which amazing man "won" in the end...I can honestly say...I am not sure she deserved either one of them...
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on July 10, 2012
Thoughtless is going straight onto my favorites shelf!! Let me start by saying that I was extremely hesitant to read this book because it had to do with a cheating and I could not imagine how I could fall in love with a story about that. I figured if a couple's relationship started out like that, then it is utimately doomed to fail and who wants to read a depressing story? I was so very wrong!!

This book basically answers one very intriguing question: What do you do when you meet your soul mate, the love of your life, when you are in love with someone else? What would YOU do? I honestly have no idea what I would do in the situation. Especially if the man I am in a relationship with was as wonderful and as perfect as Denny. I will agree with the 'haters' of this book that Keira handles it poorly, as does Kellan bc Denny is really the brother he never had. But seriously people, if you were in this situation, could you honestly say you would handle it differently? It is one of those blow you out of the water scenarios that you have NO IDEA how to handle even if it's happening to you. Keira is naive and immature. She has tethered her entire life's happiness to Denny bc he is her perfect first love. A lot of us made that mistake as young adults. Then, as a circumstance out of their control pulls Keira and Denny apart, along comes Kellan, her soul mate whom she is completely drawn to, and she is thrown for a loop. And poor Kellan has never even come close to being in love, so how can he resist his feelings for Keira? You start off thinking their feelings are purely nothing but physical attraction, but believe me you learn it is so much more than that.

Thoughtless accurately portrays the emotional rollercoaster that you could imagine would ensue from such a complex situation. It is real and honest. You will love and hate both Keira and Kellan. I wanted to strangle both of them multiple times, but I feel that way about myself and other people when dealing with such tense and emotional circumstances. No one is perfect, not even the characters in this story; which I am so happy about bc if they had been perfect what a boring story that would be.

I am so in love with Kellan btw! How could you not be? He is a drop dead gorgeous rock star with an injured past who desperately loves Keira and needs her to love him in return. Hello, that is every girls dream! And the love scenes in this book are so steamy! You felt the connection between Keira and Kellan. It was electrifying!

Bottom line, this is an amazing love story and if you start the book with the question I presented at the beginning of this review in mind, then I promise you will love it. Yes, cheating is wrong, and yes, the characters are flawed, but love will make you do crazy and sometimes impossibly wrong things! Also, believe it or not, the sequel Effortless is even better!
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on January 11, 2012
Kiera and boyfriend Denny move out to Seattle for a job opportunity for Denny. Kiera has left her family behind and has transferred universities in order for them to stay together. They rent a room from Denny's childhood friend Kellan Kyle. Kellan is a local music celebrity. He's beautiful, kind, and attractive in every way possible. A job obligation takes Denny to Arizona leaving Kiera behind. During this time, Kiera and Kellan grow closer. Denny is forced to make a career decision, which changes everything for he and Kiera. Needing comfort, Kiera turns to Kellan. One night changes everything.

My Take:
This is a long book, but it reads very fast! Thoughtless was so compelling to me. I immediately fell in love with Kellan, but also had a soft spot for Denny. Kellan has some deep, dark issues that shape who he is as a person, but he is a complete sweetheart. Denny is also so sweet to Kiera. I could see why she would be attracted to both men. Even with Denny's turn of events, the force drawing Kiera and Kellan together would not have been stopped. At some point, something would have happened with them. Even though Kiera made some bad choices, I still really liked her and could relate to her in a lot of ways. I felt bad for her. She had a lot to learn and she really did grow from the experience. There are some gut wrenching moments, there is laughter, there is love, and lots of turmoil. The thing that makes this book and situation seem real is that no one ever wins in a love triangle. Everyone always gets hurt in some way and you truly see the effect on everyone in this book. Now, I'm a big fan of getting a happy ending and it takes a while to get there, but you will. I'm so glad this book was recommended to me. I loved it and haven't stopped thinking about it! The sequel to Thoughtless is called Effortless and is set to be released in eBook format soon. Please go read this book. The writing was impeccable.
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on January 22, 2012
Often, I read a story then dwell on it, just to see if my opinion changes (sometimes it does). Didn't happen with this one... Let me tell you why.

The story had a good premise and the writing style was great. Everyone knows, however, that characters make or break the story. In this case, I could not stand them. I tried to remove spoilers but may have missed a few. Read at your own risk!

The characters:
Keira- the narrator/heroine. I HATE HER!! She's portrayed as an innocent, shy, and sweet girl (in her own thoughts). Except from her actions, she comes across as self-centered, spoiled, and a slut. She sleeps with Denny and Kellan at any given time throughout the whole book and claims she's remorseful but never shows it. Reminds me of when Rhett tells Scarlett she's like the theif that doesn't regret that she stole but that she got caught. Keira, similarily, doesn't regret sleeping with them, just that she loves both and can't choose. I can excuse her sleeping with Kellan the first two times, but when she continues... A few times, she went straight from Kellan's bed to Denny's. Ugh! She never redeems herself. A considerate, honorable, and honest person would have let both go.

Denny- Keira's boyfriend. I liked him until the end, but thought he was too naive. I mean, you're bringing your girlfriend to a guy's house (one who's known for sleeping around) and then basically leaving her there alone. Throughout the story, we're told that they've been together for a few years and he really knows her and understands her. Denny then should have known thst Keira has massive insecuirity issues and might turn to Kellan.

Kellan- The other guy/hero of the story. He is the ONLY character that was redeemable. He was sweet, considerate, generous, understanding. Just an sbsolute sweetheart. I loved that he told her he wasn't going to be her second choice and to move out of his home. I felt for him until he agrees to date her. I wanted him to tell her that even though he hurts and misses her, he can find someone more worthy to be witb than her.

The (quick) plot:
Denny lands a job in Washington and Keira decides to join him because she "loves" him so much and can't be apart from him that long. Be glad she isn't a military wife. So anyway, Denny and Keira move in with his friend, Kellan. Then Denny gets transferred for a while and he does so well at the internship, the firm hires him...for two months outside of Seattle. Keira, of course, can't bear to be apart from him that long so decides to get drunk. Kellan comforts her, and she makes the first move. Denny feels bad and quits the job to come back to her. What ensues is basically Keira cheating on both men because she can't pick one.

The writing style:
It's difficult to master a first-person POV but the author does it well. You can feel the emotions of every person and why they feel/act the way they do. If you're okay with infidelity, this book expresses it well. If not, save your sanity and save your money. Many, many books await.
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on December 7, 2011
Wow. Just. Wow. I haven't been this emotionally vested in a book since Beautiful Disaster, nor as physically responsive as when I read the Twilight series the first time (mind you I had a fever of 102 at the time)... I kept wanting to scream at and shake Kiera for wanting the comforts of Denny, which was completely understandable, but when Kellan started back into his "love the one you're with" tendencies I wanted to scream at him. God, it was gut-wrenching. This book felt so very real for me and and I applaud the author on a job well done!
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on March 12, 2013
How about if we rename this novel "Relentless"? Ms. Stephens gives us scene after scene of a woman playing games and inflicting emotional pain and drama on two men she loves. The heroine, Keira, is insecure and clingy. The two lovely men in her life seem drawn to that neediness, to their discredit and misfortune. Her wishy-washy quality is exceptionally irritating. Around a third of the way into the book, Keira surprises everyone with a brutal, decisive response -- finally, the correct reaction from her -- that gave me hope she was taking charge of her life, but I was mistaken. The unpleasant scenes that follow grind along in a downward spiral. Why would anyone choose two more books with this lily-liver lover? Also: poverty is not a fun situation. The meager household furnishings and her bare bones wardrobe are a serious drag. Can she please have her own car or at least a cellphone?? Ms. Stephens knows that if she allows her characters to live within the norm of the 21st century, with communication tools that allow people to stay connected, the hideous series of misunderstandings, loneliness and heartache she weaves would not hold together. Hold on to your wallet and find a novel from a less manipulative author.
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on January 21, 2012
As this painfully frustrating story kept dragging on and on and on and on, I was keeping hope that things would start to turn around and get good. All the makings of a good story are there... but unfortunately the good story never comes to together, not even close.

Everyone thinks the main character is so "innocent" and "adorable"... I mean every chance she gets she's embarrassed about anything remotely sexual and she's blushing at anything and everything that moves... (at one point I thought to myself "If I have to read the words "blushing" or "blushed" one more time I'm going to pitch the book out into the snow").

BUT let me ask you this... does an "innocent" and "adorable" girl have sex in a bar parking lot with her boyfriend's best friend while her boyfriend is still in the bar taking a work phone call?????? Come on, get real people... "innocent" and "adorable" people don't do that kind of stuff in real life... Slut-ski's do... And of course after the first affair, she feels really bad about it and it eats her away inside, until she decides to do it again... WHATEVER! At that point in the book I started skimming... I just couldn't bring myself to keep reading the painfully indecisive dribble about a horrible little person with two lovable guys tripping over themselves for the affections of a cheating little tramp.

I think the two leading men should have spilt the cost of a one way bus ticket (coach of course) to anywhere far far away for this one-dimensional, selfish and totally clueless main charterer. . . I can't say the last time I was so frustrated and fired up by a book and its main character.

Unless you like weak minded women with no personality, passive aggressive behavior and seedy affairs; Stay clear from this one... Save yourself the time, money and frankly, a lot of frustration...

And just in case you're wondering: you couldn't pay me enough to read the sequel!
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on January 7, 2012
This book has to be one of the best I've read in a long time. Thats not to say it didn't make me uncomfortable from time to time, but it was so realistic in the conflict of all the characters involved. The story of Kellan and Kiera isn't an easy one, but you can't help but root for them, especially him. He is so dynamic that he literally jumps from the pages of the book right into your heart. A definite must read, as long as you can handle the cheating - because it's a dominate part of the book and their story.
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on September 28, 2013
I so wanted to love this book, but sadly, I just don't see what everyone else saw. I wanted to DNF this book many (MANY) times, to throw it in the trash and give up. But with much persuasion, I continued, hoping to find the silver lining that would turn it all around for me. Unfortunately, I never found it...

I ABSOLUTELY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY HATE Kiera!! Move over Bella from Twilight, you've just been replaced by Kiera as my MOST HATED FEMALE CHARACTER. Seriously, how many times can you blush?!! You are NOT INNOCENT; quit pretending to be. She is a WEAK, SELFISH, LYING BITCH! The book starts off with her praising her boyfriend, Denny -- how beautiful he is, how wonderful he is, how much she loves him, etc. etc. She leaves her family, transfers school, and moves across the country for this guy because she can't stand to be without him. Then when she first lay eyes on Kellen (Denny's friend and their to-be roommate), she immediately goes on and on about how perfect he is, how sexy his voice is, how she can't keep glancing at him, blah blah... YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!! And while Denny was away, she cheats on him with Kellan! She won't break up with Denny, but she can't let Kellan go, so she strings Kellan along with her "friends with innocent flirting" nonsense -- holding hands, cuddling, staying in each other's embrace -- during breakfast before Denny wakes up, when Denny has his back turned (seriously), when Denny's at work...sorry, but no. How STUPID are you?! I wanted to PUNCH her in the face so many times! Then when she finally admits to herself that she loves Kellan, she's hopping from Denny's bed to Kellan's bed...literally!! DISGUSTING SLUT! I dislike her indecisiveness, her selfishness with both guys, and her inability to think before making promises. I HATE HER!! She is an awful person!

Kellan, I didn't get for the majority of the book. To me, he's weak and cried way too much! And he's a HORRIBLE FRIEND!! He calls Denny his brother, someone he owes so much to, but then turns around and sleeps with his girlfriend??!!! Not a friend that I would want to have. Then in trying to hurt Kiera, he intentionally flaunts his "dates" and has really loud sex. childish?! It wasn't until the rain scene and the backroom scene when he was telling her what a "whore" she truly was, that I started respecting him. But then he goes and apologizes for it...argh! He lets Kiera walk all over him. I'm sorry, but I don't understand the hype with Kellan Kyle. I was disappointed to find that he is NO ALPHA MALE.

Now, I LOVE Denny!! He is the perfect boyfriend...way too good for Kiera. I felt so sorry for him. He left his job to salvage his relationship with Kiera, whom by then has already cheated on him. He's stuck at a job that he hates so he can stay with Kiera, but doesn't complain about it because he doesn't want to make her sad. He is so understanding and so loving that he's blind to all of her flaws (to put it mildly). I was proud of him for what he orchestrated at the end and happy that he found his HEA. <3

A good portion of the book was about her inability to choose between Denny and Kellan, about their love triangle. It's RIDICULOUS! It was quite obvious who she loved the entire time. She can't stay away from Kellan, always wanting to touch, kiss, or hold him and sneaking into his bed when Denny's fallen asleep. But with Denny, she unleashes her anger for Kellan on him, turns away when he tries to be intimate with her, waits for him to leave so she can spend time with Kellan. At one point, she even accused him of cheating on her...HYPOCRITE!! And with all this, she still wouldn't end things with Denny. It's not until the last 20% of the book that she explains why. My heart broke for both Denny and Kellan; they both deserve so much better than Kiera. I would have loved this book so much more if they had both left her and she ended up alone. But she's the main character and gets her HEA, which makes me mad.

For the most part, I was VERY FRUSTRATED with this book! However, I'm glad that I finished it. If I had DNF'ed it in the middle, I would have left this book feeling extremely upset. Now, I'm okay with it. With that being said though, it was like pulling teeth trying to get to the end. If I had known this at the beginning, I wouldn't have read it. I probably won't be reading Effortless; at least, not anytime soon, not until my hatred for Kiera diffuses.
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on August 7, 2012
Not worth two bucks. If she blushed one more time or if someone chuckled adorably one more time, or if anyone did anything adorably one more time I was going to pick up my kindle and chuck it across the room. UGH!!! Worse writing ever!
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