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on February 11, 2014
I am shaking right now while writing this review! My emotions are on overdrive, and I have to do something with my hands before I hyperventilate!

This book was emotionally-packed! With this being the last book in the ARTICLE 5 series, Kristen Simmons did not hold back one bit, no she went all out! Throughout most of this book, mainly the last half or so, I was on edge, I was in horror at some of the gruesome things that were happening, but I was also in awe at some of the indescribable events that were unfolding! I loved every minute of this book, and I wouldn't change a single thing about it! This series will forever go down as one of the best dystopian series I have ever read!

Kristen Simmons knows how to stay true to the dystopian roots, and how to interweave, in the stuff we all love; action, adventure, betrayal, survival, war, love, and a fight for freedom! I am so incredibility sad to see this series end! I just picked up ARTICLE 5 last month, and when I was finished, I had, no scratch that, I NEEDED the next book BREAKING POINT! Then luckily I managed to get an ARC of THREE, and I couldn't wait any longer, I needed to know how Ember's and Chase's journey was going to end! And Kristen Simmons has given me that, tongue-twisting, tummy-tingling, hands-shacking, nail-biting, utterly-amazing ending! This series was a journey I will never forget, and these characters will live in my heart for years to come!


THREE picks up where BREAKING POINT left off! Ember and Chase has gotten Rebecca back from the rehabilitation Center, they have helped in the resistance, they have aided people in their time of need. They have done all they can, they are ready to stop running, and fighting! They finally made it to the safe house, their supposedly "Safe heaven" that will be their sanctuary, where they can! But when they get there, they're dreams are shattered! It's gone!!! Completely GONE! Burned to the ground, with the innocent people with it! All the lives and secrets it holds, up in smoke!

The Moral Militia has struck again! They are killing more of the resistance with each passing day, and they seem one step ahead of them! Ember and Chase are done! They are done running, and hiding from the very system that has taken their lives, and the lives of the ones they love! They are ready to take a stand...and fight back, and they are not stopping until the FBR is destroyed!

After Ember and Chase find the destruction of the safe house up in smoke, they find signs of survivors. Signs that some people did make it out, and that they're trekking away from the safe house towards something...or someone!

Ember, Chase, Sean, Rebecca, and a couple of the non-injured people in their group, head away from the remains of the safe house to track the remaining survivors so they can re-group as a team, and figure out what's next! Ember and Chase know in-order to win this war, they will need to find this mysterious Rebel Organization, THREE!

But where are they? How can they find them? And are they really who they say they are? And if so, are they ready to take the final stand against The Federal Bureau of Reformation and end this war for good....?

Ember and Chase will go on their final battle to save not only themselves, but the rest of the people under the Federal Bureau Of Reformation's rule.

The fight is all but here, Ember & Chase have beaten everything the FBR has thrown at them. They are stronger, wiser, and more determined then ever to take the FBR down and finished them for good!

Ember will take a stand, she will tell her story to everyone, she will let it be known what has been done to her! She will speak for every girl, mother, father, brother, uncle, aunt, every person unable to stand, she will stand for them, in hopes that when the time comes, they will stand for themselves! She will lead the change...or die trying!

I couldn't say to much as far as the plot is concerned without giving spoilers, and I do not want to spoil a single part of this EXPLOSIVE Finale! It is the perfect conclusion for the ARTICLE 5!

THREE was really everything I was hoping for! It tied up all the lose ends that I was dying to know. It one way or another "Ended the War" I won't say which way or what. But I can happily say that THREE delivered! And at the same time, I am so happy it's finally here, but I am incredibly sad too, and I am not ready to say good bye! But, if I must, then I am happy to have it end now, the way it did!

So Kristen Simmons, I have just one thing to say,

NOTE: I received a copy of THREE for review from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own, and are not influenced in any way!

***Thanks Tor Teen***
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on January 30, 2016
The final installment of Article 5 moves so quickly in some places you have to go back and reread what you just read or you'll feel like you missed something. I didn't mind though. This was one of those series that, even though I knew it was coming to an end, I didn't want it to.

I hate that moment when you finish a novel (or a series) and you know it's over. You realize how much you will miss the characters and how much you will miss reading their story.

Ember, Chase and Sean have to find Rebecca. And they have to get to the safe zone. They have to find out what Three has planned for the future. And they have to help. In this final installment, we lose friends. We lose enemies. We lose hope and we find it again. There's heartbreak and pain for everyone.

This is an ending of a series that finishes the only way it can. You feel the ending coming before it happens. You KNOW how it will end, even if you don't want it to be that way. You'll spend time thinking about how else it could have ended, but you'll know, this was the only way that Ember and her friends could ever be free. It's so worth the read, I can't believe I hadn't heard of the series before Thursday.
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The revolution is here and Ember, Chase and even Tucker are right in the middle of it. Who will survive the Moral Militia and the rebel organization Three? Both groups are willing to kill and let people die to further their cause. Ember isn't sure she trusts Three, but she knows the Moral Militia and the FBR are worse.
I finally finished reading this trilogy. I enjoyed it for the most part, but sometimes it seemed to drag a little. I was wondering if reading all three in a row just had me bored with the characters. I guess that can happen sometimes. Maybe some books are best read with a little space in between, so you have the chance to miss them a little.
I liked the first book (Article 5) best. I think this one (the 3rd) got a little boring at times, but there were a few times when I was holding my breath. There were a couple of twists that I didn't exactly see coming and one that I was pretty sure would happen. There is no love triangle - nice break from that. And there are people you know the main characters should trust and people you can't believe they would ever trust. The ending was good, everything was nicely tied up and explained, except for one character's motivation, but that happens in real life too. We don't always know what makes a person behave the way they do.
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on April 28, 2014
Three is the conclusion to the Article 5 series. And while this is my least favorite book of the trilogy, it didn’t ruin the series for me like a particular recent book that shall remain nameless. But what made Article 5 and Breaking Point really work, was the unresolved sexual tension burning just below the surface between Chase and Ember. That seemed to be completely lacking in Three.

What did work really well in this third and final installment of the series is the wrapping up of all of the plot points that have been brewing since Article 5. We finally learn who is behind the overthrow of the old United States and why, what happened to some of our favorite characters, including Wallace and Cara, and whether or not Tucker has been truly reformed.

The story started off slower than in the two previous books, and that may be my biggest issue with the plot. Kristen Simmons did such an amazing job of getting the adrenaline pumping early on in the first two books, that I was almost frustrated when the third book didn’t. Especially after the ending of Breaking Point. I felt like things could have really started off with a bang, heck, I was expecting it. But once things did get rolling, the momentum was sustained steadily until finally building to the climax at the end.

The characters are still solid and complex and nuanced and all of the things I love best in my fictional friends. I love that we got some decent arcs on some tertiary characters now that the major character arcs were pretty much resolved (see lack of UST above). I feel that the storylines for all of the major and minor characters were wrapped up into satisfying conclusions.

Bottom Line
Article 5 is still one of the best dystopian young adult series I’ve read, partly because it feels so real. It doesn’t rely on future science or weird theories of what makes people tick. It’s our worst nightmares from now, playing out in the not too distant future. And Three is a completely satisfying conclusion to the series, even if it isn’t as riveting as its predecessors.

A satisfying conclusion doesn’t mean everyone has a happy ending, what it means is that we aren’t left wondering, and to me, that is key. I don’t want or need a happily ever after to feel satisfied, but by the end of the first book, we knew the happily ever after was impossible given the fact that Ember’s mother had been brutally murdered. But we have resolution, closure, and hope, and that’s all I need to end a series on a high note.
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on February 23, 2014
I absolutely loved all of the books in the series and I have to admit that I had to force myself to finish this book. Not because it was bad, but because I didn't want to see it END! Chase and Ember are two characters I will always remember. Three was just as great as the other two books in this series. I can definitely say that there was a lot of action, surprises, twists and turns and I was truly happy about it because it kept me guessing. There was a lot of things that were cleared up and addressed in the finAl installment which I was extremely happy about. One thing I will say was that the author certainly wasn't scared to kill off her characters (lol). but that only added to it because it made it even more realistic. If a "rebel" organization are going to stand up and overthrow a government, there are going to be casualties and betrayals.

U got to see a lot more romance between Chase and Ember!! sigh....the barn....<3 lol they definitely had their moments in this series and I couldn't help but feel the progression of their relationship. Readers got to see more of a softer vulnerable side of Chase, and if it was possible for him to always have a trained eye on Ember in the past two books, well he certainly managed to exceed that. I am so happy to have read this entire series. Can we perhaps get a novella of their "someday"?????? Anyway s two thumbs up for this book and series..Highly recommended!
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on February 16, 2014
In this final book of the trilogy, we learn all about Three: the head of the rebel force. The dilemma of "Three" is: if the rebels stage a rebellion by force, will the people join the cause? The rebels have small numbers, spread in secret clusters in the south and southeastern states. Without the backing of the people, the rebels will be causing chaos and destruction, degrading the quality of life further, without accomplishing an overthrow of the MM authority. How can the Three rebels rally the people to the cause?

Within this larger picture, Ember Miller follows the outsized legend of her own heroics from place to place in the USA. How can she, a young attractive woman of small stature, and public face of the rebellion, contribute to the rebel effort? How also can she participate alongside her soulmate, intelligent, trained fighter (and 6'5") Chase? Will they find their "someday" together in a future without fighting and bloodshed? Or will the author deliver a Divergent ending, where the lovers reunite "someday" in the spirit world?
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VINE VOICEon May 17, 2014
This was a very satisfying conclusion to a great series. We got to spend time with some really great characters that we learned to love (and some we might not of loved). I was very satisfied with the ending.
The biggest pros of the the book were the characters and the setting. Couldn't have asked for better on either one of these. You have the characters that you have grown attached to and new ones that have you so confused throughout the book. The settings of a dystopian world was amazing. I loved the numerous safe houses in the book and how each one was different from each other.
The only con I have on the book was it was a bit slow at times. The other 2 books seemed like nonstop adrenaline but this one was a bit slower. Didn't finish it in record time like I thought I would.
This series is highly recommended. Look forward to more books by Simmons.
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on February 16, 2014
I really loved Article 5, Simmons' first book. Breaking Point was good, but not as good in my opinion. So I was hopeful that Three wouldn't disappoint and it didn't. It brought out a few unexpected twists, which I loved. I like to try to figure out the twist before they are revealed, so I like a book that can keep something undercover until the last minute. If you haven't read Simmons' books and you are a fan of the dystopian genre, you really should give it a try. Definitely recommend!


If you haven't read the book, please stop reading now, as it may ruin your reading experience.

There were two imaged of Redemption in particular that made me love this book.

1. Jesse Waite, Chase's uncle had abandoned him, leaving him to fend for himself. Ember was never able to forgive him for that, Even though Chase somehow did. At least not until she understood his reasoning was to actually protect Chase. We see Jesse sacrifice his life not only for the cause, but for Ember and Chase specifically.

2. Tucker Morris...the boy we loved to hate in book one. I thought Simmons' developed his character so well. You began to see remnants of a person you could love in book two, but you remained guarded. And then in book three, you rooted for him, until you found out he had betrayed Ember and Chase once again, but even then, you had become invested and wanted the good in him to win out over the evil. Seeing him save Ember and Chase in the end, struggle with what he had done, and then believing that he finally had changed...or at least wanted to, even if he didn't believe he deserved anything good in this life, left you with so many conflicting emotions. And then he was shot. The reader was compelled to struggle with Ember in understanding how she felt about the death of her mother's killer, the same boy who had helped her and Chase in the end.

In the end, the reader saw how people responded when placed in impossible situations.

"As I stood over him (Tucker's dead body) they brought out DeWitt, and laid him beside Tucker. One bad turned good, one good turned bad. In the end it didn't matter. We were all the same."
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on March 25, 2014
Very nice read and the story kept me going as the background of some of the resistance characters came out. I think Tucker's character was my favorite. I never quite trusted him. He was someone who wanted to do the right thing, but was so brain washed by the government you never knew if he was giving info to the government or helping the resistance.

And although my favorite part of any story is the epilogue, I found this ending quite bland, but nice to know everything worked out for the main characters.
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on July 16, 2014
Three is the action packed finale in the Article 5 series. This has been what I consider the best trilogy I have read yet dealing with dystopian society. Three wraps up the saga of the previous books with as much excitement, suspense, and intrigue as the rest. Woven delicately in the mix is a love story with the power of the best in literature, chock full of lies, deceit, tragedy, and deep dark secrets. Magnificent book!
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