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on December 19, 2003
1. Burn - a slow, heavy song, a really good introduction to the cd, too. 5/5
2. Just Like You - Despite the obvious over-playing of this song, its still rather good. 5/5
3. I Hate Everything About You - ugh.. radio ruined this song, as they will most likely do with track 2, but it still stands out as a good song, just one you may have heard too much. 4.5/5
4. Home - A slower, heavier song, but not quite like 'burn'. There is, however, a lot of emotion in this song. 4/5
5. Scared - A faster song on the cd, pretty good. 4.5/5
6. Let You Down - I dont remember much worth listening to in this song.. 3.5/5
7. Now Or Never - Same as track 6 (this is the 'slowdown' of the album')
8. Born Like This- after 2 mediocore songs, things really pick up.. this song RULES. while the verses arent noteworthy, the really heavy nature of the chorus is awesome.. 5/5
9. Drown - Very Catchy chorus. 4/5
10. Wake Up - I dont know why, but i find this to be one of best songs on the cd.. they truly convey an emotion here. 5/5
11. Take Me Under - I dont like this song too much for some reason.. 3.5/5
12. Overrated - A pretty good closing track.. it sounds so.. tired.. depressed, ect.. a good song when youre tired, theres certainly something .. dark about the vocals. 5/5
so, despite 3 mediocore tracks, this album more than makes up for it.. a very good album, a few essential tracks makes it more than worth it.
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on August 2, 2003
Hailing from our neighbors to the north, the three young guys in Three Days Grace are the best thing to emerge from the Canadian rock music scene since Our Lady Peace. Bands like Nickelback, Default, Sum 41, etc. just don't make the cut. But these guys are a totally different story. Sonically speaking, they are the illegitimate children of a fight between the Deftones and, interestingly enough, Smile Empty Soul (another great 3-piece band, check them out also; as well as Flaw and RA...not 3-piece bands), with slight twists of Blindside and 12 Stones thrown in, topped off by a hint of Tool. That may sound strange, but it totally works. The first single off this disc, "I Hate Everything About You", is a fine choice for a single, as it is fairly radio-friendly, but that's not to say that the other songs aren't, as this band is living proof that today's musicians need not plague their songs with profanity in order to make powerful, emotive hard rock. In fact, upon listening to the entire CD, I found only one use of the "f" word in one song (track number 10, "Wake Up"), some use of the "s" word in another song (track number 12, "Overrated"), and that's it as far as profanity goes; which probably explains why there is no Parental Advisory sticker on the case. Nevertheless, every song here has potential to be a hit. In addition to the first single, standout tracks include "Burn", "Home", "Now Or Never", "Drown", and "Take Me Under". These young guys are great musicians...soaring vocals, slamming guitars, and a very solid rhythm section. From a lyrical perspective, most of the songs start out negative, but usually resolve on a positive note. For the price this CD is currently going for here on and in most retail stores, it is a great deal that any self-respecting rock fan should not pass up. Get it quick while it's still fairly cheap and before the rest of the world catches on. I've got a feeling that these three extremely talented young musicians are going to play a major role in shaping the future of modern rock music as we know it.
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on February 21, 2004
This album was amazing. what lead me onto it was my friend liking it, and since he likes to same music as me, i thought i'd give this a try. i didnt like the single they first put out called i hate every thing about you, but now i love it because of the deepness of it. I got the CD and couldn't put it down.
1.) Burn - great song, amazing chorus. the lyrics stand out more in this song than the rest. 5/5
2.) just like you - cool song, but grew old fast for me. 4.5/5
3.) i hate every thing about you - very very good, i can't get enough of it. 5/5
4.) home- didnt like it at first, but now its one of my favorites. 5/5
5.) scared - lyircs are a little...shallow. not deep enough. "i think i hear it creeping, i think i feel it move". a little immature. 3.5/5
6.) let you down - my fav on the album. i love the lyrics, reminds me of a vampire cult (lol), but thats not a bad thing. The instruments are played so well in this song. i can listen to it for days straight. 5/5
7.) now or never - about wanting more from life and wanting to change whats happening in the world. great message. 5/5
8.) born like this - not sure what its about...but its cool nonetheless. 4/5
9.) drown - AMAZING. about getting away from a bad relationship with whomever it might be. 5/5
10.) wake up - has the best line in it, "i must be running out of luck, cause you're just not drunk enough to f---". haha I LOVE IT! 5/5
11.) take me under - about sex? lol. um its pretty good. doesnt stand out, but still a solid song. 4/5
12.) overrated - very cool. the lyrics are great in this one. 5/5
overall, the CD is great, but the lyrics needed a little tweaking. also i noticed that they are very repetative. o well. great bands like Nirvana had repetative songs, but still remained on top of the world. I believe this band will grow from album to album and expand their music into deep and touching themes that will only make them even more greatly accomplished.
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on December 6, 2003
Three Days Grace achieves something most bands wished they could...they just play rock music. There's no effects, no turntables, no keyboards, no choirs in the background, just a guitar, a voicebox, a bass and some drums. Simple. That doesn't make them any less powerful to listen to.
I haven't heard a rock mega-hit of such proportions since "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback came out. Now "Just Like You" is getting airplay as well. Both are incredible songs. The entire disc is great from beginning to end. No two songs sound the same, and it's obvious this band isn't trying to impress. They just wanna write music that's personal, and hope that it touches people. Buy this CD if you haven't already. If you're into Oleander, Nickelback, and Chevelle, you'll like these guys a lot.
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on March 19, 2004
I bought this CD with the notion of the hit single "I hate everything about you". After reading several reviews and viewing the video only 5 times, my mind was set on purchasing this cd. A well spent 17.99 at my near by Spec's on Okechobee, and not to shabby of a buy if I and i MUST say so myself. Three Days Grace puts an extreme amount of emotion and heart into there lyrics. Every lyric on this cd is relative to the hit single, except in the very last and final track. "Overrated", where Three Days Grace,"TAKES A SHOT", as Rage Against The Machines front man Zach De La Rocha did in the track "Wake up" off of there self titled cd,they decide to go a little political in this track, which is ALWAYS nice the artist has other views to express besides dwelling on the same lyrics over and over like artists such as Jay-Z. Judging by these lyrics, i think we can definitely tell the lead singer has had personal experiences and we can also take away here-say IMMEDIATELY. Three days grace's lyrical direction reminds me "somewhat" of alanis morissette's jagged little pill cd, except the mans point of view. I did say somewhat now. The track that really grasped my feel into these boys is "Home", a great riff from the "regular"(which is very rare to find these days and still have a slight edge and or more of an edge) guitar and absolutely amazing lyrics, very well written. All in all a very consistent cd, and im already waiting for the next album. Artists like these always make you wonder about the new sound they are to put out for us fans. I think of Three days grace as a mix of 3 Doors Down and Nickeback mixed, with a touch of Linkin Parks edge minus the bass and computers. This CD well then deserves more then 5 stars. Need i say more?
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on March 27, 2004
I have already reviewed this album, but I do have a statement to make to those of you who can't understand how someone can listen to crap like this, when "much better stuff" (i.e. death metal) exists out there. If this is how you feel, please read on.
Ok, I do agree with a lot of you who are saying that these guys are nothing new......they aren't. Infact, the similarities between these guys and Smile Empty Soul are endless. Just like SES, these guys complain about their lives on every single track, and do not write meanigful lyrics very often. Their music is very simple; I will also agree with that statement. And no, they aren't really metal....more alternative rock than anything. However, I am STILL compelled to listen to their songs. Why would that be? After all, didn't I just say that these guys write lyrics that no one will care about, and that their music is very easy and too simple? Yes, I did say that. However, what I didn't mention is the effect that the music has on one's mind; this varies from person to person.

Someone, such as myself, will listen to these tracks, hear the melody and vocalization and the changes it undergoes from verses to choruses, and be moved and energized by this. Others will not be drawn in by what they hear, and will look for other styles. Even though I listen to a wide range of rock and metal (Hatebreed, Mushroomhead, Spineshank, Disturbed, Switchfoot, even the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) that's not my point. What I want those of you who say that people who like bands like Three Days Grace must be idiots and should search for real music to realize is that you don't initially like any music or genre for its inspired lyrics or complex solos. You are drawn in by what you initially hear, and this alone will determine whether or not you like the song/band. Later, you will look at their lyrics and examine the complexity of their solos to justify why you like what you like, but those reasons are not the strongest reasons that explain your liking. So, to all of you death metal-likers who complain about those of us who can like bands like these, I serioulsy doubt that every song you like contains inspired lyrics and complex solos, because such songs are few and hard to come by. Some of the songs you like just sound good to your ears, and thus you will listen to it. So ditch the superiority complex you have about your music; bands like these should NOT have to bow down to the bands that you listen to.....I rest my case.
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on November 17, 2005
When I first heard the song "I Hate Everything About You" on the radio, I was intrigued to learn that the band was not a trio of older fellows, but of guys who were my age. It was impressive to hear music that good come from these guys. Since this debut has been selling big, they have added a new guitarist and are currently working on the follow up to this tasty debut album.

THREE DAYS GRACE brings elements of alternative metal, hard rock, and some grunge into a volatile mixture that will certainly please most rock fans. Vocalist/guitarist Adam, bassist Brad, and drummer Neil all boast some nifty skills as musicians, but they're not trying to be exquisite or the rock intricately. They are here to rock their hearts out, and certainly the songs on display here are pure evidence of that fact. The anger seething in the song "Just Like You" is a irresistible slice of catchy hard rock, and while attacking the posers and wanna-be's, they may ultimately be attacking someone who deceived them. The centerpieces, in my view, are the rocking, dark and brooding "Home" which is a phenomenal song, and "(I Hate) Everything About You", which was the album's first single. It's one of the catchiest rock songs about a love-hate relationship. Elsewhere, the band hints at melodicism on the beautiful "Wake Up"; they get defensive on the opening thwomp of "Burn"; and they close the album with the gritty "Overrated". All the songs on this album showcase good musicianship and alienating themes we can all relate to...but it's ultimately the music that wins us over in the end.

THREE DAYS GRACE is an impressive debut from this Canadian quartet. If the songs on this album are any indication of their future direction in music, their next album should be one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of next year. For now, we have this highly enjoyable debut.
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on December 2, 2003
In a day where bands find pleasure in copying what bands have done 6 years earlier (Smile Empty Soul, The Revolution Smile, Nickelback) and release mediocre CDs, that had potential but are weighed down by their unoriginality, Three Days almost one of those bands. What seperated TDG from the rest of the modern alt-rock bands is their lyrics, and slightly catchier riffs. While Smile Empty Soul (for example)'s lyrics all center around how miserable the writer is or how Puddle of Mudd's singer's girlfriend doesn't understand him, TDG find more interesting things to write about. Of course, there is one hate-your-girlfriend song, "I Hate Everything About You", but it is made up for with tolerable lyrics and a catchy-ass chorus.
The band is made up of three strapping young men, one a singer/guitarist, one a bassist, and one a drummer. A simple formula, but it gets the job done. It sounds like a damn 5-piece. Their singer has a great voice (while not Ville Valo or Chris Cornell) and sings very well, sometimes aggresively and sometimes melodically. I think he's better when he yells. The lyrics are written by him, as well, and they're not exactly amazingly complicated or thought-provoking lyrics ("Every feeling that I get / But I still don't miss you yet"), they do tell a good story, such as in "Scared" and "Wake Up".
The bassist is pretty good. Unlike some bands in which you can rarely even hear the bass (*COUGH*metallica*COUGH*), he has a few standout parts. Nothing too complicated, just entertaining.
The drummer is above average for the typical alternative drummer. While most drummers of the genre are bored and hot a snare and high hat here and there, seeming completely bored, he plays very fast and hard and makes the music that much better.
The guitar is pretty cool. The singer (we have talked about him already, have we not?) plays it, and as I said before, lays down some pretty catchy riffs ("Just Like You", "Scared").
1. Burn-4/5-A typical hard-rock song, heavy in some places, softer in some. I got kind of worried after hearing this, thinking they would end up being just another one of those bands...
2. Just Like You-5/5-...But then I heard this. Oh my God, I love this riff!!! The drums hanging in the stops and starts of the riff are killer. Great chorus. One of the best.
3. I Hate Everything About You-4/5-The song that got me started on this band, but it's been overplayed to death. The chorus has lost its awesomeness. Cool guitar at the beginning.
4. Home-5/5-Another straight-out rocker, featuring another good riff. I like the heavier parts of it.
5. Scared-One of the heaviest (if not THE heaviest) song on the album. Good bass in the verses, as well as good lyrics about being...scared.
6. Ley You Down-0/5-One of the only bad songs on the album. I always skip it. I just couldn't get into it.
7. Now or Never-0/5-See previous. These are the two bad songs, like there always seem to be for me on every album I buy.
8. Born Like This-5/5-I like the raspy vocals in the beginning. While I'm not exactly sure what it's about, it still love it. Great bass and chorus.
9. Drown-5/5-An overall great song, great lyrics. One of the best. Love the chorus. Kind of an eerie song (much like "Scared").
10. Wake Up-5/5-A slower track. Good lyrics.
11. Take Me Under-2/5-Nothing new to this album. I usually skip it.
12. Overrated-4/5-Good riff. The chorus is the best part. They could have chosen a better ending track, but whatever. YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT NOW.
Three Days Grace is a great band. They put out one of the best albums I've bought recently, and I haven't gotten many of the songs out of my head yet. Check 'em out...
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on June 20, 2005
Like many other reviewer's here my first taste of Three Days Grace was hearing the song 'Just Like You' on our local radio rock stations here in Sydney and I knew I had to get the album release and I sure wasn't disappointed. When I heard the song 'I Hate Everything About You', I immediately knew I purchased a great album from an up and coming rock group. Yes the radio versions of the song made this band sound more 'popish' but the CD does this band the ultimate justice and the way they wanted to be heard and sound. This band of young men are pure rock, through and through with a touch of punk. The guitars are the signature sound of this new band on the nu-rock scene and whilst it is different and the lyrics are wonderous and tell a story of a angst ridden teenage world, the band follows through with 12 songs of the highest quality. The song 'Let You Down' is also a nice one and the second last song is a nice ending touch to this magnificient album.

Get this album if you liked the 'Lost Prophets' or 'Jet'. I look forward to more of this band in the coming years.
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on February 20, 2005
I'm writing this review from the perspective of someone who owns various kinds of music, and likes to listen to a CD to pass the time...not to find everything I can wrong with it. Anyways...

I heard "I Hate Everything About You", "Home" and "Just Like You" on the radio and immediately pursuaded my mom to go with me to the store to buy the CD. Now personally, I consider myself a borderline rock person. The farthest in I'll go with that whole genre is Linkin Park, which for some of you may not be very far. XD But whatever. :P I love this whole CD and consider it probably one of my favorites. Yeah, the songs get old quickly, but if one does that then you just skip to the next track. Overall I think the individual songs aren't similar as a whole. You get a pretty good variety on this CD.

No, they're no Metallica but get over it. I don't even listen to Metallica so I don't give a flip. And the lyrics, yeah, they may be repetitive but they write em. Get over it. Please, if you can do so much better then go out and make a CD. Then come back and post the title so you can enlighten us all with your mad skills. :) I for one would LOVE to hear them.

I'd post an overview like I've done before in a few of my other reviews, but reading the reviews on here (and I find this to be especially true with rock music), it's really a matter of personal taste. You see people bash 3DG because they play 3 chords, have weak lyrics and are inferior to other rock bands...but some people aren't looking for a band that plays kick a** rifts or has lyrics that you feel like commiting suicide to and/or can barely hear over the screaming.

Overall, I think this is a great CD for music lovers. It's got some great songs that are great for bad days or just to listen to when you feel like rockin out. Whichever, if you really are still unsure about this CD listen to the sound samples. Most of them include the chorus, which can be very influential as to your decision concerning whether or not you like a song. I'd personally recommend this CD to anyone. I sure as hell liked it. Can't wait for their next one. 5 out of 5 stars most definately.
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