Customer Reviews: Three's Company: Season 2
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on August 11, 2004
The strength of this THREE'S COMPANY Season 2 DVD lay primarily in its bonus materials and liner notes. Everyone has seen these episodes a thousand times, including now on TV Land and Nick at Night. Sure, it's nice to have uncut, digitally-transferred episodes of this classic show. Consumers should expect nothing less in any dvd tv series release.

But what elevates this release, and hopefully those to come in this series, are the bonus features, particularly the content newly-created for this DVD set and liner notes. Much of this detailed content is clearly due to Chris Mann, author of the well-respected and insightful biography of "Three's Company," titled "Come and Knock on Our Door," for which he interviewed nearly the entire cast and production staff. (Watch The E! True Hollywood Story again if you doubt that statement.) As a respected author and a producer of NBCs recent "Three's Company" behind-the-scenes movie, Chris brings depth and the perspective of an insider and expert to this project. The liner notes and his heartfelt audio commentary show how much he loved and respected John Ritter. And by the way, when John R. appeared on several talk shows after the book's release, he genuinely championed the book.

Mann's audio commentary contains reverent thoughts and stories about John Ritter, the rest of the cast and producers. But it is balanced with light-hearted, sometimes tongue-in-cheek observations about the show and the specific farcical episode being discussed. Mann seems to realize that most people loved this show for what it was and and hoped this season 2 "commemorative" release would pay respect to John and the show. (Let's not forget the rushed-for-profit-and-exposure First Season release that was such a disappointment to all of us.) Chris understands that the show never took itself too seriously, so I would consider him an expert commentator and trusted voice for fans and those who made the show.

My friends and I have heard that Chris wrote a lot of the tribute to John Ritter that Joyce DeWitt narrates in this Season 2 release as well. Apparently, this "commemorative" release would have had little, if any, tributes to John without Mann's involvement. There's buzz among fans that several "Three's Company" cast and crew interviewed for the Third Season release, and that Chris interviewed all of them. So, I would guess that Chris is greatly responsible for their participation.

We all look forward to the upcoming dvd releases of "Three's Company." We hope that those involved in distributing the series continue to have Chris be a major part of its production!! Anchor Bay and DLT Ent. should consider themselves lucky to have his cooperation.
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on May 7, 2004
First things first, I am really amazed by the reviews I've read here and elsewhere on the internet that gripe about the cover art for the DVDs of Three's Company, Seasons 1 and 2. The cover art? Are you serious? Please! That is like going thirsty for three weeks and finally being offered water, but because it is Dasani instead of Evian, you turn it down! Even if the cover art isn't to your liking, and with the rest of what you get on these discs, any less than 4 stars for this collection is unfathomable.
The Season 2 set is a complete steal. The content of the episodes, as always, speaks for itself. Then you have the amazing and extensive special features. The trivia game is a lot of fun, the tribute to Ritter, narrated by Joyce DeWitt is well presented, the original pilot was hilarious. The talent bios are a bit long, but interesting. Some background music to go with the reading might have helped. I was, however, slightly disappointed with the blooper reel but not too much. The "Best Of" clip reels for the key players were great, too.
Finally, the production quality of this set is far superior to Season 1. 25 episodes and all these other bonuses for thirty bucks make this a worthy investment.
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on April 21, 2005
Bursting onto the television landscape in Spring 1977, Three's Company quickly skyrocketed in the ratings - cracking the top 8 every season except its last. Sporting a plethora of quirky characters and fresh writing talent that explored modern day issues, the show held its own as one of the funniest programs on TV. Picking up where All In The Family left off, Three's Company delved into the social taboos of its day, dealing with subjects such as homosexuality, racism, sexual harassment, and of course, unmarried men and women living together... But the true success of Three's Company stemmed from the comic talents of John Ritter and Suzanne Somers who became instant stars as a result of their respective roles on the show...

In Three's Company, John Ritter plays the role of Jack Tripper, a young cooking student in San Diego who wants to move into an apartment with his two female friends - the far more mature Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and the blonde and ditsy Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers). But the three friends face the possible wrath of landlord Stanley Roper (Norman Fell), an old-fashioned guy who would never allow such an arrangement. With the aid of Roper's wife Helen (Audra Lindley), the three manage to convince Stanley that Jack is gay (when he is, in fact, a notorious ladies man). Jack's friend Larry (Richard Kline) also fashions himself a player on the local singles scene, and he makes regular appearances on the show. Following Season 3, Stanley and Helen left the show in pursuit of their own spin-off titled The Ropers. Don Knotts (of Andy Griffith Show fame) was brought in to play the new landlord, Mr. Furley - a naïve, loud-mouthed ditz who tripled the hilarity of every scene in which he appeared...

The Three's Company (Season 2) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "Ground Rules" in which Jack and Chrissy constantly interrupt Janet and her date. The incident causes Janet to demand that ground rules be laid down, and the three roommates agree to abide by "reservation times" when the other two roommates will agree to stay far away. The agreement doesn't last long when Jack gets the offer of a lifetime and reneges on his part of the agreement... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Strange Bedfellows" in which Jack throws a party and wakes up to find Mr. Roper in his bed, and "Chrissy's Night Out" in which Chrissy gets inadvertently arrested for prostitution...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Three's Company (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 7 (Ground Rules)

Episode 8 (Jack Looks For a Job)

Episode 9 (Janet's Promotion)

Episode 10 (Strange Bedfellows)

Episode 11 (Chrissy's Date)

Episode 12 (Alone Together)

Episode 13 (Roper's Car)

Episode 14 (Cyrano de Tripper)

Episode 15 (Chrissy's Night Out)

Episode 16 (Stanley Casanova)

Episode 17 (Janet's High School Sweetheart)

Episode 18 (Jack's Uncle)

Episode 19 (Helen's Job)

Episode 20 (Three's Christmas)

Episode 21 (The Gift)

Episode 22 (The Rivals)

Episode 23 (The Babysitters)

Episode 24 (Home Movies)

Episode 25 (Jack in the Flower Shop)

Episode 26 (Jack's Navy Pal)

Episode 27 (Will the Real Jack Tripper...)

Episode 28 (Days of Beer and Weeds)

Episode 29 (Chrissy, Come Home)

Episode 30 (Bird Song)

Episode 31 (Coffee, Tea or Jack)

The DVD Report
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on January 1, 2005
These DVD box sets of Three's Company just keep getting better and better. The quality of the DVD I'm still amazed at - it's way better then viewing it on Television! Who ever put these sets together took a lot of time and care for all new and old fans to enjoy. I'll start off with listing my favorite episodes: Strange Bedfellows, Chrissy's Date, Alone Together, Chrissy's Night Out, Stanley Casanova, Janet's High School Sweetheart, Helen's Job, The Gift, Home Movies, Jack's Navy Pal, Days of Beer and Weeds, Chrissy Come Home, Bird Song, Coffee, Tea, or Jack. I've pretty much named them all and I enjoy watching them over and over again. Not too mention the extra's are basically to die for. I always watch the blooper's first and they are totally fun and great quality as well! Not to mention there's even a more loving tribute to John Ritter with Joyce DeWitt which will make you cry or at least tear up. I can't name all of the extra's because I haven't even viewed them all yet myself. This is a must have for any DVD collector or the fan of the series Three's Company. And as Lucille Ball says on the jacket of the first season DVD set, "It didn't set out to change the world. It just made us laugh and that's why we love it."
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on July 20, 2011
Three's Company brings back a certain nostalgia from the the late 70s/early 80s that felt fun, warm, and engaging. This is a positive, bubbly and fun show with immensely talented actors truly inhabiting their characters. I think "Three's Company" is the only show I can think of that did not go bad in the later seasons and in fact managed to remain consistently strong quality wise. Here are the episodes in Season 2 and short synopsis:

2-01 Ground Rules:
Jack and the girls try to work out a schedule for when to have dates over at the

2-02 Jack Looks For a Job:
Jack, who is in dire need of a job, takes a job as a nude model for the
magazine "Living Love". Uncomfortable to undress in front of strangers, he quits and turns
to selling encyclopedias instead.

2-03 Janet's Promotion:
Janet looks into plastic surgery when a newbie at her flower shop gets promoted to manager over her because of her voluptuous bust

2-04 Strange Bedfellows:
With the girls away for the weekend, Jack decides to throw a party. When Mr. Roper comes down to complain about the noise he ends up staying and spends the night in Jack's bed

2-05 Chrissy's Date:
Chrissy is dating a man who is married.

2-06 Alone Together:
With Mr. Roper gone for a night, Mrs. Roper asks Janet to spend the night at her house since she is scared to be alone, leaving Jack alone with Chrissy.

2-07 Roper's Car:
Mr. Roper sells his old beat up car to the trio upstairs for $300 until he finds out that he could have gotten $1200 for it

2-08 Cyrano de Tripper:
Chrissy invites her date over to the apartment for a home cooked dinner. She asks Jack to cook the dinner for her and stay in the kitchen all night long until her date is over.

2-09 Chrissy's Night Out:
Chrissy gets mistaken for a hooker at a bar and comes home crying. In order to protect Chrissy's honor Jack punches the guy, who turns out to be a cop, in the face.

2-10 Stanley Casanova:
Depressed about his appeal to women, Mr. Roper goes to the Reagle Beagle to drown his sorrows. When Jack sees him all bummed out, he decides to cheer him up by asking one of his female friends to entertain Roper's come ons. She does until Mrs. Roper walks in on them.

2-11 Janet's High School Sweetheart:
Janet runs into the most popular guy from her high school and he asks her out. Unfortunately he is not the the same person she admired years ago.

2-12 Jack's Uncle:
Jacks uncle who is a free-spirited man famous for making promises he can't keep and writing bad checks helps out the trio who are $100 short on their rent.

2-13 Helen's Job:
Tired of Stanley treating her like a child and not giving her enough allowance, Mrs. Roper decides to take a job with rather disastrous consequences.

2-14 Three's Christmas:
Janet, Chrissy and Jack spend Christmas with the Ropers for lack of anything better to do.

2-15 The Gift:
Mr. Roper gives Jack $300 to buy Mrs. Roper the coat she had her eyes on for a while on discount. Chrissy mistakes the gift as her birthday gift and what's worse, she alters it when it doesn't fit.

2-16 The Rivals:
Janet asks Chrissy and Jack to help her out with a dull, boring business man. When he turns out to be gorgeous, Janet can't wait for the two to leave so she can be alone with him. When he acts more interested in Chrissy and barely notices Janet, Janet goes on a little rampage.

2-17 The Baby Sitters:
Chrissy and Jack babysit for a friend

2-18 Home Movies:
Chrissy gets a camera from her parents and starts to shoot home movies. Larry buys a "blue movie" which ends up in Chrissy's projector for home viewing.

2-19 Jack in the Flower Shop:
Janet needs help in the flower shop and asks Jack. Things get iffy when Jack doesn't take the job seriously and Janet has to set him straight.

2-20 Jack's Navy Pal:
The trio finds out that Mr. Roper might increase the rent so they invite him over to dinner to soften him up. At the same time, Jack's old Navy pal who has a score to settle shows up at the door.

2-21 Will the Real Jack Tripper:
One of the girls Larry messed around with comes knocking on the door looking for a Jack Tripper to tell him that she is pregnant.

2-22 Days of Beer and Weeds:
When cleaning out the backyard behind the house, Chrissy unknowingly picks a few Marijuna plants for her vase.

2-23 Chrissy, Come Home:
Chrissy's father comes for a visit and finds out that the two girls live with Jack.

2-24 Bird Song:
Mr. Roper gets Mrs. Roper a parakeet for their anniversary. Meanwhile Jack and Chrissy are trying hard to get the Sinatra tickets Janet got but doesn't want.

2-25 Coffee, Tea or Jack:
An old flame of Jack's shows up and turns him upside down.
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on May 26, 2013
I love it!!! it's a great escape from stress. It's very funny + fun to watch. I love the early years of shows-watching characters develop. I'm VERY glad that I ordered it. When I need stress relief, I REALLY look forward to this 'escape'.
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on May 10, 2013
I was forced to buy season two because I had watched my prior season two so much it wore out!!!! Three's Company is a show that will last forever, it so much better than anything on TV today in comedy (Perhaps excluding the Big Bang Theory). This is a golden show and there will never be anything as funny or sweet. I recommend fans to buy it, and I HIGHLY encourage everyone who is going "What's Three's Company?" to just go ahead and purchase it because it is AMAZING!

My favorites in this season are Strange Bedfellows and Jack in the Flowershop
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on October 2, 2012
after all of these years three's company is still one of the funniest sitcoms of all time. No matter how many times I watch it its still make me laugh. Anytime you find yourself saying 'there's nothing on tv' pop in three's company and you'll be fine.
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on May 11, 2013
John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and Susanne Summers were the perfect cast for this series. I was sorry when they had to start replacing cast members. It's a wonderful, fun-filled series suitable for the entire family. If you are not familiar with this series you should be. Jack Tripper (Ritter) becomes the third roommate with two girls when the third gets pregnant, marries and moves out. Good for us 'cause Elenore missed all the fun in doing so!
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on May 8, 2004
This is a really great DVD collection. I notice some nit-picking among the reviews but compared to other releases that had NO extras "What's Happening" (which also lost several leading characters) and "Good Times", this DVD collection is well worth it. The four disc set has all of the episodes from the second season of "Three's Company." The extras really make the set, the never before seen pilot, the John Ritter tributes, the blooper reels. The price is just right for this set and I personally think the second season episodes are among the funniest. I hope that future sets will follow. I for one think the packaging is awesome and the designs are nice.
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