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Star Trek: Voyager 7 Seasons 1996

Available on Prime
Season 2
Available on Prime
4.5 out of 5 stars (632) IMDb 7.7/10

In Season 2, the crew suffers from hallucinations and ferrets out a traitor on board.

Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran
Original air date:
May 20, 1996

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Season 2
1. The 37's

The crew explores a remote planet inhabited by humans who were abducted by aliens in 1937.

CC TV-PG August 28, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
2. Initiations

Chakotay faces an unlikely enemy: a Kazon boy who hopes to achieve warrior status by killing him.

CC TV-PG September 4, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
3. Projections

The ship's holographic doctor experiences a world where illusion and reality collide.

CC TV-PG September 11, 1995 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
4. Elogium

The ship is surrounded by creatures whose presence accelerates Kes' reproductive process and threatens Voyager's key operating systems.

CC TV-PG September 18, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
5. Non Sequitur

Ensign Harry Kim awakens on Earth, where he's shocked to learn there's no record of his assignment on Voyager.

CC TV-PG September 25, 1995 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
6. Twisted

A powerful anomaly leaves the crew lost on their own ship.

CC TV-PG October 2, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
7. Parturition

Neelix and Paris must put aside their romantic rivalry over Kes after they crash-land on a toxic planet.

CC TV-PG October 9, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
8. Persistence of Vision

A mysterious force puts the crew in a delusional state that causes their most deeply buried thoughts and desires to surface.

CC TV-PG October 30, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
9. Tattoo

Chakotay is stranded on a moon inhabited by natives with ties to his ancestors.

CC TV-PG November 6, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
10. Cold Fire

Kes makes contact with Ocampa spacefarers and the female Caretaker, who may have the power to send the crew home.

CC TV-PG November 13, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
11. Maneuvers

The theft of a transporter module by Kazon forces thrusts Chakotay into an explosive confrontation with his traitorous former

CC TV-PG November 20, 1995 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
12. Resistance

Janeway must escape from a city under siege by the Mokra, a brutal regime determined to crush the growing resistance movement against it.

CC TV-PG November 27, 1995 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
13. Prototype

After Torres reactivates a humanoid robot, she's drawn into a war between robotic enemies.

CC TV-PG January 15, 1996 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
14. Alliances

Hoping to strengthen Voyager's strategic position in the quadrant, Janeway reluctantly seeks an alliance with the Kazon.

CC TV-PG January 22, 1996 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
15. Threshold

Paris makes history by becoming the first person to cross the transwarp threshold, but could pay for the achievement with his life.

CC TV-PG January 29, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
16. Meld

Unable to come up with a logical motive for a shipboard murder, Tuvok performs a mind-meld with the perpetrator that brings out Tuvok's "killer instinct."

CC TV-PG February 5, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
17. Dreadnought

Torres races against time to stop a deadly self-guided missile on a collision course with disaster.

CC TV-PG February 12, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
18. Death Wish

A rebel Q escapes from incarceration and demands asylum on Voyager so he can commit suicide.

CC TV-PG February 19, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
19. Lifesigns

The Doctor falls in love with a Vidiian woman stricken by the deadly Phage.

CC TV-PG February 26, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
20. Investigations

Neelix helps smoke out the crewmember who has been passing Federation secrets to the Kazon.

CC TV-PG March 13, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
21. Deadlock

A space anomaly generates a duplicate Voyager and crew, but only one ship can survive an assault by Vidiian invaders.

CC TV-PG March 18, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
22. Innocence

After crash-landing on a moon, Tuvok encounters three terrified children who claim they've been brought there to die.

CC TV-PG April 8, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
23. The Thaw

Thanks to a complex sensory system controlled by a computer, Kim and others are literally held hostage by fear.

CC TV-PG April 29, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
24. Tuvix

A bizarre occurrence during transport causesTuvok and Neelix to fuse into one alien humanoid known as "Tuvix."

CC TV-PG May 6, 1996 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
25. Resolutions

After contracting a deadly virus, Janeway and Chakotay are forced into exile on a planet that shields the effects of the fatal disease.

CC TV-G May 13, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
26. Basics (Part 1)

Using Chakotay's son as a pawn, Seska lures Voyager into an explosive showdown with the Kazon.

CC TV-PG May 20, 1996 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99

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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Voyager's second season combined everything we like about Star Trek and took it to new heights. This season is, in my mind, the show's best; it is certainly the last one where the writers had any kind of focus as to what was going to happen on the show. One great episode after another is what this season delivered, along with a deeper sense of the crew of this little ship, not to mention fantastic science-fiction. What more could a fan ask for?
This season pulls off all of the exposition that the truncated first season did not. We only gleaned general facts about the crew from the first year, but everyone had an episode to shine here. My favorite episode here is "Projections." I'm a sucker for those "what-is-real?" storylines. It is a solid episode, with the Doctor being more than just smug and surly (although I love it, it can only go so far). Robert Picardo plays disturbed and confused, and Reg Barclay makes a guest appearance. Next is "Non Sequitur," a high-concept episode in which we see an alternate reality where Harry is an engineer on Earth and Tom is a billiards-shooting loser. Like the season that it is a part of, it is a great synthesis of sci-fi storytelling and character exposition. I also loved "Meld," a great Tuvok episode that guest-starred Brad Dourif as a psychopathic killer that Tuvok is obsessed with understanding. The episode examined the enigma of sociopathic killings and it did it in a very effective way. Dourif is one of the highest-caliber guest actors ever to appear on any Trek show, and he is able to be so completely menacing and convincingly psychotic, yet at the same time calm and rational, his performance is reminiscent or Anthony Hopkins' turn as Hannibal Lecter. He is completely mesmerizing.
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Format: DVD
As a preface to this review, I should say that I have been a huge fan of Star Trek Voyager since the original broadcasts of the very first season. When I was away from a television set for a year, I even had a friend videotape all the episodes I missed so that I could see them when I returned to civilization.

But I have to admit that season two is my least favorite of Voyager. There are certainly some great episodes, but many left me frustrated and disappointed.

The height of the season, and the first real standout episode in the series, is Death Wish, with the amusing John De Lancie reprising his role from TNG, along with Jonathan Frakes as Riker. The plot, about right-to-death issues, adds a very serious foundation to all the fun. And Kate Mulgrew finally breaks out of her shell here and shows what she's made of as an actress.

The 37's is another solid episode, connecting Janeway to her childhood hero Amelia Earhart; Resistance gives Mulgrew a chance to act with the excellent and Oscar-winning Joel Grey. Meld affords another great guest star, LOTR's Brad Dourif, the opportunity to brighten up--or really darken--the season. This episode also provides fascinating insights into the emotional turmoil beneath the surface of Lt. Tuvok. Lifesigns lets Robert Picardo's character The Doctor take a very significant step toward becoming human, by falling in love. The Thaw, with another refreshing guest star (the guy who played Lenny in Laverne and Shirley), is the first of what I like to call Voyager's bizarro episodes. These are absurd and really wonderful, in the spirit of the original series. Deadlock I love, and it gives Janeway an excellent chance to get to know herself better, and the season ends with the strong cliffhanger Basics Part 1.
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I wish I could tell you to skip this one, but I can't. There is too much that is important to the main Voyager story in this episode amidst the terrible "Neelix becomes even more annoying and a journalist" stuff. The whole speech to Tom Paris he gives made me feel embarrassed for this made ZERO sense. He doesn't even like Paris, but now in this episode he acts like they are frat bros or something.

Aside from personal views on Neelix there were a lot of plot holes in the "twist" here as well. Important information that could cause the destruction of Voyager is withheld from high ranking officers FOR MONTHS so Janeway can play spy vs spy? Wow, that sounds like a 12 year old not a captain making rational decisions. A serious dip in quality here for me. Especially considering how phenomenal the past few episodes have been.

It's still getting a 3/5 because it has important events critical to the main story as I said.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Voyager was a new direction for Star Trek- away from the Federation, with none of the usual aliens, and without the possibility of help from home. That makes for some very interesting plot developments.
Some of the best examples of which are in the second season. Most of the episodes of this season were great, and particularly noteworthy mention are "The Thaw", "Tuvix", "Cold Fire", "Threshold", "Non Sequitur", and of course the season finale "Basics,p.I".
If you're already a voyager fan, you know what I'm talking about. If not, I think you'll be one after seeing a few episodes. I highly recommend the second season to help get you addicted!
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