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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In this video, I give a "tour" of how much the Crossover duffel holds, the pockets, and the pros and cons of its construction. The bag gets points off for uncomfortable handles and straps that block the zippered side areas, but remains a great option for those looking for a sturdy duffel that you can also carry on your back.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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on February 24, 2012
So I bought this bag June of 2011, and between commuting to and from work and traveling I've developed a love/hate relationship with it. First let me say that the construction is top notch. I lived out of it for over 3 months while in eastern europe, never parting from it unless it was at a hosts house; it's been shuffled in and out of cars, planes, busses, trains and boats more times than I can count and still hasn't shown any signs of wear. Another thing I like about this bag is the location of the zipper, keeping it on your back side I think helps keep things a bit safer while it's being worn. With this said, when packing it you need to be careful of the arrangement of items inside as if there are ANY odd shapes items on top (the zipper side) you WILL feel it jabbing you in the back later on. It took me some experimenting with different arrangements to fine one that worked well. Having everything packed properly, and with the straps pulled tight everything really hold it's place well, even when being tossed about all day. After packing and securing everything, it kind of resembles a giant flat sausage with backpack straps. The straps also make excellent places to attach carabiners for H2O bottles, etc. Also, with plenty of handels it can be handled from nearly any angle making for quick stowing and retrieval from luggage compartments.

One huge thing I feel needs to be adressed is the lack of a waist strap. Every single time you run with this pack it bounces about wildly unless you holding the two bottom pull straps, and who wants to do this when they'e trying to catch the tram or metro? Waist straps would also help take some of the pressure off your shoulders. I usually carry 9-10 kilos of luggage and initially it is comfortable, but after 8+ hours of exploring new cities on foot without a break my shoulders really felt every gram. Another thing is the lack of any kind of reinforcements. Since there is no frame in this bag, the arrangement of the contents will greatly impact the rigidity when closed and compressed with the straps. This was most evident on the bottom, if the shell was not sufficiently taut it would fold over into a dagger and stab at the bottom of my back. This was most noticeable on hot days when I would only wear a t-shirt, with a jacket on it's not noticeable. Maybe putting another foam pad there would alleviate this and provide more comfort?
I do feel like those rubber ribs are a bit over hyped, I didn't think they did anything for or against the bag, purely cosmetic I think. Someone mentioned that the duffel bag handels were a problem, I didn't find them to be. They fold nicely into the space between the lateral foam supports.

Overall, I can see this bag being perfect for the urban adventurer or frequent traveler who needs a strong bag for going between airports and hotels, or running about on a weekend adventure. For those who are looking for a bag to live out of for months at a time, I would get similarly sized Deuter with waist straps and better ventilation.
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on January 29, 2010
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
OK, I admit that I'm not the target audience for this product. The only adventure most of my travel consists of is extreme turbulance, or riding the airport shuttle bus (and that is an adventure in its own way). That being said, I'm an extremely frequent traveler so am always looking for the next great bag.

This bag is great.

I consider myself a master in the art of carry-on, and this bag really fits the bill. For single overnight trips, I often carry just a duffle. This will replace that duffle, and help to save my poor shoulders. I will be able to carry a change of clothes, my cosmetics, laptop and accessories and a book. It will easily fit in the overhead bin. It might be just a bit too long to fit underneath the seat in front of you. I'll have to check on my next trip.

It's light, it looks nice (it's pretty masculine/sporty looking), it's sturdy and it's well-designed. Most backpacks are awkward to get in and out of. This one opens up like a duffle bag, which is my favorite feature. Additionally, it's got all kinds of handles on it so if you don't feel like wearing it as a backpack, there are other easy ways to carry it.

It expands and collapses very easily and there are plenty of zipper pouches. There's even a sturdy insert for the storage of goggles or sunglasses, but which would also fit a computer mouse and power cord quite nicely. There's also a great spot to store 3 ounze toileties in their clear plastic bag for easy access at security.

They call this bag a "crossover" and I'm definitely crossing it over. I think it would be great for business traveler, or adventurer alike.
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2010
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let's get some of the best aspects of the Thule Crossover 40L Duffel Pack out up front:

*Well Constructed: The seams are inside and well sealed, the adjustment buckles are lightweight aircraft aluminum, the zippers are strong and easy to use, and the bad features three skip ribs on the "bottom" to protect it from broken airport conveyor belts

*This bag features some nice design elements: again the three skip ribs on the "bottom" to protect it from broken airport conveyor belts, two spacious side pockets, a padded end pocket for sunglasses or googles or iPods (the padding can be removed as well for just another exterior pocket), the main compartment zips closed in the "back" so that it is protected while being carried like a backpack, the main compartment zips open nice and wide giving easy access to the entire compartment, two stiff side handles, two compression straps on each side, and a sleek, modern design that is definitely European in origin.

Where does that bag fail to impress? The most obvious issue I have is that pack isn't all that comfortable as a backpack; this is made worse by the lump of the carry handles that presses into the middle of your back above the padding. Without the backpack straps, I would declare this a perfect and stylish small duffel; but, with them, I find it not as useful ironically. It probably could have been greatly helped if the carry handles had a recessed impression to sit in while the bag is on your back.
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on September 30, 2012
fyi: I got this bag in black.

I got this bag to replace my TNF Base Camp Duffel. I liked it but wish it had some pockets on the outside. It only had one inside that you had to unzip the main compartment to get to. The Thule addresses all those short-comings.

Overall its seems to be a well thought bag that carries a lot more than it looks like it would.

I was lucky to get this bag on sale! Its very discreet. Perfect for use when traveling around the world and you don't want the locals to know you're a foreigner "with money" because of your fancy bright colored visibly branded bag.

The back pack looks sort of grayish but as you get closer to it, they have woven a white thread into the material that make it look like there are little dots all over the bag. It VERY subtle and make the bag look unique. (it would have been cool if the white material was reflective)

The zipper down the middle is perfect. Protects you contents when you have it on your back. Takes very little effort to zip & unzip. You don't fight with it. You can get stuff in and out quickly.

There are 3 rubberized rails on the back of the back pack to protect if you put it down or check it in. It also adds a bit of structure to the whole bag.

There are grab handles on either end of bag, with the same material as the rubberized rails giving it a bit more structure when you lift it - great idea.

There are two compression straps on either side of the bag with aluminum instead of the standard plastic - so they wont be snapping if they get too cold or get crushed.

The bag has two side zippered long pocket that are big enough for shoes & socks, etc.

The compression straps do get in the way of the side compartment zippers - but its not a big deal for the benefit of being able to make the whole bag smaller.

The shoulder straps are shaped to you body. The foam in the straps can be seen since the strap material is see through. The foam has holes in it, to let water/moisture get through easier and/or make it lighter.

The side of the pack which is against your back has foam blocks to give your back some support.

There are straps in the middle of the bag on either side of the zipper. Some people said they were digging into their back, but they didn't bother my back when i walked around with it. Ofcourse it wasn't fully loaded and i didn't go for a 20 mile hike or something with it. I noticed the handle straps in the middle of the back are folded in half and stitched together so that you can carry it easier - this also makes them a little more stiff. If it starts bothering my back I might just unstitch the handles to make them pliable.

At the top, when on your back, there's a removable hard case about the size of a set of ski googles for putting glasses, iPod, phones, etc - quite large. The hard case is lined with some soft lycra like material so it doesn't damage anything you put in there. Again nice touch. The hard case does eat into the space of the main compartment but it if you need it it can be removed.

Inside main compartment is lined in a light grey color so you can see stuff easier.

Its lighter than my North face base Camp duffel that I used to use. The material is supple yet water resistant - atleast in a short rain shower. I didn't stick it underwater or anything.

Only areas for improvement would be:
1 - provide a chest strap when you have the bag on you back. Im sure I can get one from a camping supply store.
2 - It would have been nice yo make the straps removable or somehow storable - but not a big deal.
3 - make the large "Thule" logo on the back in black. Again not a big deal since not a lot people in far away places know what Thule is. Worst case I can just take a black marker to it.

Summary: Awesome, useful bag, that had some serious thought put in to it.
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on September 27, 2015
I used this as my carry-on bag and sole piece of luggage during my trip to France last June for the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race.

I have walked through Paris train stations and Charles de Gaulle Airport with it, ran with it on my back through Heathrow Int’l and sweated under this thing while in line at U.K. and French customs.

Every time I placed it in on my back I always thought that it felt big and clunky, but that feeling went away quickly as I walked with it. Being lost and trying to navigate foreign countries has a way of distracting you from a big lump on your shoulders.

I had read many of the reviews here on Amazon before buying it, and I will say that I never noticed the handles or straps digging into my back. However, every time I had this on, I was wearing a light jacket and a hoodie.

I do agree with the reviewer who said it is difficult to run with this thing because there is no sternum or hip belt. I confirmed this under duress while trying to make my flight in London and having this thing flopping side to side as I attempted to make forward progress. I missed the plane.

Because this bag opens like a duffel, it makes it easier to go through security and to be inspected if you get flagged and pulled aside like me…57% of the time.

The structure of the Thule is excellent and the shell is very durable. Besides my clothes and other travel necessities, I had electronics and a small folding chair stuffed in the bag. I really began to appreciate the semi-hard shell construction of the bag as it definitely helped keep things in place.

When I travel domestically in the U.S., I use the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60L which is slightly larger. I chose this for European travel because I wanted avoid any size restriction issues. While I was checking in with British Airways at CDG, I slipped my fully loaded bag into the carry-on check stand next to the counter. It fit perfectly!

The next time I travel abroad, this will definitely be accompanying me.
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on April 10, 2016
I have taken half a dozen trips with this bag and it is now my go-to bag for trips of 4 days or less. Better than a roller in that I can have hands free (to help with kids, deal with phone, whatever). Material is amazing and simple but elegant design has worked for all my needs. Blue color is good looking too.
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on March 20, 2015
I expected a little more from Thule after owning some of their car products. This pack was awkward to use a backpack and only really excelled as a duffel. I checked it on several round-trip flights and used it as a carry-on in other flights. The last time I used it as a checked back, the aluminum strap holders broke -- and that was "aircraft grade aluminum." So, I learned my lesson and it may or not have been my fault for assuming this bag could withstand the tarmac, but I just expected more durability.
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on May 10, 2013
Bought this for my son to use as a book bag because they don't have lockers at their school. This requires them to carry everything back and forth because of studying and homework. This bad holds all his books as well as had room for his jacket. Very sturdy. The only thing is that the side straps tend to come undone really easily but I don't really see the purpose for them anyway.
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on February 26, 2013
Best bag i have ever purchased. Solid zippers, good quality and a lot of room inside. Nothing for a hiking trip but for carry-on-luggage just perfect. Fits in the overhead compartments of those small embraer-planes from UA without problems. The case for glasses fits at least 2 ppairs,including the cases/ boxes.
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