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on May 2, 2010
I added some pictures because I always wanted to see a shower head installed in an actual shower, and I was curious as to what the water pressure was actually like. The only video I could find was at the manufacturer's website, and that can be a little bias. I remodeled my master bathroom and this shower head was probably the fourth one I bought. I tried all different kinds. The one just before this, I purchased from [...]. It worked terrific, but it wasn't big enough. When I saw this head, I thought, why not? I had tried everything else. This shower head works great for people of quite different heights. My husband is 6'1" and I'm 5'1". It's easily adjustable for both of us. And the water pressure is great. The tips are easily cleaned by rubbing your finger across it. I would have to say that this is a great shower head. By all means, take the flow control out.
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on November 25, 2010
I freely admit that I am a shower head snob. I am 51 and have gone through more shower heads than I could possibly count in my search for the perfect one. I want everyone to know, here and now, that I will never, NEVER replace this shower head with anything but another identical one. I don't even care if this thing only lasts a year, I would still buy another one (please understand that there is NO indication that this will be case as the Thunderhead is working perfectly and for all intents and purposes, appears that it will last forever, I just wanted to stress how completely happy I am with this thing!). I have purchased three of them for myself (I only have two bathrooms, but hey - just in case a tree should fall on my house and destroy one of my bathrooms, I can rest assured that I already have a replacement ready to go). I have also given an additional two Thunderheads as gifts and have received a ridiculous amount of thanks from both recipients!). For anyone who may be on the fence about purchasing one of these, my advise to you is - BUY IT!!! With that said, here are my additional observations: Pros: It installs easily in just a few minutes and will do wonders for your water pressure (and like the previous reviewer mentioned - by all means, take out the flow control valve). Also, the flexible nubs make it very easy to clear any scale or mineral build up you might experience due to hard water. Cons: NONE. Misc: It would be great if it came in other colors besides white, but don't let that be a deal breaker for you. Bottom line: Buy it, you absolutely will not be sorry.
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on April 4, 2012
In the typical San Francisco apartment (provided you're not quite wealthy), good water pressure is a rare commodity. My first apartment here provided a miserable drip rather more reminiscent of an incontinent mouse's output than the shower it was billed as; my current residence, though offering reasonable water pressure in the kitchen sink, was still distinctly sub-par when it came to the showers. I put up with this for about a year, but finally got tired of it taking up to half an hour to get any kind of decent wash.

After comparing a number of different options, and noting the overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews of the Thunderhead, I took a chance on it. Thank goodness I did! I'm always skeptical about whether or not a product will live up to its hype, but in my opinion, this one does if what you're after is a good pressure-boosting, full-body rain shower.

The Thunderhead installed in under five minutes, start to finish, and includes a small amount of Teflon tape that should be sufficient for the average installation. It also included nice, clear instructions, and a water conservation valve (which I left out). It took my rather pathetic water flow and turned it into a satisfyingly firm, wide spray. The long, jointed mounting allows for a surprisingly wide range of positions in a fixed head.

Of course, there are caveats which are not issues for me, but may be important for some users. For one thing, in terms of appearance, this is not the most elegant shower head out there. It's simply molded white plastic with flexible rubber nipples, so it won't exactly harmonize with a brass-and-brushed-nickel Kohler tap suite, if that matters to you.

Also, I bought this shower head specifically because people with low water pressure reported good results with it. If you have normal or high water pressure, you will probably want to use the water-conservation valve to moderate the flow. Though in my shower it simply provides a pleasant spray--firm enough to thoroughly drench you, but not exactly an invigorating massage--I rather suspect that with particularly high water pressure, only people trying to save money on their acupuncture sessions would really enjoy it for very long.

Finally, be aware that the disc of the head is very large. Nine inches' diameter looks considerably bigger in your shower than it does in pictures. The arm also necessarily adds a few inches of length to the distance the shower head protrudes from the wall. Personally, I like the size, which allows for a true full-body shower, and have no difficulties with it in a small apartment shower, but if you are particularly large in stature or your shower is particularly cramped, this may not be for you.

If, however, after all those (long-winded) remarks, you still think the Thunderhead sounds good, I no longer hesitate to recommend it to you wholeheartedly. You are on to a good thing, and I believe you will be quite happy with your purchase.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
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on August 29, 2014
This thing is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have bought many different rain shower heads in the past, and NONE OF THEM ARE AS AWESOME AS THIS ONE!!!!!! The pressure is AMAZING!!! Its easy to install and it can move around so you can easily position it to your liking. And its a REAL RAIN SHOWER HEAD! Its not any cheap ole shower head , this thing is for real! Its huge too! We all love it in my house! I HIGHLY recommend this!!!
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on January 1, 2008
This is the best shower head I have ever purchased. Was a little worried about it being plactic but it is far better than any chrome or brass head I have used.
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on January 27, 2010
If you have well water and are having pressure issues, this is the shower head for to use. It took me two minutes to install and has been amazing to use. By squeezing the soft nubs it is easy to keep lime and scale from blocking the shower head. If you want to conserve water, make sure that you use the piece that is included with the shower head.
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on June 22, 2015
This thing is cool and provides a great shower experience. WARNING: If you get this, before the first install, remove the flow regulator with needle-nose pliers. Try to use it for a bit without the regulator and then, later, if you want to conserve water, put it back in. I have kept the flow regulator out and I LOVE it.

By taking it out, you use more water, yes, but the extra pressure is AWESOME...and my showers end up being SHORTER. That's because I am almost completely wet as soon as I step in. So, I surmise that the extra water flowing is compensated by shorter showers I now take. I probably don't end up using any extra water at all.

Since I am tall, I also bought the Pegasus S-Style Extension ( The two together area great for tall people, but it can be adjusted no matter who is in the shower.

See the photo for the final product.

PS. I had originally bought the Water Bella Stainelss Steel 8". Yes, it is pretty, but it does not move much and I want to be able to re-position the spray. So I returned it and got the Thunderhead instead. I am happy I did.
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on November 10, 2015
I have owned 3 of these. They are AWESOME for the first few months.... but then all of a sudden the arm can no longer support the weight of the showerhead and it drops every time i turn on the water. There is no contact information to ask for a replacement and i cant return on amazon. Says it has a lifetime warranty but with who do i call?
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on December 14, 2011
At first before I received it I was thinking to my self this probably won't help my water pressure like it says it would. Boy was I wrong wrong wrong. Before I got this my old shower head would sprinkle this little amount of water out & every time someone else in the house turned on the water ,then it would like go from hot to ice cold. But now with this new shower head those two things have been corrected & every time that I go to take a shower I feel like I have went into a waterfall & took a shower under a heavenly rain/waterfall & I just love it. I close my eyes & enjoy the wonderful soft spray from the heavenly mist that it produces & finally my showers are enjoyable unlike before when I hated doing it & then I would just take a bath, but now I have been freed from my shower prison & with this new shower head I have been found. (P.S In order to get the good strong & powerful water pressure, while installing do not install the black rubber washer because it will slow it down. Go & order one people you will truly enjoy this spray from the Gods.
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on March 17, 2008
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