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on June 29, 2008
I've had this for a few weeks, and I'm really happy with it.

The hugest advantage to this system is the urine is separated from the 'litter' and odor is greatly reduced. The litter consist of pellets similar in shape/size to the wood-based natural litters, but they are of a hard clay, which doesn't break down with moisture, and they keep their shape. Thus, the urine drains straight down through a grid to the pad (in its own slide-out drawer), and the poo stays on top to be scooped away.

The pee will not ferment with the characteristic stench, and you don't have to deal with clumping litter which doesn't really clump, and is just plain stinky and messy to scoop up.

The proprietary 'pee' pads are kind of like a giant maxi pad, and absorb a lot of liquid. Also, the bottom side of the pad is plastic, and the pad fits into the tray in a way that the plastic is upturned to keep the tray itself dry. Maintenance consists of merely taking the drawer out to the trash, and sliding the pad out, putting in a new one, and sliding the drawer back into the bottom of the box.

The litter itself are hard pellets, which hardly get tracked, and it is 100% dustless. A pellet or two stick to paws, but are easily picked up and tossed back into the box. Scooping is easy, and if the poo is dry, you can kind of shake it around in the scoop to knock off some of the pellets, then throw it in the trash instead of wasting water with a toilet flush.

It takes mere seconds to maintain the box vs. 10 minutes of scooping and scraping soggy clumping litter which doesn't really clump, but falls apart.

When it's time to change the litter (once a month), it just pours into the trash, no scraping the soggy wet concrete of old.

Some say you get a 'poo' smell, since kitties can't bury it quite like they did with the old type of litter, but I'll take that over the overpowering stench of fermented urine any day. And, the smell goes away quite shortly, just like human smell in the bathroom. Note that you should just use one bag of the pellets in the box, the litter won't be as deep. I just give the box a quick shake daily to even it back out.

Cat adaption to the new box: This won't work for everyone, but this is what I did: I set up the new Breeze system next to the old box (which was fairly gross, as I let it get bad) to see what would happen. I placed a clump of the old litter into the new box to let him know it was 'his.' My 9 year old fellow was pretty much using the new box right away (probably out of curiousity more than anything). After 3 days or so, I removed the old box and inserted it directly into the garbage, never to be dealt with again. No problems, 100% compliance on Max's part.

If Tidy Cats came out with a fully hooded version of the box, it would be great for the folks who have standing pee-ers, but my fellow doesn't do that, so I'm lucky.

Finally, some say the pellets and pads are expensive, but I estimate the cost as about equal to the old style of box over the long run - and the convenience and ease of maintenance should erase any other doubt.

Also, this system has the potential of keeping tons of conventional clay litter out of landfills.

Highly recommended.
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on September 29, 2008
I have two cats (male, 12 pounds & female, 7 pounds) and just switched from the Scoop Free (because I had to scoop constantly due to my cat's litter habits) to the Breeze.

I love the Breeze because it is very easy, low maintenance, and has excellent odor control. The only negative is the maintenance cost, but I figured out the usage for my household and it's virtually the same cost as the Scoop Free system. It is not an economical system compared to scoopable litter, clay litter, or all natural litter alternatives. You are paying for convenience and the neatness. It's really mess-free and I never have to touch the pad, just dump the tray into the trash.

I'm confused by some of the poor reviews because it really is a simple system. Honestly, you'd have to be really drunk or half brain dead to screw it up. It has to be used as a complete system. It doesn't work if you try to not use the pads or take some other random cost-cutting measure. I cannot figure out how the urine pan could leak at all if you are using the pad (right side up with the green plastic side down and the absorbant white side up) and you are changing it when it becomes full. It functions like a diaper, once the absorbancy has been exhausted, that's it. You get longer life/better absorbancy if you rotate the tray since cats tend to pee in the same area of the box every time. If you have multiple cats and one box, or a large cat that pees a lot, you may need to change your pad more often, but that's specific to your cat. If you are using the box properly with any amount of common sense applied, it will not leak.

The bag of pellets is sparse, but that's because it is just supposed to let the urine pass through and give your cat a comfortable environment to allow burying. The pellets are not meant to absorb the urine, or stick to the poop. They do recommend that you completely change the pellets every month, so you don't really want to put in more than you need for your cat's comfort. Both my cats are quite content with one pack. There is no tracking with these pellets, I rarely find more than two or three pellets on the floor near the box. I do not find that the pellets remove any odor from the solid waste. I do notice an odor right after my cat has a bowel movement, or if the box is left longer than day without scooping out the solid waste. I scoop daily into a litter locker and have no odor in the general areas of the box (unless there is something very fresh). My pads last a full week, I do have to rotate them once. I have never smelt urine from this box.

I do want to point out that because we have two cats and three levels of the house we did add additional boxes per the mfg recommendation (which I thought was crazy initially), however, it really did improve my cats' litter habits. One cat was using alternative (and undesirable) areas to relieve herself (like my suitcase, laundry basket, etc.) Once I put in multiple boxes, that behavior completely stopped.

We have three boxes for the two cats, one at each level: basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor. The pads generally last at least a week for all boxes, occasionally one box will be used less and a pad will last two weeks. The pellets are still odor free after 6 weeks. I agree that the refill costs are high, but as I said, comparable with the ScoopFree system, but this was actually cleaner and easier given the unique habits of my cats. For me, the cost is worth the ease, convenience and general cleanliness of the system.
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on July 13, 2008
I got this yesterday and so far it looks good, I've been using silica litter but even the cheap stuff is not that cheap and is fairly dusty, so I've been looking for an alternative and this seems to be it. The silica works great for drying up odors until it gets pee saturated. I sprinkled at little of the old wet litter on the breeze litter and the cats used it right away. The pee does drain through and the pads are good, they've used it quite a few times and the pad still feels dry. I'm actually hoping they DON'T poop in it and continue to use the silica for that, then I'll have the best of both worlds, the poop will dry and the pee will be able to be gotten rid of so the expensive silica will last longer.

After a week, still on the first pad and haven't noticed any odor problems. Have 3 cats and left the silica so they are using both but they are using the breeze a lot. Adding crystals or enzyme spray to the pad might stretch it's life out even longer. They've pooped in the breeze too and I haven't noticed a smell but lots of pellets glue tight so I'm losing quite a few each time. I'm used to the silica, which is much cleaner than clay or clumping and I haven't noticed any increased odor with the breeze.

Changed the pad on the 8th day because, well really how far do you want to push it, and no sign of trouble. It was HEAVY with no sign of leakage or deterioration (I didn't really try to stress test it, but it came out of the tray and into the bag with no problem).
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421 of 460 people found the following review helpful
on July 4, 2008
Back when I used the breeze cat system, there were 4 cats in the apartment (2 are my cats, and the other 2 were my brother's cats that I was temporarily taking care for him). I had the breeze next to the original litter box for 3 days and none of the cats used it. They all went on top of the pellets to check it out but did not pee/poop in there. One of the cats tried to eat a pellet and I took it away from him. I *think* none of them actually ate it.

On the 4th day, I took the original litter box away, and then they all started using the breeze. There were no "accidents" in the apartment and I did not find pee or poop on the floor or carpet. I think the fact that I placed some of the pellets with their original litter really helped them get accustomed to the product (and also since the breeze system was sitting there for 3 days, they were at least familiarized with it).

The pad that sucked up the pee worked really well. I experimented to figure out the right time to change the pad for the 4 cats. It turned out to be every 3 days. As for hard poop, I was ok with it staying at the top of the system and would pick it up with a plastic bag and throw it out (very easy).

The problem is with the runny/watery poop which will go all over the pellets and is tougher and takes longer to clean. A lot of the pellets ended up getting thrown out once the watery poop touched them. Also, this system does not do anything to help minimize the poop smell, which is the main complaint for my boyfriend regarding this system. In the end, we did not keep the breeze because the smell was too horrible. Even if you clean it up immediately after the cat pooped, the smell was still there.

We went back to the original litter box. I am going to keep my eye on this product to see if tidy cats come out with better pellets that will do something about poop smell. If that time ever comes, I would buy it because I know my cats will use this system & it did wonders for the pee... now if only the poop situation works out!
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138 of 148 people found the following review helpful
We have 3 long haired cats and have tried every litter box under the sun that promised "no tracking". This system is the first that truly delivered. WE still get a few pellets outside the boxes but they are easy to pick up with our hand vacuum.
We've been using the system for 4 months now and here are some tricks we found to make it work. We find that Pet Fresh (made by Arm & Hammer and usually used for carpets is a BIG help in keeping the odors under control. It's really cheap too.)

1. Right after they go number 2, we sprinkle Pet Fresh on it. This is because one of our cats doesn't cover his poops after he goes. The scoop works best after they have a chance to dry out a little.

2. The loose stool issue. It can be a real mess trying to get them out with a scoop. I found that using paper towels or toilet paper to pick them up is the easiest and cleanest way to get them out.

3. The pan that holds the pads starts to retain the smell of urine after a month or 2. Solution: Sprinkle Pet Fresh on the pan, then put the pad in the pan.

4. Issue: the sides of the pan start to smell and poop gets stuck to it. Solution: We keep Wipes, paper towels and spray cleaner near the box and wipe the box and scoop whenever it gets dirty.

5. Expense: We have found that if we look out for coupons and sales we can get the pads for about a dollar each and the pellets last a month in each box. We used to change the litter ever week and went through so much that we have found this system to actually be cheaper. The worst place to buy the pellets and pads is Petco - they are triple the price. Best place for us has been Target and Stop & Shop - we stock up when they are on sale.

6. Transitioning: It took us almost a month of increasing adding the pellets to the old litter. Every time we scooped the old litter we added more pellets. The whole time we had the new system right next to the old one. By the time the old system was almost all pellets they were using both so we got more breezes and got rid of the old. We did have a couple times where they went outside the box, but that was it.

It wasn't easy to change, but to not have litter and urine tracked all over the house is such a god send that it was well worth the trouble. My greatest fear is that they might stop making the refills! I was glad to read that someone said you could use the system without with the pads if you dump the urine every day. That would be not be ideal but it's nice to know it works. I was also thinking you could use doggie pee pads if necessary. As for the pellets, I'm going to try "Yesterdays' News" pellets and see if they would work. or may even tiny river rocks that are washable? washable pellets you don't have to replace would be awesome for the environment. Trouble is they won't get to make as money off them - but I"m going to be on the look out for something that works!
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49 of 50 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon July 16, 2008
I was skeptical, as I'm sure you are! I read review after review just to make sure I knew of any known issues. Which are few are far between. To say the least, I am absolutely amazed by this litter box and wish it came out 10 years ago!

I am, now, the un-proud owner of a Litter Mate litter box. For the last year I have used it as a regular litter box (where I would scoop myself. Just too frustrated with the mechanism of the whole thing.) Anyway, I finally found a litter that did a decent job in that box, it's hard to find one! I settled on Tidy Cats scooping litter. Well, one day I was comparing prices online at my local grocery store and at Target when I came across this system. I decided to check out Amazon and the reviews.

With little hesitation I ordered the litter box, pellets, and pads. I also put the pellets and pads on Amazon subscription to receive 15% off each order and I could cancel at anytime. I ordered the pellets and pads because I didn't think the litter box came with anything and I was anxious to use it once I received it. Well, it did come with a 4 pack of pads and a 3 lb bag of pellets, enough to get you started.

I set it up right away, right next to their usual litter box. I checked the pad the next day and a cat, or two, had used that box! I was so excited! I left it there for 3 weeks because neither one of my cats went #2 in the new box. I was getting discouraged. I did what was suggested by putting some of the pellets in the regular box so the cats could get used to the feel of them. Still nothing. So finally, with fingers crossed, I eliminated the regular litter box and only made available the Breeze litter box. I came home from work that evening and prayed they would use the box for both duties.....AND THEY DID!!! I was thrilled!!

I have never smelled the #2 like some reviewers have mentioned, I don't know if they do it while I'm away or asleep, but there has been no odor.

I would suggest either getting more than one box if you have 2 or more cats. Tidy Cats suggests 1 box for each cat plus one. I only have one box and change the pad 2 times per week and it has worked perfectly, but knowing how well it works and how easy it is to maintain, I will be buying a second one!! I love that there is no litter to vacuum up or get tracked on the wood floor only to step on in bare feet!

I love this litter box!!

August 9, 2008: UPDATED I still LOVE this litter box!! It is by far one of the best things ever invented! I am telling all my cat owner friends about it and insist they buy this! I have to admit, I am a lazy litter box care taker, because of a busy life. This litter box makes it a lot easier to care for and it's so quick to clean! I plan to move it to a bathroom soon so I can flush the solids since I tend to scoop them out every day or two, it would make it that much easier.

If you are hesitating at all, you really should give it a try. I bought it before they reduced the price by $20! I risked $40 to try it, you can risk $20!
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105 of 115 people found the following review helpful
on October 26, 2008
I got my 6-pack in a larger bag that was packed in a cardboard box about 2 weeks ago - no tears or rips in any of the packs. Thanks to the Amazon Subcription Service, cat litter is now delivered to my door with free shipping and I don't have to lug a 20lb bag from the store anymore.

Reason for the 4 stars: Poop still sticks to the pellets and I lose a few everytime I scoop, and it does not control poop odor. But that's ok, I just use an air freshener spray. I use 1.5 bags each time since 1 pack doesn't seem to be enough.

Anyway, the pellets are washable! I was curious - so I tried and the pellets weren't all that dirty anyway as I had already scooped the dirty (pop-covered) ones out. I poured the used litter into the bottom part of an old hooded litter box that had hot water and detergent in it (I use the hood for the Breeze litterbox!). I let it soak for about 20 mins whilst I washed and dried the Breeze litter box, changed the pee pad, and poured in a new bag of litter. I used an old kitchen/dish brush that has a long handle and sort of "scrubbed" the used pellets in the soapy water for a few minutes and then drained the water into the toilet bowl and then rinsed it out a number of times until the water was clear. Drained it as much as I could, and then left the box in the bathtub with the window open to air-dry it, and closed the tub screen so my cat wouldn't think he had an extra litter box in the bathtub! The pellets were clean and completely dry within 2-3 days. Kinda interesting that it can be washed and we're not generating more garbage to pollute the earth. Plus, for anyone wanting to save some money....
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25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on November 24, 2013
Only the Breeze "system" has proven - over many years of experience as cat owners - to be an effective and simple way to deal with cats that have "accidents" easily if they don't have immaculate facilities readily available, as well as the only one we've found that is 100% urine-based odor free. (Nothing can hide the smell of fresh, solid cat mess, but we don't trust them with lighting candles yet....LOL.) Its too bad that the pads are rather expensive, since we go through a lot of them. But, buying LOTS when we find a good price helps. We have tried many experiments with cutting up dog "potty pads", etc. - but its tiresome at best, and doesn't work well (since most don't have the gel inserts these have) so we keep coming back to just replacing the pads after every two uses. (Be SURE to use each pad twice - turning the tray around after each use.) Fortunately, the Breeze pellets last FOREVER* - IF you "stir" them every time you know they've been used (our cats don't seem to like digging around in the pellets much) and add a sprinkle of baking soda every time you change a pad. (*We haven't replaced them in ages - since we started stirring and sprinkling.) I do strongly recommend starting with about 2 - 3" depth, though - so more bags to start, but then no (or few) replacements needed. So that part of the "system" isn't as expensive at it first seems. The other tip that's made a big difference for us is the one to get one more cat box (no matter WHAT system you use) than you have cats - in our case three of the Breeze boxes for our two cats. (Each new started box we've bought included a $10-off coupon for another one.) It seems a bit much - especially the space required, I know, but - again - its made the difference in smell and accidents for us, plus we never have to do "heavy duty" clean-ups - so its well worth it. Oh yes, and the Breeze one is SUPER easy to use. MUCH easier than scooping and dumping OR flushing (which is evidently not so hot for the plumbing nor the environment after all?) Never lugging another bag of litter home is nice, too. Also, WAY easier than completely emptying and scrubbing the pans every so often (we haven't had to do that yet - just some quick wipe-ups of the edges once in a great while.) Even a slightly ill kitty's loose mess is way easier to clean up than any other methods we have ever used (including kitty "pines", newspaper-based pellets, corn-based litters, silicone "pearls", etc.) We have never resorted to an electric "automatic" litter box, and don't plan on going there - so I can't comment on their efficacy. 'Hope this helps, we've certainly benefitted from many, many other owner's tips on Amazon and elsewhere over the years.
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31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on March 29, 2011
Was VERY leary of this working as advertised. There are 6 cats in the household now that 2 household have been combined due to the rough economy. I hated the regular clumping cat litter, litter got every where and it smelled with in 2 days of changing out the litter of all of the cat boxes even with being scooped out 1-2 times a day. We have 5 cat boxes in the house, I alone was going through 56 lbs of clumping litter every 2 weeks in my 3 boxed (2 cats/ and 2 boxes are not mine to upkeep) Everytime my sister in law would come over, she would tell me my cat boxes stink and I should try the litter she uses. Well now she comes over and says "wow, I don't smell cat boxes as all...I need to get that for my cats"

I did what was recomended, setting it up next to the old boxes, putting a cup of the pellets in their old boxes and letting their old boxes get dirty. After 3 days...they still had not used the breeze system. I was fretting...and the stench from dirty boxes was melting the paint on the walls...not to mention my nose hairs were permenently gone. So I risked it... removed the old boxes. And now I don't have litter in my bed, don't have litter on the bathroom floors. I can love my cats again....well until they do something that....well you know what cats can do...
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25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2015
I love this litterbox! It is clean and doesn't smell. The only negative is if your cat gets diarreah. If you feed your cat a high quality food (preferable canned and no grains) and a probiotic, this shouldn't be a problem. I didn't like the pellets that they use though. They are heavy (when my cats would bury their poo, the pellets would break some of it up into small pieces that you can't scoop), the shape seemed uncomfortable for the cats' feet, and develop a smell after a month or so (and I think harbor bacteria). I know several people have come up with solutions to the pellets. Here is mine: airsoft pellets for airsoft guns! Can be found in any sporting goods store or Walmart. It cost me $15 for a 10,000 package. They are light weight, round so they are gentle on paws, don't break up the poo or stick to it much, and dont get kicked out very much. They are the perfect size to not fall through the slats. They come in many colors. My cats seem to prefer them to the pellet very much. So far i havent needed to change them and they are easy to clean (once a month or so i run the entire litterbox through the shower spray for a few minutes even though it doesn't look like they need it). You very rarely have to replace them (i haven't had to yet) I'm started with white and when i have to replace them i am going to get a small packet (1000) of green the same color as the box. It looks super clean all the time. I'm guessing i'm saving at least $200 per year on pellets. Hope this helps someone.
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