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on September 9, 2011

Graphics are stunning. Offers both the main Augusta National course and the Par 3 course.


Requires installation of Origin online gaming program before installation of TW12. Does not have printed manual and CD-Rom manual is very poor. There is no guide to show one how to properly play the game. One must learn by trial and error. Most features, such as the pro shop, are only available online. Only 3 click or true swing shot making are available. There is no 2 click. One can only play an exhibition round as a guest offline. There are no computer golfers or any way to play against the computer. The only commentary offline is Jim Nantz's fly by preview of each hole. An internet connection is required even though one does not want to play online. As most stores do not carry this version, it should be fully advertised as extremely limited except for online play.

Conclusion: I told EA Sports that failure to offer TW12 for PC and also PSP would be a slap in the face to those of us who have faithfully supported prior PC and PSP versions of the Tiger Woods series because of the inclusion of the long awaited Masters. It is still a slap in the face and an insult. Tiger Woods 08 for PC is (even though is only available used) is a much better value. There are web sites in which one can download a small free installer program and a multitude of free add-on courses including 2 versions of Augusta National and the Par 3 courses.
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on September 12, 2011
Like the real life Tiger, EA's 2012 PC version is sadly disappointing.

The graphics are, to say the least, not up to EA's usual standards (the greens are just another shade of color from fairways/rough, with little detail). Honestly, the 2008 version's graphics are far superior.

To take advantage of all the features, you MUST play online, even if you would prefer not to. The Pro Shop, which really is the engine of the game, is only available to you online, which, coincidentally, is through EA's Origin portal, which will gladly sell you a dozen other courses for a nominal fee of about $25.00! If you choose to play offline, all that is offered is the bare bones version with no room for player development, characterization, etc. The manual is also only available online. Why did EA bother with the box and the disk?

My only guess is that EA had to pay the good folks at Augusta so much $$$ to use "Masters" in their title that they had little $ left to produce a masterful product.
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on September 12, 2011
The title of the review says it all. I find myself extremely disappointed after a long 4 year wait, in fact I would go as far as saying that TW '08 is superior in every way.

Previous editions of TW have offered a far greater variety of gameplay modes. Earlier editions of TW had skill challenges like scoring a -4 on a selection of par 3s, chip shot challenges against CPU controlled opponents to see who can land the closest to the pin, etc. Progressing in these challenges allowed you to play head to head against the legends of the game. That aspect is entirely missing from TW '12, you just play the tournaments. I also never felt like I was truly progressing in the road to the Masters mode, at least not like you felt in older versions of the game where attributes were earned differently. Here you might as well be out there on the course playing by yourself.

EA has always given special care and attention to the console versions of the game while either ignoring or outright punishing people for wanting to play on the PC. In past versions of the game the big, inexplicably missing feature was the lack of the ability to use a photograph while creating yourself in gameface. That feature FINALLY made it to the PC (although you must have an account with EA and be online to use it), so how will EA make the PC version vastly inferior to the console version you ask? By not including the caddie feature that is available in the console version. Maybe EA will add the caddie to the game in 2020, though they should probably stop trying to make a PC version at this point. This game appears to be more of an attempt to (re)make the Tiger Woods Online game as a standalone product as opposed to bringing the true Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters game to the PC.

One good thing about the game, they didn't reuse the same commentary they've used for years and years. Commentary is new, but very limited. I guess that's a good thing, as the old commentary wore out its welcome due to the repetitiveness.

As other reviewers have stated, the game must have an internet connection and you are required to have an account online with EA. I'd rather have the old system of being able to have a complete gameface subsystem where I can modify a players progressive stats, clothes, and face without the need to be online and without the need to have yet another account to keep track of. I'd also prefer a subsystem that doesn't nickel and dime you to death with micro transactions. I assume the reason behind the decision was to thwart piracy, and if this is the case it is just another example of how a DRM scheme has negatively impacted the people that buy and support the game. This DRM scheme also raises concerns - what if EA servers are down? That happened. What if my internet connection is experiencing problems? What if EA decides that they simply won't allow TW '12 accounts when they come out with TW '13?

In summary: Far less gameplay modes than previous additions, a semi-standalone port of TW Online, and inferior to the console version (again). Honestly, if EA loathes the PC community this much, why bother coming out with the product? You would be much better off saving your green (hey, a pun) and stick to playing TW Online. It's the same experience.
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on September 17, 2011
WARNING!!! Don't waste your money ($40.00) on this game, I couldn't rate it lower than 1 star, it deserves "0"! They don't mention you can't load and play the game on your PC so it's a huge piece of CRAP. TW-08 was an excellent game, all they needed to create was a new add on cd-rom with 15 brand new courses on it including Augusta Nat. for the TW-08. Load in the new courses to the 08 program and play. EA dropped the ball because of their new site where you can purchace & download all their games for Internet play only. So there's no offline playing this waste of money game. EA SPORTS! YOU OWE US ALL FOR STEALING OUR MONEY FOR A WORTHLESS GAME! I DON"T PLAY ONLINE!
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on September 14, 2011
A word to the wise - DO NOT BUY THE PC VERSION OF THIS GAME. I paid $40 for the PC DVD-ROM version and after playing it for two days i kept wondering where the people in the crowd were and why I was always playing alone. Unlike previous EA PC editions of this game through 2008, IT IS NOT A FULL-FEATURED GAME. For example, although you hear the crowd in the background, there isn't one to be seen. Also, no caddie feature on the PC version nor any commentary after your shot. Also, no challenges or ability to truly create your golfer. I tried the "Game face" feature where you import your picture and unfortunately that didn't work either. My biggest gripe is that although I have a high-end PC with all of the game features set to "super high", the courses lack any depth at all. For example, if you are in the rough, the surface is just a different color but there is no actual grass that protudes up. I am a web designer and from looking closley at the grass and sand features, it appears that they were created using pictures of carpet and cloth as background images. The grass, greens and sand are like looking at a carpet from 10 feet in the air - it's ridiculous. After playing for about 10 hours, thinking that things would get better as I leveled up, I finally looked online and read reviews similar to what I am describing. Then it all made sense - EA just unloaded their online version of the game and packaged it a a DVD-ROM for the PC to the tune of $40. If you proceed and purchase this game you will feel like the "loneliest golfer in the world" as you proceed down the fairway all by yourself with the invisible crowd clapping behind you! Save your money and buy another title - and SHAME ON YOU EA!
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on September 16, 2011
Congratulations EA. Once again you have destroyed a once great gaming franchise by releasing a game that is sub standard at best and a complete money grab for DLC. This is not a game, like an engine is not a car. To have a full version of this game you MUST be online at all times and fork over another $25 in fees. If you were thinking that $40 was a good price for a brand new game, think again.

Also, this game bad to begin with. Player animations are awful, and the graphics are worse than they were in the 2008 version of this game. Gameplay is mediocre at best, the caddy feature is gone, it has a very limited course selection, and the graphics overall are just plain bad.

Honestly, I would recommend against this game on gameplay alone, unfortunately for EA though, there are plenty of other reasons not to buy it.
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on September 9, 2011
This is NOT the real game, this version is highly different that's available on the consoles. This is a direct port of their Tiger Woods Online game that can be played in a web browser. It is cheaper to just buy the online pass instead of this game, since they are both the same. Like others have said, this game also requires an always connection. Everything in the game requires a connection and you to be signed onto your ea account. Things like buying things in the shop for better clothes or clubs, changing your golfer is not available offline. While you can play offline, there is only limited game modes available.

The road to the masters is also short and not that challenging. Overall, the old Tiger Woods 2008 is better
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on September 9, 2011
I don't play my games on a computer hooked up to the Internet. I bought this game expecting to be able to load it on my Win7 PC. Not to be. I sure wish the advertisements had said something about a mandatory Internet connection.
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on September 14, 2011
They failed in almost every way I can think of.
List of fails...
Game play
Requirements of extra downloads and money to play game.
Read the other feedback as I would just be repeating the same things.
Just want to leave my part as a being a non supporter of the game.
Tiger woods golf needs a complete remake, makeover, new everything or I won't buy another.
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on September 20, 2011
If you think you can spend an afternoon in your home with your friends playing this, forget it. It is a single player game. This is a giant rip-off. It's time to look for something other than a Tiger Woods golf game. Way to go EA, you ruined another one.
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