Customer Reviews: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - PlayStation 2
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on March 19, 2013
I don't know why, but one day I decided I was going to try my hand at a golf game, albeit I know nothing of the sport, with the exception of the names of a few past and present stars, and put-put. I knew of the PGA and LPGA. I knew what Par, Birdie, and Bogey were. I've seen Caddyshack and was aware of terms like Green and Fairway. I paint this picture for you so you can see I really don't know anything about golf.

So, why did I settle on Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 for PS2? First although I have a Wii, and a PS3 I really didn't want to invest good money in something I thought might sit on a shelf and maybe, maybe be played once for all of 10 minutes. I've now been playing for two straight days. Now for my thoughts on the game.

Graphics - For PS2 they aren't bad and actually quite realistic given the technology of the time, we are talking a game now 4 years old, where much of the programming was leaning towards the newer systems. The players look good, the mechanics are good, and I have yet to see things like invisible balls, walking through trees, or the golf club going through a players shoulder. I have to rate the graphics a 10 of 10.

Character Creator - This is something that is important to me in almost every sports game I play with rare exception. In PGA tour '09 the creator is pretty darn good, I do find most of my created characters look like children when standing next to any of the pro players really, but I can live with that, it really is about how they look when on the course, and they look good, I can almost make myself, which I find impressive and give 10 of 10.

Swing Control - I think this is important to golf, there are three types and I have not figured out the difference between Analog 1 and Analog 2, but the 2/3 click system gives me all the accuracy I need and power to drive the ball. I give the swing control a 10 of 10.

Putting - This is perhaps the biggest Con to the game, but give me a second here. When I first put in PGA Tour '09 I'd get the ball to the green in say 1 shot on a par 4, WOW I thought, then putting and six puts later the ball would drop and I'd be 3 shots over par, Grrrr! However adding skill points to putting, buying a better putter, and practice I found myself within 6 hours of play draining 20 yard puts. It is confusing at first, but the system is able to be learned. In fact tonight I won my first PGA tour event and it was a four day 72 hole event! I give 3 out of 10.

Game Modes - You have your basic game mode. Much like Play Now on other sports titles. You have the EA Sports Cup which is actually the first event I won, however one could say I won due to cheating, I turned the difficulty to Custom and made it so CPU controlled players would be awful. That mode only works if you get to watch your opponents plays. Then you have the Career or PGA tour season, I am only on the second month so I can't tell you how many years it plays out or any of that. I give 8 of 10. I wish there was a training mode.

Soundtrack - So often I find the music on sports games to get repetative and as it does so it gets irritating. So far I like the soundtrack a lot and was surprised to see Young MC even had a track, I'd almost forgotten about him since about 1990. It seems all the music is instrumentals which means no catchy lyrics to drive me nuts after hours of play time. I give 10 of 10.

What upset me, while trying to learn how to put I looked all over the game for something like a tutorial, no such thing it seemed. I looked for a trainer mode, and again nothing. Yet looking online it seemed to say you could meet and train with Tiger Wood's own trainer, and you could play with your clubs for better control. Then I found that it didn't enter the PS2 version, Bummer. I also wish that the putting mode would allow a player to set up a put much like Billiards, or Bowling, that you could adjust the line and see the actual path the ball would follow, perhaps leaving the last five inches clear to add some difficulty, and not telling the speed so it leaves some guess work. I find putting to be the hardest part of the game.

Finally the Difficulty, I tampered with the difficulty a bit, at first I set everything to Easy, and I shot a 13 my first game, the leader shot a negative 8. I tried it on Medium Difficulty my Second game, because I started a new character, I like my characters, I shot an 11, and the leader shot a negative 7. Then for laughs I tried expert, I had my best game shooting a 8 and the leader shot a negative 8. I saw no change. However I tried the cheat IAMRUBBISH to max my stats and unlock everything in the pro shop, I'd won enough money I bought new clubs and gear, and then I shot a 0 and putting I still found difficult. I really think adjusting the difficulty should have had an effect on the pros scores, easy should have had them shooting a 5 to 15, Medium should have had them shooting -8 to 3, and Expert perhaps -15 to -7. I really saw no reason until I played in the EA Sports Cup and had to stand next to the opponent then I saw the opponent taking 6 or more shots on a par 7, which is no help in career mode.

Over all if your looking for a good cheap golf game like I was and don't want to pay fifteen dollars more for one of the more recent systems games then I say get this one, over all I give it an 8 out of 10 and it has made me addicted to Video Game Golf, I may have been right when I said I didn't want to spend money on something that would sit on my shelf, I like this so much I think I will pay for a newer golf game, and this one might just find a home on the shelf, but it would have served a purpose.
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on September 20, 2008
Hate to say it, but I'm not as happy with the newest version of Tiger Woods golf as I have been with the previous year's versions. There are fewer game choices in the "play now" secton of the game, there is no Tiger Woods Challenge area, and we have encountered a few different program bugs, or errors. Clubs keep re-arranging themselves between playing sessions, along with other settings not changed by the user. Also, when playing in the "play now" section, even though two different golfers are selected, the game will begin with the same person playing in both roles. Very disappointing and makes for less fun to have to back completely out of the game after this happens and re-boot to eliminate the problem.

With that said, I do like the expanded choice in courses (without having to unlock them as you gain experience), and the faster response time between holes as you play.
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on June 4, 2015
I decided I needed an update for my golf games for the PS2 so I ordered this game.

I was stoked to know that the two and three click option was available before ordering. We still have the old game from 200 which was a three click if you used the x button or use the sticks. I played with the three click for well over a couple hours and it was a blast being able to hit gentle draws or fades. I am not a huge fan of the two click, but for someone like my father it would be nice. Also, as much as missing putts is frustrating I was happy to do the two click with putts and miss them over the edges. On the 06 version it seemed like I couldn't miss a putt.

I also experimented with the sticks a little bit. I am sure there is a trick to it, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I love having 20 courses available for play even if you just start out. The XP meter and all makes it play a lot like an RPG, which is cool with me. The graphics are mediocre in my view, but as long as there is a golfer, clubs, a golf ball, and a golf course I am content.

One of my big issues is there is not a practice option. That would have been nice so I could practice the sticks a bit.

Overall, it is a fun game that loads quickly and still presents challenges to the player.
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on May 11, 2012
Ok, not a hard core gamer but I was pretty impressed with this title even though it's older. I love to watch the game, but I thought this would have a steep learning curve, and surprisingly, it didn't! I'm having fun learning all of the nuances that make it a really cool game to play.
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on July 30, 2013
I was missing this game in my TW PGA Tour collection so I picked up the last copy at GameStop for $9. I knew I spent way more then I should have but I did it anyway. Right from the start it was bad starting with the intro. I will make a list of the very little pros and many cons this game has to offer.
Cool cover
Good variety of courses
2 click

Atari graphics even on a HD TV
Terrible soundtrack
Commentary is usually wrong
Every time you don't save what your doing, you HAVE to make your personalized golfer next time you go into the game
Every personalized golfer looks identical
Short PGA Tour season
Terrible controls
Commentary is bland
You have to get your timing right on every shot on the anolog stick swing or you will end up about 10 yard short of the target
no mini games
Cant invite people to PGA Tour event
No Online
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on February 5, 2010
First off I would like to state that I'm a big fan of the earlier tiger woods golf games. 2003, 2004 (my personal favorite) and 2005 were all very good golf games. 06, 07 and 08 however were all pretty sorry affairs - my primary beef? The normal swing mechanism (pulling back the directional joystick and then pulling it forward)somehow became broken - it's almost impossible to make a good shot. This HAS NOT been fixed in 09 HOWEVER you have the option to use a 2 click method - in short this works very well and doesn't hurt from the overall experience.

Combined with everything else - tons of beautifully replicated courses and everything else I remember from the older versions - this is a fun game where everything for the most part works well.

My only other minor beef is that save times are unusually slow and putting has a serious learning curve (at first it's easier to chip in a ball than putt it in from a similar distance).

At the low price I got this game for I certainly feel like I got a bargain.
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on December 25, 2009
I bought this for my husband who had been wanting a golf game for his playstation 2. He seems happy with it, he spent several hours the first day playing it. As usual his interest began to wane when the game was not progressing fast enough for him. Once he managed to get all the "goodies" a cheat code could get him, it renewed his interest in the game though. It is a pretty good game, particularly for the price.
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on July 18, 2009
The game is fun, challenging, and worth every penny. The graphics are great and the courses are very real-looking and detailed. The clothes choices and the club choices leave a bit to be desired, but overall, it is a very enjoyable game.
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on May 1, 2010
I had a chance to get 2010 over this one, but because of the reviews, I chose the 2009 version. I was expecting the graphics to be better. I mean, there are more elaborate ps2 games out there so I was surprised by the shotty worksmanship here, and the great ratings this game got overall. I also noticed it would get all glitchy when I'd end up in a bunker too. The cool things are the physics of the game itself, and really the smooth motions of character that pulls back and hits the ball. The movements and overall game seem very fluid. I just wish they would've made the look of everything seem more crisper. In the end, actually a fun addictive game.
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on January 19, 2011
I ordered this game in September but did not receive it until mid December. I don't know if it got lost or what but since it didn't cost that much I had basically given up on ever seeing it. The one-star ratings reflect the late delivery of the product. I haven't played the game yet, so I cannot rate it at this time.
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