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on November 5, 2010
I just ordered my third pair of Timberland Pro Endurance!!! They are best boots for the money as far as I'm concered. They have been a wise investment compared to other, boots I've owned. The "Endurance Workboots" tend to last me about a year with the kind of work I do! (I've noticed my co-workers replacing thier cheap boots every few months because they get huge holes in the front from being on thier knees, gringing and chipping concrete and have to laugh every time!!!)
When they first came out I noticed the insole, which has an orange honey comb pattern. After about a week, this unique sponge insole had totally formed to my feet. I also wear them with an arch support insole. I have other shoes of course, but these boots are so comfortable, I can't imagine spending my money on anything else. When it came time to replace them, I noticed they now come in black and are now waterproof. "THANK YOU TIMBERLAND!!!" These NEW boots are just in time for winter!!! I add a little scotch gaurd before I go out at night to make them shine and I get compliments all the time from the very picky ladies at the bar.
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on January 24, 2012
I hope Timberland doesn't stop making these boots. I've tried numerous work boots including ones from RedWing and other companies who claim to have comfortable work boots. None have felt good like these, including some from Timberland (i.e scuff proof boots).

It is soooo nice to find a steel toe boot that doesn't actually hurt or squeeze my feet. I can even squat and my toes/foot do not hurt!! Definitely worth the money!

I'm considering buying another pair just in case for some odd reason they stop making these.
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on December 8, 2011
These boots are fantastic. Truly "WATERPROOF" by definition. These boots are very comfortable, although I find them to fit small. I usually wear size 11 in my Dr. Maarten's Industrial (before they changed/ruined the shape of that boot), and Caterpillar. These Timberland Pro, I wear in size 12. The Timberland insole is very, very comfortable, but I've added Dr. Scholl's Gel Insoles Industrial Grade, and now its ULTRA comfortable.

I work construction in the tropics, and these boots have been through 12 hour days in mud and water, and my feet get home as dry as the Atacama Dessert.

I'm buying a second pair right now, JUST BECAUSE they're pretty BadAss!

This boot is made for serious conditions. I've been abusing them for 3 months, and all they are is dirty; no signs of wear and tear otherwise.

These boots keep my feet and back comfortable whether I'm walking all day over crushed rubble, rebar, or newly poured slab.

The Timberland Pro is also CSA approved, so it has the steel plated sole to prevent nails and other things from making you paint the floors with your blood, so its also good for the painter's union.

Great Boots.

10 Stars!

No, I do not work for Timberland; but had I the money, I'd quicker buy Timberland from satisfaction of these boots, than I would Remington for the MicroScreen shave.
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on April 4, 2014
I have purchased three pairs of these boots now and can't imagine purchasing any other type of work boot. My company requires both electrical hazard protection and crush resistance and these boots meet the required standards. They also have other cool safety features like slip/skid resistance, ladder hook heal, puncture resistant sole, and water proof membrane. All that plus they are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The "Anti Fatigue" technology is really no joke, they are more comfortable for standing long periods than my Nike Shox. I have gotten up to two years of fairly constant use out of them before, but that was pushing it, I try to buy a new pair every year.

Tons of safety features.
Great Durability
Extremely comfortable

Cost (but the value is good, just not inexpensive)

I would definitely recommend these boots!
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on December 7, 2012
I just bought my second pair. I got 3 years out of first pair. Outside still good but inside is worn now. So I looked at boots and I could find a reason to switch styles. Let me tell you my experience.

I am 58 and getting older. I work on hard cement and climb. I am female and I wear men's boots. they dont make them as well for women so a size and a half smaller works. I dont have back, hip pains from long hours as I do in any other shoe. I put in an orthodic to shift my weight forward and between the shoe and that insert I have worked three long years on rugged ground and hard cement and much of the time wearing them 13 hours a day.

The shoes are rugged and high quality in materials and design. Nothing has broken or come unsewn. I got the water proof ones this time because I treated the others when outdoors and coming and going there is always weather.

The black shoes are softer to wear and have a great fit. The new insert looks like the old one but there is an upgrade perhaps in the sole. It is more comfortable right out of the box. I will have no break in time with these shoes. I didnt have to break in the last pair either.

So if you need to have good safety shoes and have long hours of work and at times rough terrain, this shoe walks over gravel and rock like its just a flat surface, you wont feel anything through the sole but a solid support, the ankle protects you from turning the foot. Laces are set correctly and right length. Eyes and hooks are strong and dont wear out. Laces after 3 years on first pair still in good shape. Surprises me actually. They will apparently out last the inside membrane.

People state the shoes are heavy. They are heavier than most for a reason, they are protective boots, double rubber, steel etc. Keeps your legs strong. You will have good posture walking and standing, they are not a flat boot. And yes they paid for them self by protecting my foot from falling metal. Happens fast when metal hits the foot, the shoe protects and you continue working. You trip on a metal track or pallet. No injury or twisted feet.

Safety matters. This shoe is what safety shoes are suppose to be about. Be safe people. Dont go cheap.
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on December 7, 2014
Like my title says this is my 5th pair. I'm a Steamfitter, I work in the heaviest industrial locations in all types of weather. Of course I'm constantly eyeing new boots and putting them into the environments they are supposedly designed for.

Here is the thing. For the first 3 months these boots are unbeatable. More comfortable then tennis shoes, but heavier. I only buy boots with a molded rubber cap which these have. For the life of the boot, no matter how much you are rubbing and kicking and scraping that toe on stuff, you will never get a hole on that toe. That to me is a huge plus. They hold up to slag and grinding sparks well, but if your gonna be welding all day you already know lace ups are not what your'e gonna be wearing.

After the 3 month mark or so this is where they begin to taper off. Sometimes the little aesthetic rubber pieces go missing or start hanging off. You for sure will see some separation from the sole to leather glue. But all in all they mostly maintain their function. A tough comfortable work boot.

From 3-6 months of use they begin to feel very worn in but not worn out. One pair I had ripped behind the ankle as I slid my foot into it before work one morning. That was not acceptable and I returned the boot for a exchange at my local work store. The replacement pair did the same thing in under a week. Returned them and the next pair lasted almost a year. toward six months of use these boots start to feel like they need to be replaced. But they'll still function and you'll keep one legging them along because they are comfortable and expensive, that is until it rains. after six months of heavy use don't expect to tromp through the same puddles and rain you did in the beginning. Once they are wet they take a while to dry out and then they will be stankin'.

Around the 9 month mark they are done. Use them for yard work or dump runs when you need to, but keep them off the job site. they will be loose and scrappy. You'll find all kinds of things wrong with them and wonder why you paid so much for boots that only went 7-9 months.

But when you go for a replacement pair you find not a lot else that compete with this boot in comfort and function. You want that capped toe again and you want the water proofing. Oh yeah and they are so damn comfortable.They look good too. Rinse and repeat.

Buy them local so you can swap them if you have trouble. If the store doesn't want to help you pressure them a little or a lot- it works every time.
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on January 5, 2014
I wanted these boots, and I was afraid to order them because of the comment about sizing. I.e. I understood the boots were not matching up with the expected sizes.
I am cheap and I do not want to pay to ship them back if they are not the correct size. I learned that returns for the wrong size are entitled to free return shipping. With that in mind, I placed my order "WORRY FREE."
My boots arrived quickly and the fit was exactly as I expected/wanted. I wanted a 10 wide and I got a 10 wide. Perfect fit. I have worn Timberline boots since I was a kid, and I know the quality is second to none.
I give 5 stars for quality/reputation, "Worry Free" Free Return shipping charges, quick delivery, and the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. "No matter what happens, I can't lose." I get a great boot that looks good and a warranty second to none.
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on January 10, 2015
Besides the back of the boots opening after 2 months for everyone to see it's a gd boots last a year
review image review image
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on October 25, 2015
I no longer work, but prefer work boots and good foot protection so I wear this boot in none work environment.
Timberland Pro Series gives me the comfort and support I want. For casual wear this boot has a great appearance. No worries about the terrain as I said none work environment for me. Put them on for daily routine: shopping, doctor visit, you name it. The extra width is a plus nice warm socks anti fatigue really works, walking with a cane or hiking poles can go greater distance. The wide soles offer substantial platform for long periods of standing. They do not slip, also they give you a slightly taller appearance. The boot is NOT listed as an Orthotic it actually surpasses many on the market and is less expensive. I would buy again and recommend them.
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on February 18, 2015
I found these to be comfortable right out of the box. Because they have puncture resistant soles and steel toe, they are heavy. I have worn them all day while working, but I did not feel fatigued at all, in fact, my feet felt great. They really are very comfortable.

I do concrete construction for work, if I find durability problems with them, I will update this post.

Zero complaints thus far...
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