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on October 18, 2010
This is my 3rd pair of these boots, and I use them exclusively for work. They are comfortable to stand in all day, they last me more than a year (which in my line of work is very good) and the steel toes are very helpful, and NOT uncomfortable like in some boots (I can't even feel the steel). That said, I abuse the heck out of these boots. I work on a mountain doing construction and heavy equipment operation, so they're in the dirt, the mud, the trees, ditches, moving rocks, etc. I kick the pins in and out of my steel excavator bucket with the toes of these boots. I move rocks inches at a time by kicking them with these boots. I set heavy things on the toes of these boots. The leather on these boots gets covered in moisture wicking materials like clay and concrete, gets wet in the rain and frozen in the snow. After all this abuse, it STILL takes over a year for the boots to start separating from the soles! I defy you to find another boot for UNDER $100 that can do that!
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on January 16, 2015
Been working in tube mill/steel mills for twenty five years and have been through the gamut with boots...as a penny pinching youth, I wore cheap boots from Wal-Mart and K-Mart; easy on the pocket but rather poorly made and ill fitting, esp when one is doing hard work on one's feet all day. But I made do, trying to save $$. I moved on, wisely, to higher end boots ala the Red Wings and Carolinas- and yes, these boots were and are indeed very capable steel toes boots (again, my line of work requires steel toes). I ended up regularly dishing out $160-$190 a pair and thought that was the required price to pay for boot that offered comfort, durability and safety. It was only a few years ago that I came across these boots...hmmmm..Timberland? Wasn't a brand that popped to mind when considering steel toe work boots, I thought- now gone through many a known brand (the aforementioned RW's, Carolina, Iron Age, Caterpillar, Apaches, and Wolverines....but considered "Timberland" to be a recreational boot. My curiosity was piqued)

Fast forward to three years later. I now make it a point to purchase only these, my size is 11.5 and I can order, sight unseen and they fit like a glove (er, or like a shoe :-D) right from the get go. I've never had a boot so comfortable- and this last pair lasted me a whole year, and I wear them daily and my job in the mill is active, rigorous and hard on footwear. I'm ordering again as I type (two pairs) as the cost is so reasonable that I'll flip em every six months now. Best $100 pair of boots you'll find. Highly recommended
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on December 29, 2008
i wear these boots five days a week in my auto shop, and they are amazing. they start a little stiff, but after a day or two they fit perfectly. wicked comfortable, love the hooks on the top instead of holes or loops. great boot, highly recommended for anyone who needs some xtra pretection from their boots.
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on July 8, 2008
I've been working in the woods and wearing these boots to perform home improvement projects and they are terrific. They are at home as much chopping wood as working on a ladder. They provide a stable base and are tough as nails. A great product.
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on October 6, 2007
The only brand work boot I've been buying for 12 years. My last pair lasted me 3 years and I only threw it away because my wife made me do it. I think I had a least another six months left on that baby.
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on June 17, 2015
With all of the things you'd expect to get in a good quality shoe I would have loved to have given them a better review. My review has specifically to do with the quality of the boots. I expected these boots, well taken care of, to last for a long time. I figured the soles would be the first to go. Unfortunately, these boots were a big let down. In shortly over 1 year the inside padding of both boots began peeling up. Now the right boot, despite my attempts to "go easy" on them, has a large enough gauge in it that I can't wear them anymore. I feel that I am rather gentle on these boots. I don't work on a construction site or anything. I basically just walk in these boots. Approximately 12K steps per work day. (Thank you smart phone) I got terrible blisters on my foot when I tried to give it a go even with the innerds wearing away. I expected more from the Timberland name.
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on November 18, 2014
I should've believed the people talking about a "hard piece of plastic" abrading their ankle. I don't know if it's plastic, but some jagged, hard material embedded in the left side of the lining of the left boot made a bloody spot on my sock after a 30 minute walk. The same material's present in the right side of the lining of the right boot, but it's smooth and continuous. In the left one, it seems like they had a strip that stopped midway and its edge sticks out into your ankle. Somehow, I didn't notice this for the first two days when I tried them around the house. This must vary because I don't know how others wouldn't notice after taking a good walk in them unless.

Besides that, they're actually really comfortable, although they fit a little too loose for my size (12 D (M)). They get looser with walking, particularly the left boot, although that might be owed to poor lacing on my part. Still, the left one definitely seems like the buggiest in my pair. I'm sad to return these; they look really nice, and I bet they're durable.
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on February 21, 2014
I don't know if I just got a bad pair, but they hurt my feet the moment I put them on. It felt like there were parts of the shoe that jutted out into my feet and I got a small blister in the first few hours of wear. I sent them back and got new boots. (Which I love).
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on February 4, 2015
I buy these boots for my husband who wears them for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. i will typically buy a pair ever four or five months. He has wide feet, (and is very fussy about his feet,) typically has to buy boots a size too big to make the width. But these Pitboss's are available in EE, which fit great. No problems with the steel toe or ankle support. They are softer then a more expensive boot, but feel good on day one without needing to be broken in. This means I buy them more often, but they are inexpensive, so i don't mind.
The insides and insoles tend to wear out first which can cause discomfort, but i recently discovered Pitboss work boot insoles that feel great, (way better then any other typical store bought insoles...) and really extend the life of the boot. (I wrote a 5 star review on those insoles.)
I hope Timberland don't stop making these, and if they do, warn me so i can stock up!!
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on July 22, 2009
I purchased these boots about 2 1/2 years ago and have been wearing them close to 5 days a week since then. I kept them clean and treated with Sno-Seal a few times a year and they have lasted quite a long time.

Aside from the normal practice of replacing the insole every 6 months, I'm looking for a new pair of boots because these have worn through the liner at the back of the heel and on the inside at the steel toe causing holes in pretty much every pair of socks I have. Also, the lower part of the sole has also started to separate from the upper on both boots. I will probably buy another pair since they have been the longest lasting work boots I've owned. If you try them on in a store to ensure a proper fit before you buy them and keep them clean and treated, I believe these boots would last the average person many years.
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