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152 of 155 people found the following review helpful
on March 16, 2014
There are already so many great reviews about this bag, but I thought some might find it useful to know the differences between the Command and the Commute. I owned the Commute for about a year and just switched over to the Command. I travel a lot for work and both are great bags, but I discovered quickly that the Command is much better for me.

* The Command's design is much better for holding a laptop and tablet. The equipment simply slides into the pockets, whereas the Commute also has velcro straps. The straps might be good for some people, but I found them cumbersome. and restrictive.
* The tablet pocket is much bigger in the Command. It easily holds my iPad when attached to a Zagg Cover. The Commute was a very tight fit
* File folders fit better in the Command. The pocket is deeper and is on the opposite side of the main compartment than the Commute, so there is less chance of them getting wrinkled. The Commute pocket really wasn't designed for file folders, it seems
* I love the Command's power pocket at the bottom. This easily holds my MacBook Pro's power brick and bulky cord as well as my iPad and iPhone cords. With the Commute, each cord was in a different location of the bag, which was inconvenient.
* The Command has more pockets and more zippers than the Commute
* The Command's strap adjuster clip is bigger and more secure than the Commute's
* The Command comes with the silencer strips to cover the velcro, if you wish. The Commute doesn't have these included with the purchase. I like the option of using the velcro or not, and have discovered that moving the strips up a bit to expose just a portion of the velcro allows the velcro to do its thing while keeping the ripping noise down considerably

Lastly, I like the material of the Command better than the Commute's. The Commute's ballistic nylon, although very durable, makes a crinkling sound and doesn't lay as flat as the Command's. The edges curl a bit because the material is so stiff. The Command's oxford nylon is also very durable but is a bit softer and looks and feels more refined.
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112 of 119 people found the following review helpful
on April 2, 2012
Size: MediumColor: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am rough on my bags. My office is at a power plant, and I travel constantly. I put a lot of abuse on my bags. I have worn out many, many, laptop bags, computer cases, and backpacks dragging them around with me to all of these locations. I finally resorted to using a military backpack that was specially made for the US Army Rangers to use in Afganistan, that one seems to hold up, but it lacks that 'professional' look. (professional soldier YES, but not professional desk jockey)

I had the chance to try this bag out and I must say I am impressed. While it has not been put through the ringer for months on end yet, I can tell right away this is MUCH better than the rest of the laptop cases and computer bags I have used in the past. It is thick and heavy, sturdy stitched, comfortable, and roomy. This thing is great.

Starting with the laptop pocket, yes it folds out so it will supposedly be TSA legal to put through the x-ray scanner at the airport, but tell that to the TSA person who's yelling for you to take it out. It may meet their guidelines, but just take it out anyway or you'll argue away any time you tried to save. The pocket is padded nicely and easy to access without having to open the entire bag up. Nice secure zipper. Even has a smaller padded pocket inside that one to perfectly hold my iPad. Nice touch!

The remainder of the bag is great too. Nice little pockets for odds-n-ends, and water bottle holder on the side. The interior is roomy, more so than it seems by looking. Once you start putting things in, it just keeps filling, its like the clown car of messenger bags. Best part, after I crammed way too much in there, it was still comfortable to carry.

I particularly like the buckles for the flap. Not sure if 'buckle' is the right word, but whatever you call them, I like them. Im tired of breaking buckles or snaps, or the plastic clips. The 'c-ring' type buckle is quick, easy, and secure. Its a small thing, but the small things are what separate ok items from great ones. The straps and everything else are just right, comfortable and easy to adjust.

Overall, this is just one heck of a well designed and well thought out bag. My opinion of this is that it seems to be designed by a USER, instead of some designer somewhere trying to make what he thinks someone would want. This screams that someone who actually uses these bags designed it, which from the info I read seems to be how this company started out.

***UDATE 12/27/12*** I spent most of 2012 traveling every week for work. Meaning airports Monday and Friday, rental cars, and my days spent at power plants. This is STILL my laptop bag, and it still looks great, still works perfect, and believe it or not, still doesnt even have ONE tear or popped stitch I can find. This product is MADE TO LAST!
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69 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2012
The Command Messenger 2012 seems to me to be an excellent EDC (Every Day Carrier) for students and business folks with a caveat for some depending on there every day needs.

I started carrying the last gen D-lux laptop messenger bondage in medium. Overall it was a great bag with lots of room. For example you could carry a gallon of water and there was still a little room left in the width of the bag, so it was able to carry quite a sufficient load. The whole interior was visibly lined with TPU, so you don't mind putting things like shoes or other "messy"items inside the bag as it cleans out very nicely. The laptop sleeve in the back was a bit lack luster and the hight of the bag did limit the laptops that you could carry without having them pop out of the top a little. Additionally he compression straps on the bottom were a nice touch when you were carrying a smaller load for the day. However the modular origination on the inside left something to be desired especially as there didn't seem to really be any additional anything you could attach to them. So I figured for school the Command seemed like it would be a better fit, and it was

I purchased this bag in medium and was immediately taken aback by how much thinner the main compartment was. And yes I saw the difference in the measurements before hand but it still was a bit of a shock at first glance. That would be my word of warning. If you are the type that carries quite a substantial amount of books, a computer, etc. this may not be ideal for you. On the flip side it did make me realize just how much I was carrying that I did not need to so in my case the downsize was for the better. The other thing you may worry about but will be a pleasant surprise is the Oxford nylon. I'll admit I was a bit leery when I read it was not the "bomb proof" nylon as in there classic messengers but I was pleasantly surprised. It still feels quite tough but with more refined characteristics. I feel that it will be sufficient for all but the most abusive of there bags. The last "drawback" might be the strap pad. It is not like the classic at all. it is much thinner with only a suggestive amount of padding. That said as long as you don't overload the bag you should be fine, but I suspect this is where personal preference will come in, and if need be a better strap pad they have many options available. Now, enough nitpicking and onto the good stuff.

You will note by it measurements that it is a bit taller then the classics. This is great, as it is made more for an academia and business setting this affords you the ability to papers and most books in an upright position without affecting the closing of the top of the bag. So in doing so you will have a bit of room on the ends of the bag for my miscellaneous whatever's. Just keep in mind that width wise you only have the depth for about 2 moderately thick books before you start jamming the rest in. They put back the classic internal organizer, big thumbs up there. And in front of that there is a thin pocket that runs almost length of the bag that is fairly thin. This is great for stand alone files and folders and it keeps them nicely separate and protected from the main compartment. Additionally there is an even smaller zippered pocket in there as well, I suspect to keep you more sensitive documents, and items out of sight from any prying eyes. It's very discrete and easy for others to miss altogether. The front organizer is quite standard: 1 Napoleon, 3 zippered pockets, one key chain leash. This one has the added bonus of Velcro silencers, a big plus for those in a quiet environment. Fear not, they are easily removed if its not your cup of tea. Along those lines the flap closure secure with smooth metal hooks that aid to a perfectly quiet opening when silence is key. They also give a nice look of sophistication to the bag compared to plastic buckles.

Below all this is a zippered pocket that runs along the length of the bottom of the bag to stow you laptop charger cable and miscellaneous cords. Excellent addition to the bag. Supper handy. Just 2 words of caution, there is no padding down there so don't drop the bag when its loaded and there is no TPU down there either so stay clear of puddle's when its loaded as well. The handle on the top of the bag is quite nice as well but if the flap is not secured it does carry a bit odd. As well the shoulder strap is removable as well if you not going for that look. Another plus is the cup holder. For those who carry the bag on there right side it will be readily accessible, for our left sided friends however, not so much.

The laptop compartment is nice as it is on its own in the back and you can get to your notebook or tablet without having to open the bag in its entirety. It is worth wile to mention that the tablet sleeve has not additional padding from the laptop its just a velvet like patch pocket with a small Velcro closure at the top. Function yes, but a slight letdown. As mentioned it is TSA compliant and the laptop section separates via a zipper and is hinged at the top making for a quick grab and go when passing security. As well as a luggage handle pass through. One note with that is that this is on the very back of the bag and the bottom portion is Velcro closed and the top is left open. Its about 9.5 inches wide and does make a handy quick drop/store when on you need to add something on the go, papers, keys, etc.

Overall great bag for those in a more professional setting. Still quite rugged with a more classy look. Great built in organization. Perhaps a bit small for those who carry more then most. Still, if you take it for what it is and the situation it is meant for you should be quite happy with it.
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48 of 56 people found the following review helpful
Size: MediumColor: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )Verified Purchase
I'm becoming such a Timbuk2 aficionado, I'm beginning to wonder if I have a problem. I'm changing laptop bags more frequently than my wife changes purses.

Anyway... owning the 2011 Command bag (as well as the original Commute, the Timbuk2 Commute 2.0, and Timbuk2 D-Lux messenger), I was going to pass up this bag, because of my collection, I was most disappointed with my Command.

Well, everything I disliked about last year's Command has been addressed this year, and it's now a favorite of mine. The laptop sleeve has been redesigned to actually protect a laptop now, and the addition of the tablet sleeve is brilliant.

The strange piecemeal interior holders have been replaced by a useful stitched-in pocket with more pockets, pouches, and holders. And finally, the strap has been replaced with infinitely more functional clasps. And from the very beginning, I was in love with the velcro covers (as in: covers that prevent the flap from... uh... "Velcroing" to the bag) on the outside, and keep-dry velcro on the inside. This is the bag Timbuk2 should have been selling last year.

Unless you adore the iconic Timbuk2 Messenger look, or prefer the quick plastic snap-tabs to the metal hook-and-loop, there's really no reason to choose the D-Lux over the Command.

05/16/2012 Update
Seriously, I love this bag so much, it's replaced my work bag full-time, and I've ordered another for my "not-work" computer.

One thing I have to point out: a few weeks ago, I picked up the Timbuk2 Deluxe Messenger Bag Strap Pad, and it's heaven. It's SO much better than the shoulder pad that comes with the Command (or any other Timbuk2 bag), you absolutely owe it to yourself to pick it up.

The included pad isn't bad, but the Deluxe is SO worth it!
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31 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on February 1, 2013
After lugging my huge laptop backpack around everywhere for a few years, I decided I wanted something a little smaller and lighter for work/studying. Not liking the huge/wide standard Timbuk2 messenger bags, I was happy to see that my 15" Macbook Pro was said to fit in the small Command bag, though was a bit skeptical. It just fits with zero margin to spare, but the pocket for it is nice and both padded and ventilated. Forget about your charger though unless you don't carry any books in the bag.

The front side of the bag has lots of pockets and a few sleeves, and will hold anything you want as long as it's flat. I have a notebook or two, maybe a study guide in mine and they fit fine. With that though, there is really no way to put much of anything else in the numerous pockets unless it's slim. I normally carry around some full size headphones when studying (I know, but I really like my music) and there is no way to get them in the bag. I wouldn't even put my reading glasses in the bag unless I could find a very slim hard shelled case for them, as they would be squished. This is also my reason for the above charger comment. Adding anything else to my books results in even more pressure on anything in the pockets of the bag. I guess I just need to make sure I'm leaving the house on a full charge...

Two big complaints with the bag are with the front "hooks" for the flap. Not sure who came up with those, but stupid idea. Maybe more stylish than some plastic buckles, but they take more time to latch, and I've had the hooks come out on their own. The second is the HUGE shoulder strap. This thing looks like it belongs in a passenger plane from the 60s or something. The strap is both very wide, and has the largest clunky plastic buckle on it. For a company that went to the trouble to got with the stylish hooks on the front, they went far the other way with the shoulder strap.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on May 10, 2012
Was looking for something that had plenty of space but was easy to carry around. A coworker has a Timbuk2 so I decided to give it a try. Obviously Timbuk2's are a big improvement over old school messenger bags. Traveling 2 weeks out of the month so this bag is getting some miles.

The buckles on the face of the bag are a JOKE. They come unhooked constantly, they come loose when you pick the bag up by the carry handle, and they will not stay snug when you pull out the slack. Picture messenger bag guy getting on the plane with unclipped swinging metal buckles hitting each person as he walks by - thats me and every other Command Laptop bag owner - sorry about that. If you don't use the velcro closure the flap of your bag will be coming open all the time. Have no idea why they would use these rather than the clips that are on their other bags.

Bag is a little flimsy when you don't have it full. Some basic structure support might make it a little better particularly for the main compartment.

Suggestion - There should be a pocket on the opposite side of the water bottle holder. As experienced with other bags you need somewhere to put reading glasses or sunglasses that won't get crushed in the main compartment.

*The good - lots of pockets. The Napoleon pocket is cool, but you won't use it as much as you think.
*Lots of space! I carry papers, noise canceling headphones and other junk when traveling. The large bag swallows up everything I throw at it.
*Really comfortable if you are walking any distance - highly suggest the upgraded shoulder pad.
*The buckle on the strap is GREAT - sit down in a cab with a heavy computer and papers - just unclip it and slip the strap over your head.
*TSA approved computer pocket has worked flawlessly coast to coast - remember you can't leave the iPad in the same compartment as the laptop when going through security.
*Luggage handle sleeve is nice when you want to attach it to your roll along bag. Great spot for your newspaper at other times.
*Seems very rugged and durable.
*The bottom pocket for power cords is awesome. I stuff a mifi, laptop cord, cell phone chargers and any other small items i can think of. All neatly contained in one spot.

The buckles are the major flaw with this bag. Going to try to switch them out to locking clips. Overall great bag
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 27, 2014
The charm of Timbuk2's Command is it doesn't look like a computer bag. Instead, it looks like a bike messenger, allowing techies to travel incognito. So no surprise styling, waterproof TPU liner, reflectors and quick adjust Cam buckle are inherited from Timbuk2's Classic Messenger. Toss in TSA compliant notebook sleeve, padded grab handle and luggage pass-through (for roller suitcases) and subtle bling like anodized aluminum buckles and you have the Command, a messenger for wayward business and tech travelers.

Most Command exteriors are "Oxford" nylon fabric and not the rough 'n tumble ballistic nylon used on the Classic. However my Command is crafted of waxed canvas (peat green), imparting a traditional vibe to my tech haven. Wax was once applied for waterproofing but today is used to enhance retro styling as these bags have a TPU liner. The attraction of waxed canvas is it shows scratches and quickly acquires a worn-in look. The fabric isn't actually scratched. Instead, scratches are imprinted into the wax coating. Rub the scratch with a toothbrush and it's gone. Once the wax is worn off the scratches fade but you can always reapply the wax: Heat Activated Fabric Dressing : 100% Natural Waterproofing Wax.

The Command is lighter than my Classic messenger but more floppy and flat when lightly loaded. However, once stuffed, the 2-inch nylon webbing with air mesh strap pad and fast adjustment CAM buckle make for an easy carry. Unlike most Timbuk2 bags, the Command has a detachable strap, allowing strap upgrades or replacements. Strap claws appear sturdy but I'm concerned with plastic longevity and may change to metal claws. The D-rings sewn to the bag are metal.

I bought the small Command but it's deeper than my small Classic, shallowing my 13" MacBook Pro in the padded and dimpled love glove. Also, the main compartment is more squarish and doesn't tapper like the Classic, yielding more capacity. I installed the small Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Insert and there's ample room for my Canon 6D with mounted 24-105L, another lens and Speedlite. The Snoop fits the Command better than the Classic, probably due to the bag's larger size.

The large rear pocket functions both as slip pocket and luggage pass-through for a roller, but I mainly use it to hold my hat, magazine and boarding pass.

I've gone though TSA many times with the Command and the zippered TSA notebook sleeve worked as advertised with my MacBook Pro.

FINAL BLURB: The Command is a wonderful messenger optimized for traveling or commuting with a notebook computer. The style is street casual--modified bike messenger--so not the best choice for a stuffy boardroom, but ideal for students, teachers, IT and treks to the field office. It also makes a fine incognito camera bag with the additional of the Snoop insert. A biker or runner should buy a Timbuk2 Classic or D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag instead, due to the cross-strap and other mobile features. However, for the rest of us, the Command is a great bag that makes me look like a random dude on the sidewalk rather than a rich techno geek.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 14, 2013
I travel 50% for business and really need an easy to carry, functional bag. Things that are important to me include comfort, ease of access to my phone. computer, and papers, and TSA-readiness. And, of course, it has to look professional. The Command bag does great in most of these areas, but could use a little improvement in some areas too. Here is my quick run-down, as well as some things I wish other reviewers would have detailed better.

The bag is comfortable and balanced, but I do highly recommend the optional deluxe strap pad. The smaller shoulder pad that comes with the bag is too small and digs into your shoulder with larger loads. The optional pad is pricey, but worth it. The bag handle is minimalist but functional. Comfortable enough to carry briefly, but not designed to carry a heavy bag in your hand for a long time. The shoulder strap is key to the comfort of this bag.

I bought the medium. I own a 13" MacBook Air and a full-size iPad. The MB Air fits into the computer compartment with room to spare. The iPad fits in the nice, felted iPad slot in the same compartment. The two do not touch metal to metal at all. My iPad has the Apple magnetic cover but no case. It just fits into the iPad slot. If you have any case of size, you may not be able to close the iPad's slot's velcro. This is not a problem unless you have the computer zipper open and turn your bag sideways. In that case, you iPad will slide right out.

The bag does okay in this area, but IMHO does not excel. You can unzip the computer compartment from the bottom so that the bag "butterflies", isolating the computer compartment. Keep in mind, however, that the iPad stay in the computer compartment too, so TSA may ask you to remove the iPad. This happened to me once. An actually, I find it a lot easier to actually remove the laptop (you can access through a zipper opening on the bag without opening the whole bag) rather than unzipping threes sides of the case, staying it on the belt and then re-zipping it on the other side. It takes me 1/4 of the time to just take the laptop out. There is a large pass-thorugh area on the back of the bag so that you can loop the bag through handle of a roller bag. A nice point is that if you decide not to use the TRSA- friendly butterfly feature, you can actually use the space between the laptop compartment and the main bag compartment as a place to store files, papers, etc. You can access it by unzipping one of the sides of the TSA zippers. Also, if you choose not to use the pass-through for your roller bag handle, this pass-thoguh actually becomes an additional pocket since it is sealed with a long strip of velcro at the bottom. It turns out to be another great place for easy access to papers, etc. I actually keep my Kindle in there. It does not seal on the top, so keep that in mind. The one thing this bag is missing for travelers is an easy place to put your boarding pass, sunglasses, and other minor incidentals. They could easily add a narrow pocket on the front flap. I bought the 3Way add-on for my iPhone. This goes on the strap and gives very easy access to my phone. Otherwise, there is no good, easy-to-access place for your phone to go.

You have two options for securing the main compartment. Once is using the hooks you see in the stock photo. The other is velcro. Of course you could use both. I prefer the hooks, mainly because Velcro is so loud to pull apart. I hate going into a meeting and tearing open my bag with that velcro noise. It is bothersome and comes across very cheap-ish. Unlike some other reviewers, I have not had any trouble at all with the two hooks coming loose during the normal course of travel. The hooks are just that; small hooks with one side open. To secure them, you hook a loop built into the bags's flap, and then cinch them down. They look good in my opinion. The velcro is disabled via a strip that covers the velcro up. You can take the strip off and store it somewhere (the velcro disabling strips are not attached to the bag, so take care not to lose them!). I love the fact that you can choose between the professional-looking and quiet straps, and the more secure but loud velcro. The shoulder strap is easy to adjust and has a large clip that releases the strap's tension (makes the strap longer) to ease getting the bag off of you if you like to where it across your chest and back. Near that large clip is a large tension lever that allows you to very quickly change the tension (length) of the shoulder strap. As I mentioned earlier, I added the optional shoulder pad and the 3way phone puch to my strap. Both fit perfecly well, look good, and add a lot of comfort and functionality to the strap.

There are a number of pockets, all of which are fairly shallow. When you lift up the front flap, there are three zippered pockets. These do not expand very much anbd, when filled, tends to interfere with the available space of the other pockets. The top pocket has a long red strip with a clasp at the end for your keys or a biker's light. I keep my keys and gun in here. The second pocket down is where I keep my compact camera. The thrid pcokect is for SD cards and business cards. IT won't hold much more than that. Just above the zippered pockets is a non-zippered, non-velcroed pouch where you could put a boarding pass, gum, or snacks. Finally, there is another zippered pouch that you access form the right that goes in behind all of these. It;'s a nice 5"x11" area that is not easy to see, so I keep my passport, travel papers, and other important paper items in there. Lots of great storage options, all non very expandable, but I managed to find a nice place for every thing I typically like to have with me. The main compartment is divided in to. The smaller front pouch could be used for a kindle, headphones, or a book. The man compartment divider has a zippered pouch which is where I keep things like aspirin, gum, a brush, etc. It's a large pocket (7"x9") and I like that is is zippered and private, but easily accessible form the top of the bag. It is expandable at the expense of the front pocket I just mentioned, and the main compartment which is next. So the main compartment is large. You could fit binders, big headphones, another computer, folders, books, etc. in there. For the medium bag, it measures 14"w x 4"d x 10"h. It is not divided, so whatever you put in there will get all mingled. On the front side of the compartment there are three large pen holders, a 4"x5" velcro pocket and a 3"x4" unsecured (no zipper/no velcro) pocket. I keep my MiFi in the middle velco pocket, and my iPad charger in the unsecured pocket. The pen holders can hold two pens each. There is no super-obvious place for business cards in this area, however. I think they should sew a business card pocket in there somewhere. Finally, there is a charge pocket at the botom of the bag that runs the length of the bag. Unless you toss your charges into the main compartment, the bottom compartment really is about the only place for charges any bigger than an iPhone/iPad charger. I keep my MiFi charger and Mac charge in there. It is tight and it takes away from the main compartment storage at the bottom. You also have to keep in mind that the weight of the entire bag will be sitting on whatever is in the bottom compartment. The charger compartment is accessed from the front of the bag under a flap below the Timbuk2 logo.

So that's the bag overview. I like it a lot and it has worked well, other than some minor points I mentioned above. It is definitely a keeper for those that like to be organized. I had been using a small North Face backpack prior to buying this, so it has been an adjustment in that you can toss stuff everywhere in the large compartments of the NOrth Face street bag. Using the Command Messenger takes some additional planning and organization in the placement of your items. Wonderful bag that is becoming part of my travel life. Highly recommended!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
Size: MediumColor: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Update: after about a month of using this bag I have upgraded my review to 5 stars. Really solid and good looking, extraordinarily functional whether you are carrying just a few things to hit the coffee shop or your laptop and tons of stuff for work.

So I work in an office where everyone has a big clunky watch and fancy shoes, which is to say that the boring everyday black nylon laptop cases that Dell distributes to their corporate customers just don't cut it.

This bag really fits the bill for style. Not quite as extreme as the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack but it has a very serious and functional look.

That said, it's got more bike messenger style than function. It also lacks a waist strap or even a good location to add one (the second strap goes around your stomach to stabilize the bag if you were to be riding a motorcycle or bicycle)

This thing is PACKED with features. EIGHT zippered compartments ( including a TSA compliant laptop compartment), five unzippered compartments, two Velcro compartments, key leash clip, reflector panels, Rollaboard hoolder with velcro, velcro holder for rollaboards, water bottle holder (located on teh outside, in case it leaks) Super soft pocket sized for tablets (one of the velcro slots mentioned above) three pen slots, and more more more!

Medium is a great size for taking a laptop, all your papers, a tablet, etc to work. The laptop compartment is a tight fit for a 15.6 inch widescreen laptop, the older 15.4 inch laptops fit with a bit more room. The velcro closure is similar to what bike messengers use and allow you to have a reasonably secure velcro closure with different sized items. The mongo clip on the shoulder strap lets you easily tighten or loosen it on the fly.

The first time around it was a toss up between 4 and 5 stars. My complaints:

1) Laptop compartment is not water resistant. The main compartment looks to be fairly water resistant, but it's pretty obvious that the top zipper of the laptop compartment is not shielded or splash resistant. This would have been a good place for a Uretek zipper.

2) Shoulder strap pad somewhat disappointing. The webbing is nice and wide (2") but the pad just doesn't quite live up to the rest of the pack - really needs a cell phone pouch and more padding.

3) Top handle needs more thought - it's concave on the wrong side and felt a bit narrow in the hand after walking with my laptop, etc for about 10 minutes (I didn't have the shoulder strap with me). I also feel that a bit more structure attached to the handle would be good.

4) Base is a bit too narrow - the problem is that it really doesn't stand up well.

5) Metal buckles seem more for show than function - I think I'd only use them to lock in a coat rather than as a way to make the closure secure, I'm more accustomed to having a fastex on the main flap. - strike that, after a few months with the Velcro, I think that it is more versatile than a Fastex. I rely on the strap and extra buckles to hold a coat instead.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you found this review helpful, please let me know!
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 31, 2012
Was never interested in messenger bags until David Pogue (NYTimes) raved about this updated version of the Command Messenger; now it's my favorite carry-on for business air travel. TSA-approved butterfly design eliminates need to remove laptop from bag for X-ray screening, a welcome simplification of TSA checkpoint procedure. Grad-and-go on the other side without re-zipping. One less tray thru the X-ray. I've been thru 6 checkpoints so far, and the bag's gone thru without question each time (and no re-screening or hand-check). Medium size has turned out just right -- fits my 14" Toshiba R840 nicely in the laptop sleeve; main compartment holds everything else: 1" binder, camera (Canon G-series), Bose QC15 in travel-case (space-hog), chargers, cables, airplane power adapter, batteries, sunglasses, junk food, etc. Special zippered compartment for laptop charger is nice. Velcro silencers are another nice touch. Good variety of slots and pockets, open/covered/zip'd. Quality build. Not cheap, but worth the price. Also, excellent Amazon purchase/delivery experience, as always.

I have 2 other bags I love: ThinkTank for hauling more photo gear, and Briggs & Riley laptop bag for local business meetings (low-key more "businesslike" appearance); but this Timbuk2 has become my preferred air-travel bag for 3- to 5-day trips so far, really glad I bought, would buy again, highly recommend to friends.
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