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on January 27, 2004
THE THRASH ALBUM! This album is the pinnacle of what all the mid to late eighties thrash bands were aiming at when trying to get more cerebral, more complex, more extreme.
Gene Hoglan (Death, Strapping Young Lad, etc) is the driving force, penning many of the lyrics and music (even playing a guitar solo) along with new guitarist for this release (Brett Eriksen). The lyrics are deep, intelligent, complex (get your thesaurus out!), and disturbing. The music matches. A sticker on the cover proclaimed "246 riffs" (haven't counted but I believe it!)...and they are all quality technical riffs (try playing a few!), not like the crap around today. Many of the songs are long and go through many changes, so you have to stick at it. Combine this with quality melodic as well as thrashy solos, melodic and barking vocals from Ron Reinhart, and the result is what I feel sums this album up. It's oppressive.
The production was handled by Terry Date of Pantera fame. He seemed to slow DA down a notch (well almost!), get a bit of a groove going, tighten up the noise and give the recording depth.
That said, maybe 4.5 stars is closer to the mark, there are a couple of sections that drag on a bit.
The highlight is probably the 9:16 minute long "An Ancient Inherited Shame", it is unrelenting high speed thrash with lyrics dealing with the emotional turmoil and psychology of rape...from a female perspective. Successfully. You can't help but applaud such an ambitious undertaking.
P.S. Did I mention the drumming??
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on March 14, 2007
don't buy this from seller ships_first_class_daily, it will take forever to reach you and if you give him a bad rating he will harass and threaten you to remove it. Great customer service indeed. Anyhow just a warning to watch out for horrible sellers buy from anyone but him, if you want to hear this great metal masterwork within the next 3 months.

Peace Keep it Heavy!

ships_first_class_daily = Poor service, and mental patients emailing you.
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on August 9, 2002
This was unfortunately the last Dark Angel album but fortunately my first - this was the album that started a long obsession with the band and Gene Hoglans drumming in particular - yes, he is that damn good! All Dark Angel albums are classic but this is their mature effort - warm production, fast, intense multilayered guitars with some of the most thought provoking lyrics ever to grace a CD - period! It has to be said that the album has no duffers but prize mentions go to Trauma & Catharsis, An Anchient Inherited Shame and my personal favourite Psychosexuality - check those Bass Drums at the end!
I nearly shed a tear when I found out about their demise and I nearly celebrated when the rumors were circulating in 2000 about a reunion! they will be sorely missed! BUY THIS ALBUM
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on October 19, 2011
these guy arose around the same time as the big 4(metallica,slayer,megadeth&anthrax)and learned abit from them but never breaking big actually they might have been the biggest hidden secret of the west coast sceane only releaseing 4 full length cds,one best of and being on 8 or so comps & one live cd.with every cd they became more aggressive and lethal but after this cd where could they have gone gene hoglan when on to play in death,strapping young lad,fear factory,and a few more but the rest no one knows they only showed up in 2006 on a metallica cover cd of a song.
any way this cd was to dark angel= slayers reign in blood pure fury but they added a bulldozer of power with it musical perfection of brutality and thrash metal aggressive fury.they showed on time does not heal that they truly deserved to run with the big four or at least open for them likr many other thrashers got to back in the day but DA never realy got their fair shot at the gold with 4 cds over10 years just did not push them to the top.they should have been up there with exodus,testament and overkill with heir talent,time frame and music prowless but then- death is certain LIFE IS NOT.
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on April 3, 2009
Dark Angel's Time Does Not Heal is an excellent thrash metal album. I like this one better than Leave Scars, but not as much as Darkness Descends or We Have Arrived (both of which feature original singer Don Doty). Ron Rinehart seems more comfortable and confident in his vocals on Time, which turned out to be the band's swan song. The music is more intense and melodic than their previous effort. I don't care for The Black Edition due to the package, which is much larger than the standard CD cases and doesn't fit in with a collection. The sound quality is great though. The book includes lyrics but not much else. If I were to buy this again I'd get the "regular" version, not The Black Edition.
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on January 12, 2013
"Nine songs, 67 minutes, 246 riffs!" So reads the emphatically-written sticker labeling Dark Angel's fourth and final studio album, 1991's "Time Does Not Heal." D.A. were a California-based Eighties thrash band, yet they never quite achieved the same level of superstardom that most groups from that state and of that era (i.e. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, etc.) had. But whatever they lacked in commercial/mainstream success, they made up for in sheer, aural brutality and amazing riffs. Much like "Eternal Nightmare"-era Vio-lence, this band's records were choking with positively excellent riffage and fiery, shredding solos. The end result sounded not unlike "Eternal Nightmare"-era Vio-lence and "Kill `Em All"-meets-"...And Justice For All"-era Metallica.

And sure, some might label Dark Angel as being a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the Californian thrash scene, but it would be misleading to do so. See, this band was actually a little bit innovative, as they packed more riffs into any given one of these nine songs that most thrash bands could manage in a whole album. The guitars furiously race by in tandem throughout "Time Does Not Heal," and they are furthered by deft, slamming drums, fat bass lines, and surprisingly melodic vocals. Furthermore, D.A. stood out from the rest of the thrash scrapheap for being a group that had three -- count `em, three! -- guitarists (drumming god Gene Hoglan helped out lead guitarists Eric Meyer and Brett Eriksen by also chipping in with some surprisingly solid rhythm guitar work.)

The title track begins with a flamenco-sounding guitar intro, but then, soon enough, really tasty, pounding, Metallica-esque riffs soon take over, as do soaring, Iron Maiden-inspired vocals, and funky, slapped bass lines. But if you thought this six-and-a-half-minute-long opener is epic, then you clearly haven't heard track two. "Pain's Invention, Madness" is an ultra chunky, crunchy, and churning thrash rifferama that clocks in at seven-minutes-and-forty-some-odd seconds in length. Following that, things then take a turn for the more melodic side, as "Act Of Contrition" boasts soaring clean vocals and some decent harmonic guitar soloing. But right after that, it's right back to the grind, as "The New Priesthood" barrels out of the starting gate at blistering speeds with nimbly furious, buzzsaw-fast riffing and bottom-heavy double bass thudding.

The album's centerpiece, "Psychosexuality," is a very epic number, clocking in at darn near nine-minutes in length, and featuring a melodic guitar intro as well as a ripping, shredding, whammy-bar-soaked solo. Next, "An Ancient Inherited Shame" is another furious and scorching, neck-aching riff-monster, and the album's speediest and most brutal cut yet. It is a Slayer-worthy speedster that features some deft and bouncy drum fills and a harmonic guitar solo section. And this nine-plus-minute long epic then closes with a blistering -- yet oddly still fairly ripping -- guitar solo. But as good as these two songs are, they do not overshadow "Trauma And Catharsis," which has nastily belligerent, abrasive, and serrated chainsaw riffing tearing throughout, and also features some more exceptional guitar soloing (some of the album's best!), and a noteworthy bass outro.

"Sensory Deprovation" finds the band conjuring up still more "Kill `Em All"-meets-"Black Album"-esque riffing, and also tucks in one excellent, "Bonded By Blood"-era Exodus-style trade-off solo section. Then, following that, comes the set's proper closer, "A Subtle Induction," which begins with a slow and melodic intro before diving headlong into vicious, ferocious, rip-roaring thrash picking and pounding thrash beats. Some more exceptional, careening, and tastily shreddy soloing is also heard here, near the end. Finally, the reissue of the album closes with two live renditions, both of which are positively blistering.

So, much like the above-mentioned Vio-lence, Dark Angel always kind of flew under the radar, as an Eighties thrash band that was good, but never very popular. And as a result of this -- and the fact that "Time Does Not Heal" arrived in stores after the Eighties thrash scene had mostly already passed by -- they never received the recognition that they deserved. Nevertheless, "Time..." is a very enjoyable, exhilarating, and satiating monster of a thrash/speed metal album, and one that warrants getting a hearty recommendation from yours truly.
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on April 11, 2012
starting out around 83 with the big 4 in california never breaking it big but alway haveing a buzz about them dark angel are about the best old school speed/thrash band the many never heard of but everyone has heard of their drummer gene hoglan since has player with(death, testament,strapping young lad,fear factory,dethlok,devin townsend, and most recently tenet.)this drummer is a demi god capible of anything heavy and fast.sadly this was their last cd and their very best tis time their talent was complete not just fast and furious but heavy and forcful mixed with more skillfully mature writing making the biggest waves of their career but it was not too long after they were gone they did cover creeping death on a metallica cover cd in the 2000's very well done but that was the last heard from them. they came up around the big 4 neve got the glory they should have and disappeared with out much adue,but if your a fan you know they were top knotch thrash.
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on August 15, 2005
Yes, I can spare 67 Minutes of pure thrash from an underrated band.

What can I say about this classic album, well, Gene Hoglan has to be one of my favourite drummers right now, because he played with death, testament, old mans child and now with strapping young lad, I'd have to say that he did alot better with dark angel (especially in darkness descends), but not only does he play drums, he also plays guitar, nice job gene. Now on to the album.

Awesome Production By Terry Date (Who also produced Overkill, Pantera, Soulfly and Metal Church), and sounds alot better than Leave Scars (while still a good album, but suffered by poor production), the song are pretty lengthy but works well with alot of variation and (you guessed it) alot of riffs which run by intricatcy and time changes. As for The Vocals, Ron Rinehart can freakin sing, unlike Don Doty, he's alot powerful, stronger and...well... he can sing, maybe better than most metal singers out there (except Warrel Dane maybe).

Lets Have A Look track by track for highlights:

1. Time Does Not Heal: (11/10)A great start that accusticlly builds up into a total thrash mania.

2. Pains Invention, Madness: (10/10)Similar but better as the ending shows some of the most heaviest riffs ever.

3. Act Of Contrition: (9/10)A bit slower than the first 2 songs but has some cool lyrics and a great drum intro from gene hoglan.

4. The New Priesthood: (10/10)A bit faster than the previous track that features a guitar solo from gene hoglan .

5. Psychosexuality: (9/10)It was boring the first time I heard this one, but it's a grower, still a good track.

6. An Ancient Inherited Shame: (11/10)The longest of the bunch, and my favourite track, featuring cool riffs, cool lyrics and also the great vocals of ron.

7. Trauma And Catharsis: (10/10)Starts slow and builds up again into nice dark angel fasion.

8. Sensory Deprivation: (9/10)More mid-paced packed with more of the best riffs in the middle section.

9. A Subtle Induction: (11/10)The last song and a little bit more aggressive than the last few tracks which includes great solos from guitar duo Eric & Brett and more awesome riffs at the end of the song, what a great ending to an awesome album.

Sadly this is Dark Angels Last album and the last thrash albums of the early 90's(which grunge, death metal and CRAP nu-metal arrived into the scene, but now metal is stronger than ever), but if you want some pure sweet thrash metal, check this out now. You won't regret it.
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on October 22, 2012
This is an excellent cd by Dark Angel, and the 5 stars go to it alone. This Black Edition, in a rectangular cardboard box, should not be so easily confused with the standard, square jewel case with the colored cover, but that's what I got, from Movie Mars (who claims to have it, pictured correctly on Amazon) - when I returned it I later ordered it, from a different seller - so I thought-- yet after payment was made, whose name shows up as where it will come from? You guessed it - Movie Mars, and it was the wrong version, again. Well, I've had a busy month, too busy to worry about a $9 CD, so now that it's too late to return, I get to write this review, or warning, however you take it. It's 2012 for God's sake, with our technology why these mistakes? On the phone, a rep from movie mars told me this happens since they have sooooo much stock.....perhaps they don't correctly catalog "limited edition CDs" - but they should. It's no less aggravating than if it were a $3,000 item; it's the point. So, I'm going to order it again, at the "other" site.
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on January 9, 2009
Perhaps one of the greast examples of classic thrash music you will ever hear. This album is next to perfect and the beautiful brutality of this band was just amazing. If you want to hear one of the truly original thrash albums, pick this up.
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