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on June 25, 2005
Time Power by Brian Tracy is about taking control of your schedule so that you free up more time to do more and more. Using strategies like using a organizer, figuring out what your goals and priorities are, and things like refusing to take coffee breaks are examples of what can be found in this book.

The advice in this book is solid. I especially liked the chapters on organizing your tasks by priority, developing excellent work habits, and overcoming procrastination. The ideas presented are logical and beneficial to maintaining a highly productive lifestyle, while they remain practical and easy to implement.

However I felt I had read this book before because many of the ideas presented in this book are repeated in his other books. I found very little content in the book that was actually new. I also thought the chapter "Time Management Techniques for Salespeople" didn't belong in this book. That chapter should have been in a book directed to salespeople rather than a general audience, and which made me think it was just added for the sake of adding material.

This book is a good read if you never have read Brian Tracy material before, or if you would like to review Brian Tracy's material again. But if you are looking for new material, best to steer clear. 3 out of 5 stars.
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on February 28, 2004
When I read the inside cover describing this new book by Brian Tracy, I expected to gain at least 2 hours of extra time per day by following Brian's strategies. I actually gained more than that.
Like most people, I assumed all there was to time management was to get a Daytimer, set up a To Do list etc. No wonder I never got anywhere! Brian has an easy to follow system that is based on over 20 years of research....and his system really works.
Why a book just on Time Management? As Brian explains in Time Power, those who get more done in less time get more out of life....more rewards, more success, and more free time to pursue their dreams and enjoy themselves.
The fact of the matter is, as Brian Tracy says, "The quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your time management."
For many people, getting organized is a real chore. Not if you follow Tracy's dynamic system. In Time Power, you will find that you don't have to be cold and calculating to be well organized. Time power does not mean letting the clock rule your life. In fact the opposite is true. : time power gives you absolute freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, ironically, you even learn to make time for spontaneity. The more time you make for yourself, the more free time you have.
Unlike many programs and books on time management, Time Power has no charts, no forms, no dailty schedules. Brian Tracy believes in them but knows that you are quite capable of developing them for yourself. His purpose in this book is to teach you the philosophy of time management, to help you internalize it,a nd to help you develop a belief system that will m ake your every moment very efficient.
Time Power is the result of over 20 years of experience---of research and teaching with more than 200 corporations. The program was designed to give you everything you need yo know about mastering your time for your personal life and career.
Tracy will show you how to become excellent at time concentrate on the highest payoff tasks. Your life will simply begin to work better.
After following the advice in Time Power including the many exercises, you will learn to:
* Use positive self talk and affirmations
* Change your self concepts about time
* Use powerful mental rehearsal techniques
* Model your own behavior after time management leaders
* Learn to lead others
* Become results oriented
* Learn to work smarter, not harder
* Delegate more effectively
* Become more adept at prioritizing
* Energize yourself with the positive results of your labor
By using the techniques in Time Power, you'll greatly improve the sense of control you have and in turn improve your well being in every aspect of your life. I know it's working for me.
Time is indeed your most precious and perishable asset. You can begin investing it more wisely by reading Time Power, doing the exercises and putting this time tested wisdom to use.
I have read many books, listened to many tape programs and even attended seminars on time management. Time Power is the most results driven program that I have ever used.
Use it. It will make a major difference in your personal and professional life.
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When discussing time management, the more important issue is life-management which inevitably forces us to address self-management. Even books as thoughtful, practical, and eloquent as Tracy's are essentially worthless unless and until one is both willing and eager, indeed determined to gain and then sustain control of one's self. Also, it is impossible to "create more time": there are 60 seconds each minute, 60 minutes each hour, 24 hours each day. etc. No more and no less. But what is possible, obviously, is to reorganize consumption of finite time. For that, there are two essential elements: will-power and a system. In this volume, Tracy offers what is characterized as "a proven system for getting more done in less time than you ever thought possible." Such a system must be both effective and efficient, two different attributes which are incorrectly used interchangeably. Tracy's core concept focuses on the ROI of time consumption. First, priorities must be set. Next, specific objectives to be achieved. Then a determination of what must be done to achieve them. Finally, a realistic estimate of how much time will be needed to do so. It is also helpful to know what the most common time-wasters are (other than lethargy) and most of the worst involve others. ("Gotta a minute?") Hence the importance of focus amidst distractions. Effective time-, life-, and self-management can indeed produce highly beneficial results. Tracy identifies four:

1. Gain [at least] two hours each day.

2. Improve your productivity and performance.

3. Increase your sense of control.

4. Have more time for your family.

To "gain" time is to reduce the waste of time. I agree with Tracy that there are several barriers to overcome. They include anxiety about decreasing "naturalness" and "spontaneity," negative mindsets, and self-limiting beliefs. In this context, I am reminded of what Henry Ford is alleged to have observed years ago: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." In response to such barriers, Tracy correctly recommends the use of positive self-talk, visualizing one's self as highly efficient, "acting" the desired "part," benchmarking against the best by patterning one's self after someone who makes maximum use of available time, becoming a teacher (i.e. imagining that one "is going to teach as course in time management one year from today") and becoming a role model for others (e.g. spouse, children, business associates). To assist his reader, Tracy offers Three Self-Esteem Builders, Three Steps to Performance Improvement, and Twelve Proven Principles for Peak Performance. At the end of each chapter, moreover, he provides an "Action Exercises" section which enables his reader apply effectively what she or he has learned in that chapter.

What we have in this volume is indeed a cohesive, comprehensive, and (yes) time-effective system. How valuable this system proves to be will, of course, vary from one reader to the next. Tracy reminds his reader that "Time management is a lifestyle that must be practiced every hour, every day, all the days of your life. It is the one habit, the one discipline that is essential to everything else you want to achieve. With excellent time management skills and practices, there are no limits." Again, I agree. To paraphrase Ford, whether you think you can or cannot benefit from the system which Tracy recommends, you're right.
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on March 11, 2004
I purchased Tracy's tape set on time management many years ago and that is what this book is based on. What a pleasure to have a hard copy printed version to easily access the gems of wisdom like only Tracy can deliver.
You will easily add two hours to your day by following Brian Tracy's suggestions. The prgram works.
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on July 10, 2004
I used to think that I didn't have time, now thanks to Brian Tracy's new book, I have discovered several hours per week that I was previously wasting. I get more done. I am more effective. And I have more free time.
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on September 28, 2004
I read this book completely. It is one of the best books on personal development and emphasis the importance of three main topics such as goal setting, focus and action. This book has a bunch of easy to start with tips and guidance. I could simply start my plans with a small piece of paper without spending my money & time on some of the unpractical planners that are in the martket. This book constantly motivates.

As per my opinion, this book will definitely help one who is a hard worker, but unorganized, unfulfilled, un-motivated.

Even though it might be true that there is a 25% more efficiency, but I think on several occations the book suggests to work harder. This might be confusing on first take, but I think the author tries to emphasis on reaching the goal quickly.
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on April 2, 2004
I seem to always have too much on plate and can't find time to get everything done. Until now, that is. Brian has really helped me set my life back in order with Time Power. There are so many nuggets in this book. I am already reading it for my second time. This book is great for everyone as I know we could all brush up on our time managment skills.
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From your morning commute to your late-afternoon coffee break, your daily travel through time may be filled with costly detours and countless obstacles. Are your days typically disrupted by disorganization and delays? Do you spin your wheels on the dirt paths of life? Fortunately, Brian Tracy offers a concise map around the daily roadblocks. His text provides a toolbox of effective time-management techniques, ranging from New Age-style visualizations ("mental rehearsals") to concrete 15-minute planning blocks. Tracy provides solutions for reprogramming a self-defeating subconscious and for retooling aimless corporate meetings. He suggests useful exercises and summaries, including action steps at the end of each chapter. Tracy apparently designed the book in a way that enables you to digest individual chapters as self-contained units. For this reason, it has redundancies, but this weakness is also a strength. Through repetition, Tracy really drives home important time-saving concepts. We recommend this highly useful, highly applicable anti-time-theft device to road weary executives and staff members who are lost in space and time. This book is a keeper for ongoing renewal.
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on June 6, 2004
I would give it 7.5 out of 10. In Time Power, Brian repeats same or similar ideas many times in different chapters. One new chapter is supposed to bring in a new idea not explained before, and not necessarily repeat previous chapters' ideas.
For example, the following sentences are repeated plenty of times in the book, in several different chapters:
- What's the best use of my time right now?
- What can I, and only I do, that if done well will make a real difference?
- Why am I on the payroll?
In addition, when Brian explains about the same topic in a new chapter, he does it in a way so that as if the topic has not been explained before in a previous chapter; he treats the already explained topic as a new, fresh idea.
Another drawback, Brian explains minor ideas, everyday-experiences or general techniques that I believe that everyone already knows too often. If this is not done, along with not repeating the same ideas in different chapters as mentioned above, the book's size can be reduced by 100 pages!
Well, actually I'm a big fan of Brian Tracy. I read his articles and newsletters everyday. But it is obvious to me that reading his newsletters could be more interesting and not boring since the newsletters are not prolix and they contain the essence of ideas Brian wants to convey.
I just finished reading the book this afternoon, and now I've got a 4-page summary (I wrote this during reading the book) containing important points I have not learned before, that would be very useful in developing my skill in time management and helping me do my jobs in new, improved ways.
So the conclusion, In general, I would recommend Brian's Time Power for you. If you're new in time management, this book would be very useful - even a mandatory. If you already mastered time management at somewhat high degree, I would still recommend Time Power for your nice reference.
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on July 30, 2004
Best time management Book I've read in over 40 years. This book summerizes the best of all of Brian Tracy's previous work, so this book is the Brian Tracy book to get. I wish I had this book 38 years ago book I was 14. In fact, I'm going to pay my daughter to read this book this summer.
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