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TOP 50 REVIEWERon April 6, 2012
Scientific yet enjoyable for laymen. Expert teams kept moving, the show hopping & fun with Tony Robinson (actor, comedian, history buff) pointing the way. Digging in dirt has seldom been so much fun. Massive use of geophysics, then back hoes, on to trowel & brush digs. It opens up what 2000 yr-old Romano-British archeology began as. And fantastic artist renderings help the uneducated-but-interested visualize what the experts see in stones, shards, and coins. The bonus material offers 7 text bios of experts filmed in 12 excavations. More bonus in a viewer's guide. A documentary with the look of prime-time TV.

SUBTITLES provided for all episodes, each a 3-day dig.
____1 TOCKENHAM -in Wiltshire, a pagan-looking Roman figure in 600-yr-old Christian St. Giles Church but the area has NO roman remains to explain the oddity. What's below? An archeological lottery win. Filmed in1994
____2 BIRDOSWALD EXHUMATION -Roman/barbarian border, 18 mile stone Hadrian's Wall, & military cemetery. 1st ever excavation. Disappointment & exciting historical discovery of 2nd century. 2000
____3 GREENWICH -the park's cemented stones are labeled Roman. From what building, fort, temple did they come? An exciting moment of an inscription on a fragment. Finding colorful painted wall plaster is as fun as the team creating a sample site fresco. 2000
____4 ANCASTER -affluent town for 4 centuries. Why did it build a massive defense wall in cent 3 AD? A wide mix of cemetery, industry, & living sites. A spectacular sarcophagus opening. 2002
____5 ALFOLDEAN -Why was this thriving village with a favorite gov. official's hotel deserted suddenly? West Sussex, early Romanized Britain. This project goes massive. 2006
____6 BINCHESTER -Northern Brit fort site & `vicus' or settlement. Fort Vinovia & well over 100 yrs ago since the civilian area was opened. Not just the 1st mausoleum in 150 yrs., but a row. 2008
____7 WINKENBY -Lincolnshire countryside is mud, also Roman artifact riddled. Yet no known settlement. Rome recycling center? Lots of fun archeologic banter. 2008
____8 COBERLEY VILLA -home to centuries of Roman domination. Ah, & lovely mosaic. BIG MOSAIC(s). Dramatic villa with long history. 2008
____9 FRIARS WASH -Will Hertfordshire locale unearth Romano-Brit temple of 155BC? Team prays so after 15 years of show search. Actually "registering on my excitometer," as team Guy said. 2009
____10 CAERWENT -a well preserved Roman spot has portions undug, never searched, till now. New buildings & better artifacts found. 2009
____11 CUNETIO -How did this Roman settlement disappear for 2000 yrs? 55,000 coins found in this one large site in 1978. Largest Time Team geophys ever. 2010
____12 HIGH HAM -a mid-1800's dig near Somerset unearthed mosaics but now the potential Roman villa lies underground in an army firing range. "CEASE FIRE! DIG!" A good SHOT at being the last great find in this series. Filmed 2010

`TIME TEAM' reminds me of other archeology DVDs I've seen like: Bonekickers -but more educational; Battlefield Detectives -but not as military focused; & Roman Invasion of Britain -but funnier and expanding.
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on July 30, 2012
time team is a show that has been on Uk televsion since january 1994! They have made 258 episodes in 19 seasons. That is a incredible job for a show about a group of archeologists who have three days to excavate a site!. Tonny Robinson; a actor and writer most familiar from the black adder tv show is the featured host and he helps out in each episode. This dvd takes a number of shows that had excavations featuring Roman ruins and sites and puts them in a compilation form. The first episode is from the very first season. the rest are from later on. I loved time team on television ,when we were lucky enough to get the show on History 2 via satellite or cable. But it's no longer on! Which seems foolish as you have so many episodes to show by now! The team has only 3 days to accomplish their goals even. Which means they have to move fast and find what they can, the team has alot of fun and you get to discover what they do in each episode. Hopefully more time team dvd's will come out because they go all over finding lots of places and things to dig up, including one episode where they dug up several crashed B-17 bombers in a field. (that episode is NOt on this set) but you get the point. Each episode is about discovery and there's alot of things to dig up in the UK!. the first episode is not widescreen because it's from 1994 , but the rest are as they are from later seasons. If you want to know what's in each episode in this set read the other 5 star review, he did a great job.
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on February 22, 2016
This was great. All Roman digs, set in England. What lucky people they are to have such magnificent archaeological finds on their back doorstep. Although I am American, I loved watching this show, and delight in seeing what the crew digs up and the beautiful environments they get to work in. I wish there were more in the roman series. That is particularly interesting to me.
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on July 19, 2014
I saw a few episodes of Time Team on PBS in Los Angeles years ago, and only just recently ran across it again through Netflix and Acorn TV (on Roku). A bunch of wonderful (and self-described) old hippie archaeologists traipsing around Great Britain discovering lost bits of history from the Roman occupation 2000 years ago (100 BC to 3-400 AD), and sometimes earlier. I have learned so much about this period I knew relatively little about. A fascinating look at how field work is done, and how much fun it can be. Well produced, great 'family' fare, (and NO commercials) and if you like learning about ancient history--this may just interest you. I understand this series was on for 20 years in England but I have yet to be able to find more than 30 or so episodes on Acorn TV, and I've watched them more than once. I understand there are more than 200 episodes around somewhere, and would love to see them all--anybody know where they are available in the US? This is probably thebest 'reality TV' you will ever see in my humble opinion (altho I don't like ANY other reality TV at all).
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on July 16, 2013
I watched Time Team while I was stationed in Britain and, for me, it was "don't miss it" tv. I've been watching the few sets available from the UK (PAL), but had to get this set when it came out in US NTSC standard. Most of these are great digs, though not all. You can see the team change over the years, some are better than others. The biggest let-down is when Carenza Lewis leaves.

Anyway, if you like archaeology, Britain, and/or Roman times, this set is well worth your time and money.
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on September 6, 2012
If you like archeology, you'll love it. I had no idea that the Romans had settled so much of Britian. There are ruins everywhere! And almost as good was listening to the thick English accents. My husband and I both watch a LOT of BBC programming, but we would not have made it without closed captioning. We learned new English slang and became acquainted with Geophys.
I order the book and several related books.
I went to the website and tried to watch episodes online, but kept getting the message that I might be in the wrong country for that.
I just hope they will release more episodes.
I loved Tony Robinson and Phil Hartman (I think that's his name). They were always enthusiastic. There is a lot of humor.
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on September 2, 2012
For those who have an interest in Roman Archaeology, this set is a very good introduction
to Time Team's Roman era digs. However, if you already have the Australian released (region free) Time Team seasons 14 to 18 on DVD, plus the UK Released 'Time Team Best Digs' DVD, then you already have 8 out of 12 of the episodes featured on this DVD set. The four episodes which are previously unreleased on DVD anywhere are:
- Episode 1 Tockenham 1995
- Episode 2 Birdoswald 2000
- Episode 3 Greenwich 1999
- Episode 5 Alfodean 2006
If you want a good assemblage of episodes relating to the Roman Occupation of Britain from the 1st to 5th centuries AD, (rather then the Roman Invasion of 43 AD specifically, which the title suggests) Then this is a fantastic set.
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on August 31, 2012
I cannot view this program in US anymore, not ran but was one of my favorites from BBC. Enjoy the DVD very much and seller got it to me in great shape and in a few days before the due date of delivery. I always have great service with the Amazon network. Thanks.
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on December 18, 2012
I caught the middle of one of these programs, but found out that all that glitters isn't roman coins. The programs do improve over time, but they start out a bit dry. I get the feeling that these are the equivalent of late night tv in England. I really wanted to love these, but, they present too little 'booty' for a lot of digging and interesting accents. But late night watchable.
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on October 11, 2013
As a historical buff, specifically the Roman-Britain era, this was a fabulous series! I watched the entire set straight through over 5 nights!
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