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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2006
Anyone who has ever read anything by Victora Holt or any romance novel for that matter will know just where this one is going - impovrished young woman probably an orphan, just beginning a career as a teacher/governess in late 19th century England finds herself involved in a mystery/facing danger pursued by one or more handsome mem, at least one of whom is somehow unsuitable but in the end solves mystery and finds love, fortune and happiness.

If it is so trite and predictible why then 5 stars? Because it is so much fun reading the descriptions of the romantic settings, trying to stay ahead of the author figuring out just who is a good guy and who is a villian, seeing just what little twists and turns the plot will take and how the heroine will manage to emerge triumphant and with virtue intact.

The heroine of this story is Cordelia Grant, who is 19 when the novel begins, a student in an exclusive Swiss boarding school. Her parents died long ago in Rhodesia but her guardian, Aunt Patty, has sent Cordelia to the school to prepare her to join the staff of the girls' school that she runs. During her last few weeks in Switzerland Cordelia and her friends meet a mysterious, handsome stranger who appears and disappears from Cordelia's life over the next few months. Alas Cordelia's family fortunes have taken a turn for the worse forcing her to seek employment in another school. There she meets yet another handsome man, the local lord with a scandalous past. Soon Cordelia must find herself torn between these two and yet another handsome man but before she can find romance for herself she must find justice for an old friend and protect her students from an old threat.

This will probably never make any lists of 'great literature of the 20th century' nor be on any school's required reading lists but it is a great book to curl up with and spent a few hours blissfully wasting time.
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on September 26, 2003
There is a legend that says a girl will meet her future husband at the "Time of the Hunter's Moon". Cordelia goes into the forest with her friends, and she meets a man. Is he her future husband? After finishing school, she goes home to England. On the way home, she sees this man again. Once home, he comes and visits her, then disappears. She keeps him in the back of her mind, and heads off to teach school in Devon. There, she meets Jason, a wealth heir to the Verringer estate. He falls I love with Cordelia, and she with him. There is one problem: he is said to have murdered his wife and mistress! About this same time, her encounter with the man in the forest comes up again, and things turn deadly!
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on August 26, 2005
This is one of my all-time favorite Holt books. I loved the creepy setting, the entire plot, the haunting legends, and the hero. I can never look at an old crumbling ruin now without thinking of this book. A must-read!
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on February 28, 2014
I am really torn between giving this book a 1 star rating or a 2 star rating. Since I didn't hate it 2 stars. Under amazon's rating system 1 stars means "I hate it" and 2 stars mean "I don't like it." I have read several books written by Ms. Holt but this is the first one that I didn't like. The little mystery surrounding the hunter's moon, the scenes involving Aunt Patty, Violet and the characters and activities at Daisy's school are the factors that saved this book from a 1 star rating.

What I Didn't Like:


First, the pace was too slow especially at the beginning. Secondly, it was inconceivable that a 18 or 19 year old English virgin would set off unaccompanied to look for a man who was little more than a stranger because "he intrigued" her. Thirdly, it was untenable and quite irritating enough that the heroine would be romantically inclined towards a boorish, selfish and controlling man who fathomed that rape would cure her of her objections to him, but her falling madly in love with and marrying him was absurd. Moreover, this guy even suggested that she first have his child and if he was a boy he would then marry her. Come on, this guy showed no concern for her reputation or her chosen vocation. No matter how the author tried to make him appear likable or a good man near the end he simply wasn't. This guy was a cad and a spoiler of women. As a result, their union was neither romantic nor an acceptable outcome. I disliked this aspect of the story so much that I began skipping chunks of dialogue involving the heroine and this sickening man and her thoughts about him. I couldn't stand to read it.
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on May 18, 2011
This was my first introduction to Victoria Holt's work, although I had heard good things about her books. I have to say that I am not impressed. It was easy to discern what was going to happen, although I kept reading hoping that there would be a twist. There was not. Instead, I had to read the entire book, just to find out that what I suspected was happening, was indeed happening and although the herione was an intelligent and cautious character, she was unable to clearly see what was before her. This was disappointing and seemingly out of character. There were other instances in the book where I felt other characters would suddenly act out of character and it felt like the author needed them to act a particular way so that the plot could happen.

My biggest issue with this book, however, is the relationship between the heroine and her romantic interest. His determined pursuit of her is almost endearing but turns dangerous and menacing when he attempts to lock her in a room and rape her! Although the heroine responds in the manner that one would expect, I certainly didn't expect her to end up marrying him!! There are several places in the book where the author implys that because it was done for love than it is excusable. The internal dialogue of the heroine understandably conveys her confusion and mixed emotions about the event but one wonders, What is the author trying to say? That a rape victim actually wanted to be raped? That there is romance in this??! Think twice before reading this book. It is poorly written, lacks a strong and interesting plot, and conveys a very misleading and dangerous message. I truly think the author thoughtlessly threw this book together.
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on March 24, 1999
This book constantly reminds me of The Demon Lover. It viberates with the same passion as the latter. While Hunter's Moon may not appear as glamourous as The Demon Lover at first glance, it has a sweeter plot, a tenderer hero, and hence a more romantic story overall. Also, if you enjoy lively repartee between the hero and heroine, with him being thick-skinned and her seemingly prudish, this book will be a treat.
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on August 14, 2015
Victoria Holt was my favorite author during my teen years. I managed to collect most of her paperback books and kept them long into adulthood. When I finally parted with them, I found that I missed those old friends, even though it had been so many years since I'd read them. It pleases me to see that Casablanca Classics is bringing them back as Kindle editions. My collection has a new beginning. 5 happy stars.
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on July 14, 2002
I do not own the book but I have read it and it is terrific for someone who loves a good mystery, anticipation for romance, and enjoys the history of the 18th century. This is an old-fashioned romantic novel and is the best. I have read most of her novels and she always writes in 1st person which makes you feel like you are the character that she is writing about and that you are apart of this mystery and romance.
With the mystery part of it, she keeps it suspenseful enough to carry it throughout the novel and has some interesting twists to the key behind the mystery.
The romantic part of it is not so graphically detailed. The main character ends up finding romance but it's exciting and the thrill behind it is that the character keeps her guard up trying to resist this man's charms. There is the thrill behind the man that's peristently pursuing her for romantic reasons and the possibility for love. The author always makes the male character a man that might have quite an exciting past but he always manages to respect the main character that he is pursuing.
She has been my favorite writer since my mother made a recommendation on this. You can imagine how some books may be dry and not capture your interest. I can read this book many times more!
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on January 29, 2013
this was a pleasant reading diversion for a few hours. this is the story of a young lady named cordelia.
while attending school in europe,cordelia and a small group of her school friends meet a very handsome and
mysterious man in the woods. cordelia is quite taken with the mystery man and they have a few conversations.
later,cordelia-having financial difficulty-has to leave the school and seek employment. cordelia does see mr
mystery ,or "thinks" she does in england but,later does dismiss the thought thinking he is part of her
imagination. while at her job in another girl's school she meets a jason verringer. he is rich and a widow
as his wife dies somewhat mysteriously-a suicide? jason is very attracted to cordelia but,she does not seem as interested in him... we have mystery man in the woods,sexy jason chasing after cordelia,suicide of the wife,and even jason's mistress goes missing(yeah,i forgot to mention her),also some curious goings on with girls at the school-jason's nieces-someone trying to poison them.what's going on? overall,it was well written but,no true surprises. there is a bit of a twist at the end but,i saw it coming.
something i found a bit puzzling about this book,i had alot of difficulty figuring out what exact time period
was this taking place in? the late 19th century? or early 20th,like 1910s? 1920s? there is no mention of any
automobiles and yet,it talks about skiing? maybe other readers can figure it out. i could not.
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on April 10, 2015
It was far from a bad read, but it didn't feel Victorian or even Edwardian, but the language and the interactions between the characters felt very....1950's. It was a good story, with several suspenseful twists but I was expecting something much darker and much more romantic. Its a good sit-by-the-pool or a rainy day book of entertainment.
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