Star Trek: The Next Generation 7 Seasons 1992

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Season 6
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1. Time's Arrow (Part 2) TV-PG CC

The Enterprise crew travels between the 19th and 24th centuries in an attempt to prevent Data's death in 19th century San Francisco.

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
46 minutes
Original air date:
September 21, 1992

Time's Arrow (Part 2)

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Season 6
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Genres Science Fiction, Adventure, Action
Director Les Landau
Starring Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
Supporting actors LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jerry Hardin, William Boyett, Pamela Kosh, Michael Aron, James Gleason, Whoopi Goldberg, Mary Stein, Alexander Enberg, Bill Cho Lee, Majel Barrett, Carl David Burks, Tracee Cocco, John Copage
Season year 1993
Network Paramount Television
Executive Producer Frank Abatemarco
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Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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29 of 29 people found the following review helpful By Chris R. Musial on March 25, 2003
Format: DVD
By the sixth season of Star Trek: TNG, the characters had gone through many changes- and the writers, through many ideas. I thought that season six would contain the decline of the quality of the episodes, and that new, unique ideas would be thrown to the wayside as writers focused their efforts on Deep Space Nine. Instead, Star Trek: TNG managed to continue being one of the best shows on television, largely due to the excellent performances of Patrick Stewart.
"Chain of Command, Parts 1 and 2" contain what I consider to be some of the best acting from Stewart ever. Picard is tortured for days by the Cardassians, and Stewart plays the role of the victim perfectly. Not only did Part 2 contain some of his finest performances, but it actually managed to convey a message as well. It focuses mainly upon the roles of the characters. The Cardassian who tortures Picard and tries to break his will is left himself a broken man at the end of the episode, while Picard attains true victory by never giving in. An entertaining, powerful episode.
However, this was only one of the many amazing episodes that season six showcased. "Relics", which featured the return of Scotty from the original Trek, was great. "Schisms" put an eerie but interesting spin on the whole "alien invaders from another dimension" idea. "Tapestry" was another episode that made use of Stewart's amazing ability as an actor. John de Lancie guest starred as "Q" in that episode, and forced Picard to relive events in his life. "Face of the Enemy" finally gave the Romulans some action again after being shadowed by the Borg and the Cardassians. "Starship Mine" was probably the most "action-packed" episode of the season, and "Timescape" was another interesting episode involving being stuck in a moment in time.
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30 of 33 people found the following review helpful By Razr Maxx on December 13, 2002
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Alright some people say that Seasons 3-5 were the best. I beg to differ. I, along with the producers and the cast of the show agree that Season 6 had the most solid line-up of episodes in any season. There wasn't hardly one episode in this season that was a stinker. The only episode that I really didn't care for was "Man of the People." The rest were just superb. Granted a few were a bit contrived or a bit lsow-paced at times, but for the most part, every episode in this season showcased just how good TNG had become.
For example, there were several good Klingon, and this time, Romulan shows. "Face of the Enemy" along with "Timescape" were probably some of the best Romulan episodes in the entire series. In "Rightful Heir" we meet Kahless, the legendary Klingon leader from years past. In "Birthright Part II", we have a somewhat weak attempt at Worf showing a bunch of Klingon prisoners what it means to be Klingon after years of captivity under Romulans. Season 6 also integrates the Cardassians a little better since DS9 started up this same time, with episodes, "Chain of Command, I & II" and "The Chase". And then of course the season ending cliff-hanger "Descent" deals with the "individuality" Borgs led by Lore.
However even the non-classic adversary episodes are nice strong Trek-ish stories involving the growing Trek universe.
"Second Chances" introduces us to William Riker's twin clone "Tom Riker" which was Levar Burton's directing debut. Be sure and watch the extras on Disc 7 for more info on this episode.
But anyway, I would recommend Season 6 to anyone who wants to see just how great TNG really was.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful By Randall F. Miller III on June 20, 2014
Format: Blu-ray
Since Amazon condenses the reviews of multiple formats into one pile, I hope this one stands out. It covers CBS/Paramount's new Blu-ray release of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"'s sixth season, NOT the earlier DVD release. I was able to get an advance copy from the studio and also used it to write a separate full-length review of this title for DVD Talk.

Once again, CBS Video has produced a top tier Blu-ray release that "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fans will enjoy. Each and every episode has been re-scanned from the original camera negative, with the end result being much crisper and more detailed than the older DVD and broadcast versions which were shot on film but edited on videotape. The visual effects in many cases have been cleaned up or tastefully redone, and I'd be hard-pressed to complain about any of them. They're so good that casual fans of "TNG" might not even notice!

As for the episodes themselves, Season Six might just be "TNG"'s best yet, or certainly its most consistent. Personal favorites include the two-part "Chain of Command" (available separately as a stand-alone release), "Relics" (featuring a guest appearance by James Doohan as 'Scotty'!), "Realm of Fear" (Barclay fears the transporter), "Schisms" (crew members disappear while they sleep), the Western-themed "A Fistful of Datas", Moriarty's return in "Ship in a Bottle", Q's penultimate appearance in "Tapestry", the Die Hard-esque "Starship Mine", the brain-bending "Frame of Mind", "Timescape" (the Enterprise is caught in temporal stasis), the Borg-centric season finale "Descent, Part I" and many others. Very few are anything close to "below average" during this fantastic 26-episode run, save for misfires like "Aquiel" and the disappointing second half of "Birthright".
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