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on April 1, 2015
This is the 1st clock that I've ever bought for myself. I wanted something for my desk and I wanted a clock that doesn't tick (I need absolute silence and darkness in order to fall asleep). I bought this clock based on looks; geez there's so many ugly digital clocks out there. I didn't realize this clock's cool features until I read its manual. There's three settings for the brightness for its numbers and nightlight. Even on its brightest setting, the numbers don't bother me when I'm trying to fall asleep; they are bright, clear and easy to read wherever I am. I was borrowing my sister's digital clock and its numbers literally lit up the entire room when the lights were off. For this Timex clock, I'm so happy that the display doesn't flash on and off nonstop like other digital clocks I've seen. I haven't used the alarm or nap mode but the usb charger is great (yay I don't have to put an extra power strip in my room). It charges my iPhone fast and easy. The design of this clock is attractive and practical. You have no idea how excited I am about this clock and how much I like it lol. My mom offered to give me her Tiffany's desk clock (analog) but I'm seriously happy that I put this clock in my room instead. Sorry some of the colors are off in my pictures.
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on February 27, 2013
I purchased two of these Timex alarm clocks for my wife and I.
First off, for the price, this clock is packed with features. My main reason for choosing this was the multi level display dimmer; some clocks are just too bright. This one offers different levels of brightness and is perfect for me at the lowest level. The USB charger is convenient since I alway keep my phone on my dresser at night. Having a battery backup is also a must. I don't really have much use for the 2nd alarm or nightlight, but it doesn't hurt to have them.
The only 2 flaws I see are 1) every time you set the alarm, it beeps a confirmation that it's set (rather loudly). This is irritating when your partner is already asleep, but there's no way around it that I've found. And 2) Except for the large snooze button, the rest of the buttons are close together and are hard to differentiate in the dark by feel alone. Some space between them or raised surfaces on the buttons would have been welcome.
Overall I'm happy with these clocks. I would've given them 5 stars if there was a way to silence the beep when you set the alarm.
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on January 19, 2013
I have bought tons of alarm clocks for travel and home. This one if the best. Has a USB jack with an A/B switch. So if your proprietary phone manufacture has switched pin in the USB. Then just flip the switch and it will work. So now we can charge all of our phones and iPods and Garmin GPS etc.. Alarms are easy to turn on or change. Great nap feature that is adjustable. And has an alarm volume plus night light that is adjustable. Everything you want in an alarm clock and more. I have one for travel and one for home.
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on June 11, 2013
First, I like that is is compact and light. It is very small as you can see from the photo compared to a mobile phone.
Second, I like that it has a night light feature with three levels of brightness.
Third, I like that it has a USB port for charging devices.
Fourth, I like that it has a red display. I have found that sometimes the clocks with blue displays are so bright that they can light up a corner of a room. The red does not light the room but is still readable
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on October 11, 2013
This a nice basic alarm clock. Dimmable number display that's easy to see at night, has two separate alarm settings and the USB phone charger is a nice bonus (doesn't work with all phones but so far has worked with my galaxy s4, my old galaxy s2, and iPhone 4). The night light feature is nice but I never use it.

The clock is so light (and top heavy) that if you use the USB port to charge your phone you will probably find yourself knocking the clock off your night stand regularly like I do when I go to look at my phone while it's charging.

The buttons are kind of clunky. Sometimes I press the button but it does not respond or sometimes I press one button but the one next to it activates. Like if I hit the night light button the alarm 2 gets pressed because the alarm set time flashes and the night light doesn't turn on.

The volume of the alarm has two modes loud and soft. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper and loud is not loud enough. The alarm beep starts off light and gradually gets a bit louder but sometimes I can barely hear it.

I would suggest trying to find this in store and test it out to see if this will suit your alarm needs.
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on May 31, 2013
Our last clocks were supposed to set themselves, but never had the correct time. We decided to get new ones we could set ourselves and after many reviews chose this one. So most important is that it keeps time - I know it sounds silly, but believe me it is important. It has a little switch on the back to easily change the time when daylight savings time ends. The night light feature has several brightness settings including off. The display also has three brightness settings so it can be dimmed at night. The two different alarms are useful to me. There are two settings for the volume as well, plus it starts off with a soft buzzer or beep then grows in intensity. You can change the length of time for the snooze from the standard 9 minutes (from 1 to 29 min). There is even a nap feature and a USB charger as well! Despite the many features this Timex is simple to master. It is very light weight, perhaps too light. The only other thing I would change is to make the display blue rather than the standard red.
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on July 23, 2014
After much research, this alarm clock seemed to fit all of my requirements. I could set 2 schedules, charge my phone, etc. It's really easy to knock over since it's top heavy, but that's not a big deal. The real problem is the buttons. I saw some reviews saying that the buttons don't work correctly, but I figured it was just a few people and wouldn't happen to me. As soon as I started using it, I saw the problem myself. You have to press really hard or multiple times to get the buttons to work. Or, even worse, you press the snooze and it activates one of the buttons next to it, which usually happens to be the night light. Then the alarm is still going off and I am scrambling to press the button hard enough to turn the darn thing off. It's extremely annoying to me and my boyfriend as he's usually still sleeping. They need to rename the Snooze button the "Oh, you want to sleep a little longer? TOO BAD" button. At first I thought it wasn't that bad since it doesn't happen every time, but after over a year of dealing with it at least 2-3 mornings a week, I'm DONE. The features of this clock are really great for the price, but since the main functions don't work right, I consider it a waste of money.
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on December 31, 2013
After quite a bit of research I added this clock to my Christmas list, and I was delighted to receive it. Until I took it out of the box. I'm shocked that I have this depth of feeling for a clock. I hate it more than I think I've ever hated any inanimate, unimportant object. After 2 days I unplugged it and switched back to my $5 alarm clock from walmart. Here we go...
-The buttons are difficult to press and very noisy.
-There aren't separate buttons for hour and minute, so the only way to change the time is to hold the button until the numbers speed up. Fine if you're changing an hour or so, but absurd if you need a big change. Hooooold the button, eyes glaze over, ooops, I missed the right time. Sigh...repeat.
-There is an audible beep alert to confirm when you've turned the alarm on, when you've set the alarm and when you've turned the alarm off. Can I please have an alarm clock that only beeps when, oh, I don't know, it's time for the alarm to go off? I guess it's fine if you sleep alone, but I pity the person trying to sleep in the same room with this clock. To set the alarm, you hold the button until it flashes (and I think it beeps here), then you hoooold down the button until the numbers fly to the correct alarm time, then you click again to confirm, and it beeps again. If your significant other was asleep when you started, they won't be after all the clicking and beeping (and cursing). When you need to turn off the alarm, you have to hit the alarm button, and within FIVE SECONDS you have to hit it again, and then it beeps two times to confirm. If you don't manage to hit the button within 5 seconds (perhaps because you're still halfway asleep), the alarm resets itself. BEEP.
-There is a nap button behind snooze, and if you hit that button, it shuts off the alarm. Does everyone else in the world wake up completely coherent and coordinated? I slap snooze at least twice - nap is way too close for my comfort.
-It's very top heavy and easy to knock over.

There are a couple of pros. I like the usb charging port. It's easy to read, and it's dimmable. I think I can do better.
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on August 6, 2013
If Amazon would allow profanity, this post would be amply laced with it.

I hate this thing. There are things to like about it (USB charging port, 2 alarms, nightlight, clean design), but I'm sure even Pol Pot had his quirky charms.

There is one large flaw that fueling my disproportionate hatred for this thing:

Though the snooze button is large, it is placed precariously close to the button that turns the alarm OFF. When being awoken, I'm not my usual, graceful self. I fumble with the dexterity of a drunken toddler. This is NOT a drunken toddler-safe device. You WILL turn the alarm off. You WILL be late to work. You WILL lose your job, your marriage, your family, your house, your life.

I'm being dramatic. But I'm not finished. I have plenty of smaller nits: 1) It's lightweight and top-heavy--a horrible combo--meaning it'll get knocked over and off your nightstand with great frequency (see previous paragraph re: drunken toddler syndrome). It's not even heavy enough to be demoted to a paperweight. 2) The buttons have a cheap click about them. I find myself pushing the same button multiple times. 3) No radio. Okay, okay, you're reading this review, which means you probably also read the product description and are like, "No $%^*, Cap'n Obvious." Well, Cap'n Obvious wasn't available to state the obvious when I ordered this not-even-a-paper-weight, so, you're welcome. 4) Even if you do manage to not accidentally turn off the alarm whilst snoozing, the snooze period expires after an hour, then it turns itself off. So, if you haven't already screwed yourself over, it'll finish the job for you.

Go ahead and add this little gem to your cart. But say goodbye to all that you hold dear. The nightmare is about to begin.
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on February 12, 2015
I bought this clock because it had all of the features that I wanted and the many reviews were overwhelmingly positive. After a week, it is headed to the trash! It does not work according to the instructions and, indeed, the instructions are self-contradictory.

I especially liked the feature where you can turn off the alarm upon waking but it will remain set for the following day. The problem is that function does not work properly. The instructions say that when the alarm goes off, "The alarm will continue sounding for one hour and then shut off automatically and reset itself for the following day. To turn off the alarm sooner, and reset it for the following day, press the NAP (ALM RESET) button. The alarm sound stops but the ALM 1 or ALM 2 indicator remains in the display and the alarm remains set for the same time on the following day." This is true. But when the alarm sounds and you press the (hard to find in the dark) NAP button, the alarm does go off and remains set for the next day. However, you have also activated the NAP alarm, so it will go off again at the expiration of the nap time setting. This is very annoying.

So unless you want to allow the alarm to sound for an hour, automatically shut off and reset itself for the following day, you have to turn it off completely so it does not turn on the following day and then reset it. The problem here is that the instructions are wrong and self-contradictory. The instructions say, "To turn the alarm off completely so that it does not turn on the following day press either the ALM 1 or ALM 2 button. The alarm sound stops and the ALM 1 or ALM 2 indicator disappears." But this does not happen. When you press the button, the alarm indicator flashes and you have to press it again to totally deactivate the alarm (stated later in the instructions).

Thus, the only way you can turn off this alarm is by pressing the (even harder to find in the dark) ALM 1 or ALM 2 button twice, thereby deactivating the reset for the next day function.

Alarm clocks are not rocket science and I am not an idiot. You would think that Timex could design a clock that works according to the instructions. Sadly, that is not the case.
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