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on October 14, 2013
First off, removing the links aren't quite as difficult as people are making it out to be, although admittedly it helps to have 2 people if you aren't using some kind of official link removal tool:

1. Lay the watch on its side and use a really small nail to tap the first pin down in the direction of the arrow that's stamped on the inner side of the band.
NOTE: The only links that are removable are the ones that have the arrow stamped on the back of them, which is a total of 6 if I remember correctly.
2. Once you've used the nail to "break the seal" and move it a millimeter or so--it'll start to come out the other side--use part of a paperclip or a bobby pin to push it out some more. On the other hand, you may be able to grab the pin with a pair of needlenose pliers.
3. Repeat this process to remove the additional pins. You'll want to try and remove the same number of links on each side so that the watch face doesn't sit on your arm in some weird way. I have kind of small wrists and took out all the extra links--3 on each side for a total of 6.

On to my review:

I don't know how many people will find the analog/digital combo face useful. I'm in a situation where I'll be overseas for an extended period of time and wanted to quickly be able to figure out what time it is back home. I'll use the analog face for my current time zone and the digital for back home.

I was going to get this from Amazon but I was in my local Walmart and saw that they had it for virtually the same price.

For the purposes of my review, I'm going to compare this watch to the Timex Expedition watch I purchased 6 years ago. Some of the little glowing tabs had started falling off the face of that one, which was my main reason for purchasing this new watch. That watch was basically the same price as this one if you factor in inflation, so I think it makes for a good comparison. And I'll summarize:

--The watch face is larger than my previous watch by a few millimeters, so it's a little easier to read.
--Some other reviewers claimed that this watch is heavy; however, my previous watch weighs almost an ounce more than this one! This isn't the lightest watch on the market but it's by no means heavy.
--The Indiglo light works well, maybe a little better than my previous watch.
--The gunmetal finish looks cool and makes the watch stand out a little more than my plain ol' silver stainless steel one.
--The digital display is a little small--people with poor eyesight aren't going to like it--but I'd rather it be a little small than take up half the watch face. It has a green-tinted reflectiveness to it whereas some similar Timex watches just have kind of a dull grey or white similar to an old calculator screen. I compared the two digital displays in Walmart and I think this one looks better.
--Each hour has the appropriate hour in 24-hour military time printed on the inner bezel. It's a nice feature because every now and then I'll encounter something that's in the 24-hour scale.
--The watch face's glass is very slightly recessed, like one millimeter or so, and that's cool. I guess it would help prevent the watch from getting scratched if you laid it face down on a table, but anyone that lays a watch face down on a table deserves to have it scratched in my opinion.

--This watch is only water resistant to 50 meters whereas my previous watch was water resistant to 200 meters. I realize I shouldn't take these watches scuba diving and also that Timex makes other watches with higher water resistance, but it just seemed like one of the corners that Timex cut to decrease the cost of materials over time.
--They put the Indiglo button on the top left corner of the face, whereas it's on the bottom left of my previous watch. What this means is that it doesn't feel as "natural" to press the Indiglo button and you have to bend your arms in a way that isn't very ergonomic.

Neutral/Remains To Be Seen:
--The sort of gunmetal finish looks nice--really nice, actually--but there's no telling how long it will stay intact. I'm generally not a fan of things with a finish because they'll disappear over time, and with watches I tend to buy one and wear it for years until it gets messed up.
--The band seems flimsier than my previous watch's band, but I don't know if that's going to matter. Both of them are stainless steel and the first one held up for all these years without any trouble, so maybe it won't matter. This band's links are more flexible so it contours to my wrist a little better.
--There are alarms and chimes and stuff like that, but I don't care about those things so they didn't factor into my purchase.

Overall I rated it 4/5 stars because it's still a Timex. I wear Timexes because you get a great deal of quality for a reasonable price. They also tend to look pretty good. There are flashier watches out there and watches that are better for specific purposes but you're going to pay more money. I refuse to pay over $100 for a watch, at least until I'm driving a BMW and make more money.

You should consider this watch a good general purpose watch. It's durable enough to wear every day for years, and it looks all right in both formal and informal settings. If you're at some kind of business/networking thing, though, don't expect to have the flashiest watch out of everyone in the crowd.

This is my third Timex watch--each of my previous ones lasted over 5 years, and truthfully I mainly stopped using them just because I wanted to try something different after so many years. I don't remember ever having to change the battery in the second one I owned.
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on February 7, 2013
If you are considering buying this watch, I'd say do it. You won't be disappointed. I was looking for a nice inexpensive analog watch with digital watch features.

This fits the bill very well.

Here are some comments addressing some of the concerns from previous reviews:

1. The gun metal finish is very nice. The dark matte finish is classy, nicer looking than the stainless steel of other Timex metal watches I've seen.

2. The finish has lasted very well. I've been wearing it daily for 5 months and it still looks brand new, no scratches or the finish wearing off on either the watch or the band, the clasp has minor scratches as is expected but the finish has not worn off at all. I take the watch off if I'm doing any heavy work or what not, but in general it's on all the time without any wear and tear showing. I was concerned about this, but not now.

3. Size, Style,and Functionality of the digital window: This part of the watch is great. I like that the window and numbers are small because the whole point of the watch is that it looks like a nice analog watch, but has the abilities to do all the things a normal digital can do. The digital window is well hidden and inconspicuous, but easy to read and use. I don't find it difficult to read in any lighting situation as others have. The digital window has that thing with a green reflective background at certain angles which helps in sunlight and also looks neat.

4. Watch band: nice and sturdy and simple to adjust. Just use a straitened out paper clip to push through the pin of a link you wish to remove and then reinsert once you have removed the number of links you want. Did it myself and wasn't difficult at all.

5. The Light: love it! It's of course excellent at night and is very cool to have on an analog watch, but also helpful if you are in a situation like dusk or a dim lit room and can't easily see the digital window. Press the light and it stays on only while you hold it, for up to 3 seconds allowing you to see what you need but no longer which would eat up the battery. If you hold down the light button for over 3 seconds it will beep and put the watch in a mode where pushing any button puts the light on for 3 seconds. This is perfect for night time use if you are using the digital features. After a while it goes back to the standard way of being single touch light, which is good because generally you don't need to be in this mode. Another cool aspect of the light is that while during the day the watch is black face with white numbers and hands, at night when you push the light it appears as a lit up white-colored face with black numbers and hands.

6. Other Misc. comments: I found it easy to set the analog and digital time to be at the same time, synchronized. First set the digital time, then pull the crown to set the analog time while the second hand is at zero and set the minute hand to one minute ahead, then when the digital time gets to zero push the crown in, and there you go! The digital and analog times stayed perfectly together for the one time I checked which was over a 6 week period. I also like that the default digital window can be left on with the time or on with the day date. To switch between the two, press and hold the upper right button on the watch labeled "alarm". Whichever you choose it stays there until you hold down the button again in order to toggle to the other being the default. Press briefly once to view the other info and then it goes back (in time mode, press it once and you get the date for 3 seconds, and vice-versa). It's also nice that the day date tells you the month and date, as well as the day such as Sunday or Monday etc. Most digital watches don't have this.

7. Size: I think it's a very nice size. Masculine without being huge.

Conclusion: overall a very nice price. Quality feels very nice, very very good styling in my opinion, great "stealth" features, and even some nice added bonuses and surprises. I'm quite happy.
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on March 21, 2012
My first "digital" watch / analog integration. I've always been an analog guy and hated the thought of going digital. In my work I must have the calendar both in day and date. I also must have the illuminated face for sailing at night.

Have been wearing this for about 1 month now and this is better than expected for the following reasons...

-Lit face with the touch of a button.
-Date, Month, and Day (Abbreviated on digital LCD).
-Multiple time zones (good for daylight saving time on digital LCD).
-Watch band was easy to adjust by removing links (It was a little tricky but I used a broke off piece of paper clip and my stapler for a hammer at my desk and had the job done in 10 minutes.) Note: The band is the best I've ever seen since if the pin ever falls out, the band will not separate unless "jimmy'd". My Timex T2M505 (black) just before failed in this area. Also Note: The T2M505 is a $100 POS.
-The watch crystal is set back from the bezel about .5mm - this helps keep from scratching the lens.
-24 hour clock is very nice especially for sailing.
-Cost for this "disposable" watch (~$40) is now less than the cost to fill up my cars gas tank.

-Bezel does not rotate! (But it does have a digital stop watch and lap counter built in).
-Instructions are OK but I have not mastered the many features. (This is my first digital watch).
-There are more features I've found on this watch that were not (to my knowledge) in the instructions. - Push and hold the "light button" until it beeps leaves the light "on" for a short period of time.
-The watch does read "WR 50M" but being my first "digital" watch with the 4 push buttons and 1 dial knob (5 points for water to enter), I fear SCUBA diving 80' down may ruin this watch. It does shower and wash hands ok so far. Have not went swimming or diving just yet.

2014 Update: Its been ~2 years now and the watch is still looking and operating excellent. Still running on the same battery. I have one small scratch in the crystal which is almost unnoticeable. I am shocked that the price for this watch in 2012 was $37 and now it is over $100.
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on April 27, 2011
I love this watch. Not only is it failry fashionable, but it also has an LCD screen with all the digital functions that one typically desires on a watch. Most importantly, and the reason I chose this watch, is that unlike the similar Casio combi (which I had for the past few years), this one allows me to set the watch face by hand, which is far easier to do, and doesn't rely on the motor winding seemingly endlessly to set the time an hour back once a year or to correct the time. Also, when I travel, I set the face of the watch to the current time zone, which is also MUCH easier to do than on the Casio which has the radio auto-set function. The down side of the radio-driven auto-set function is that it doesn't always work (it requires the watch to be in a southern exposure with little obstruction, and that just doesn't work so well where I live) due to location or weather conditions. Also, the hands on teh face of the watch have to be set digitally, which is more of a pain to do on teh Casio, as I mentioned earlier. Suffice it to say, that this watch meets all of my requirements, and is tough, good-looking, reliable, and just works. What else does one need in a watch?
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on December 14, 2011
I had exactly the same watch for 4 years, it worked flawlessly. I loved it for its digital/analog feature, and the indiglo light. Unfortunately, I broke it last summer. I found the identical replacement in Walmart and bought it. After 2 weeks the analog part started stopping for few minutes and then taking off again couple of times a week. I didn't want to mess with it and returned it.

Walmart didn't have anymore of these watches and I was determined to find it. So, in September I found it here on Amazon and bought it. After a week the analog part stopped. I pulled the 3v battery out and tested it. It only had .24v in it, (it was probably stuck somewhere on a shelf for a couple of years) so I replaced the battery. For the next couple of months everything was fine.

Few weeks ago, I looked at the watch and noticed that the analog was about 30 minutes behind the digital time. I adjusted it, but the next day the Analog was 3 minutes behind again. I pulled the battery and tested it, it was showing 2.94v, almost full. So, since then so far everything is good, but I can not trust this watch anymore. It is too late to return it to Amazon. The warranty is 1 year, but I have to mail it to their repair facility in Arkansas at my expense with $8 check attached to cover return shipping. This is a complete BS warranty policy.

Do I want to spend around $12 to fix the $40 watch? Probably not. So, since I had same problem with 2 different units in a row, obviously Timex let me down on this one.

I would not buy it again.
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on July 2, 2015
Watch is a bit darker than pictured...more gun metal than stainless. The analog/digital components do work independently from each other and it's up to you to sync them up. The band is aesthetically pleasing however it does have a cheap sound to it when you shake your wrist. Indiglo illuminates the entire face of the watch. The hour/minute arms as well as the hour markers (not numbers) are also luminescent. The second hand does tick, however you really have to be listening for it. Has the alarm, stopwatch with split/lap times, 2nd timezone, all features as advertised. Description states dial window material to be mineral... I've had it 1 day and haven't beat it on anything and I'm a little suspect of the negative reviews. You're most likely an adult, if you bust up the face of your watch it's your problem. That's why you didn't spend $500 on one. This review is intended to be more factual than critical - I am giving the watch 5 stars. I paid about $55 for it so I'm not does retail for $75 and I'd be a little more critical if that was my investment. You will have this watch for years and be complimented throughout. I've worn G-Shock's religiously as my everyday and this is a nice alternative, especially since you can just pop a new battery in this one when it stops.

Seller (precisewatch) did a fantastic job. Package arrived 1 day prior to earliest delivery date and contained all original Timex packaging. Protective plastic covers over watch face and band, zip-tied to plastic display case with user manual included.
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on March 30, 2012
I was suprised by the quality of this watch. I like it better than ones I have costing 4x the price. It is sturdy, takes to water without harm and has a great alarm and countdown feature. The band is plenty big, I had 2 links removed and I am not small.
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on April 9, 2015
I might be tempted to knock the rating from 5 to 4.75, because it is much larger and heavier than I thought. However, it doesn't feel that heavy on my wrist, now that I've had the bracelet adjusted to fit my wrist. I tried the various methods shown on YouTube to remove the linking pins, but my first one was just to difficult to make it come out. I didn't want to damage anything, so I took it to a favorite jeweler downtown, and he adjusted it for free. He said they do not charge for this service. And of course, I'm going to give him lots of free advertising to friends and family. I wanted to return to an analog face from total digital, since was starting to have to put my reading glasses on to read it. The face on this watch is large enough, as are the hands and numbers, that it is a breeze to read at a glance. I love having the digital option for features like the calendar, timer, and stop watch features. It's the best of both worlds for me. Glad I made the switch.
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on April 3, 2015
I had to change the metal strap to a leather/rubber strap. Reason: The metal strap links catch hair whenever the strap moves over your wrist. Otherwise it is a good looking watch. I replace my similar watch but that had leather strap. Some people were concerned of dual time unable to set for 1/2hr intervals. For example if is 8:00PM EST then the time in India is 6:30AM. the digital side of the watch has two times. if you T1 set one time to US time then the other time T2 cannot be set to India time in 1/2 hr interval. Note that there are 3 times in the watch. The 3rd one is Analog. While traveling to India set the Analog to IST and the digital to US. T2 remains IST all the time to track date. A number of combinations can be made between T1, T2, and Analog with corresponding dates as it suites. There will be some annoyances unlike a similar Casio watch I owned previously. This is the reason why I deducted one star. the other star is for hair catching strap.
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on January 17, 2013
I've put this watch through the most corrosive environment year over year, saltwater and it survives at least 2-3 years at a time. Also the glass does not scratch and I have dropped it, dragged it and scraped it on several surfaces unintentionally and it always amazes me that it comes out without a scratch. Wish they made phones with this glass.

For the price you pay, the mature look, rugged exterior and durability I can't swap for another. The last one went bad because one of the buttons was stuck in the closed position (after 2 years) and the saltwater got in, but at this price I just bought another and will surely will get another 2-3 years of use again without worrying about diving in.
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